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A maniac with a microphone, the host talks about everything from what fossils are in fossil fuels to why bananas are going extinct, and why bikers need to take the hint!

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A maniac with a microphone, the host talks about everything from what fossils are in fossil fuels to why bananas are going extinct, and why bikers need to take the hint!

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Long overdue

By Peter Boulton - Feb 15 2019
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I don’t know why it took me so long to write a review for one of my all time favorite podcasts. This show is cigaricken good all day, every day.

Lighthearted but informative.

By WayTooMuchHutch - Jan 27 2017
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Great show, lots of sarcasm, it's great. Keep it up, -new listener.

iTunes Ratings

32 Ratings
Average Ratings

Long overdue

By Peter Boulton - Feb 15 2019
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I don’t know why it took me so long to write a review for one of my all time favorite podcasts. This show is cigaricken good all day, every day.

Lighthearted but informative.

By WayTooMuchHutch - Jan 27 2017
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Great show, lots of sarcasm, it's great. Keep it up, -new listener.
Cover image of Creative-Riding Motorcycle Podcast

Creative-Riding Motorcycle Podcast

Updated 5 days ago

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A maniac with a microphone, the host talks about everything from what fossils are in fossil fuels to why bananas are going extinct, and why bikers need to take the hint!

Rank #1: Creative Riding EP -45 - Put A Bird On IT

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Episode 45!

It's gonna be a shorty!

Producer Yxsvytsmz is heading out for a vacation!

If you want to take advantage of this situation while he's away to submit a review on iTunes, go for it!!!

Also, leave us a cool biker story here: - you can write it, send in a sound file. Just tell us your name, where you're from, and rip away!! Braaaapppp!! Potato-potato!!! Gggrrzzz!!! Gggrrrzzzz!!

Other places to find us include:

Oct 05 2016
54 mins

Rank #2: Creative Riding Episode 111 "Greek Week"

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Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to and use the link to buy yourself a mug from Zazzle! You’re worth it! In the spirit of the show, you can even customize it and send us pics.

Part 1: Veggie Plate
Wiggins walks us through the Veggie Plate Classic II Electric Boogaloo. You’ll hear about some flat track for sure, but I edited about 45 minutes of it out, so I’m sure you won’t hear about the Olympics, Beckergate, hanging out at the beach watching BMX dudes, and what Ventura does wrong.

Part 2: Artist on the Road
“Get a Grandpa, get a horse” - we discuss two ways to get into motorcycling as an adult.
Our special guest is a rambler, a gambler, a traveller of the road. She’s part redneck and part lonely soul who has her thirst for life quenched by miles on the open highways and dusty paths of good ol’ America. She also happens to be a VERY talented artist, which makes her a creative rider!
You can find her at the following places on the interwebbies and read all about her travels, art and musings:
ig: @blindthistle @rockymtnroll

Part 3: Roast my bike
Chris from Wingman’s Garage offers up his April Tuono for the pleasure of having it roasted

Part 4: New Challenge
Junk and Wiggings embark on a new bike challenge. Follow along and see what you think. Hell, judge it if you have the time.

Instagram shout outs:

Thanks for listening. Have a great day.

Send your questions, rants, raves, and bike roast suggestions to:
Also, there’s a new e-mail to ask Wiggins anything at all;
What’s his favorite weather, who is his uncle, how does he see p his beard so well-groomed?
It’s short and simple:

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Feb 09 2018
2 hours 37 mins

Rank #3: Creative Riding Episode 104 "Straight Blabbin"

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Brappy Holidays.

Chris and I sit around and straight blab for you.
Yes, Jared Mees did some record breaking things this year.
Yes, Ferran Cardus is a Spanish Flat Track Racer.
Yes, there WAS a Vulcan 500.
Yes, if you want to make it rich racing, start out really, really rich first.
Yes, we all know that YOU don't use crappy tools...

If none of this makes sense, sit back and listen.
We're also going to get you going on your BikeEXIF build starting with the basics - the space you're going to build in.
-Work table
-Air Compressor
- The Kitchen
That's as good of a place to start as any.

Happy Holidays, and please share the gift of creative riding with your friends.
Dec 22 2017
1 hour 45 mins

Rank #4: Creative Riding Episode 184 "Don't Die Today"

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Welcome to episode 184!
We rip on Jae because she's not here, but we love her and miss her dearly! She shall return soon! Also, listen for Wiggins' description of his gremlin bell... it's a doozie.

Thank you Patrons
Thanks MPC riders- Sunday Group Chat
Roast my Bike and return of ‘Word of the Week’
Upcoming events
•July 27 = Fuel Cleveland @Cleveland, OH (
•July 27 = Deus Biker Build-off @Deus Venice Beach
•July 28 = SoCal Cycle Swap @Long Beach Veteran’s Stadium LB, CA
•Aug 2-11 = Sturgis #79 @Sturgis, SD (Craig Johnson - An Obvious Fact)
• 7 = Boswell’s Hooligan Racing @Putnam Co FG
•Aug 11= Vintage Bike OC @Castaneda’s Huntington Beach, CA
•Aug 16-18 = Highpipe Festival @Mountain High Resort
•Aug 17 = Boswell’s Hooligan Racing @Dekalb Co FG
•Aug 24 = Boswell’s Hooligan Racing @Smith Co FG
•Aug 24/25= Carnival of Speed @willowsprings intl raceway
•Aug 28 = Bike and Burlesque @Cobra Lounge Chicago, IL
•Sept 3 = Ghost Biker Explorations @CreativeRiding show
•Sept 21 = Ride in at the Ranch @Vail Ranch Temecula, CA

Ron Wood passes - legendary bike builder Ron Wood passes away Monday. Leaves a world of Rotax-powered road race and flat track bikes behind, and leaves a hole in the racing/engineering community that will never be filled.

