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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

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Great Podcast

By Amy Shine - Jul 07 2019
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Love listening to Rob’s shows. Great topics.

Great show!

By wifos - Aug 24 2018
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Just listened to the Even Alexander interview and loved it! Keep up the great work.

iTunes Ratings

8 Ratings
Average Ratings

Great Podcast

By Amy Shine - Jul 07 2019
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Love listening to Rob’s shows. Great topics.

Great show!

By wifos - Aug 24 2018
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Just listened to the Even Alexander interview and loved it! Keep up the great work.

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1% Better

Updated 7 days ago

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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

Vicky Shilling – Becoming a Confident Entrepreneur, Building a New Mindset, & Keeping Things Simple! - EP131

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Vicky Shilling is a coach, helping wellness entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. Vicky supports her clients through 1:1 coaching, online masterclasses and runs a thriving online community of health and wellbeing business owners. She teaches and lectures about starting a wellness business in both the UK and Ireland.
Vicky is also the co-founder of wellness and retreat brand The Reset and writes her own healthy living blog The Flourishing Pantry, which won Health Blog Of The Year 2019 at the Nutrition Health & Fitness Awards.
This is a really interesting insight to her journey so far as an entrepreneur and how she’s helping others on their own path!
Summary of the discussion:
•Growing up exposed to the world of classical music
•Working in the Music Industry but sensing a change was needed after a decade working in London & the UK
•Realising that looking after her own health and wellness had to become a priority
•Starting from my blog and sharing my own journey to find health overcoming IBS
•Introducing meditation and mindfulness into her routine to help with the IBS
•Out of looking at ways to be more healthy and eat better, the new world of wellness opened up for Vicky
•A move into the area of Wellness followed
•Moving to Ireland and starting out with a new community
•Getting comfortable with being an entrepreneur
•Building out her own brand and developing new skills
•A new mindset – this was the biggest challenge faced!
•Personal Development Tools used – 750words website & journaling
•The importance of having a coach herself
•The role project management, planning and focus plays in her business – Communication at the core
•Dealing with the voice inside your head
•Lesson learned so far!
•Coaching Experiences and Key Tools to use
oThe Model – Brooke Castillo –
oCreating goals and breaking these down into small manageable steps
•Knowing that we can change our thoughts if we give ourselves a chance!
•Dealing with the Perfection v Good enough struggle
•Learning new skills and becoming a teacher to others
•Sales - Moving from being uncomfortable about Selling to be feeling less icky?
•Making Sales a conversation and listen more (coaching) – not about the hard sell!
•Social Media Learning & growing her network
oGetting clear on where your audience it?
oWhat do you enjoy doing and match that to your platform
oBuild a Know, Like and Trust factor into the work
•Creation of content and looking at ways how to reuse it
•Starting out with Podcasting and how to reuse content
•Biggest challenges you’re finding in business?
•Goal setting and discipline to help when working from home
•How to plan for the week and day ahead?
•Influencers and Mentors – keeping things simple as a key message!!!
•Dealing with Fear – for herself and helping clients? – What am I afraid of?
•Listening to her own advice is key

You can find Vicky and her brands online:

The Flourishing Pantry
Healthy living for busy entrepreneurs

Oct 11 2019



1% Better - Ask Me Anything #1 - EP130

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1% Better – Ask Me Anything #1 – Episode #130

This is the first AMA (officially) I’ve shared after collecting questions over the last while touching on podcasting, coaching, and some other random ones. Listed below are the questions that I answer so if any of these are of interest and could be helpful, check out this episode. If it’s well received, I’ll look to do another few over the next while as I do have a lot more questions on the list to get through.

Do keep sending these in via the feedback page on the site, via social media channels, through email ( or via the Slack 1% Better community (join up to that via this link HERE).

If you have questions or interested in podcasting or coaching, get in touch too.

