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Ordinary Vegan Podcast - Are you sick of being sick? Do you want more energy? Do you want to treat yourself with more compassion? Ordinary Vegan addresses all aspects of eating and living healthfully. Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including food, cooking, recipes and nutrition. This unique podcast empowers and inspires the listeners to live a long, healthy life that is also kind to the planet and animals.

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Ordinary Vegan Podcast - Are you sick of being sick? Do you want more energy? Do you want to treat yourself with more compassion? Ordinary Vegan addresses all aspects of eating and living healthfully. Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including food, cooking, recipes and nutrition. This unique podcast empowers and inspires the listeners to live a long, healthy life that is also kind to the planet and animals.

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So helpful!

By MariposaMomma - Oct 25 2019
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Each episode is chock full of useful info and ideas.

Love it!

By kmp001 - Jul 31 2019
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I listen to this podcast every single day! I am obsessed!

iTunes Ratings

267 Ratings
Average Ratings

So helpful!

By MariposaMomma - Oct 25 2019
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Each episode is chock full of useful info and ideas.

Love it!

By kmp001 - Jul 31 2019
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I listen to this podcast every single day! I am obsessed!
Cover image of Ordinary Vegan Podcast

Ordinary Vegan Podcast

Updated 5 days ago

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Ordinary Vegan Podcast - Are you sick of being sick? Do you want more energy? Do you want to treat yourself with more compassion? Ordinary Vegan addresses all aspects of eating and living healthfully. Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including food, cooking, recipes and nutrition. This unique podcast empowers and inspires the listeners to live a long, healthy life that is also kind to the planet and animals.

Rank #1: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #55 - Vegan Tips For Embracing A Plant-Based Lifestyle

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Whether you're giving up animal products for your health, animal rights or climate change, you may need assistance. Today we discuss some tried and tested vegan tips to help this process go more smoothly.

Here are a few problems we explore.

Eating out or not knowing what to feed your non-vegan family can be challenging. These vegan tips should help you survive as a vegan in a multi-vore household.

Leading a busy lifestyle, eating out and trying to find quick plant-based options are also addressed. As more and more fast food restaurants offer vegan selections, the simpler it becomes. Learn your options in today's podcast.

Additionally, it is not always going to be easy, but remember that “straying maps the path.” From the inspiring wisdom of Rumi's poem “The Sight Of A Soul.”

My interpretation of that poem is until we stray from the path we will never know what is waiting for us.

Furthermore, change is scary. But Rumi also says “when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you.” And big changes, like eating plant-based, bring big positive consequences!

I hope today's vegan tips help you begin or continue on your path towards veganism.

Other topics discussed today include the April 2019 supplement study from researchers from Tuft's University. You can learn more here.

Vegan Tips Recipe of The Day

Ordinary Vegan's recipe of the day is Marinated Seitan Sandwich with Spicy Red Cabbage Slaw. We also discussed Ordinary Vegan's Beef Stew and Vegan Gravy.

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References cited for “Vegan Tips For Embracing a Healthy Plant-Based Diet” The Cheese Trap – Dr. Neal Barnard Forks Over Knives DVD The Essential Rumi

Apr 10 2019



Rank #2: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #3: The Connection Between Diet and Common Mental Health Problems

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There are now over 450 million people globally suffering from some form of mental illness. Most are treated with pharmaceutical drugs and therapy. But drugs and therapy aren't the only answer. Food can be your first line of defense against mental illness.  There is compelling evidence that healthy gut bacteria plays a crucial role in anxiety and depression.  Learn the right foods to eat and the foods to avoid for a healthy gut and brain. We also explore ways to get B12 on a plant-based diet.

Jan 05 2016



Rank #3: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #5: How To Lose Weight and Eat More Calories on a Vegan Diet

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Take a new approach to your diet by understanding calorie density. Calorie density is the simplest approach to healthy eating and lifelong weight management. Learn how to eat more food for fewer calories. 

