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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

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Great Podcast

By Amy Shine - Jul 07 2019
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Love listening to Rob’s shows. Great topics.

Great show!

By wifos - Aug 24 2018
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Just listened to the Even Alexander interview and loved it! Keep up the great work.

iTunes Ratings

8 Ratings
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Great Podcast

By Amy Shine - Jul 07 2019
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Love listening to Rob’s shows. Great topics.

Great show!

By wifos - Aug 24 2018
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Just listened to the Even Alexander interview and loved it! Keep up the great work.
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1% Better

Updated 3 days ago

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If you’re of a curious disposition, have a positive outlook, are devoted to, or even have a passing interest in making yourself a little bit better (let’s set the bar low and aim for 1%) then I’m very hopeful you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast.

Rank #1: Murray Newlands – Maximizing Personal Value, Develop Key Strengths, & Taking Action Sooner! EP115

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Murray Newlands is a very interesting guy. The Huffington Post has listed him as one of the “Top 10 People to Know in the Silicon Valley” and the "British Marketing Guru".
He’s a marketing powerhouse, an entrepreneur, investor, business ddviser and Speaker. As we talked I quickly realized he had serious focus, and an ability to set and achieve goals. Without looking too far ahead.

He’s demonstrated over his career so far a real ability to deliver against his big goals, and learn along the way. Anyone that creates over 1000 blog posts in 2 years must have huge determination, a work ethic and self-belief.

Murray was a great fit for the podcast as he lives incremental improvement and has so many valuable stories and lessons taken from them to share in this conversation.

His latest focus has been with Turing, an elite placement company for engineers. As their Chief of Strategy & Partnerships officer, he is disrupting "the future of work" and the way companies hire remote workers and tap into global resources. The talent behind Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more have been vastly curated by Murray and the Turing team.

Full summary below. I hope you enjoy it.

•Goal Setting & Incremental improvements
•Having a child and how it made Murray reflect back on life and his habits
•Persevering through school and became a solicitor
•6 Years leading to a solicitor – hard work and just went with it
•Taking the approach of one day at a time!
•2019 – having a goal of getting fit – and losing 20 pounds in 4 months – taking each day at a time
•Applying tiny incremental steps!
•There is no overnight success
•How did Murray get successful – taking tiny steps and moving along
•Decide on what directions you want to go in and taking the first steps!
•The unexpected benefits from following the process
•The moments of success that stand out!
•Focusing more on what you are good at, not just what you’re not good at!
•Find out what you can do
•Spotting what other people are doing to achieve things?
•Look for others doing great things!
•Tool – a sheet with 200 lines on it & working out 200 times!
•Setting out goals and writing them out!
•Get visual when setting goals
•Telling others what you’re doing with goals
•Building Habits
•Taking a deliberate approach & figuring out the WHY!!!
•Getting a Visa to work in the US was a Goal for Murray
•Starting out writing 2 blog posts a day for 2 years!
•How to get 2 blog posts a day for a period
•Having to write a lot to get noticed – writing 500 to 1000 blog posts
•Thinking about what you are trying to achieve and how you want to get there!
•Tips to CEOs – with writing – is it your true value!
oDo out audio dictation and then give it to a professional writer
oIdentify your 10 ideas and get it out there
•What do I want to achieve and what is the best way to do it?
•How to maximize your value in the process?
•Find where the real value is?
•Look for other established platforms? – adding value to other groups?
•Resetting goals and pivoting in your career
•Building and Selling Start-ups
•The new emerging talent sourcing approaches
•Stand out traits of strong leadership
•Understanding of where you want to get to, what you need to achieve, and finding the right people to help you get there!
•You can’t be successful on your own!
•The cost of having someone negative on the team massively outweighs that
•Firing people who are not a good fit fast enough!
•Clear out anything that gets in the way
•Too many leaders see success and think it’s their success!
•Dealing with Intuition and following the gut!
•Follow the gut and set some goals as boundaries
•Relationship with Fear – excited about new projects
•Driven by fear and pushing yourself along
•If you stop pushing yourself, you will get bored!
•Take on a lot of what you’re afraid of so you can achieve a lot
•Best learnings from failures?
•Trying too hard to overcome things I’m not good at and not focusing enough on things that I am good at!!
•Not firing people fast enough leading to lots of difficult situations
•The Future Plans?
oHelping more people all around the world to be more successful
oTeaching his daughter new things
oLearning the fun of do new things!
•Advice – Try to keep the current job and start the start-up on the side
oYour first business on your own might not be successful, but if you don’t do it, you will not learn from it!
oMaking failures is ok! You will learn from it!
•US v UK mindset on failure?
oTry and give it a go!!
•Books to Recommend
oPlay Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets
Connect in with Murray:
Website –
YouTube Channel:
Jun 24 2019
51 mins

Rank #2: Michael Houghton - How to Achieve Financial Independence, Tracking Happiness, & Peer to Peer Lending! EP122

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Michael Houghton is an Entrepreneur & Investor, originally from New Zealand and now living in Ireland. He is on a mission to become financially independent. Like many, he has grown tired of selling his time for money so started to look into ways at which he could work less, but still earn as much and enjoy more free time with his family.

