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In NION Radio, Nick Onken explores the body, mind, and soul of the creative entrepreneur, bringing you inspiring guests to help take your creativity, business, and life to the next level.

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In NION Radio, Nick Onken explores the body, mind, and soul of the creative entrepreneur, bringing you inspiring guests to help take your creativity, business, and life to the next level.

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Love It

By ScottieWarman - Nov 15 2019
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Nick’s positive energy and outlook on art make it the perfect podcast for anybody in a creative field or just looking for positive vibes. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. 🤙🏽


By Music editor46 - May 12 2016
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Episode 83 was great. Great to hear an older artist’s perspective

iTunes Ratings

114 Ratings
Average Ratings

Love It

By ScottieWarman - Nov 15 2019
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Nick’s positive energy and outlook on art make it the perfect podcast for anybody in a creative field or just looking for positive vibes. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. 🤙🏽


By Music editor46 - May 12 2016
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Episode 83 was great. Great to hear an older artist’s perspective
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NION Radio

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In NION Radio, Nick Onken explores the body, mind, and soul of the creative entrepreneur, bringing you inspiring guests to help take your creativity, business, and life to the next level.

Rank #1: 100: Nick Onken – How I Went From Struggling Artist To Where I Am Today

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For me the biggest key to success is being able to master your mind.
Today I’m bringing you the first episode of NION Radio, formerly ShopTalk Radio. With the help of my girlfriend Stacy London, we’re turning the tables as she interviews me about how I got to where I am in my creative career, why I’m starting my own brand, and what NION is all about.

Starting from my childhood outside of Seattle, we are talking about all of the gritty details: my design career, when I first picked up a camera, how traveling has opened my eyes, the highs and lows of my career, how I found my own identity despite the confines of my environment, and how learning about emotional intelligence has helped me along the way.

Listen in to learn where the name of my brand NION came from, why I’m passionate bout living a vibrant life with your eyes open, and why I want to continue interviewing fascinating people that are creating great art and leading highly productive, rich, and fulfilling lives.

Thank you for your support of this podcast over the years. I’m excited to be continuing to push it to be helpful and inspiring for all types of creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists.
I definitely had to motivate myself to discover a bigger world.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

What is the essence of this podcast [4:20]
Common themes amongst creatives [6:25]
The importance of giving back [8:00]
The difference between success and fulfillment [9:40]
What drives my curiosity [14:10]
How I started questioning my religious upbringing [18:30]
What opened my eyes to travel [22:40]
When I first picked up a digital camera [28:05]
The importance of practice [37:00]
What influenced my hunger for experience [48:40]
Why it’s important to build your career as a photographer in a big city [49:50]
How I created an awesome network [59:20]
Why you have to have a vision for where you want to be [1:01:50]
How to find representation [1:04:25]
Why I moved to New York [1:10:10]
Where Nion came from [1:13:20]
What happened when media shifted in 2011 [1:15:05]
Why you have to separate yourself from your work [1:20:10]
How NION came about [1:24:20]
The role collaboration will play in NION [1:30:30]
How to not be cynical about the world [1:38:10]

Links mentioned:

Check out Freedom Podcasting
Read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield and Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi
Check out Lewis Howes’ interview with Tony Robbins
Listen to the podcast episodes mentioned today: Stacy London & Emily Fletcher
Check out photographer Jim Garner
Learn more about Pencils of Promise
Get a copy of my book Photo Trekking
Music Credit: Yeah by Itro

Sep 13 2016

1hr 42mins


Rank #2: 105: Nick Onken – Does Social Media Kill Creativity?

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"Social media is a time thief of anyone who wants creative greatness."
Today on the show I’m talking about something that has been on my mind: Is social media killing your creative success? Lately I have found myself getting sucked down the creativity death trap that is social media - Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram - all of it. I get so much less done because of these internet rabbit holes! Not only does social media kill my creativity because it takes me out of my creative flow, but it also just takes away from my productivity.

This podcast is about checking in with yourself - ask yourself how much you’re consuming versus how much you’re creating. And let me know what you do to keep yourself off of social media and in the artistic and creative zone.
"The more we consume, the less we create, and that is inhibiting the trajectory of our creative journey."

Some things we learn in this podcast:

The problem with breaking out of the flow [1:30]
What about social media is so enticing [2:10]
What is the resistance [2:40]
Why you have to create a checkpoint for yourself [3:40]
How consuming social media can hold you back [4:50]
What do you do to keep your creativity flowing [5:30]

Links mentioned:

Read Steven Kotler’s The Rise of Superman
Read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art
Music Credit: The Mysterious Key by Jol3x

Nov 02 2016



Rank #3: 03: Tori Kelly – How To Cultivate Your Own Fan Base

Podcast cover
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When I first heard Tori’s voice, I was mesmerized and I still am. I have a very short attention span with singer songwriters, but Tori is one that I could listen to for hours. You’ll get to hear her sing an exclusive little diddy on today’s episode. Tori is on the rise, and has built an amazing following for herself. She also recently signed with Scooter Braun. Tori is such a sweetheart.
"I'm the type of writer that writes about the now."