A food high in calorie density has a large number of calories in a small amount of weight. Whereas a food low in calorie density has much fewer calories in the same weight of food. 

Foods low in calorie density also tend to be higher in satiety. Satiety is the state of being completely satisfied with less calories.

Learn more about calorie density in this week's podcast. 

We also discuss the connection between childhood trauma and chronic disease.

Today's Ordinary Vegan recipe is a rich and delicious vegan gravy over cauliflower mash.

Feb 12 2016



Rank #4: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #46 - Top 10 Vegan Foods For A Healthy Vegan Diet

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The amount of faux meats and processed vegan-friendly products has exploded in the past two years.

Subsequently, if you are a full-time or part-time vegan who regularly consumes processed vegan foods, these foods can be as unhealthy as animal products.

Bottom line, vegan lifestyles aren’t always healthier if you don’t fill your plate with a balance of whole vegan foods.

In today’s podcast, I discuss the 10 ten vegan foods you should include in your diet every day.

So even if you are already on a vegan diet, sometimes you need to get back to the basics and eat well-planned vegan foods to make sure you don’t miss out on essential nutrients.

Once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature.

In brief, no matter where you are on your vegan journey, eating a whole-food, plant-based diet centered on whole, unrefined vegan foods, will drastically improve your health and you will feel better than you have ever felt.

I also hope you join us on the 21-day Healthy Vegan Eating Challenge.

You can download my Daily Nutritional Vegan hecklist to help guide you.

Furthermore, you can join our private Facebook Group for updates and support.

Thanks for being here and I hope today’s podcast helps you live a long and healthy life.

Today's recipe for the Creamy Farro Salad with White Beans and Kale Topped with Ginger Miso Dressing can be found here.

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Oct 19 2018



Rank #5: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #36: Vegan Cooking & Essential Ingredients For The Vegan Pantry

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Most of my podcasts are centered around nutrition and the value of a plant-based diet to help you live a long, healthy life, but today I want to get back to the basics. 

When you first begin experimenting with a plant-based diet, it can be confusing. What are the essentials to buy? How do I  properly cook those essentials? And what foods are needed to keep your family healthy and energized?

Those topics are also helpful for anyone who has been practicing a vegan diet for some years because slowing down and re-evaluating how we do things can improve our approach to a plant-based lifestyle.

In today’s podcast, we learn what vegan essentials we need to stock and techniques to properly cook those essentials.  

We also explore cooking with fresh and dried herbs.

Herbs add flavor and brightness to any meal but maximizing that flavor is something that most of us have never been taught. In this podcast, we will learn the difference between delicate and hardy herbs and how to store, prepare, and cook with those herbs. 

Last but not least, today we visit Ordinary Vegan’s kitchen not once, but twice and create two of my favorite breakfast recipes; Vegan Fried Egg with a runny center and my favorite Mediterranean Vegan Omelet. 

There is much to cover, so this will be Part-1 of my series on vegan cooking. Please make sure you come back for more.

Thanks so much for listening and for being part of our healthy community.

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Apr 18 2018



Rank #6: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #41: Interview with Dr. John McDougall

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"The Starch Solution is a diet based on starch. Yes, let me say that again, it is a diet based on starch"                              --Dr. John McDougall

“Dr. John McDougall is the dean of medical practitioners in nutrition-centered medicine- because of his incredible accomplishments, knowledge, and courage to stand up for what he believes. Thousands of his patients know him as an icon. When you read this book, you will too.” — T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., coauthor of The China Study

These days, you mainly hear people recommending reducing carbs, particularly starchy carbohydrates. But Dr. John McDougall has experienced tremendous success with his chronically ill patients by emphasizing a vegan starch based diet.

If you have never heard of Dr. John McDougall, he has been a pioneer in the plant-based wellness world for many years.

As far back as the 1970s, Dr. McDougall began developing the starch based diet.

It all began when he was practicing medicine on a sugar plantation in Hawaii. He observed the declining health of families who traded their starch based diet from their native Asian countries and began eating a typical Western diet of red meat, oils, and processed foods.