After spending a lot of time planning how, he started to execute on his strategy and in 2018 he was able to cut down from full time to part time work as a freelance developer.

This was his first step towards freeing up my time and seeing a lifestyle change as a result of his decision to chase financial freedom. Since then he’s been continuing to work towards this goal and earlier this year set up his website – where he transparently shares his investment portfolio and how much progress he is making. Michael also has started sharing his learnings and advice through his podcast and blog posts. All available from his site here
His ultimate goal is to build a portfolio that produces enough monthly income to cover my monthly expenses - at that point, he will be truly financially independent.
For me this was a very interesting conversation. I wanted to learn more about his approach and sacrifices he and his family need to make to realise this goal. I also was very interested in learning more about the Peer to Peer lending services he is using as well as other investments that he is making.

Here is a summary of the topics we covered during the interview. I hope you enjoy listening to this one and learn something new from it that might be of value.

•Earning 12-15% interest with Peer to Peer lending with
•Investment in forestry & Christmas Trees!
•Seeing an investment as an expense
•Changing the Mindset on investment – Earning for now instead of for retirement
•The Value of Compound Interest
•Passive Income to replace Earned Income
•Saving for the Future or your Pension!
•Setting up a Happiness Index
•Saving €3000 per month for 11 years to achieve the freedom he seeks
•Monitoring expenses on a daily basis and the challenge of this
•Changing the lifestyle now, not at 65
•The day to day struggle of managing the budget to attain this
•Tracking their expenses and knowing where their money goes.
•Tricks to prevent themselves living pay cheque to pay cheque.
•Reducing expenses that simply don't bring them happiness.
•Discussing the time VS money debate and focusing on giving ourselves more time
•Challenging the "I hate Monday's" attitude by working towards something bigger than just getting up and going to a 9-5 job.
•As a freelancer, charge for output, not time
•Getting people out of the "work / spend" cycle that leads us down the rat race.
•Building cash flowing assets one day at a time!
•Capital Growth Report -- Asset Classes
•Productivity and overcoming risk of burnout
•Being efficient and delivering outcomes instead of working on time!
•Setting up your own business in Ireland & how to manage Tax?
oKeep money in the company and start a pension – huge upside to this
oInvest the cash you have in the company
oOnly Pay Tax on your Profile in a Company – so deductions are less
•Freedom and Control as two key words and values that come up!
•Influenced by others?
•Dan Lok – Business influencer -
•Publishing Goals & holding yourself accountable
•The House as an Asset? Or your Greatest Liability?
•Aiming to have the passive income covering the mortgage
•House Hacking!

•Books – Robert Kiosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad -
How to connect in with Michael?
Website -
Twitter -
Check out Financial Independence Meetups in Dublin & Limerick on Google!
Aug 09 2019
55 mins

Rank #3: Nicole Ryan – Turning Tragedy into Alex’s Adventure, Improving Drug Education & Social Entrepreneurship! – EP121

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Nicole Ryan is a Business Founder at IGNITE, Managing Director of Alex's Adventure - The drug education program that's built around you.

Every episode of 1% Better tells a story. This week’s episode is that of Nicole Ryan’s story.

It began in Jan 2016 when my only brother Alex went to a house party in the Greenmount area, Cork City and took a synthetic substance believing it to be a less potent drug called 2-CP. Alex had thought he had done his research on the substance he was trying. He was 18 years of age and had a lot of plans for his future. Alex ended up taking a huge dose of the lethal drug known as Nbomb which resulted in him being brought to Cork University Hospital where Alex never regained consciousness and subsequently 4 days later sadly passed away after being pronounced brain-dead.

Alex changed the lives of 4 people by donating 2 of his kidneys, his liver and his heart but Alex’s story did not end here. Nicole wanted what happened to my family to never need to happen to another so needlessly again so she decided that Alex would change the world and she would be his catalyst and his storyteller.
She gave up her career as a Marine & Plant Engineer to come home and build Alex’s Adventure. Over the last 3 years Nicole travelled the length and breadth of the country visiting schools and delivering her workshop educating and sharing how our choices can impact our lives forever.
She has visited over 55+ schools, colleges & youth clubs and has delivered this workshop to over 5500+ students nationwide. From this life changing experience Alex’s Adventure was born. Nicole and her team developed a brand-new program that aims to not only help the students learn more about substance misuse and about the impacts our choices have on the greater community.
In this episode, we hear in more details how Nicole decided to take the chance with setting up Alex’s Adventure, what she’s learned since starting out, how the business has grown and evolved, how she is constantly pivoting, learning, and iterating Alex’s Adventure to be a better product.
I really enjoyed this one and know it’s one that you will enjoy listening to, as there are many stand-out takeaways from the interview.
Other topics covered:
•Being a realist but having to be strong for her mother
•Media and Empathy with the loss of Alex
•How Alex’s Adventure works and focusing on learning & key skills
•Dealing with Feedback
•Creating a Digital Solution
•Pivoting & Letting go of the original ideas
•Entrepreneur’s journey
•Learning to influence and sell
•Language, Additions and how we speak to young people
•The importance of Coffee Meetings
•Working on your strengths, weaknesses and working on growing
•Expanding her team with others that are adding value to the program
•Taking herself out of the mindset of working in her business to working on her business!
•The Importance of Social Entrepreneurship
•How to switch off and detach from the Business
•Standout Moment from Nicole’s journey so far!
•Mentors & Great Advice – Her Friend asked Nicole - The worth thing that can happen is nothing!
•If you knew one thing at the start that you know now?
•Next for Alex’s Adventure – looking at the 5 year map!