In This Show We Discuss:

How Tori came up as a singer, songwriter and guitar/piano player
The dream of getting singed by a label.... not such a dream
How she grew her own revolutionary record label
Finding the balance between publishing covers and original songs
About the first concert where she realized, "I can do this..."
How to cultivate a hard core fan base

The life events that shaped Tori's successful song writing career
How she started working with Scooter Braun
Strategies for hitting top 10 in iTunes without a record label
Lessons from a successful new media EP launch
Opening up to trusting a production team and another songwriter
On the power of declaration and the audacious grand vision of Tori
What it's like playing Madison Square Garden
Going deep with the role of passion in creative inspiration
Tori's advice for someone trying to get somewhere with their music
Where Tori gets her inspiration

Tori's first YouTube video mentioned at the beginning of the show
Listen to the Frank Ocean Cover to see where she has come from
Connect with Tori Kelly: Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Jan 24 2014

1hr 2mins


Rank #4: 33: Satya Twena – How To Overcome Fear and Take Big Risks

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"Go get some fucking hate mail."
I thought we we're going to talk about hats. I never expected the conversation to bloom into that...

Satya Twena saved one of New York's last operating millenary (hat making) factories. Using KickStarter she realized $174,000 in crowd funding. A friend was able to loan her the difference for the cost of the equipment. She found herself the owner of a Manhattan based factory with $30,000 a month in overhead. At the time, she had $1,000 dollars to her name.

During our interview she explained the mentality that carried her through, "All of the sudden, you're opening up the universe to the fact that you're open to receiving so much more than you are capable of assuming you deserve."

It takes bravery to open space for true intentions. I believe her bravery is and important component of her business mastery.

She also shared this IN-Q poem with us:
You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.
You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.
Starve your pain, find your ego.
Starve your ego, find your beast.
Starve your beast, find your truth.
Find your truth, find your peace.
You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.
There is so much great stuff in this conversation. Thank you for listening. Now go create your moment and share it. Satya might just buy you a hat... 

"They're pushing through life... and I want to dance through life."

Some things we learn in this podcast:

Millinary - What it is and how the market works
The story behind saving a Manhattan based hat factory
How she overcame the doubts and found her purpose
How Satya Twena developed and perfected her KickStarter campaign
How to cultivate a trust for yourself
How athleticism those skills help to overcoming fear
Thoughts on how to decipher the reality between fear and truth
The most powerful ways to manage reactions - Don't leak energy
How to operate from a place of emotional intelligence
How she fell in love with the School of Womanly Arts
Tips for the feminine CEO
In order to give pleasure, you need to know how to receive it
Control vs. Influence - Cultivating powerful teamwork relationships
Leading a fulfilling life with the power of presence
The art of opening up for more than you assume you deserve
Defining failure and how to see it through an empowering lens
Plus much more...
Win a Hat Making Experience
On November 19th 2014 we will select the winner.

Listen to the podcast for instructions on how to enter.
The winner gets a free entry into the New York City hat making experience. Satya and the team will be there to support the winner in creating their very own custom designed hat. We will ensure that #CreateYourMoments is worked into the hat in a creative, inspiring way.

Oh yeah, It's an experience valued at $450.

Looking forward to what all you ShopTalk Creatives come up with.
Links mentioned:

Check out Satya Twena's New York Hat factory Kickstarter video
Learn more about Regina and the School of Womanly Arts
Read Satya's article on Abundance
Learn more about Seth Godin
Music Credit: Big Fish x Akroama - Objectives by Chill

Connect with Satya Twena Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website

Nov 12 2014

1hr 14mins


Rank #5: 31: Asher Roth – How To Build a Career in Hip Hop

Podcast cover
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“Make the radio and labels come to you by staying true to yourself and cultivating your own audience.” - Asher Roth
I Love College was a hit and for the last seven years Asher Roth has been making a living as a musician.

In this interview we discuss the complexities of a life that revolves around your art.

Asher is different in lots of ways. His name is out there with each song. He doesn't get the opportunity to do commercial work to support his personal projects. He's on the front line.