The result was the Asian immigrants began to experience serious Western diseases like type-2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease which were unheard of in their native countries.

So, Dr. McDougall began treating his patients with whole plant-based foods that were free of meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and oil. The diet was approximately 80% percent complex carbohydrates, 12 percent protein, and 8 percent fat. Spices and small amounts of salt and sugar were added for flavor.

What Dr. McDougall discovered is that a plant-based starch based diet helped his patients lose weight and reverse their chronic disease.

In 2002, Dr. McDougall began the McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, California. The McDougall program is a three or 10-day residential treatment program which features his plant-based, low fat, starch based diet.

In June 2013, Dr. McDougall released his best selling book "The Starch Solution," which has sold over a million copies. His partner in life and wife Mary contributed recipes for the book.

The "Starch Solution" is based on a simple swap; fueling your body primarily with carbohydrates rather than proteins and fats. Dr. McDougall's legion of followers says they have lost weight, boosted their energy and reversed their chronic disease like type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Hope you enjoy today's fascinating conversation with best selling physician and nutrition expert, Dr. John McDougall.

Dr. McDougall's Resources: The Starch Solution Book - Eat the Foods You Love, Regain Your Health, and Lose the Weight for Good! Mary McDougall's Recipes Dr. McDougall's Program Overview Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center Dr. McDougall's Free Resources Dr. McDougall's Newsletter

Ordinary Vegan Resources: Facebook Instagram CBD Oil From Hemp

Many people in the wellness world are turning to cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD Oil, for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. I believe it is the next natural step in health and wellness for people suffering from anxiety disorders, depression and chronic pain. You can now purchase a safe and effective vegan, plant-based CBD Oil made from Hemp from me here.

Jul 23 2018



Rank #7: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #17: The Ultimate Vegan Grocery List

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Do you want to begin a plant-based diet full or part-time but don't know where to start? Are you tired of all the confusion around what to eat on a plant-based diet? Do you worry about all the planning, hunting and gathering needed to create a vegan grocery list?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. 

Since becoming vegan in 2011, I have learned a lot about plant-based shopping and cooking. Many hits and many misses. In today's podcast I am providing a vegan grocery list to help you avoid the mistakes I made.

My best advice would be to keep it simple, and always have some cooked whole-grains, veggies and beans on hand for easy and delicious meals. I try to stay away from all processed foods, but when I can’t avoid it, I read the ingredients carefully. 

While this food list offers substitutes for everything you eat on a standard American diet, I don’t recommend eating a lot of processed food. But often people need substitutes to help them transition, and there is nothing wrong with putting a little vegan butter on whole-grain toast or using foods that mimic the taste or texture of animal protein. It is about compassion. Compassion for your body, compassion for the environment and compassion for animals. 

Thanks for joining us today!

I have not been compensated from any brands that I mention in this podcast. It is just my personal opinion and I am sure I haven't tried everything available, but I certainly have come pretty close

Feb 07 2017



Rank #8: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #23: The Cheese Trap with Dr. Neal Barnard

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"We help people begin truly healthful diets, and it is absolutely wonderful to see, not only their success, but also their delight at their ability to break old habits and feel really healthy for a change." ~~Dr. Neal Barnard

I could never give up cheese. 

Think you can't give up cheese? You're not alone. It is estimated that since 1970, we've gone from 8 pounds of cheese per person per year to 23 pounds. That equals about 60,000 calories of cheese every year.

We have cheese on our pizza, burgers, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas. There's cheese in our salads, our sandwiches, and our soups. Some pizza chains like Domino's even has a pizza topped with six different kinds of cheese.

So what is it about cheese?????

Studies are now suggesting that cheese addiction is a real thing, but how do we break the habit?

Today we welcome Dr. Neal Barnard to the podcast to break it down, and reveal things you never knew about cheese.

Dr. Barnard is an authority on the impact of diet and nutrition on diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's.