Ok. Here are the categories and the questions answers:

The Podcasting Questions
•How to find guests?
•What level of preparation & research do I do?
•Best Mic to use starting out?
•Best Platform or media hosting used?
•How to get the audio sound & volume right?
•Podcasts I listen to myself?
•Dream guests?
Start at 24:30m Personal & Professional Development
•Nervous in preparation?
•A favourite Saying/Quote ?
•How do I manage Time Management for a busy schedule
•For a newbie on the road of self-improvement / getting 1% better daily what should their first few steps be - which actions and resources ?
•The biggest learning / observation since starting 1% Better?
Thanks for listening. Please do share, rate, review, and subscribe to the show if you do like it. Without your help and word of mouth, the show and message will not grow. So thank you!

Oct 04 2019



Dan Abrahams - Building a High Performance Mindset, Creating Mental Frameworks, & Developing a Winning Game Face! EP129

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This week’s guest is one I’ve been looking forward to talking with for a while and it did not disappoint at all, in any way, whatsoever.

Daniel Abrahams is a sports psychologist, author, blogger, & podcaster (Sportspsychshow), former professional golfers and from following him on twitter has a very high level of curiosity and passion for learning, personal growth and figuring out why in many areas!

Dan is currently consultant Sport Psychologist to AFC Bournemouth in the English Premier League and to Ostersunds in Swedish Division One.

His passion is to de-mystify sport psychology theories, tools and techniques which enables him to provide a simple, powerful, fun, and engaging sport psychology consultancy that works.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out testiminonials from Eddie Jones - “Dan’s professional approach in his role as a Sport Psychologist would fit into any club or organisation” & Eddie Howe – “With his deep knowledge of sport psychology, Dan helps coaches understand the science behind high performance and the methods that underpin effective training”

Here are just some of the topics covered during the show you might be interested in learning about:
•Having a 1% Better Mindset – the small increments to get the small advantage
•Helping Sports Professionals find their nudges
•Focusing on the Adult Elite Levels
•How to help players improve
•The 1 to 5 Guy focusing on a 1% to 5% increase in performance
•Goal Setting Processes
•Life as a Professional Golfer
•Becoming aware of the mental game in his own head while playing golf!
•Performance being Paradoxical – less is more!
•Nature & Nurture Debate – Nurtured Nature as the most accurate term!
•Being Trait Anxious – a term in psychology where the nervous system impacts performance
•Representational Learning Design – Putting more Consequence into the practice
•Deep dive into Practice – the quality of your practice is key! Making Practice more like the game!
•4 Levels of Practice to create a RLD – 1) Technical Practices (lots of shots) 2) Routine 3) Adding in a Game/Objective 4) Nervous System (consequence)
•Firing your nervous systems and adding cortisol into your practice
•Having a Solid Mental Framework to compete with to improve your performance
oHaving specific objectives here
•Knowing what you want to achieve in the moment
•What are your performance moments to achieve well at?
•Mental Models & Mental Frameworks in Business & Sport!
•3 Key Mental skills for High Performance Mindset – getting these right!
oAttention – paying attention and manage distractions
oIntensity – activation
oPositive Intent – am I getting myself over with positive intent?
•The sweet between authentic and inauthentic – there are times for this in sport!
•The Game Face – being Authentic & Inauthentic
oWho you want to me?
oHow you want to go about your business?
oBuilt from memory, imagination and perception
•Game Face – you have to be an actor on the pitch!
1.What is your very best game? – tapping into your memory?
2.What is your dream game/meeting look like? – tapping into your imagination?
3.Illicit key words from players/professionals, eg – alert, alive, cool, calm, driven, etc…….goal is to get a mix of inauthentic & authenticity
4.Create a metaphor and a key player or animal to use here!
•The brain working in Metaphors – George Lakhoff
•Embodiment & Embodied Cognition – Cognition is dispersed through your body!
•The Confident Relentless Lion – Be, Do & Act – Who do I want to be?
•Extrovert v Introverts on the field & in leadership?
•Agreeableness and Competitiveness – Roy Keane with a Game Face!
•Leadership – Traits & Qualities – Servant, Empower, Inspire,
•The importance of people skills in sport today
•A Coach having 2 dials – Support & Stretch – e.g. Gareth Southgate’s approach with England!
•Experience and learning from Eddie Jones & Eddie Howe
•How can these tools can be applied to business & corporate environments
•Tools & Techniques you find very useful in 1-1 interventions & teams
•The Writing Process and the success of the books created – telling stories and make it simple
•Bob Rotella’s influence in Dan’s writing
•A listener question from twitter – dealing with the fear coming back from an ACL injury!