In this interview we dive into what exactly that means. This one is full of light and wisdom creatives so thank you for downloading, let's get into it with Asher Roth.
“Stay positive. Shit sucks some times, but you’ve got to keep it moving.” - Asher Roth

Some things we learn in this podcast:

How Asher engineered breakthroughs in  his hip hop career
On the balance of staying true to your art and keeping food on the table
What makes a "Responsible Record"
Your record label and your art?
On the importance of fun and a positive attitude
How Asher Roth got started in hip hop
Monumental moments of self discovery through the writing process
Jack of All Trades or Expert at One Thing - Which one?
Why acknowledging talent is so important
About the role of relationships and a creative lifestyle
A freestyle on what it means to live inspiration

“When you can lose yourself in what you’re doing, it’s pretty awesome.” - Asher Roth
Links mentioned:

Pick up an Asher Roth album:Retro Hash | Asleep in the Bread Asile | I Love College | GRIND
Check out the movie Asher mentioned - Frank
 Learn more about the return of Saturn
Go learn more -

Music Credit: I Love College, G.R.I.N.D. & Tangerine Girl by Asher Roth

Connect with Asher Roth Instagram | Twitter | Website

Oct 15 2014

1hr 5mins


Rank #6: 169: Todd Herman – Creating An Alter Ego To Uplevel Creative Performance

Podcast cover
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“We all naturally do this. We aspire to be the heroes that we see out there, and we put on their uniform or jersey and try to activate that better version of ourself.”

Would you believe it if you heard that Beyonce uses an alter ego to overcome her anxiety on stage? Did you know that many of the top performers in the world, from sports to the arts, perform as somebody else?

Believe it or not, using alter egos can let you get past your own blocks and stories to get in the zone and perform at your highest ability. And today’s guest on NION Radio, Todd Herman, will help you get there. Todd has clocked over 15,000 hours on the field of play working one-on-one with people from all backgrounds and circumstances to develop an impenetrable mindset. Knowing the mental performance game better than anyone, Todd’s execution and mindset strategies and systems are used by businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes around the world.

Listen in to learn the importance of an alter ego in your creative work, how to develop your own, and how best to put it into practice in your daily life.

You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And please leave me a Rating and Review!

“The moment you shift your identity, it changes behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs because you are no longer shackled to your own narrative.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How Todd’s experience as an athlete growing up led him to use the “alter ego” effect [2:54]
  • How this alter ego can affect our creativity [9:30]
  • The different types of alter egos that can manifest in a person’s life [16:46]
  • The practice of stepping into these different identities [23:33]
  • How Todd short circuits the ten thousand hour rule [33:24]
  • What challenges people face when growing in their work [41:10]
  • Why you should always work with the best [43:16]
  • Why “fake it til you make it” just doesn’t work [51:27]

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Todd Herman on |

Oct 09 2019



Rank #7: 46: Jeff Staple – How to Create a Street Culture Brand

Podcast cover
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In order to live your dream, there’s a lot of sacrifice that has to be made.
Street culture has been around for almost twenty years, but is still evolving and growing. A combination of hip-hop, punk rock, and skate, the culture is a perfect amalgamation of creative, independent lifestyles.

No one knows this better than Jeff Staple, the founder of Staple Pigeon, Staple Design, and Reed Space. In this week’s episode, I’m talking with Jeff about how he went against the grain and risked disappointing his family to start his businesses. This man is a brutally smart businessman with an adventurous spirit, and that comes across in his wise words about work and life.

I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode and maybe be inspired to quit your day job.
I believe that you scientifically, metaphysically cannot make others happy if you yourself are not happy.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

How his traditional Chinese family affected his path [3:40]
Why New York is an attractive city for creatives [4:15]
How journalism was a way for him to work while also writing creatively [6:00]
How he discovered graphic design [8:15]
How his family felt about his transition from journalism to graphic design [9:35]
The difficulty of art school [10:50]
The importance of making yourself happy first [12:40]
The necessity of creating his own streetwear brand [15:25]
Why you have to be willing to sacrifice anything [16:55]
How he expanded his clothing brand into a creative agency [18:30]
How to play a management role in three different yet related companies [20:55]
The staying power of street culture [23:40]
How to take the wake up test and the going home test [26:15]
Jeff’s definition of success [27:05]
The importance of checking in with yourself to see if you’re content [28:40]
Why you should take risks to live the life you want [31:25]
How to ask yourself what is holding you back [33:15]
Why taking care of your health is a mark of success [33:45]
What you sacrifice to build your own business [34:05]
Why you should operate as though everything you have can go away at any moment [37:10]
How to avoid needing to relieve your stress [40:55]
The value of near-death experiences [41:25]
Changing the negative connotations of street culture [52:20]
Street culture as an amalgamation of hip hop, punk rock and skate [55:00]
Why he wants to inspire his employees [59:00]
Why competition is a good thing [1:00:40]

Links mentioned:

Check out Parsons School of Design, where Jeff went to school
Jeff's clothing brand, Staple Pigeon
And his creative agency, Staple Design
Check out Reed Space's site
Music Credit: Howls by KRNE

Connect with Jeff: Instagram | Twitter | Website

May 12 2015

1hr 4mins


Rank #8: 157: Nick Onken – How I Got Scammed For $4,000

Podcast cover
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"We can't choose our circumstances or what happens to us, but we can certainly choose what we do with it."
It happened while I was on a trip, of course. While out of town, I got an offer for a sweet gig that I was hard pressed to turn down. But so it goes that this offer was too good to be true.