He is recognized for a multitude of accomplishments including being the founder and President of the non-profit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine also know as the PCRM. The PCRM is leading a revolution in medicine by advocating nutrition as medicine.

Dr. Barnard has a medical degree and is an associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Washington DC.

He has led numerous research studies investigating the effects of diet on chronic disease, including a groundbreaking study of dietary interventions in type-2 diabetes.

In his free time, he writes best-selling books all listed below including his latest book "The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Get Healthy.

Today we discuss his book "The Cheese Trap" and his vast knowledge and wisdom about cheese.

Dr. Barnard offers clear, well-substantiated evidence of why cheese is damaging to our health, and why it is so addicting.

He also reveals many other eye-opening facts about cheese that will change the way you view this all-American food.

Don't miss this true life-saving podcast with Dr. Neal Barnard.

You can connect with Dr. Neal Barnard on his blog, website, Facebook page  and Twitter.

Books by Dr. Neal Barnard

The Cheese Trap: How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Get Healthy

Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes

21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health

Power Foods for the Brain

Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect

Foods That Fight Pain: Revolutionary New Strategies for Maximum Pain Relief

Breaking the Food Seduction: The Hidden Reasons Behind Food Cravings—And 7 Steps to End Them Naturally

Turn Off the Fat Genes: The Revolutionary Guide to Losing Weight

Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life

The Power of Your Plate: A Plan for Better Living Eating Well for Better Health

A Physician’s Slimming Guide: For Permanent Weight Control

For more on Dr. Barnard's band, visit the website Carbonworks and check out his video Samurai.

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Jul 25 2017

1hr 3mins


Rank #9: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #29: How Not To Die with Dr. Michael Greger

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They say the secret to happiness is helping others. If that is true, Dr. Michael Greger must be one of the happiest men in the world. The great lengths that he goes to help people understand the connection between nutrition and chronic disease is unrivaled.

If you are not familiar with Dr. Michael Greger, here is some background.

A graduate of Cornell and Tufts University School of Medicine, Dr. Greger has been published in a vast amount of scientific journals, testified before Congress and lectures at countless symposiums. He was even an expert witness in the infamous Oprah Winfrey meat defamation lawsuit.

In his downtime, he can be found constructing policy initiatives as Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society. 

He also wrote a best selling book called “How Not To Die” which explains why the top 15 causes of death in the USA can be treated, prevented and even reversed with plant-based nutrition. 

He also runs the popular website, a nonprofit, science-based public service providing free daily videos and articles on the latest in nutrition research. features hundreds of impeccably researched and easily understandable videos that cover every facet of nutrition and health. 

In the next week or so he will be releasing yet another book called the “How Not To Die Cookbook" which has already been named the best cookbook of the year by the New York Times.

Oh by the way 100% of fees and proceeds he receives from speaking and book sales are donated to charity.

Another powerful testament to Dr. Greger’s love of helping people get well.

And obviously, Dr. Greger is a very busy man, so I felt very honored that he took some time to stop by the Ordinary Vegan podcast. 

Specifics covered today include breast cancer, soy consumptions, Parkinson's disease, prostate cancer, suicide, mental health, and auto-immune disease among others.

You can purchase Dr. Michael Greger's books on Amazon - link here.

Today's recipe, My Favorite Vegan Mushroom Gravy Recipe For the Holidays, can be found here

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Dec 06 2017



Rank #10: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #10: How To Get Optimum Nutrition On A Plant-Based Diet

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Today's podcast explores the role of vitamin and mineral supplements in a plant-based diet. Find out here the most worrisome vitamin deficiencies and how to make sure you include them in your daily diet. 

We will also prepare a delicious plant-based recipe that is centered around the food that is eaten by the people who have a life expectancy among the highest in the world.

