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Podcast by PhilMcknight

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Podcast by PhilMcknight

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By nettles_4_prez_2012 - Feb 10 2019
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If you love guitars and not just the ones rich collectors can afford - you’ve found the right podcast. I’ve been collecting for years and I’ve learned a ton from Phil via his podcast and YouTube videos. Thanks Phil!

Phil rules

By hand775 - Apr 16 2018
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Great pod for any gear nut

iTunes Ratings

66 Ratings
Average Ratings


By nettles_4_prez_2012 - Feb 10 2019
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If you love guitars and not just the ones rich collectors can afford - you’ve found the right podcast. I’ve been collecting for years and I’ve learned a ton from Phil via his podcast and YouTube videos. Thanks Phil!

Phil rules

By hand775 - Apr 16 2018
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Great pod for any gear nut

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Podcast by PhilMcknight

Rank #1: Q&A 94 Guitar Center logic, If you turn up loud you will be in tune.

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Question Index highlight
1:18:02 Guitar Center logic, If you turn up loud you will be in tune.
1:21 Why I will not buy from Chicago Music Exchange

0:00 Intro

1:21 Why I will not buy from Chicago Music Exchange

14:40 Do I think Marshall will make a DSL 40 head at NAMM?
15:40 Should I buy The Marshall Origin and DSL 20?
17:01 Thoughts On CARR amps?
20:22 What did Ralph and I get for Christmas?

23:02 Have I ever got into financial trouble for gear?

27:03 What is our favorite guitar mod?
Video on the drop D trick coming
29:55 Thoughts on the Peavey Windsor amp?
33:34 How did Ralph and I meet?
36:19 Who would play me in the Know Your Gear movie?
37:12 I think Bill Burr plays guitar
38:09 What am I looking forward to at 2019 NAMM??????
40:24 Why I do the Sharen My Axe videos the way I do
43:19 20 watt or 50 watt amp with Attenuator for Power tube distortion?
46:00 Left handed limited T Shirts
49:15 Thank you to Michael Shy
51:20 What speakers Do I like for the MT15 ?
53:35 What is our favorite Schecter?
55:28 What happened to Bass amps????
57:37 What is my favorite switcher system?
57:78 The Photo contest
1:00:29 What happened to my Fender Rumble amp???
1:01:50 Why I suggest Ratio running keys?
1:03:00 Speakers, If it is good keep it!
1:07:40 Is a Fender 68 deluxe amp a good bedroom amp?
1:09:45 I Rig and I pad suggestion
1:11:08 Kononykheen guitars??
1:14:07 If you can only have a Hot Rod or a Deluxe amp? Which?
1:16:34 How can you make the 5150 Blue channel sound good?

1:18:02 Guitar Center logic, If you turn up loud you will be in tune.

1:19:24 Ralph talks a good game, but
1:20:29 What amps does Ralph have?
1:22:09 What is Ralph's favorite music?
1:23:40 Lando 27 music has a great video. You should watch it!

1:24:42 The trick to finding a great guitar at Guitar Center

1:26:08 The Tone Wood question

1:33:17 Thoughts on the Bugera V5 and low price amps
1:35:31 Best Christmas album?

1:37:00 Thank you to the Patreons who make this happen!

Dec 23 2018

1hr 39mins


Rank #2: Know Your Gear #68 Vintage Guitars vs New Guitars?

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Question Index

0:40 No Friday QA because I will be at PRS
2:10 How to learn to do fretwork?
5:28 How to get a deal on a PRS CE? How did I start my guitar brand?
9:38 The PRS event is different than Guitcon
11:06 Thoughts on Graphite neck basses?
13:04 thoughts on the jhs bonsai pedal?
14:19 Pedal platform head around $500?

22:10 Vintage Guitars vs New Guitars?

27:17 Thoughts on steinberger guitars?
27:18 More to tone than what you think?
29:38 What happened to the SWR bass amp company?
29:38 A brand can die in months not years now.
35:00 Kramer guitars, do you feel Gibson is effectively promoting the brand?
37:20 PRS Core and CE thin necks vs PRS SE Thin neck?
38:48 Can you install active pick ups in a guitar with Passives pickups?
42:18 Gibson to measure? I have no idea what it is, sorry
43:13 Is Fender going to stop selling necks?