•You can check out the four bestselling books - 'Soccer Tough', 'Soccer Tough II', 'Soccer Brain' and 'Golf Tough'.

Connect in with you:
•Website –
•Twitter - @DanAbrahamas77

Sep 26 2019

1hr 12mins


John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneurs on Fire, Dealing with Naysayers, & Be v Do! EP128

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This is another 1% Better short (what was an episode of The 864) with the world famous Podcaster & Coach John Lee Dumas. It's a short one but full of interesting lessons from JLDs journey so far. The show notes from the original post last year are below. I hope you enjoy! 

John Lee Dumas is the Founder and Host of EOFire, a top-ranked, daily podcast featuring interviews with today's most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs. John & EOFire have been featured in Forbes, TIME and Inc. Magazine.

During the show, we touch on:

Releasing Shows 7 Days a Week
Common Traits for Entrepreneurs – Focus!!
Follow one course until they get the success - Cut out all the fat!
Dealing with Negative Feedback with Empathy
Publishing monthly earnings from his business
Sharing mistakes and successes from the financial reports
Knowing when to shut down initiatives and have the courage to do it!
Stand out guests that John’s learned from!
Damian John – The power of broke – how to learn to hustle
Complacency – how to deal with that

Key Tips:

Be a person of Value, not as someone chasing success
If you want to Be, Do!
Do things that don’t scale – have 1-1 conversations to understand how they found you!
Link to JLD:

John Lee Dumas -

You can find John Lee Dumas on the socials

Twitter -

Instagram -

Facebook -

Please do let me know what you think via the feedback page or any of the socials – links below.

Sep 19 2019



Casey Lynn Hancock - From Air Force to Artist, Managing Risk, and Balancing Creativity & Discipline – EP127

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Casey Lynn Hancock is a self-taught artist and has exploded on to the scene in the last 2 years with her very unique paintings and distinctive style. I noticed her work through social media, connected and was delighted when she agreed to come onto the show to talk about her career, her passion, focus, style and her backstory.

Casey was in the military for a number of years in the US air force and only decided to pursue a career as a full-time artist.

Summary of the discussion:
•Growing up – always having a passion for drawing, mainly of animals.
•Originally being bad at drawing animals
•Having an innate passion for drawing from her earliest memories
•Being a perfectionist from her youth
•Not having art, creativity or design in the family
•Despite having a passion and an eagerness to moving into this world early on, her father was very against it as artist don’t make any money!
•Instead of art school, Casey joined the military and Lessons learned and principals take from the army – discipline, preparation, professionalism, integrity, and other core values – developed accountability and focus
•Expressing creativity through photography while in the military
•After leaving the military, deciding to dive into a marketing degree to develop these skills – still remembering having her father’s words in her head
•Working in Marketing after the military which also have helped in her current career choice
•Key learning and takeaways from the Corporate world – social media, marketing, understanding what people want to see!
•Time lapse videos being a big hit with her followers which was something she’d never have realised before
•Taking the step out on her own – what was the strategy before taking the leap?
•Planning, Saving, and having a clear plan!
•Having a 2 Year window to really start making progress
•Living well within her means!
•Telling her father 30 days after taking the decision to go out on her own
•Trusting her judgement and having an exit strategy if it’s not working out!
•Dealing with great months and slow months
•Once out, starting to build up her portfolio
•Not having the benefit of mentors when starting out
•Finding inspiration for some of the initial pieces of work
•Developing her own style, preferred colours (Teale is prominent) and approach
•A breakthrough piece that helped raise awareness of her work
•Experimenting and trying out new techniques
•The energy put into the work
•The importance of the design phase of the work – coming up with the concept as the most challenging part
•Playing with skin tones which is proving a big challenge
•Having no formal training, every day is a learning experience but using YouTube and other resources to grow and develop
•Practice a specific technique over and over in a deliberate way
•Working style & doing the work – focusing on big blocks of time
•Getting into flow and loving the process
•Painters Block – leaving work for days, weeks and somethings months before coming back and finishing it
•Perfectionism v Good Enough
•Quote – Perfection is the Enemy of Profitability!
•Time Management Approaches – Tracking hours spend on every piece ever done
•Breaking down work into earning per hours
•Dealing with Fear, Self-Doubt, and Judgement – The hardest thing!
•Promoting her work was the hardest thing compared to a product!
•Knowing this is the work she wants to do, just keep doing!
•Quote – Andy Warhol – Keep Creating! Keep doing the work
•Biggest lesson learned - Don’t wait until you feel like you know who you are before you get started!
•Don’t wait till you feel like you’re there! IT WILL PROBABLY NEVER COME!
•Enjoying seeing the progression & just start!
•Don’t compare your real life to someone else high light reel