May 27 2016



Rank #11: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #22: What Everyone Needs to Know About Intermittent Fasting w/ Dr. Joel Kahn

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"During the fasting-mimicking diet, cortisone is produced and that initiates a killing of autoimmune cells. This process also leads to the production of new healthy cells.” Valter Longo, cell biologist and Director of the USC Longevity Institute

New research concludes that a diet mimicking the effects of fasting should be further examined as a treatment for auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, memory, longevity, weight-loss and type-2 diabetes. 

I was introduced to intermittent fasting during lectures from some of the leading doctors in plant-based nutrition on the 2017 Holistic Holiday at Sea.

What I learned was intermittent fasting appeared to be a new exciting, healthy approach to eating that could benefit anyone suffering from many chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis and even cancer. 

I was skeptical because I dislike any restrictive diets that depend on calorie counting, but don’t let the word fasting fool you.

What I discovered is that there are many ways to practice intermittent fasting and it is more about calorie reduction than depriving yourself of food. This podcast is what you need to know before you start skipping meals.

Today's guest, Dr. Joel Kahn, is one of the world's top cardiologists and he believes that plant-based nutrition is the most powerful source of preventative medicine. He also believes in the power of intermittent fasting. 

Please join me and Dr. Kahn to discuss how intermittent fasting can benefit your health, your longevity, and even your memory.  

Learn why intermittent fasting affects your stem cells and why stem cells are important. 

Last but not least, discover the different ways you can practice healthy intermittent fasting. 

To learn more about Dr. Joel Kahn, please visit his website. Dr. Kahn is also the author of many best-selling books including “The Whole Heart Solution” and “Vegan Sex - Vegans Do It Better.”

Here are links to articles, people, and websites cited in today’s podcast:

Dean OrnishFasting-Mimicking Diet StudyProlon - The Fasting Mimicking DietValter LongoMichael MosleyAubrey de GreyRay Kurzweil

Always remember, it is advisable to check with your doctor before starting a new food regiment including intermittent fasting.

Thanks for joining us today. I am deeply passionate about changing the way you look at food and I hope I am doing a good job. If you enjoyed today's podcast, please subscribe on iTunes, and if you get a minute, please write a review. 

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Don’t miss our next podcast with Dr. Neal Barnard, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, founder of Barnard Medical Center and author of the best-selling book “The Cheese Trap - How Breaking a Surprising Addiction Will Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Get Healthy.” He will teach us how to break free from that highly addictive food - cheese.

Nancy Montuori aka Ordinary Vegan

Jul 07 2017



Rank #12: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #57- How To Increase Metabolism By Cleansing The Liver

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Most people don't think about liver health to increase metabolism, but the liver is responsible for helping metabolize fat, produce bile and clean toxins. All of these functions contribute to converting food into energy.

In fat metabolism the liver cells break down fats and produces energy. It also helps insure that the level of sugar in your blood (aka blood glucose) stays constant. 

Bile is primarily well-known as a digestive secretion that helps to digest fats. Bile also breaks down nutrients from food to produce energy and converts inactive Thyroid Hormone (T4) to active T3 that the cells can use. 

And when harmful toxins and substances enter your bloodstream, your liver acts fast to detoxify and destroy them. 

So keeping your liver healthy is crucial for overall health.

Cleansing your liver can also affect your pancreas and help produce normal levels of insulin. You could also see improved blood pressure and better cholesterol numbers. 

In today’s podcast, we discuss 10 ways to cleanse your liver naturally to increase metabolism. 

I am going to begin this 2-3 week liver cleanse to increase metabolism on June 3. Hope you can join me. Please join our health and wellness community on Facebook to track our progress. 

Here is what you will need.

Shopping List:

Lemons Ginger Tea High resistant starch foods like green bananas, chickpea liquid (aquafaba), oats & barley High niacin fruits or vegetables each day like mushrooms, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, or brown rice Healthy fats - ground flaxseeds, chia seeds or hemp seeds (2 tbsp a day) Organic vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes

Say No To:

All oils including plant oils Alcohol Sleeping pills like Ambien Avoid all processed foods and trans fats. Exclude all gluten and GMO foods

Resistant Starch smoothie ideas:

Increase Metabolism Oatmeal Smoothie:

Add to a blender 1/2 cup of oats ground into a fine powder (before adding other ingredients) 1 fresh or frozen banana, cut into chunks 1 cup sugar-free almond milk 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon (or more to taste) 1/4 tsp vanilla Ice

Blend until smooth. You could also add different fruits.