45:24 Certified neck vs a LIC Neck. Not the same thing

47:28 Is it crazy to buy a Marshall for clean tone?
49:12 Vox VT40x vs Boss Katana?
50:44 What guitar Am I thinking of getting next?

51:50 What happened to the G&L search?

56:05 Thoughts Japan made guitars like Greco

1:01:00 How to get more customers for your repair shop?

1:04:44 Thoughts on none Gibson/Epiphone LP under $500
1:06:02 Thoughts on the EVH D Tuna?
1:07:28 Do all the yellow and orange Boss pedals sound the same?
1:09:00 Will Guitcon Be better than #TGU18?
1:11:18 Thoughts on Eastwood guitars?
1:12:44 Shirt of the month
1:13:20 Are the Wolfgang special pickups different than the USA pickups?
1:16:10 I do not think you should sell your Les Paul

Jun 05 2018

1hr 24mins


Rank #3: LIVE QA #60 Joe Bonamassa 59 Twin for $3500 is it a deal?

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Question Index

0:00 Thank you to the friends that make this happen!!!
1:38 Have you ever player a Danelectro bass?
2:09 Please check out Guitar For Vets and support if you wish to
2:40 Thoughts on TC Electronics Hall Of Fame 2?

3:20 Where do you find lost picks?

3:38 Can you use a Bass amp with guitar?

4:51 any good guitar shops in Phoenix?
5:39 What are my favorite guitar strings?
5:40 You do not pick you strings your guitar does
7:41 Do Stacked single coil pick ups have a good tone in the neck?
8:55 My guitar goes out of tune by going sharp. What to do?
11:40 My Uncle Guitar Bolbus Guitars
could not find it
12:10 Are LSR roller nuts good or do they suck tone?
13:45 Is there a difference between hard tail and blocking your strat bridge?
15:25 Donate to Guitar for vets if you would like
16:10 Super Champ, Blues JR, or Bassbreaker?

18:20 Joe Bonamassa 59 Twin thoughts

20:35 Are small guitar builders worth it?
22:51 Sharpen My Axe Is going to keep going
26:50 Fuchs amps vs Friedman Runt 50?
30:16 Road Worn Tele issues
34:14 Peavey 6505 Piranaha, Joyo Bantam, Hotone? Or????
37:00 I enjoyed the Andertons April fools video
38:57 Is that a real Floral Jem behind you?
Thoughts on Ric Basses?
41:50 Where do you get a good Fender Neck?
43:53 My Les Paul is humming, what do I do?
45:32 Are Boss made in Japan pedals worth the money?
47:49 Should I sell 6 guitars to get a Kiesel?
51:30 What sub $300 bass is the best?

Apr 07 2018

1hr 14mins


Rank #4: live Q&A #80 Is a Used USA Strat better than a New MIM Strat?

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live Q&A #80 Is a Used USA Strat better than a New MIM Strat? by PhilMcknight

Sep 01 2018

1hr 25mins


Rank #5: QA #36 What things can I buy to help my local mom and pop shop?

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QA #36 What things can I buy to help my local mom and pop shop? by PhilMcknight

Oct 15 2017



Rank #6: QA #37 Gibson Is Not Going Anywhere. Why Are Some Pick Ups Direct Mounted?

Podcast cover
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Talking guitars and gear and taking questions.

Oct 28 2017

2hr 18mins


Rank #7: Live Q&A # 79 Talking Gear Is Not Practicing, But?

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High lighted question
46:54 Talking Gear is not practicing, but?