Today on NION Radio, I'm not talking about what I lost or why my life sucks, but rather what I learned, and what others can learn, from our mistakes and our experiences. Listen in to learn how I turned this otherwise frustrating experience into one I could learn from, and what you can do to avoid this happening to you.

Read the A Photo Editor article on the whole scam here:
You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And please leave me a Rating and Review!
"We can choose to take responsibility and ask 'what is the universe teaching me from this?'."
Some things we learn in this podcast:

How the scammer flew under Nick's radar [1:41]
Nick's first attempts at vetting his client [4:33]
When Nick started to get suspicious of this new client [5:53]
When Nick realized he got duped [7:48]
What lessons can be learned from this experience [8:53]
Why you need to be diligent and keep believing in the good of the universe [12:27]

May 15 2019



Rank #9: 26: Jim Kwik – How To Unlock Your Inner Superhero

Podcast cover
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"Taking the invisible and making it visible. That's what creatives do. They use their superpower of imagination."
Jim Kwik found himself on a private flight surrounded with the cast of the new X-Men movie.

That's the kind of thing that can happen when you unlock your super powers. But he wasn't always like that...

Growing up Jim had a hard time reading. He failed spelling bs and he had to work 10 times as hard as the other kids just to pass tests. He was always falling behind and recurring head injuries didn't help. Until one day after recovering from yet another injury, he became facinated with the way the mind works.

Now Jim works with top celebrities to maximize thier mind power. He dives deep into sensory deprivation caves, hikes around deep amazonian rain-forests and takes wild trips on zero gravity machines. He's got a picture of him standing next to every top celebrity that you dream of meeting.

How did all this happen for a kid who grew up not knowing how to read?

You can learn all that and more on this 26th episode of ShopTalk Radio.
"You want to change your life? Change your thoughts. You want to change your thoughts? Change the questions you ask all the time."

Some things we learn in this podcast:

Backstory of Jim Kwik, how he became a superhero trainer
The injury that helped Jim excel from a place of stagnation
How Jim's rapid learning program helped a girl to read 30 books and save the life of a loved one
Learn about how Jim works to achieve his mission: "To change the way the world learns."
How to become a problem solving superhero
Why jugglers have bigger brains and how to improve with it
Understanding brain states of creative output
Lucid dreaming and how to use it to train your mind for high level creativity
Maximizing your theta state of creativity to jumpstart imaginative projects
How to use a visual tracers to improve reading speed by 25-50%
The story of dining with an amazonian tribe who had never had contact with the western world
How to spend time with the cast of X-Men and watch your dreams become true
About Stan Lee and his unstoppable drive at the age of 92 and who Stan's favorite superhero is
What separates operating at cause vs. operating from effect
Decision Fatigue and how to counteract it
The power of asking new questions to change your life

10 Keys to Strong Mental Acuity

Kill A.N.T.s - Automatic Negative Thoughts
Brain Nutrients ( B-Vitamins, vitamins etc.)
Positive Peer Group
Clean Environment
Sleep (lucid dreaming)
Brain Protection (wear a helmet)
New Learnings
Stress Management

Links mentioned:

Learn more about Roger Banister and how he used visualization to break the 4 minute mile
Start improving today for free at SuperheroU
Read Tony Hsieh's article about collisions mentioned by Jim
 Learn about Quincy Jones and how he leaves space with god
Music Credit: X-Men Remix by BMKikiBeats

Connect with Jim: Instagram | Twitter | Website

Jul 29 2014

1hr 5mins


Rank #10: 42: Jairek Robbins – How To Create Your Dream Life

Podcast cover
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As much as you want to create, it’s out there for you, as long as you help others.
In order to live your life to the fullest, you have to identify the kind of life you want. But how do you begin to do that? Start by envisioning your ideal day: Who is in it? What do you do? What are the important parts?

This is what Jairek Robbins asks his clients to do. Jairek is a coach, and develops solutions to help individuals, companies, and everyone in between achieve their goals. He didn’t always see the path, or know what his goals were, but he has developed a system. This system has helped him and many others master their own lives.

This interview really struck a chord with me. I was reminded of my new series, How to Make a Career in Art. Jairek talks about the lifestyle he wanted, and how he found a journey doing work he loves to lead him to that lifestyle. If you’ve been moved by How to Create a Career in Art, I think you’ll really enjoy this interview.