Liver Cleanse Blueberry Smoothie:

Add to a blender 1/3 cup of oats ground into a fine powder (before adding other ingredients) 1 1/2 cups of fresh or frozen blueberries 1 cup on non-dairy sugar free milk or non-dairy yogurt 1/4 tsp vanilla 1/4 tsp of cinnamon Ice Blend until smooth. Experiment with different fruits.

Thanks for being here. Please follow me on Instagram and use the hashtag #ordinaryvegan and #increasemetabolism if you are joining us for the liver cleanse. 

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I am dedicated to supplying you with the highest quality CBD oil from hemp.

CBD is setting the world on fire because of its ability to help people with so many ailments by enhancing receptors responsible for pain, inflammation and anxiety. 

Just go to Ordinary Vegan to find my CBD capsules, drops and pain cream.

If you have an questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach me at .

Hope you enjoy today’s podcast.

Til next time!

May 28 2019



Rank #13: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #40: Stocking The Vegan Fridge & Creamy, Savory, Vegan White Sauce

Podcast cover
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For those of you who are new to eating vegan, shopping for food can be daunting.

Today we take a look at what staples go into a vegan refrigerator, and we prepare a very versatile, rich, savory, creamy vegan white sauce. It is the perfect replacement for a traditional cream-based sauce and has many uses.

Filling your refrigerator with healthy, whole plant-based food makes cooking delicious vegan dishes a pleasure and not a chore. And planning ahead not only saves time and money, but it also allows a lot of flexibility and variation in your weekly meals.

In This Podcast We Learn:

  1. How To Maximize Flavors with Cooking Methods
  2. The Benefits of Batch Cooking
  3. Which Foods Belong In The Refrigerator - Which Don't
  4. How To Make a Fruit Paste As a Healthy Alternative to Refined Sugar
  5. Must-Have Vegan Condiments
  6. How To Prepare a Creamy Vegan White Sauce

You can find the creamy vegan white sauce recipe and fruit paste recipe at Ordinary Vegan

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Thanks so much for joining us today. I hope this podcast and all my podcasts help you live a long and healthy life.

Jun 29 2018



Rank #14: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #4: How A Plant-Based Diet Can Help Prevent & Treat Cancer

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Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and cancer rates are expected to surge 57% worldwide over the next 20 years. Curing cancer is complicated and there are many times of cancer and many ways to be exposed. But many cancers are preventable and can be tackled by addressing lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and what we discuss in this podcast - nutrition. Discover how cancer can be turned on and turned off with certain foods. 

Jan 24 2016



Rank #15: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #51- Good Fats, Bad Fats & High Fat Diets

Podcast cover
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In an effort to lose weight, it's easy to be tempted by various fad diets. The difference between good fats and bad fats can get confusing.

In today's podcast, we explore the myths and truths about fat and low carb diets.

TOPICS INCLUDED: Fat and cholesterol Saturated Fat Unsaturated Fat Trans Fat Polyunsaturated Fat The Ketogenic Diet The Atkins Diet


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Thanks for listening  – Til next time

Feb 02 2019



Rank #16: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #59-Wabi-Sabi: Embracing Imperfection In A Vegan Diet

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Today, I want to encourage the pursuit of imperfection. 

It's called wabi-sabi, and accepting imperfection is the fundamental principal. 

That does not mean to embrace failure. It means to embrace learning and to be willing not to get it entirely right. 

“Wabi means simplicity, humility, and living in tune with nature." It describes someone content with little and makes the most of whatever they have.

 “Sabi” refers to transience, beauty, and authenticity of age." The term has its roots in Buddhism but eventually evolved into a distinctly Japanese ideal.

The Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi offers an inspiring new way to look at your entire life. It celebrates cracks, crevices and rot and all other marks that time and weather leave behind.

So what does this have to do with a vegan diet?

Because eating vegan is not about being perfect. And I never want to perpetuate that. 

There is no such thing as a perfect human or a perfect vegan.

It is time to celebrate and accept the beauty of imperfection of a vegan diet through wabi-sabi. 

Always remember; when nothing is certain, everything is possible.Hope you enjoy today’s podcast.

A big thanks goes to Nuzest Clean Lean Protein for sponsoring today’s podcast. Here is the link to their special offer for the Ordinary Vegan community.

Here are today’s recipes : Lettuce Leaves with Healthy Peanut Dipping Sauce and Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing.

Organically grown, non-GMO, vegan, pure CBD Oil made from hemp is available from Ordinary Vegan.

The Endocannabiniod System (ECS) is a self-regulating system of receptors that are located throughout the entire body. These receptors work in a lock & key relationship.

This vital system is primarily focused on supporting balance (homeostasis) in the body. If the ECS is not functioning correctly, additional nutrition may be necessary for proper support.

That is where CBD oil comes in. It balances and enhances the endocannabiniod system.

Ordinary Vegan's pure CBD oil is tested for the highest purity and potency. Hope it can help you. 

References Cited:

Jun 20 2019



Rank #17: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #14: Ordinary Foods with Extraordinary Health Benefits

Podcast cover
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What if you could add five healthy foods to your plate and make an improvement in your health and longevity? 

Today's podcast explores what ingredients can play a role in controlling blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar, and boost energy.

We also provide easy tips and recipes on including these extraordinary ingredients into your diet.

Simple and fun ways to spice up your health.

This week's podcast recipe is a delicious, easy to prepare authentic Indian cuisine recipe called "Chole" from chef Rema Gopinath's kitchen.

There are many different versions of this dish but today's recipe is the perfect blend of chickpeas cooked in a gravy made of tomatoes, onions, cilantro and Indian spices. I like to serve it over rice with fresh lemon wedges.

Hope you enjoy today's recipe and podcast. Never forget, every plant-based meal you prepare shows compassion for yourself, the environment and animals. And it is never too late to take back your health!

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Oct 18 2016



Rank #18: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #21: Eradicating Heart Disease With Food with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr

Podcast cover
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"The truth be known coronary artery disease is a toothless paper tiger that need never exist and if it does exist it need never progress.

The medical profession has at its fingertips, the seismic revolution in health. The seismic revolution is never going to come about from pills or drugs - it is never going to come through a procedure or an operation 

The seismic revolution will come about when we in the medical profession have the will, the guts, and the determination to share with the public the nutritional literacy that will empower them as a locus of control to destroy their chronic illness.”

                                  ~~Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. 

Heart disease is still America's #1 killer. What if heart disease could be eradicated?

Today I delve deep with the one and only Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. about the truth behind heart disease.

Dr. Esselstyn is an internationally known surgeon, researcher and featured expert in the acclaimed documentary "Forks Over Knives."

Dr. Esselstyn has single-handedly helped thousands of people recover from heart disease with his New York Times bestselling book called "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure" which teaches people how nutrition can treat heart disease.

Individuals who followed Dr. Esselstyn's program, including a number of people who had been told by their cardiologists that they had less that they had less than a year to live because of their heart disease.

Within months of starting Dr. Esselstyn's program these patients began to improve dramatically, and many years later, they remain free of heart symptoms.

Not only that, Dr. Esselstyn won a gold medal in the Olympics for rowing, and in 1968 he was awarded the bronze star for serving as an army surgeon in Vietnam.

For all his accolades, he is one of the most approachable, caring, compassionate human beings I have ever encountered, and his number one goal in life is to save lives. 

Please share this podcast with anyone who has heart disease or has a family history of heart disease so you can save lives too.

You can learn more about Dr. Esselstyn and his program here.