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Question Index

0:00 Saying hi
1:00 I got a new guitar, well?
2:00 How is the Line 6 Helix? Update.
3:20 New 5 product review videos and a new feature.
6:18 Line 6 pod vs Helix. Im a line 6 fan
12:10 A good battery to power gear on the go?
14:50 Digitech Freqout? I think Digitech is gone for a little while
19:09 Superchat question
20:19 Meet ups and why Im doing the restring event.
21:40 We did not get hurt at the resting event.
22:56 Namm and shaking hands.
24:30 The Music Man behind me
25:20 Ralph bought the el diablo pick up
28:46 If you want a guitar with Strat, Tele, Paul tone?
31:00 What is the difference between the Vintage 30 and G12T?
33:24 Ralph is not a pedal guy
33:25 What pedals does Ralph own?
34:55 $900 Gretsch or $3000 Gretsch?
38:25 Have you ever noticed deferent EQ sounds on amps with same settings?
39:38 Blackstar Fly 3, still my favorite even though.....
41:07 Acoustic and bass Sharpen my Axe?
42:30 Repair videos
43:15 Gelvin Guitar and why I think this industry is brutal.

46:54 Talking Gear is not practicing, but?

54:09 Epiphone Jazz box from JHS
Answer = Epiphone Emperor Hollow-body
54:50 wants you
58:07 The Flea bass story. Man we love Flea.
1:01:18 Good Floyd Rose bridge?
1:02:35 Thoughts on TC Hall of fame mini?
1:04:17 Its always the tubes. Well not always, but most the time.
1:07:50 The giveaway. Congratulations!!!
1:11:46 Brass block issue
1:14:19 Did you start by taking lessons?
1:18:16 Bass amp, yes or no?
1:19:37 Japan gets the best Fenders. lol
1:20:57 PRS 594 or Les Paul Standard?
1:23:40 The $400 Les Paul 50s Tribute
1:24:42 What is the best guitar Ralph ever played?
1:26:40 Do you have a dedicated practice area?
1:30:02 Thoughts on Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders?
1:31:00 The word of the week
1:32:40 Name the 5 things review video = Buy this crap
1:34:04 Give a horrible idea to get ideas rolling.

Aug 26 2018

1hr 37mins


Rank #8: Live Q&A #72 Why people block out serial numbers when selling guitars online?

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Why people block out the serial number when selling guitars online?



Question Index

0:00 Intro and thank you to the Friends of KYG
3:45 Thoughts on my old PRS 513 and now 509
5:39 Boss RV6
7:18 The Rob Chapman Music Man factory video was great
12:18 Why I think Eddie Van Halen left Music Man?

15:38 Why people block out the serial number when selling guitars online?

19:23 Thoughts on 80s USA made Peavey guitars
21:39 Do you think Fretboard radius is important for speed?
22:56 Will a PRS USA switch work on a PRS SE?
25:21 What pedal do I like more than the SL drive?
26:43 You Tube gear reviews can prompt you to buy and not buy gear
29:00 Upgrades on the Sterling St Vincent
31:35 sometimes it is time to leave. lol
32:58 Do I have a Diamond guitars?
35:28 You should do a Warmoth build
37:08 The July shirt and another shirt
37:44 I have stickers now
38:54 Guitar with floating tremolo for metal and jazz under 1k?
41:30 The Restring clinic in AZ and others are just finishing up the dates
45:44 How will the New Fender Players Series effect used Fenders?
52:33 Tim Shawbucers in a Tele, thoughts?
53:37 Why you should leave your guitar alone until you know it inside and out
56:20 Jackson VS PRS S2? US vs Indonesia?
59:57 What do I think of Yousician?
Please put suggestions and thoughts
1:03:21 Is it a good idea to trade a guitar into Guitar Center?
1:06:10 Dead frets, do it yourself or take it to a pro?
1:07:45 The Alice Cooper Rock Solid Foundation
1:10:01 Best way to clean electronics in your guitar?
1:11:50 Fender Pro, MM Cutlass, or Classic Suhr?
1:13:07 Helix or Headrush?
1:15:49 Shout out to KYG Friends
1:16:34 What picks do I use?
1:17:15 Do better transformers make a difference in amp

Jul 07 2018

1hr 19mins


Rank #9: QA # 45 Should I Buy A JHS or Wampler? Could Epiphone last if Gibson falls?

Podcast cover
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QA # 45 Should I Buy A JHS or Wampler? Could Epiphone last if Gibson falls? by PhilMcknight

Dec 26 2017

1hr 31mins


Rank #10: QA #30. How Much Can Guitar Center Discount? GuitCon?