Get in touch with Nicole
Website -
Twitter –
LinkedIn -
Instagram -

Check out more details on
Aug 02 2019
56 mins

Rank #4: How to identify your Core Values & Why you should - EP091

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Is the question of core values one you ask yourself?

If yes, you might enjoy this podcast. It's my story on how I've found a way to identify my own. And I outline the steps that you could use too.

If you want to read the article, just go to the blog page on the site (read) and check it out with some of the images referenced.

I wish you the best. Do let me know if you'd like to discuss core values with me further.

For the full details and a get to the blog post on this go to the episode page on the site

Dec 31 2018
27 mins

Rank #5: Isa Nacewa – Morning Routines, Learning Curves, and the Value of Positive Distractions - 1% Better in 864 - EP120

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1% Better – The 864 Rebooted!

I’m bring the 864 back but on 1% Better! All is explained in the Intro which I suggest you check out.

Here is details of the episode with Isa Nacewa

We're continuing the sporting theme (last episode with Irish International Football John Egan), but shifting code to Rugby this time. I'm delighted to be able to share this podcast with the Leinster legend Isa Nacewa.

Isa joined Leinster in 2008 and, over the next decade, in two stints with the province, won four Champions Cups, the Challenge Cup and 3 Pro-14 titles. He has been called greatest import to Irish Rugby if not European. He’s been not only immensely successful at winning trophies, he’s humility, lack of ego, and selflessness also very much stand out in the legacy he’s created in the game.

I talked with Isa couple of weeks back when in Ireland just for a few days during which time there was a testimonial dinner in his honour. It was a flying visit, but he still managed to squeeze in time for an early morning chat for the podcast.

As we recorded it in the morning, morning routines started off the conversation and we went from there. Rugby does get a mention but habits, behaviours, and mental strength are at the core of the podcast.

It was a real pleasure to talk with Isa. I’ve taken something (actually many things) of value from it that I can put into practice. My hope is you can too. Thanks to Mereula for helping make the connection.

Just before I hand it over, please do subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to it. Helps with extending the reach as well as ensuring you get notified when the new ones come down. Check out the other show – 1% Better, sign up to the newsletter on and take a minute to connect/send feedback/troll/etc

Ok. Over to the conversation with the great man – Isa Nacewa.

Topics covered:
•Morning Routines during & post Rugby
•Taking 3 Months off to mentally reset
•Developing an approach and philosophy to mindset early in his career
•Retiring in 2013 and the Mindset with this!
•Work as a Mental Skills Coach
•Learning how to adapt and adopt approaches
•Documenting and Tweaking Approaches
•Decision Making
•Negative Self-Talk
•The law of attraction
•Benefits of Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation

Books Recommendation:
•The Monk who Sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma
•Win Forever – Pete Carroll
Jul 26 2019
31 mins

Rank #6: William Pullen – Overcoming Meltdown, Empathy Running, & the Power of Practicing the Pause - EP116

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William Pullen is a psychotherapist and lives in London and developed a specific type of psychotherapy which is a fusion of running and psychotherapy.

I connected with William after seeing his TEDx talk earlier this year and wanted to learn more about how this can help you get more than 1% Better.

Using Integrative Psychotherapy, William aims to facilitate wholeness between the feeling, behavioural, cognitive, and physiological levels of functioning – in other words the whole person. This is done in part through looking at aspects of the self that you may be unaware of and making them conscious.

A full summary of our broad ranging conversation includes:
•William hitting a low point in his career working in TV and Advertising
•Feeling disconnected in this world that was superficial
•The Fast life style was too much and it led to a meltdown
•Depression and sitting at home turning 40!
•Starting out running and taking incremental movement
•Ambitions early in life – always wanting to work with young people
•A nicer kinder William and a more aggressive ego driven William
•Sport and the ability to move is hotwired into people for healing
•Trigger points leading to the meltdown – the warning signs were there!
•A toxic relationship forcing many changes of shape and form!
•Love and the struggle that comes with it!
•The cultural change and how it’s impacted love!
•The survivor mentality and learning how to look after yourself
•The goal and driving force to the lifestyle
•Managing to control urges and using running
•Creating a running therapy program
•Empathy Runs emerging from couple counselling training
•The Empathy Muscle – making space for someone else’s opinion
•Agreeing to share the stage of life with others is at the heart of Empathy
•Relationship Counselling and learning how to create a dialogue to escape the tit for tat game
•Active listening & Empathy

How to do an Empathy Run?
•Find someone you trust and like
•Arrange to meet
•Decide who goes first & who listens
•At the end the listener repeats back what they heard!
•Giving someone the freedom to talk about whatever they want to talk about!
•And swap roles
•Running helps you get into a narrative flow
•There is no sense that you are trying to resolve something – it’s never the job of the listener to solve or resolve things!
•There are no expectations – that’s key!
•The importance of pausing – 0.4 seconds is the normal gap!
•How to develop the pause – and the challenge of doing it!
•Practicing the Pause!
•Feedback on Empathy Runs!
•Writing a Book – the story about this!
•Approaching Penguin and a program combined with this
•Living a more authentic life and writing a book about this – being uncomfortable about authenticity as writing about it!
•Authenticity & Authentometer!!