Thank you for listening. Let’s dive into my conversation with Jairek Robbins.
Make your life your message so that your actions speak so loudly that you don’t have to say a word.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

The effect of growing up in the personal development arena, going to seminars [4:05]
His passion for people [4:45]
Why his Semester at Sea changed his perspective [6:15]
How a terrible case of malaria started to change his perspective [9:15]
How he found a way to live the lifestyle he wanted while still helping people [13:45]
The influence of his parents on his life [16:45]
How he balances his life of pushing himself while also keeping centered and healthy [19:45]
The three levels of balancing life: self mastery, mastery of your relationship, mastery of a third party like a child or a dog [20:45]
How people flip the switch to finally live the life they want [29:15]
How to know if you’re ready to find out the reason you’re alive [32:30]
How to envision your perfect day and focus on the most important parts of your life [36:05]
The importance of health, emotions, and family life [37:55]
He teaches the tools to turn your ideal into a reality, push yourself to commit to living that reality, and then pay forward what has worked for you [45:35]
How to build your emotional, mental, and spiritual muscles [49:15]
Why sometimes you have to start small [51:00]
His tactics for pushing himself to self mastery [52:15]
How to set up a morning routine [58:15]
The necessity of turning off and unwinding [1:04:15]
Figure out what you love, figure out if you can do it for free, and then how to monetize that opportunity [1:07:15]
Live every ounce that life has to offer, and act from your spirit [1:13:15]

Links mentioned:

Learn more about Pencils of Promise
Let's build a school together
Check out Seal Fit by Mark Divine and the organization
Live It: Achieve Success by Living a Purpose by Jairek Robbins
The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg
The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart
Join Jairek and the team on a Rapid Results Retreat
Love listening to Jairek? You can hear more of him on his podcast
Music Credit: Then Comes the Wonder by The Landing

Connect with Jairek Instagram | Twitter | Website | Youtube

Apr 07 2015

1hr 16mins


Rank #11: 167: Paige Mycoskie – Designing Your Life Through Your Art With Products

Podcast cover
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“Once I started sewing clothes for myself, I realized it was something I was wildly passionate about.”

Today on NION Radio, we have one of my oldest friends, Paige Mycoskie, founder of California-based fashion brand Aviator Nation. When Paige crafted her vision of what she wanted Aviator Nation to be, she knew what she was doing was not only going to work, but was going to succeed. Fronting the work and cash to get started, she shopped her initial work to various Los Angeles clothing stores and found her work to be a huge hit all over southern California.

And the reach of Aviator Nation didn’t stop at just its products. Paige’s new clothing brand also became a center for US-made clothing, happy workers, and a brand new community of new friends. Tune in to learn how Paige Mycoskie made her dream business, designing clothing that she loved in a way that was honest and sustainable.

You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And please leave me a Rating and Review!

“Having this retail store is really helping me understand where to take the clothes, and it’s just a fun experience.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How Aviator Nation got started [5:05]
  • How Paige bootstrapped her entire business [9:31]
  • The process of growing the company [28:53]
  • When Aviator Nation moved into retail and what Paige learned along the way [35:55]
  • Paige’s views on spirituality, the universe, and God [50:21]
  • What Paige sees in the future for herself and Aviator Nation [1:04:35]

Connect with Paige Mycoskie on | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Sep 25 2019

1hr 12mins


Rank #12: 168: Why Registering Your Copyright Is Important

Podcast cover
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“Pretty much anything of yours that’s used online without your permission is considered an infringement of copyright.”

What if I told you that you may be losing tons of money from others illegally using your work? And what if you knew exactly how to get that money that is rightfully yours? Today on NION Radio, we’re talking about exactly that, why registering your copyright is important.

As a photographer, I have found my images being used in many different places without my permission. While much of it is harmless, I have found that sometimes they are being used to sell products for other companies, and as they are circumventing my normal fee, I can claim that lost revenue in court. Learn how to register your copyright for your work, why that’s important, and how you can use technology to do the hard work for you and get you paid.

You can Subscribe and Listen to the Podcast on Apple Podcasts. And please leave me a Rating and Review!

“If they’re making money on it, then I should be making money off of the work that I did.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What got Nick thinking about copyright [1:06]
  • What registering your art as copyright can do for you in the future [2:55]
  • How to get copyrights for your images [4:46]
  • Why you should use a site like Image Defenders to look for others using your work [6:26]

Links Mentioned:

Oct 02 2019



Rank #13: 40: Amber Rae – How to Explore Your Creativity from the Inside Out

Podcast cover
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“It’s important to make sure the soul is steering the ship and that the ego is supporting that journey.”
It’s important to take creativity to the extreme.

It's important to acknowledge how the inner world and outer world interact with your creativity.

Once we discover our own world, how do we help the rest of the world with the same self-reflection? That’s what Amber Rae’s work is all about.

She’s on a treasure hunt to find the joy in uncovering clues and discovering wisdom. The joy that stems from her inner mentor and the mentor outside of herself. What does it mean to be living in a realm of synchronicity and flow? How do we embrace fear instead of trying to push it away?

This episode inspires me to get unstuck. To source creative flow. To inspire care and the power to listen to my inner artist. The clarity to focus on learning and creating.