Podcast cover
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Ralph and I talk gear and answer questions

Oct 24 2017

1hr 29mins


Rank #11: Q&A #81 Companies Filing FAKE Copyright Claims To Stop Bad Reviews

Podcast cover
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Highlighted question

16:25 JST did a fake copyright claim to stop bad review

Question Index

0:00 The ones who support the channel and the live show
2:40 September shirt of the month
3:20 What shirts sale the most?
4:23 What do the blue names and the wrench mean?
6:29 Got Screwed on a MIM Tele with Squier body
8:10 Mike is the guy!
8:46 What is the #KYG40,200,40 goal?
10:31 The Tone King and getting to 100k. You can win a pedal board
11:45 Thoughts on the 2019 Gibson LP jr with P90?
13:58 There is a reason why I do not use my Les Paul more

16:25 JST did a fake copyright claim to stop bad review

23:15 Good feedback on Harley Benton guitars
23:50 My Sweetwater experience and thoughts
26:45 Why I had a hard time picking my Supro amp
28:12 Why are we still doing point to point wiring in guitars
29:55 There is a surge in moding guitars and after market parts
31:18 PRE SE video
33:02 Follow up with the Bruce Egnater question.
35:01 Stew Mac vs more affordable tools video
37:50 Pedal boards videos
38:40 The history of gear on our website
41:00 Line 6 Variax guitar needs a set up
42:15 I sell gear to keep the channel going
45:14 Truss rod is stripped, now what?
47:35 Upgrades for a Squier bullet
50:21 Companies who want me to do reviews after paid for videos go first.
Your thoughts?
55:16 Why my wife would not buy the Revv G3 pedal for me.
56:47 Thought son Fender Custom Shop guitars
58:36 G&L and the resale value and their new custom shop
1:01:34 The EVH Striped series guitars
1:02:45 No company should be judged on one review. Good or Bad.
1:04:29 Im sorry about the Avocado color 7 string Warlock
1:06:03 There are great pick ups at every price point
1:07:26 Danelectro made a Video Tape rewinder.
1:10:15 Thoughts on Randall amps? Why I learned my lesson about Tube vs Solid State
1:13:40 The Music Man Majesty
1:15:18 Cutting a Tune O Matic bridge
1:17:18 My Solid State power to tube power guideline
1:20:51 My favorite Hybrid amp
1:21:58 Thank you for making it to the end

Sep 08 2018

1hr 23mins


Rank #12: What should you look for in a practice amp?

Podcast cover
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uestion Index

0:00 Intro
0:45 does the binding on the neck change the feel or it cosmetic?
2:09 What overdrive do I think would pair well with the Princeton?
3:08 Thoughts on Pedal genie?
4:40 What holds value better Guitars or jewelry?
6:06 Solar Guitars and Ola England
8:49 What is the easiest way to coil split Seymour Duncan P rails?
11:19 Do I get to keep the Solar?
12:50 WE GOT YO YO"S
16:29 Your Guitar Sage is a great channel check it out
17:11 Song of the week Neil Young: Out On The Weekend
Check it out Justin guitar
18:58 Stephanie is a Yo Yo ist?
19:48 You need to check Shawn Tubbs channel
20:09 Some questions answered from the Melissa Sharpen My Axe
23:29 Best 2 channel amp for under $1,000?
26:01 The Super glue removal?
29:54 Give aways for stickers is al down. Thank you to everyone
31:19 The two winners for the Know Your Gear pictures submissions
33:27 Issue with a Kustom Coupe 36
35:20 Hardwired vs PCB Tube amps?
37:48 My Olive Green Fender USA Strat?
38:43 Thoughts on EVH USA Wolfgangs?
39:38 The EVh Shark Guitar Thoughts?
43:58 Would I swap the tuners on a USA Strat to locking keys?
46:10 Why would you put $130 tuning keys on a $100 guitar?
47:33 G&L Guitar update
50:30 scratches on a EJ Strat?
51:41 Fender HR deluxe Or Katana Artists amp?

53:19 Thoughts on Squier vs Fender short scale basses?
54:56 Thoughts on Samick guitars?
56:35 What about a Sharpen My Amp?
57:51 Any see any issues on the Fender Bassbreaker 007.
How Jim Dunlop saved the Wah

1:00:09 What should you look for in a practice amp?