Book – Run for Live –

Book – DRT -

TEDx Talk -
Website –
Instagram -
Twitter -
Jun 28 2019
47 mins

Rank #7: Motty Varghese – How to Sleep Better – EP114

Podcast cover
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I’m really interested in learning more about sleep, so I did some searching and it turns out we have a world-renowned sleep expert here in Ireland. In Dublin in Fact. He’s name is Motty Varghese. He’s a senior Respiratory and Sleep Physiologist in St James's Hospital, Dublin since 2003.

We learn about Motty and how he got into this area and then I think I asked him everything I could think of about sleep.

You will be way more than 1% Better informed on Sleep after this.

Summary of what we covered:
•Where the passion and desire in the field of sleep
•Graduation as a respiratory and sleep physiologist & technologies
•Doing sleep studies for about 45millions people in India
•Working in Middle east and then moved to St. James in Dublin
•15 Years working St. James.
•Sleep Diagnostics and sleep problems
•Sleep Apnoea and Insomnia as the two main issues
•And then started to specialise in Behaviour sleep medicine
•Always had an interest in sleep medicine but not much in the area initially when he was growing up
•Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
•Insomnia & Sleep Apnoea
•Insomnia and CBT as a non-medication way of sleeping problems
•CBT for Insomnia
•The 3 P model:
oPredisposed individuals
oPrecipitating factor
oPerpetuating factors
•Address the behaviours with Sleep
•Insomnia as a vicious circle
•Sleep and Genetics
•Women have higher chances than Insomnia
•The growth in the topics of sleep over the last decade
•Learning Memory & physical health can be improved with good sleep
•Circadian Rhythm & the Master Body Clock
•Sleep is a CS process
•Sleep and Melatonin
•Humans are solar powered
•Chronotypes – evening, intermediate and morning types
•Morning type people are the happier type!
•The importance of employers know what the chronotype of their employees!
•Waking up before the alarm goes off – a sign of their sleep need is met
•Early Morning Awakening Insomnia
•Sleep Apps – the value of!
•The best way to judge your quality of sleep is by how you feel!
•Sleep Apps leading to more anxiety about sleep quality!
•Don’t over rely on technology
•How much light and deep sleep should I get?
•How to get in to good sleep
1.How long was I aware before I went to sleep – get a consistent wake time!
2.The light exposed to before going to bed – 2 hours before you go to sleep – to optimize the melatonin
3.The Master Body Clock – not much control over this
•The best environment for a good sleep
1.Dark as a Cave
2.Quiet as a Cave
3.Cooler temperature
•Mattresses and how useful these are?
•Napping – General Rules – 30mins to 45mins to avoid REMS
•Best position for sleeping – sleep on the non-dominant side
•Sleep and Pain Tolerance levels
•Most common myths on sleep – no compensation for lost sleep!
•Sleep when traveling & jet lag!
•Exercise & Sleep – 3 hours between exercise and bed – core body temp is high
•Eating Late – Not eat for 3 hours before going to bed!
•Journaling – transfer thoughts from brain to paper!
1.Rationalize worries on paper
2.Make a to do list for the next day
3.Reduce the intensity of the mind
•Sleep and having a beginner’s mind!
•Every night is a new night – this is a key mindset to have for everyone!
•Be non-striving for sleep – you can’t force it
•Be Patient with the process with CBTi
•How does Motty manage his own sleep
1.7+ hours nightly
2.Sleep as much of the time you spend in bed
3.High sleep efficiency
•Sleep v Rest -- Bed is for sleep – not for rest
•Get up and leave the bedroom for 30mins
1.Reduces anxiety not falling asleep
2.Strengthens bed sleep association
3.Better opportunity when you do go back
•Don’t over research on sleep
•Optimize sleep hygiene habits

Get in touch with Motty on his work and consulting at
Jun 14 2019
48 mins

Rank #8: Confidence Uncovered: Truths, Myths, and Flexing the Muscle - EP112

Podcast cover
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This solo show is all about Confidence. The full blog post is available on the site - link here

Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed it, please do consider sharing it!

May 31 2019
26 mins

Rank #9: Brock Lewin - Following your Passion, Freedom & Trust, & Learning when to Delegate - EP117

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Brock Lewin is the found of very successful Coffee Roasting Business Badger & Dodo. Since his first shot of coffee in 1993, he’s been involved one or another in this business.

He set up Badger & Dodo in July 2008 in his in-law’s farm in Fermoy, Co. Cork and since then he’s been building up the business and brand across Ireland and beyond.

I’ve been very interested in the coffee explosion in Ireland over the last few years so was really looking forward to chatting with Brock about his learnings and experience in this world and having the chance to deep dive into Coffee, Business, Entrepreneurship, lessons learned, and lots more that might make for interesting listening.