Thank you for joining this week’s episode with Amber Rae.
“Focus on the input so that the output will naturally occur.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

The journey to quiet the noise of the world and tap into the inside [3:30]
How her project “The World We Want” brings self reflection to the masses [4:00]
What it means to define and explore creative limits [16:00]
The difference between ego calls and soul calls [20:50]
How the idolization of fearlessness is killing our creativity [25:40]
On the importance of balancing doing and being [29:00]
What it means to be and to be aware of your inner world [29:30]
Putting the focus on the body and the heart, rather than solely on the brain [36:55]
Why sometimes it takes going to extremes to find harmony [37:25]
Shifting focus and making money with art [46:20]
Artist’s dates and other tricks for getting unstuck [48:00]
Asking what you’re learning instead of what you’re creating [51:20]
How her fiancé sets her free creatively [57:45]
Exploration of Love Around the World [1:00:45]
Embody the inspiration you want to create [1:02:00]

Links mentioned:

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, by John Gray
Buddhist Author Pema Chodron
Music Credit: Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) by Banks

Connect with Amber Instagram | Twitter | Website

Mar 08 2015

1hr 4mins


Rank #14: 144: Chris Lee – How to Cultivate Creativity and Abundance

Podcast cover
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Once you have the why, the how shows up.
Today I am talking about creativity and abundance with my friend and transformational coach Chris Lee. Chris trains high level executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, musicians, and so many more, and he has trained a lot of buddies of mine.

Chris has some amazing insights into how we hold ourselves back and what we can do to rid ourselves of barriers to create the life and career we want. We know that emotional intelligence is the key to creating a strong mindset, and mindset is the biggest key to success: your thoughts create your actions which create your results, so if we can learn how to better control and create the thoughts that we want, we’ll create a bigger and better lifestyle.

An all around amazing, fun, energetic guy, Chris’s mission is to serve the world and create transformation from within. Listen in as we talk about creativity, abundance, ego, generosity, gratitude, and so much more. 
We’re all artists of something. Everyone has the creative means to be an artist.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

Learn about Chris’s background [5:25]
When Chris realized he wanted to serve people [7:00]
Words are Chris’s creative outlet [8:05]
What was the process of becoming a coach [9:40]
Who Chris coaches [11:30
Why you have to detach your ego [14:45]
How Chris’s book came into being [17:00]
You are a billionaire already [19:50]
What it means to come from a place of gratitude and abundance [25:30]
How to be generous in the simplest ways [31:10]
How Chris shifts negative and fearful thoughts. [32:30]
You have to take responsibility for your creativity [38:45]
Why you need to surrender instead of force [41:45]
What happened when Chris’s brother passed while he was in the middle of a seminar [44:45]
How to get out of your own way [50:00]
Not enough people have coaches [51:35]
How to stay confident and trusting [58:45]
Why you should keep your word [1:04:45]
Every moment is a blessing - embrace it [1:06:10]
What books Chris is loving [1:07:05]

Links mentioned:

Get Chris’s book Transform Your Life
Listen to Chris on Lewis Howes’ podcast
Get the books mentioned in today's episode:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Follow Chris and Jenna on Facebook for their webinars

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Apr 19 2018

1hr 11mins


Rank #15: 25: Kelly Framel – How To Elevate Your Life By Curating Your Experiences

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"Creative process is hard to explain because I feel like it's something you're always in the middle of." - Kelly Framel
Ever wish you had a job that inspired you to pinch yourself and wondered if life was really soooooooo good?

Kelly Framel is young fashion designer living that life. She started a blog called The Glamouari while exploring what it meant to be an artist living in New York. Her passions for textiles and design carried her into a job that kept her in the city, but her relentless work ethic and passion for fashion lead her to a personal project that catapulted her from (what was perceived at the time to be) an embarrassing pastimes, to the center of the fashion world.

Now she works with the top brands, doing dream like creative projects and striking awe into the lives of all she touches.

This episode is a lesson on how to create a life that spreads glamor and beauty in the world around you. Wether you're a painter, scientist, librarian or plumber, the lessons in this interview can support you in making a life of endless inspiration.
"The goal of being a creative professional is to do the work you love and make it pay" - Kelly Framel

Some things we learn in this podcast:

Where Kelly is from and how she got her start as a young fashion designer
The origins of her passion for fashion
On the struggles of bridging art and commerce
How young fashion designers can use blogging in the new fashion industry
Maintaining authenticity while growing a fashion blog that makes money
Self confidence derived from creative fulfillment
How to constantly curate your environment and optimize creative resonance
The mindset of a world class hustler (hint: hard work)
Cultivating world class relationships by co-working with inspirational people
A day in the life of The Glamourai
The influence of a fashion journey to Bahia and Candomble
The fear involved in driving a constantly evolving business
On the democratization the internet has caused in our lifestyles
How to allow for constant reinvention
Kelly's creative process: spontaneity and storytelling

Links mentioned:

Check out Kelly's Work at The Glamourai
She works with Armani - Fashion Stories
Check out Kelly Framel's portfolio
See the fashion stories mentioned in the interview:

The Body of Bahia | On Friday's We Wear White
Get inspired at Fashion Week in New York
 Montauk Love - An Elevated Experience
Music Credits: Glamourai and Machines by 69 Music Project