If you need help getting started on a plant-based diet - join my plant-based course Healthy Eating and Living With Plants . It will empower you with all the knowledge you need to start and maintain a plant-based diet. 

Thanks for joining us today. If you have any questions - email me at

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Jun 20 2017

1hr 2mins


Rank #19: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #56- Eating The Rainbow For Optimal Health

Podcast cover
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Eating the rainbow is a simple way of reminding yourself to consume different colors of fruits and vegetables. By consuming an array of colorful plants, you provide your body with a powerhouse of nutrients that helps ward off disease. 

Today’s podcast will explore why eating a variety of fruits and vegetables helps you and how each color of fruits and vegetables bring their own individual vitamins and nutrients. 

Subjects Covered In Eating The Rainbow For Optimal Health & Wellness Include:

Blue & Purple Fruits & Vegetables Red Fruits & Vegetables Orange & Yellow Fruits & Vegetables Green Fruits & Vegetables White Fruits & Vegetables Why Colors Matter The Healthiest Fruits & Vegetables Ways To Eat A Rainbow Eating The Rainbow Recipes

Hope you enjoy today's podcast on eating the rainbow.

Here are today’s recipes:  Red Bell Pepper Soup with Crunchy Garbanzo Beans and Oil-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing.

I have a sincere passion for keeping you well, and if you have any questions, please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me at

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Thanks to our sponsor, Clean Lean Protein from Nuzest.  Nuzest has arranged a special offer for the Ordinary Vegan community. To get 15% off your order of any regularly priced products, just click here.

Ordinary Vegan is committed to providing the highest grade of pure CBD oil with no added unnatural ingredients. 

Most people don’t understand precisely how and why pure CBD oil from hemp works so here is a link to a chart explains the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and how it affects virtually every system of our body. 

Here is a chart that may help.

No matter what your particular ailment may be, pure vegan CBD oil may help. 

References Cited:

May 10 2019



Rank #20: Ordinary Vegan Podcast #60- Legumes List, Health Benefits & Recipes

Podcast cover
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In today's podcast we focus on the healthiest beans you can eat from my legumes list.

Legumes provide a magnitude of essential nutrients that can help you live a longer and healthier life. And science proves that beans contribute to longevity because they cool down systemic inflammation.

Inflammation contributes to many long-term diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Chances are legumes, such as beans and lentils are not part of your regular diet.

This legumes list provides you with my favorite legumes, and some easy ways to make them part of your regular diet.

Legumes List includes:

Chickpeas- Also known as garbanzo beans are low in calories, rich in protein, and contain 71% of the RDI for folate. Folate is one of the B-vitamins that is needed to make red and white blood cells. Folate also converts carbohydrates into energy (metabolism) and maintains the genetic building blocks of the body.

Chickpeas are an excellent base for sandwiches like this Vegan Chickpea Sandwich with Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

Lentils- Lentils are low calorie, high fiber, high protein and contain 90% of the RDI for folate.

They can be used to create almost anything from veggie burgers to soups, stews, and salads. My favorite is my east meets west Black Lentil Salad with Apples & Toasted Coconut.

Black Beans- Are three times less expensive than beef and chicken and are much more nutritionally dense. They can be the base for any veggie burger or as the perfect taco filler.

Cannellini Beans-Make a great salad. Drain some cooked beans, add some chopped sun-dried tomatoes arugula. Top with some fresh lemon juice.

Or you can make one of my all-time favorite recipes, Hemp Seeds, Cannellini Beans and Spinach.

You can find today's Three-Bean Longevity Soup recipe in this week's show notes

Hope this legumes list inspires you to add more beans to your diet! Thanks for stopping by.

Please join our health community on Facebook. We are over 310,000 strong. You can also find me on Instagram.

I am committed to helping you live a long, healthy, pain-free, anxiety-free life. You can find all my CBD products from hemp here. CBD oil from hemp is helping many.

I have made it my mission to provide the safest, highest quality CBD available.

Jul 30 2019