Just whet your appetite, some of the topics we dive into include:

•The history of coffee in Australia from post-world war 2 Italians bring it in!
•Coffee evolving over the 50 years up to the 1990s
•A flat white, a short white, and more!
•1st, 2nd and 3rd wave coffee
•Learning the roasting process
•Taking the leap of faith and setting up a coffee roastery in recession hit Ireland
•Brock’s Beans as an early brand identity
•The Badger and Dodo Brand
•The Coffee Tree image being used in the coffee world
•Marketing and Advertising
•Route to Market via Farmers Markets
•Quote - Luck is when preparation meets opportunity
•Quote – Good coffee being recession proof
•Refreshing the Brand!
•Cupping world champion and how to train the pallet
•Business Planning
•Why coffee is exploding in Ireland?
•Big breaks in early days of the business
•Leadership Style
•Graphic Design
•Strategy & Planning – rolling on a yearly basis plans
•The importance of business coaching
•Delegation – bring in people you can trust!
•Knowing what type of business you’re running – keeping it at a certain level
•Know where your limits are!
•Expanding the business to the USA – the amount of US tourists that buy it here and then keep buying it when they get home!
•Mistakes made and missed opportunities – not setting up a coffee shop in Cork when the opportunity was there in the early years – not playing to the home market!
•Brock and his own coffee drinking habits – Less is more!
•Advice for start-ups
•Work life balance
•What would Brock be doing if not for Coffee?
•Keeping Motivated – The essential need to travel aboard!
•Freedom & Trust at the core!
How to get in touch?
Website –
Instagram -
Twitter -
Jul 05 2019
54 mins

Rank #10: Amy Shine - Access Consciousness, Running your Bars, & Embracing Unlimited Beliefs - EP119

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Amy has amazing capacities with bodies and is a trained Massage Therapist, Thai Yoga Vedic Bodyworker, Dance facilitator and movement coach for adults and kids. She loves all forms of movement and have created her own specialty movement classes called ''Shine Movements''.

For a full summary of the episode and how to connect in with Amy, go to the episode page on

Thanks for listening!
Jul 19 2019
1 hour 6 mins

Rank #11: Bernardo Cubria – Acting, Staying ‘Real’ in Hollywood, and Brutal Honest Feedback - EP092

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Bernardo Cubria – Acting, Staying ‘Real’ in Hollywood, and Brutal Honest Feedback! EP092

Welcome to 2019. A great way to start is by listening to this episode with Bernardo Cubria. He’s an Actor, Writer, Playwright, Podcast & Lover of Guacamole.

And I caught up with Bernardo a few weeks back. It was a bit of a unique recording as you’ll hear. It could even lead to a whole new podcast series where I interview guests while their driving. Who knows!

Note – we had planned to do this on live video, but the recording wasn’t great due to Bernardo being on the move. We might get together again in the future to do a live stream. It all depends on the demand. Let me know if you’d like to chat with Bernardo!

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Bernardo. The summary of the key points are outlined below:

1:00m – Getting last minute auditions!
2:00m – ‘Give us a call if you hear anything?’
3:00m – Nerves for larger roles v the lottery of small parts
5:00m – Early years & dreams: Soccer & Politics
7:00m – An early interest in Politics
8:00m – Working in Activism & Amnesty International – Where this passion came from?
11:00m – Creativity in Poetry and writing
12:00m – Paralyzed in self-doubt, fear and defeat!
14:00m – Learning to be ok with No, constantly failing!
16:00m – Losing trust in yourself from auditions & not letting the hope get you!
18:00m – Philosophy, History, and Acting Classes in College – Theatre becoming the passion and it feeling like home!
21:00m – The fulfilment of being a Playwright more than anything else!
22:00m – The Process of Playwrighting – Learning by Doing!
23:30m – Using Wine to Access the Pain Places when writing
24:00m – Perfection v Good Enough! – Leaning on what other people think
25:00m – The importance of trustworthy friends that give feedback!
28:00m – New York shows and writing plays in a weekend!
29:00m – Getting Readings & Getting Produced – The Redhead is coming!
31:00m – The world reacting when you’re not caring!
34:00m – The Soul, Morals & Fake Conversations - Putting the morals aside in the Industry – Sensing the pressure to be part of Hollywood and hating it but having to suck it up!
36:00m – Authentic & pretending to be Authentic & Actors/Activist!
39:00m – Understanding the desire of wanting to be part of something!
40:00m – Perusing the feeling of spending time with only people you like!
43:00m – The Giant Void of My Soul!
44:00m – An Idealist and a Dreamer or not?
45:00m – Resilient and What makes Bernardo bounce back!
47:00m – The Enjoyment of Podcasting – Off and On!

Book/Plays/Documentaries Recommendations:
•Another World – Documentary
•Waiting for Godot – Samuel Beckett

You can find more about Bernardo on the links below:

Instagram -

If you’re reading this far, thanks for sticking with it. Have you subscribed to the show on your app of choice?

A 2019 goal is to explode in listenership – can you help by telling someone you know about the show?
Jan 04 2019
1 hour 1 min

Rank #12: Charlotte Underwood - Surviving Suicide, Writing to Raise Awareness & Saving a Life - EP113

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Charlotte is as survivor. As a survivor of alcoholism, sexual assault, rape, self-harm and a constant chain of trauma and mental illness.

She tells her story and share my experiences with the world.