1:01:38 Find the thing you love to make music on and make it.
1:03:59 Thoughts on Gretch Streamliners?
1:05:46 Squier and Fender Hard Tail Strats????
1:07:42 Wiggins Pick ups
1:09:50 The Jam Stack
1:13:18 My JCM 800 vs My SJ vs My Runt 20?
1:14:45 Larry Mitchell wanted me to say thank you]
1:17:37 Thank you to Melissa
1:18:53 Zimms Guitars Yo Yoo video

Know Your Gear website

Feb 22 2019

1hr 20mins


Rank #13: Know Your Gear Live #71

Podcast cover
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Know Your Gear Live #71 by PhilMcknight

Jun 30 2018

1hr 21mins


Rank #14: Live QA #34 with Paul. What does the PRS artist roster say about PRS guitars?

Podcast cover
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I talk with Paul Reed Smith and ask him your questions is a honest and candid QA.

Oct 16 2017

1hr 2mins


Rank #15: Q&A #83 What do I think of the Gibson 2019 range?

Podcast cover
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Q&A #83 What do I think of the Gibson 2019 range? by PhilMcknight

Sep 22 2018

1hr 17mins


Rank #16: Gretsch Sold Bigsby To Fender & Lets Review Tyler Larson's Lesson Program

Podcast cover
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Question highlight
15:54 Gretach sold bigsby to fender
Question Index

0:00 Intro
1:30 Sharpen My Axe Facebook page
2:31 Pick of the day on Instagram and facebook
3:26 Song of the week (links below)
5:22 Vox amp reviews
7:07 Responding to emails
8:18 Super glues tone knob issue
10:20 Congratulations on 1000 subs Cheddar
11:00 The Epiphone DC pro issue from last week.

15:54 Gretach sold bigsby to fender
20:20 Dual humbucker 24 fret guitar for rock and metal?

24:15 Lets review Music is Wins Online Lesson programs together.

27:58 ASG guitar?
29:20 My Girlfriend cleaned my P bass and?
30:51 What is the best way to set the height on pick ups?
33:00 What strings do I use on my Gretsch?
35:49 Winners of the Pedal board
37:36 Elite vs Deluxe strat?
39:33 Gibson Top Hat knows out of Metal or glass?
40:46 Thoughts on Hot Rod deluxe with V 30 and high gain pedals?
42:39 The Players Strat might of changed?
45:09 The Contest for music is win. Thank you Steve!
49:40 The T shirts with 10% discount code
Shirt with discount code. LF0NQMICD2

51:55 PRS S2 or PRS CE?
53:58 Best guitar for $750?
57:06 My G&L order update
58:00 What is my Favorite I own?
1:05:00 Is learning theory better?
1:08:48 What is the stand behind me? I only use String swing
1:10:20 My Rivera Rock Crusher?
1:11:00 Keep a Strat in tune
1:12:29 Advise on a practice routine?
1:14:50 The shout out page on KYG website
1:17:00 The Namm show how do you get in?
1:18:00 What Signature Strat would I get?
1:19:06 Harminica kit to start (how it works)
1:20:08 Call me crazy.
1:21:23 Tube amp stand by switch, Snake oil?
1:25:00 Bass preamps and what I use
1:26:20 Thank you new Patreons

Jan 12 2019

1hr 29mins


Rank #17: What Guitar Player Has the Most Expensive and Cheapest Signature Rig?

Podcast cover
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0:00 Intro
2:53 The topic description
19:50 The Tones Kings Missing Gibson RD
27:53 Most Expensive guitars sold on eBay this year
30:05 Cheapest signature guitars
49:16 The You Tuber signature guitars
1:04:00 Artist signature guitars played by other artists
1:10:53 Female signature guitars
1:21:50 Left handed signature guitars
1:24:50 Who has to much signature stuff?
1:29:27 Signature gear that came out after the artist passed
1:34:20 Signature hoppers, Artist who go from company to company
1:42:33 Signature series amps (amps that have the artist name)
1:54:13 What artist never had a signature amp or guitar and you think they should have?