Website –
Instragram - @caseypaintings

Sep 13 2019



Productivity Part 2: On Purpose, with Purpose! - EP126

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The article and episode I did on productivity a couple of years back got some great feedback. But always felt like there was more to cover. This is part 2! Listen and/or read the full post (link below to the written version).

Please like,share, comment!

Productivity Deep Dive - See blog post for full written version of this

Sep 05 2019



Sir Stevo Timothy – Tom Foolery, Online Trolls, Panic Attacks, & Sell-Out Shows! – EP125

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Steve Timothy is a comedian, online sensation, soon to be Author, Rapper, Satirist, and other titles. He calls himself a chancer and professional Tom-fool. Whatever you want to call him, he’s making a mark.

We connected a couple of weeks back, shortly after his sell out show in Cork, to talk about his career, struggles with anxiety, dealing with trolls, disability, love for Everton Football Club, creativity, business, Conor McGregor, and of course the character he and his partner, Sinead, are best known for, Farmer Michael and Kathleen!

The Summary of our conversation includes:

•Everton FC & support from the team players and raising the status of Everton in Ireland
•Social media following
•The realisation of selling out shows
•Preparing content and dealing with fears and pre-show nerves
•Goodwill from random people and begrudgery from Irish
•Dealing with online Tolls & Death Threats
•Authentically talking about life struggles and dealing with anxiety
•Mental Health Struggles - Sharing this, Making it Normal & de-stigmatisation
•Losing followers when sharing about anxiety and depression
•Not sharing these for likes and followers
•The origins of Farmer Michael and Kathleen & how it’s evolved
•The process followed for creating the content – using every day events
•Working through the bits with Sinead testing out content
•The reaction to followers finding out about Steve’s disability
•Getting support from Disability Ireland
•Dealing with a breakdown and using writing and rapping as an outlet hitting number 1 in the Irish iTunes Charts with the ‘most depressing rap song ever written’
•Moving out of the car onto the stage – coping with the anxiety with this
•Terrifying ideas and using flooding techniques
•Removing the choice of suffering with Panic and Anxiety
•Looking for the Panicky Steve back to be more comfortable
•The Material for the full hour+ stage show – manic and measured
•Crowd interaction and enjoying hecklers
•Future shows and selling out gigs across the UK and Ireland
•The Farmer Michael in all of us & future generations
•Innocence and Ignorance from past generations
•Working towards a release of their first book on Everton FC
•Building a Business behind Farmer Michael
•3 hours per day on social media to market the content
•Finding the balance with posting online
•Other influences in comedy and satire
•Influenced by others – Stewart Lee
•Getting Conor McGregor in the Car!
•How Sinead complements the overall work
•What’s coming next?
oGigs across the globe?
•How to connect in
•Social Media @sirstevotimothy

Aug 30 2019

1hr 7mins


Rosanna Arquette - Developing Core Values, Staying in Gratitude, & Inspired by the Youth - 1% Better in 864 - EP124

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This is another episode of the 864 from last year that I'm now releasing on the 1% Better channel. It's a big name and a great chat.

In this episode, I talk with Rosanna Arquette.

If you want to find out about her relationship with Madonna or other standard movie questions from her acting career, this is probably not the interview for you!

The 864 aims to understand a little bit more about the person, what they value, how they have been successful, deal with life challenges and other obstacles that get in the way and we stayed close to these topics in this conversation with Rosanna.

What I did totally not stay true to was the 864 seconds duration piece. It’s more like the 1500 second podcast but it’s not every day I get to chat with Rosanna Arquette and the good stuff kept coming so I wasn’t going to break the flow!