We talk about suicide, depression, hope, and a desire to help others by sharing her own stories, experiences and idea.
Her goal “If I can save a life, or just make someone feel less alone, then I’m achieving my dreams.”
Her main topics of writing are mental health, depression, anxiety, and suicide. With the aim to raise awareness as well as end the stigma.
If you face your own demons, challenges or know someone close to you that is facing a hard time or feels like – they might find this very valuable and worth checking it out!

Summary of our conversation can be found on the episode page on
Jun 07 2019
38 mins

Rank #13: Hugh O’Donovan – Focusing Attention, Positive Psychology & Mindful Walking – EP111

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Hugh O’Donovan is a Coaching Psychologist, Lecturer, & Author of the excellent book ‘Mindful Walking’. He also been an Entrepreneur and was a member of the Irish Army for 23 years. During this episode, Hugh reflects on many of the stand out moments in his career and shares very valuable insights and practical tips that you could use to become a better version of yourself.

For me, some of the key takeaways here touch on discipline, developing awareness, giving yourself a choice, mental well-being and the idea of flourishing!

I would recommend you take out a pen and paper for this one.

Thanks for your ongoing support and listening. Hope you’re enjoying this as much as I’m enjoying sharing it.

A summary of topics covered:
•Improving Performance & Mood
•The value of Acts of Random Kindness
•Mindfulness and the evidence behind how it’s working
•Experimenting in Mindfulness
•The physical benefits of movement
•Learning the skills of focusing attention
•The curious thing about walking and how a natural mindfulness comes when you’re moving
•Incorporating Mindfulness into many things you do
•23 years-experience in the Army
•The importance of discipline learned in the Army and how mindfulness also invites you to approach things in a disciplined way
•Having a Busy mind – but building the awareness of these thoughts
•Leaving you with a choice to breath
•Behavioural changed in society
•The challenge of transitioning from the Army into Civilian Life
•Being in Business but not being driven to earn money!
•Losing a friend to a tragic event and identifying this as a turning point
•The importance of reviewing, reflecting and re-evaluating
•The Army being all about Service
•Values, Goals and Actions
•Congruent Goals & making sense of the path and direction
•How Hugh managed to get out of the business
•Moving into psychology and feeling like this was the right place
•All of us being psychologies as we are all trying to understand things!
•Positive psychology and the science of flourishing
•Martin Seligman and understanding the need for a rebalancing on mental wellbeing
•Focusing on mental wellbeing instead of mental illness
•Beyond Zero and flourishing
•The importance of Gratitude
•A negativity bias as part of the human condition
•Keeping a diary/journal to track the things you savoured from day!
•Rewiring the Brain & neuroplasticity
•How can you get people to buy into the practice of journaling?
•Keep yourself safe and avoid discomfort
•Mindfulness asking us to observe our experience and explore discomfort
•Appreciate comfort and discomfort
•Exploring the edges of own discomfort
•The writing process and what lead Hugh to write the book!
•An exercise to try – ‘asking yourself to writing a letter to yourself in the future’
•The secret of writing – sit down and write – 100 words a day x 365 = 36500
•Writing the book as being the best year of Hugh’s life
•The formal and informal practices of Mindfulness’s
•The manta of ‘showing up, slowing down, and noticing what comes up!’
•The invisible becomes visible when we do this!
•Taking the new attitude towards life
•The only time you know when you’re fully present? – aware of the breath – the only way!!
•Acronyms to help you remember approaches
oFORM = Focus, Observe, Reflection, Meaning (new) = FORM
oFARM = Focus, Act, Reflection, Meaning (new)
•The 7 pillars of mindfulness
•Mindfulness is not about performance, it’s about observing what is
•How the attitude towards mindfulness has changed over the last decade
•Concerns with how Mindfulness could be used to get more out of the system!
•The Finite System with finite resources!
•The economic system is about growth and there is tension!
•Changing mindsets and nudge people towards behaviours that keep us in a good place!
•Current work and research in coaching psychology
•Working with the HSE and the GLOW (goals for life opting for wellness) program
•Plans for the next book that promises to be ground breaking
•Other books recommendation:
oMark Willams & Danny Pennman – Mindfulness book
oMindfulness for Dogs
•Hugh’s website HODA is an Arabic word – can be translated as guidance and enlightment

Connect in with Hugh on
May 24 2019
1 hour 11 mins

Rank #14: Greg Herman – Fashion, Creativity & Finding the Right Path! – EP110

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The Greg Herman Brand first began in 1995/96 and over the years, this has taken on many different versions and evolutions.

Greg was living in LA and then moved to Cambridge in the UK. It was here when fashion really started to connect with Greg. Around this time, Greg’s sister was struck down with Cancer and this had a huge impact on him. He realized that he wanted to carve out his own legacy and figure out what he wanted for himself. This made him take a step back and review the situation.

During the discussion, Greg shared very openly about his life, growing up, challenges, up’s, down’s and everything in between.

Full detailed show notes on the episode page on
May 17 2019
1 hour 14 mins

Rank #15: Dr. Binder - Nip & Tuck in Beverly Hills, Thinking in 3D, & Jiro Dreams of Sushi - EP108

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Dr. Binder is board certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. With over 30 years of experience specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Binder’s Beverly Hills practice is one of the most experienced and most trusted in the country.