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Jul 16 2014

1hr 8mins


Rank #16: 92: Donna Karan – How to Create a Career in Fashion

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"I wanted to sing like Barbra Streisand and dance like Martha Graham."
I’ve got a really exciting and special guest for you guys today. Donna Karan is an icon in the fashion industry, and the creator of her companies Donna Karan and DKNY, which are two of the largest fashion brands in the world. Her latest project, Urban Zen, is a fashion brand that embodies holistic living and also has a philanthropic side. Donna graduated from Parsons School of Design, worked for Anne Klein, and has won multiple awards from the CFDA, and is truly a rockstar in the fashion world. She writes about the many ups and downs of her extraordinary life in her new book My Journey.

Donna is a wonderful human being who is doing a lot of good for the world, and I’m so honored that she came on the show. Listen in as we discuss her thoughts on education in the field of fashion, her passion for philanthropy, and more.

I also want to tell you about the 8 App, co-founded by my friend Sonja Nuttall. 8 is a mobile media platform where users can build an audience and make money from their popular content, and then use that money to support their favorite charities. You can check it out by searching The 8 App in the app store.

The 8 App is a mobile media platform that is building a fun, creative, and inspiring community which allows users to tell stories through photo and video, build an audience, and make money from their popular content.  The 8 app is unique for its ability for it’s users to monetize their popular or "viral" content; your creativity is beautiful and you should own it!  Most mobile media companies sell ads on user content, taking advantage of the user’s popular content without compensating the user.  By directly partnering with advertisers, The 8 app enables users to activate advertisements from brands of their choice within their content in return for 80% of the advertising revenue generated from those advertisements.  This is a greater earning for users than any other comparable social sharing platform, and the first social network with a transparent and sustainable business model.

But while making money from content is a huge bonus to sharing content on The 8 App, the heart and soul of the platform is to provide a framework for empowering it’s users and to remind people that their voice matters.  Not only can users generate earnings from their content, but they have the built in option to pay it forward to causes and charities they support.

The 8 app is the creation of Sue Fennessy, an ad industry veteran. Her motivation to create The 8 App is to create a social network based on positivity, empowerment, and social change. The 8 app already has a great deal of celebrities, large brands, and social stars uploading exclusive content.  The 8 App is a notable player in the mobile and social space and is one of the few to be built on a sustainable and transparent business model.
"I feel that young people today need to see the world and give of themselves."

Some things we learn in this podcast:

How she got into fashion [4:10]
Where she got the inspiration for her first collection [6:55]
How she has dealt with loss in her life [7:35]
Her involvement in activism and health [8:40]
What holistic practices she has [12:55]
How meditation and self care has helped her in her business [16:05]
Her involvement in conscious consumerism [16:55]
What she values about education [19:25]
How to get people involved in finding solutions [23:45]
The challenge of walking away from DKNY [24:15]
How technology is changing the fashion world [25:10]
Why it’s important to act upon what you’re inspired by [29:25]

Links mentioned:

Get a copy of Donna's book My Journey
Learn more about Super Saturday
Check out Donna's organization Urban Zen and shop Urban Zen
Learn more bout Urban Zen's Integrative Therapist Program 
Sign up for the 8 app and be sure to check out my profile!

Jun 15 2016



Rank #17: 95: Nick Onken – Three Steps to Creating Your Sandbox

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Creating your sandbox is about creating the structure and time to play.
This week on the show, I’m talking about your sandbox. I’ve mentioned the sandbox on the show many times before, and it’s something that I got from my good friend Elle Luna. Your sandbox is a space where you can play with your art without boundaries or expectations, where you can experiment and try new techniques or subjects. Listen in as I tell you how to create your sandbox in three steps.
Creating your sandbox takes capital, sacrifice, and discipline.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

What creating a sandbox means [1:30]
How to practice your craft [2:00]
Why you need capital to create your sandbox [2:50]
The importance of having discipline [4:30]
What sacrifices you’ll have to make [5:30]

Links mentioned:

Check out my ShopTalk Radio episode with Elle Luna
Read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
Music Credit: For You by Mercy

Jul 15 2016



Rank #18: 38: Usher Raymond IV – Prioritizing What Really Matters in Life

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"Philanthropy is the rent we pay to be on this planet."
What does it take to sell more than 65 million records?

65 f___ing million...

Our next guest has done all that and more. He is one of the few diamond artists which went 10 times certified platinum on one album alone. He has many hits recognized around the world like "Good Kisser", "Scream", "Climax", "Yeah", "With Or Without You", the list goes on and on. This man is a music legend.

Don't think this episode is about idolizing international pop stars. It's about exploring the psychology and mindset behind what it takes to turn creative drive into a phenomenal career.

What he has in common with the other #NIONradio guests, is that he's an artist empowered by passion and drive.

Thank you for checking out this weeks episode with Usher Raymond IV.
"Evolve or evaporate."