Check out the high-level summary of the conversation below along with some book recommendations and links the 1% Better podcast, Newsletter and more.

Quid Pro Quo Alert:
Finally, thank you for checking out this episode. My only ask – if you do enjoy, it, check out previous & future episodes, consider sharing it out in your own networks. Any of these take just a few seconds and would mean a lot me.

•Values that Rosanna developed from a young age from her Mother & Family
•Growing up in diverse community and schools
•Her Mother having a struggle with wealth when Rosanna started to do well
•Marching with Martin Luther King
•The Flint Crisis
•Staying Positive & How to Deal with this – working hard to be positive – this is very difficult
•When you stay in gratitude, you can’t be in fear!!
•Inspired by the energies of the youth and students!
•Focus on the Good and We shall overcome!
•Harvey Weinstein
•Cliché & Sayings to Live by - March for our Lives & No human being is illegal
•The Porn Industry – the impact this is having on young boys
•Trump, Putin, Sex Trafficking
•Twitter Clean-up & Losing 300k followers Bots
•Rosanna’s New Show - Sideswiped
•Transition from Acting to Directing

Book Recommendations:
•Mary Beard – Women and Power
•An Essay on Love and Cruelty – Jacqueline Rose
•Sex and Rage – Eve Babitz
•Witches, Sluts, Feminists – Kristen J. Sollee
•The Despair of Monkey and other Trifles: A Memoir by Francoise Hardy
•Please Let Me Go – Caitlin Spencer
1% Better tips:
•Write list for what you’re grateful for!
•Practice Gratitude

Please check out the 1% Better show and other content on

Aug 23 2019



Eoghan Quinn - Type 1 Diabetes as an Enabler, Kite Surfing from France to Ireland & the Hunt for a Bionic Pancreas! - EP123

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Eoghan Quinn came to my attention a couple of months back. For a couple of reasons.
1)He gained nationwide news coverage as he was attempting to kite surf from France to Ireland (227 miles or 295 nautical miles)
2)Like me, he’s a type 1 diabetic and is keen to show the disease can be an enabler, not a disabler.
I was delighted to get him onto the podcast to talk about both in detail and a whole lot beside.
As you’ll hear, Eoghan is a very focused and motivated guy, keen to keep healthy, fit, not be held back by Type 1 diabetes and even more driven to inspire other Type 1 diabetics to do more and not be held back by limiting beliefs
Topics covered:
•One of his first memories as he was Diagnosed at the age of 4 and managing the disease ever since
•Remembering the panic in his mother’s eyes knowing they were going into a whole new world
•No history of type diabetes in the family
•Becoming a Coeliac at the age of 5 which added to the complexity
•Recalling his first diabetic testing kit
•Having a great doctor that supported Eoghan all the way through Primary School
•Always being active and leading a full life all the way
•Sometimes trying to ignore being a diabetic but changing the mindset and embracing the disease
•Dealing with the stigma around being a diabetic and overcoming the shame
•The psychological element of being a diabetic
•Embracing the technology and having a huge impact once doing this
•The Insulin pump being a life changing device
•Testing the body and testing the boundaries you can do as a Type 1 diabetic
•Realizing that Type 1 Diabetes is not your fault
•The impact being of a high glucose, acting fidgety and tired
•Turing Type 1 Diabetes into an Enabler
•Becoming addicted to challenges to push the limits
oBike Riding from Ireland to Gaza – 180km a day over 5000km
oBike Racing from Melbourne to Sydney in support of Aboriginal healthcare and diabetes
•Life expectancy without Insulin & having to pay for insulin in some countries
•The challenge of travelling with work as a Type 1 diabetic – the insulin pump works great for this
•The preparation into Planning to Kite Surf taking 8 months
•As the planning got deeper, the challenge became more and more real
•Getting support from Diabetes Ireland and other big brands
•Kite Surfing and the challenges of being a Type 1 diabetic
•Sending a positive message to other Type 1 diabetics that they can achieve whatever they want
•Using the Abbott Free Style Libre and the Insulin Pump to manage his diabetes
•Support from Ballycotton Sea Adventures
•Working with a Support team who are essential to the success
•Setting sail at the end of June but just failing short due to adverse weather conditions
•Managing the blood sugars during the challenge and keeping the level between 10 and 11 readings
•Planning for everything and controlling everything but the Weather
•Arriving into Cork meeting with 60-80 other Type 1 Diabetics and feelings great about the challenge
•Raising the awareness for Type 1 Diabetes by doing this challenge
•Research into new technology and advances like the bionic pancreases
•Learning about the ‘closed-loop’ artificial pancreases creator in the US and looking to get on the clinical trials here
•Edward Dimanino motivated to work on a solution after his son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes
•Not expecting a cure of T1D ever but looking at technology as a management tool
•Huge advances expected in the next 5 years
•If you could listen to anyone in a podcast interview – Getting inside the head of a Manager of a Gaelic Football or Hurling Team
•Future Challenges & Plans!