Getting to understand what it’s like to be a Plastic Surgeon in Hollywood was something I was very interested in diving into. Dr. Binder shares his unique perspective.

He talks about always making the Young Surgeons watch ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’, Discovering Botox and having the conviction to bring it into the market and having unwavering belief when he knew there would be push back, criticism and other detractors.

A full summary of our conversation is below:
•What’s it like working as a plastic surgeon in Hollywood
•Treating everyday like an epic day to fulfil a goal
•Early life Plans & Ambitions
•Admiration for his Uncle as role model growing up
•Medicine having a huge interest for Dr. Binder
•What are the characteristic that make a good surgeon
•What makes Hero the best Sushi chef in the world?
•The Importance of the Bell Shaped Curve
•The responsibility aspect was a draw to medicine
•Medicine is very much a rote for the first 4 years – learning
•Surgery then allows for some creativity where as medicine doesn’t
•Surgery and being able to think in 3D
•Listening and knowing what the Patience wants?
•Getting into the head of the patient before any surgeon
•Having issues with plastic surgery clinics – there is no cookie cutter way for surgery!
•Core Values of Tenacity, Hard work, and persistence
•Discovering Botox and pushing hard for 2 years on his own study to get this into mainstream
•10 year process to convince establish minds to use Botox
•Thinking outside the Box
•Where does the Tenacity Come from? Work Ethic
•Knowing you will have to make sacrifice to see through great results
•Answering the questions – does this make sense?
•Learning how to do facelifts 25 years ago?
•Having ‘Great Hands’ in Surgery – this is true and needed to be a great surgeon
•Duration of a face lift and how to stay focused for 5+ hours
•Focus & Getting into a state of Flow
•Preparation is key - dealing with the pressures of surgery
•Perfection v Good enough? – always striving for perfection – You have to!
•As the captain of the ship, you need to have everything in place!
•The importance of evaluating the Patient for realistic and unrealistic expectations
•The best piece of advice ever been given?
•Fear & Anxiety are the best friends you get?
•Managing both with Planning & Visualization
•If not Plastic Surgery, what else? Innovate Innovate Innovate.

Get in touch with Dr. Binder

Email –
Phone - +310 858 6749
Website: (contains a lot of rich content about Dr. B, his procedures, and press mentions with quotes)

Check out more details on
May 03 2019
54 mins

Rank #16: Susan Bennett – Introversion, Coming out as the Voice of Siri, & Lucky breaks – EP107

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Susan Bennett is an American voice-over artist. She is best known for being the female American voice of Apple's "Siri" since the service was introduced on the iPhone 4S. Susan and I connected a few months back and I was delighted when she agreed to be a guest on the show to talk about her career, overcoming fears, ‘coming out’ as Siri, the great fortune that has ultimately brought and how life has changed since.

Susan shares her story and provides lots of bits of advice from lessons learned over the last few decades from her successful acting, voiceover, and musical career.

Here’s a more detailed summary of the talk:
•One thing learned in the last week?
•An Earliest Memory – naturally drawn to certain things that would indicate what you’re going to do in adulthood
•Early gifts as a child indicating work later in life
•Getting a free grand piano as a gift & telephone
•Creativity and Introverted from an early age
•Not having the ‘Ta-da’ gene
•A line of demarcation in childhood
•Parents moving around a bit – this led to introversion * instead of coming out*
•The power of social media to help for introverts to communicate
•Starting a voice career by a happy accident
•Having no accident
•Getting a voice coach to develop the skills
•Learning the skill of a voice over actor
•Time required to practice as a voice actor
•Having a natural feel for the voice over acting
•The role of luck in her career
•Working hard and getting luckier
•Being curious and trying out new things
•Learning as a value
•Losing the process of learning new things
•Taking 2 years to revel herself as the voice – wanting the privacy
•A great life lesson – you have to take some risks
•How Susan was chosen as the first voice of Siri
•Working for Nuisance IVR Scripts in 2005 – recording these that then became the voice of Siri
•Concatenation and creating the voice of Siri
•Linguistic vocal coaching
•6 years later in 2011 finding out that Susan was the voice of Siri
•Taking a few years to accept and spin it to her advantage
•Face the fears and then so many wonderful things started to happen
•The unexpected happens and you need to make decisions, and this brings change
•Staying open minded and being able to adapt
•Decision Making – Automatic answer is no? do a rethink!
•Trying to get to yes!
•Getting to know yourself and find out why you are the way you are!
•How Susan worked on herself better?
•Overthinking and Introverts
•A typical day / week now for Susan
•Setting goals – customize every presentation
•Talk to the universe and do positive repetitions
•Advice to live by?
oTake some risks!

•The Biography of Leonardo Di Vinci – Walter Isaacson
•The lost Man – Jane Harper
Connect in with Susan on:
•Website –
•On Social Platofrms - @siriouslysusan
•Facebook - SusanBennettVoiceofSiri

Thanks for following - please do share this out with you nearest and dearest or sworn enemies.
Apr 26 2019
51 mins

Rank #17: Neil Seligman - Reawakening Consciousness & Mindfulness - EP106

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Neil Seligman is an International Mindfulness Advocate and Conscious Visionary, Neil is dedicated to sharing the power of mindfulness globally, transforming lives, and inspiring excellence in all aspects of human endeavour.