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What do the Icons on my videos mean?

Apr 27 2018

1hr 59mins


Rank #18: #124 Do Not Throw A Guitar Away

Podcast cover
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Highlighted question
28:10 Do Not Throw A Guitar Away

Question Index

0:00 What Are your thoughts on the MXR Dookie Drive?
1:35 Thoughts on the Marcus Miller Basses?
5:24 Mesa Mark Five 25
5:55 Gear Street
11:20 I think I just did a coffee commercial. lol
13:05 Thoughts on fan fretted bass
16:00 Buffer before a ABY pedal?
18:45 What piece of gear would I buy with $250?
21:49 What was the most expensive guitar to ever go through my shop?
25:03 Am I wearing the hat because a bad hair day?

28:10 Do Not Throw A Guitar Away

35:35 Thoughts on the 85/15 pick ups
37:00 Getting a good sound with Pedals and a solid state amp
37:56 The trick to dialing in a good tone
41:14 SE Guitars I like
42:28 The rule I like for set ups when changing a gauge of strings
45:27 Thoughts on the Vox 4 watt hand wired amp
48:45 Thoughts on Zagger guitars?
51:55 Tips on getting help for after school music programs
59:31 How to fix a stuck trem arm with nylon ring
1:01:30 Rubato guitars?
1:03:59 A special thank you to the Patreons and to all viewers

Aug 26 2019

1hr 6mins


Rank #19: Live #46 What I ended up getting for Christmas

Podcast cover
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Question Index

0:01 The Know Your Gear Crew
1:45 How Many Strats do I have?
4:14 Allen Woody Rumble Kat? What Is it?
4:40 My Trip to Bizzare Guitar in Reno Nevada
9:10 Have you ever tried a D Angelica Guitar
9:40 Egnater Tweeker
10:24 Know Your Gear T shirts support the channel.

11:24 What I ended up getting for Christmas

17:48 The Keeley D&M Drive (I Need One)
19:27 Have I played Way Huge. Im A Fan Boy
20:39 Is the Jet City amps any good? I thought they would do better
21:28 Is it hard to make your own pick-guard?
23:10 Some advise for your first visit at NAMM
24:50 Thoughts on a good non Epiphone Les Paul alternative
27:39 Is a best time of year to sell gear?
28:54 MI Audio Super Crunch Box
29:50 Is it a good idea to build a Warmoth guitar?
30:50 Thoughts on the Sterling Guitar vs USA Music Man?
33:10 What do I think of Steve Vai guitars?
35:48 Metallica and Pantera Tone from a pedal
37:00 Fender Jaguar Bass vs Squier
38:20 Why are most guitar players technology challenged?
41:07 Parker Fly Mojo
42:07 Next Sharpen My Axe Gretsch is next
45:13 Fender Blues Jr, Princeton, Or Blues Deluxe for at home playing?
47:40 Why did the Boss DD3 just go up in price?
49:25 What is my favorite pedal?
51:24 Do I still love my Mira? I like lower priced PRS guitars
53:30 Learn to replace your own output jack.
56:20 Strat is buzzing?
57:06 How do you get a Tele sound from a Strat?
57:49 Do string lubricants work?
1:01:10 What do I think of the Eleven Rack?
1:02:00 Elixir strings? Nano vs Poly
1:04:19 EVH USA Wolfgang vs Mexico made one?
1:05:56 Bonus time because 786 live viewers WOW!
1:06:18 I want to check out G&L while I'm at NAMM
1:06:50 Did I say I would never buy a Electro Harmonix pedal?
1:07:29 Should I pay more to have my Fender Elite Plecked?
1:09:50 My Ibanez TS9 broke
1:12:29 A good over drive for a Fender Princeton?
1:13:56 A good pedal for a doubled sound?
1:15:00 Is the Keeley Blue magnetic Echo the same as the Green Echo?
1:16:36 PC board vs wired electronics in Gibson's?

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Dec 30 2017

1hr 24mins


Rank #20: Know Your Gear Live #44. NEW WEBSITE!

Podcast cover
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Know Your Gear Live #44. NEW WEBSITE! by PhilMcknight

Dec 18 2017

1hr 6mins