To Connect with Eoghan and find out more:
•Croke Park in November – Event Type 1 Diabetes
•Twitter – @EoghanQuinn1
•Instagram - @EoghanQuinn1
•LinkedIn -

Aug 16 2019

1hr 6mins


Michael Houghton - How to Achieve Financial Independence, Tracking Happiness, & Peer to Peer Lending! EP122

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Michael Houghton is an Entrepreneur & Investor, originally from New Zealand and now living in Ireland. He is on a mission to become financially independent. Like many, he has grown tired of selling his time for money so started to look into ways at which he could work less, but still earn as much and enjoy more free time with his family.

After spending a lot of time planning how, he started to execute on his strategy and in 2018 he was able to cut down from full time to part time work as a freelance developer.

This was his first step towards freeing up my time and seeing a lifestyle change as a result of his decision to chase financial freedom. Since then he’s been continuing to work towards this goal and earlier this year set up his website – where he transparently shares his investment portfolio and how much progress he is making. Michael also has started sharing his learnings and advice through his podcast and blog posts. All available from his site here
His ultimate goal is to build a portfolio that produces enough monthly income to cover my monthly expenses - at that point, he will be truly financially independent.
For me this was a very interesting conversation. I wanted to learn more about his approach and sacrifices he and his family need to make to realise this goal. I also was very interested in learning more about the Peer to Peer lending services he is using as well as other investments that he is making.

Here is a summary of the topics we covered during the interview. I hope you enjoy listening to this one and learn something new from it that might be of value.

•Earning 12-15% interest with Peer to Peer lending with
•Investment in forestry & Christmas Trees!
•Seeing an investment as an expense
•Changing the Mindset on investment – Earning for now instead of for retirement
•The Value of Compound Interest
•Passive Income to replace Earned Income
•Saving for the Future or your Pension!
•Setting up a Happiness Index
•Saving €3000 per month for 11 years to achieve the freedom he seeks
•Monitoring expenses on a daily basis and the challenge of this
•Changing the lifestyle now, not at 65
•The day to day struggle of managing the budget to attain this
•Tracking their expenses and knowing where their money goes.
•Tricks to prevent themselves living pay cheque to pay cheque.
•Reducing expenses that simply don't bring them happiness.
•Discussing the time VS money debate and focusing on giving ourselves more time
•Challenging the "I hate Monday's" attitude by working towards something bigger than just getting up and going to a 9-5 job.
•As a freelancer, charge for output, not time
•Getting people out of the "work / spend" cycle that leads us down the rat race.
•Building cash flowing assets one day at a time!
•Capital Growth Report -- Asset Classes
•Productivity and overcoming risk of burnout
•Being efficient and delivering outcomes instead of working on time!
•Setting up your own business in Ireland & how to manage Tax?
oKeep money in the company and start a pension – huge upside to this
oInvest the cash you have in the company
oOnly Pay Tax on your Profile in a Company – so deductions are less
•Freedom and Control as two key words and values that come up!
•Influenced by others?
•Dan Lok – Business influencer -
•Publishing Goals & holding yourself accountable
•The House as an Asset? Or your Greatest Liability?
•Aiming to have the passive income covering the mortgage
•House Hacking!

•Books – Robert Kiosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad -
How to connect in with Michael?
Website -
Twitter -
Check out Financial Independence Meetups in Dublin & Limerick on Google!

Aug 09 2019