He is the Founder of The Conscious Professional, the Author of 100 Mindfulness Meditations and forthcoming title Conscious Leadership, and the Originator of Soul Portrait Photography. As a sought after expert, Neil has worked with firms such as Netflix, Accenture, Linklaters, RBS, and Warner Brothers and has been featured by the BBC, The Mirror, Yoga Magazine, Psychologies, OmYoga Magazine, Attitude, Soul & Spirit Magazine, and more.

“Neil has a gift for reawakening consciousness.”

Check out full show notes with link on the site -
Apr 23 2019
1 hour

Rank #18: Ian Farrar - Dealing with Burnout, Accidental Entrepreneurship, & 101 ways to Volunteer - EP105

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Ian is a man of many talents. These include Sales, Marketing, Digital & Business Coach, Podcast Hosting training, and helping other improve. That’s why I felt he was a perfect fit and guest on ‘1% Better’.

We connected last year as we both presented topics on ‘International Podcast Day’ in September 2018 and we agreed to do an episode.

I didn’t mess around too much with this one as I dived straight into Ian’s Entrepreneurial Journey and it flowed from there.

As always, we cover a broad range of topics and share a number of practical tips, tools, insights that you could take something of value from.

Full details & summary here -
Apr 19 2019
1 hour 8 mins

Rank #19: Emma Pyne & Michelle Thorn – The Art of Comedy, Dealing with Fear, & Throwing Punches – EP104

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Emma Pyne & Michelle Thorn are comedians, artists, and co-producers of a live comedy show called Throwing Punches, which is held once per month in LA’s Universal City.

The show brings together a diverse line-up of comics and is remarkable in that
every show has both up-and-coming comics and seasoned comics (including
some of the most successful in the field).

I was delighted to chat with both ladies a few weeks back about the art of comedy, dealing with fears, curating the show, the process of creating ‘bits’ and so much more.

As with every episode of ‘1% Better’ there are lots of useful takeaways from this one.

A summary of the show is outlined below.

•About Michelle
oGetting into acting & then comedy
oSharing a story with stand-up
oWhen you were starting out?
•About Emma
oMoving to LA in 2009 after 2 years in London
oA focus on TV and Film
oDoing more and more stand-up recently
oStand-up comedy giving her a voice
•How they met and started Throwing Punches?
•Both knew they were serious about putting a show together
•Identifying a gap in the market for stand-up shows inspired them to make a show that they’d like to see
•The Process of curating the show – getting the big name headliner and opener and piece in the rest
•Planning ahead and when this process starts
•Learning to be flexible
•Growing a show and attracting top talent
•Previous experience running Stand-up events
•Key learnings from the show creation that can be brought into personal life
•Control loosing, sharing responsibilities, and letting go!!
•Feedback on the show v your own performance
•Wearing the Entrepreneurial Hat?
•Learning from a Business perspective
•The goals for creating the show
•Comedian Hierarchy in Hollywood
•Headline Comics -- 10 years profession, 5 years on the way, less than 5 years are the babies
•Learning how to be persistence and keep pushing forward
•Time is key – no overnight successes and a safe place to fail!!
•12 years in LA to become an overnight success
•Creating a life as you work through the process
•Emma - Dealing with Stage Fight – The idea of not doing something is far worse from the fear of doing it!
•Nobody judges you as much as you judge yourself
•Dealing with Fear & Nerves
•Be worried if the fear ever leaves
•Reframing the thoughts – Excitement v Nerves – watch the language
•Getting to a place of excitement
•Creating a bit or a sketch – the process followed
•Learning how to create content and developing their own style
•Making it very personal & working out childhood through writing
•Using life lessons as a comedy gift
•Overthinking is part of the process working itself out!
•The Art of Journaling or just writing stuff down
•The 5 year barrier for comedians?
•Comics that explode on the scene
•Every single word counts when on stage – the amount of effort goes in to this is unseen
•Men v Women comedians
•Using the show as a tool to get on the radar
•How Michelle and Emma work together and make decisions.
•Being able to pick each other up when there are tough moments
•Dealing with the Fear! Pulling back from the edge…
•Motivation – The show as a driver – having the name and face on the internet!
•Less self-doubt as she’s got older
•How LA has changed in the last decade
•The importance of having a partner that gives you the freedom!
•Holding up both ends of the partnership
•Advice to live by!!
•Trust your gut & Be Yourself!

How to learn more:
Apr 16 2019
58 mins

Rank #20: Jo Bhakdi - Defeating Cancer, Precision Medicine, & the Ladder of Improbability - EP103

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Jo Bhakdi is the founder of Quantgene,a company that combines precision genomics, AI and a new perspective on medicine to detect disease at early stages.

Bhakdi galvanized a network of world-leading scientists and engineers to tackle computational and clinical challenges in DNA sequencing to accelerate the pace of modern medicine, arming us with a tool that is changing the future of human health.

This is one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve done and if Quantgene delivers on its promise, which I believe they will, expect to be hearing a lot more about Jo Bhakdi in the years to come.

Check out the episode page on the site for full show notes summary -
Apr 12 2019
1 hour 12 mins

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