Some things we learn in this podcast:

What's going on in Usher's world [1:00]
The role of family in entertainment. Handpicked and blood [2:45]
How to keep the family together while living on the road [5:00]
What it's like growing up without a father [10:10]
When and how Usher decided he was going to be a singer [11:45]
What's it's like moving to New York as a 15 year old kid [17:00]
Lessons in integrity [19:00]
Usher's creative vision when starting out in the industry [22:15]
How the need to maintain effected Usher's creative authenticity [26:20]
On evolving philosophy of music and how it's done [30:15]
How to stay authentic to yourself while managing label/audience expectations [36:00]
Where the latest inspiration comes from [37:20]
Philanthropy and where it started from [41:40]

Links mentioned:

Other artists Usher mentions:

Puff Daddy - Mary J. Blige - Janet Jackson
Al B. Sure - Babyface - Easy Mo Bee - Pebbles
Pharcyde - Tribe Called Quest - Wu Tang Clan
Luke Steele - Swedish House Mafia - EDM
Chris Brown
Reinterpreting A Clockwork Orange with My Way
Check out Hands of Stone when it comes out where Usher plays Roberto Duran
Learn more about the New Look Foundation
Music Credit: Climax & Yeah by Usher

Connect with Usher Raymond Instagram | Twitter | Website | Facebook

Feb 07 2015



Rank #19: 04: Jeremy Cowart – How To Be Comfortable with Risk and Failure

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"If the public sees me do something that doesn't work... I don't care."
Some things we learn in this podcast:

Jeremy has worked with Kelly Clarkson, Sting, the Kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cryus just to name a few...
On the founding of Help Portrait, the 5 year anniversary and heart wrenching stories of how it's helped
On the balance between art and commerce
On overcoming the self talk and taking risks
Where the passion comes that fuels his drive
Every once in a while, I put down the iPhone and look out the window and think... wow.
The sacrifices Jeremy has made to pursue a creative lifestyle
The fascinating, hectic way he got started as a professional photographer
The mindset of believing in yourself
Amazing stories of the power of courageous creativity
How to shift from the 'I suck' mindset creatives suffer from
The role of instinct and vision
How to cultivate great relationships with those you work with
On the Importance of Hustle
How to lead a creative team

"Every once in a while, I put down the iPhone and look out the window and think... wow."
Links mentioned in the episode:

Check out Frank Ockenfels as a role model for vision
Get to Work! Chuck Close
Non-Profit: Help Portrait
Connect with Jeremy | Website | Twitter | Pintrest | Facebook

Jan 24 2014



Rank #20: 146: Alex Banayan – How Uncommon Thinking Leads to Unimaginable Opportunity

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"It’s not about how quick the story is, it’s about how fun and entertaining the story is."
We all know the magic of great storytelling - it draws you in, wraps you up, leaves you hanging on every word. It makes you wonder what is going to happen next, so much so that you can’t stop reading or listening until you find out.

Today’s guest knows that magic well. Alex Banayan has made it a goal to become a great storyteller, and I’d say he succeeded. For example, the first half of our interview is the story of his experience on The Price is Right and it is so entertaining, hilarious, and relatable. But it’s all about why Alex went on the show. He was following the path that had been laid out for him when he decided it wasn’t right for him. He had a dream to interview some of the world’s smartest, most creative people, but he needed the money to fund it, and he got a crazy idea. You’ll have to listen to the episode for the rest of the story - I promise it’s worth it.

Alex is releasing his new book The Third Door, which pertains to the business side of entrepreneurship. His concept of the third door is great: the first door is doing what you’re told and waiting in line to do the things you’re supposed to do. The second door is where the VIPs go, the people who have easy access. The third door is the unconventional path to get where you want to go. It’s one that us creatives are very familiar with. Photography has been my third door, my own unconventional path that has led me to a career and a community I couldn’t imagine my life with out.

Listen in to the episode to hear more about Alex’s unconventional journey, how he learned about storytelling, the lessons he learned from writing his own book, and how to stay resilient in the face of rejection.
"It’s not always the most famous or most powerful people that have the best advice."

Some things we learn in this podcast:

Listen to Alex tell the story of how he won The Price is Right [5:05]
What he learned from Elliott Bisnow about storytelling [29:20]
Why it’s important to share the relatable moments [32:50]
Alex’s top three tips to tell a compelling story [34:20]
What are the three doors [41:00]
What is “the flinch” [44:15]
What lessons Alex learned from writing the book [54:00]
Find out what Alex’s favorite books are [55:45]
How to stay resilient in the face of rejection [1:02:15]
What women Alex would love to interview [1:06:00]

Links mentioned:

Get a copy of Alex's book The Third Door
Check out Summit Series
Listen to Cal Fussman’s episode
Read the books mentioned by Alex:

When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron
Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh
Connect with Alex on Instagram | Twitter | Third Door Book

Jun 04 2018

1hr 10mins