Triumph Motorcycle has today announced it will produce a limited edition run of 765cc Daytona models for the street in the Triumph Daytona Moto2 Limited Edition, calling them “closest you can get to a genuine Moto2TM factory ride for the road.”

Nitro Circus: Nitro World Games has expanded its race offerings by adding RSD Super Hooligan National Championship (SHNC) to the schedule of events. Produced in partnership with the Utah Sports Commission, Nitro World Games returns August 17th at Utah Motorsports Campus.

KTM’s recently confirmed its support for the Northern Talent Cup, introducing its new KTM RC4R race bike.

Harley-Davidson sales drop 8% - been a good year for SxS and smaller diplacement bikes tho.

Black Hills Harley-Davidson, which is currently running a Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson XG750R in the AFT Production Twins class with James Rispoli has just signed Dalton Gauthier to ride a second XG in the AFT Production Twins class for the remainder of the AFT season.

OPINION: What you think?
“The perception of danger today is primarily rooted in how easy it is to ride modern four-strokes, and how little skill is actually necessary before people feel like they can jump things they really shouldn’t be trying to jump. This is especially true of 450s, although it applies to 250s as well.” - Steve Cox on dirt bike riding 2s vs. 4s Then vs now

Roast my Bike:
Brian Hunnicut’s R 1200 GS

Thanks to our supporters on Patreon. Without them the show would not be possible. IF you want to become a patron, visit

please leave a rating or review in your podcast app. it will let others know that you're mildly amused and improve our visibility.
To contact the show:
FB/IG: @creativeridingpodcast
Twitter: @Creative_Rider


Jul 26 2019
1 hour 50 mins

Rank #5: Creative Riding Episode 107 "Just as Worse"

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Motorcycles, roasts, CAN-Bus, suppliers, what else? Get your info here.

Well, you’ve made it to episode 107. Congrats!

On this episode we discuss listener feed back.
We have a round of Instagram Shoutouts at the end of the show.

Before we begin, I’d like to encourage you to take a ride over to and use the link to buy yourself a mug! You’re worth it! In the spirit of the show, you can even customize it and send us pics.

Part one: Wiggins takes some listener questions and we get down on a listener’s inquiry about CAN-Bus systems. We’ll imply what a Bus is if you aren’t exactly sure, but do you really trust us? We’ll try to answer the question without knowing all of the technical specs of the actual components being talked about. If you want to check out a gadget that will help you minimize wires and add electronic capabilities, check out the MotoGadget.

Part two: Roast my bike… Well, let’s just say we bring the kindergarten insults to the table and TRY to make fun of Lance’s (sonofcorax on instagram) 2016 Triumph Rocket III in Crackle Blue Metallic. It’s harder than we thought, and in all honesty, we are the ones who deserve to be made fun of. Our jokes were pretty horrible, and the final score was: Rocket III = 1; Creative Riding chumps = 00.
In my defense, I meant to say “Evel Knievel asked for a Triumph Rocket III for his last jump, because he had nothing left to lose”.
This all comes from a place of love and comedy, and Lance & the Rocket III are both lovely Canadians who wanted to play along with the Roast my Bike game. Next time we’ll be funnierest, and we might pick a better looking bike that more people own.
New phrase = ‘Just as Worse’.
Part three: Lets get into the ‘Who’ and ‘Where’ to get parts for your bikes. In support of our ongoing build series, it’s important that we tell you where you can get parts and supplies that you need to customize and build YOUR bike to YOUR specification. From cables to covers, we will list off a few vendors and resources for you to consider when getting started on your BikeEXIF candidate.
Get out a pen and paper, because you’re going to want to take notes! I will list some of the names below in case you can’t write.
-Speed Merchant - Todd's Cycle
-Wiss Triples - Alloy Art
-Drag Specialties - Motion Pro
-SUDCO - Low Brow Customs
-Flandersracing - Old Bike Barn
-Barnett's - Bung King
-Allballsracing - Race Tech
-JC Whitney - AirTech
-McMaster-Carr - Tru-Value Hardware
-Grainger -Tucker Rocky -OSH
-MotorSport USA - Your local dealer
-eBay - - amazon

Send your questions, rants, raves, and bike roast suggestions to:

Leave a review in iTunes, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, Tune In, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts.
Jan 12 2018
2 hours 7 mins

Rank #6: Creative Riding EP 041 "Noise!"

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EP 41 - Noise!
Welcome to another action packed show!

Ride reports for Friday/Sat/Sun
1. Practiced low speed maneuvers to refresh my skills repertoire.
Now that Lane Splitting has been legislated, I figured that I should work on the stuff that
I haven’t practiced in a while instead of focusing on the stuff that I do everyday.

2. Saturday saw the annual Hell on Wheels Hot August Nights take off at Industry Expo Center, and what a night it was!!! Racing was awesome, the bikes were awesome, and just walking through the pits gave me an uncontrollable boner.

3. Sunday.. played Lego®s.

1.I can’t believe this Lane Splitting thing is being mentioned on so many other moto-podcasts.
I wrote an article about it and it’s up on

1.There are some upcoming events that we should talk about before the end of the show. Find the events on our FB page!

2. Harleys are more hip than Ducatis or BMWs!!! I am not going to start selling beard wax… yet.

3. Shitty custom cycles making the rounds on the internet. I don’t like stock bikes, but you don’t have the throw a knobbie and remove the fenders from every single bike you build. You should also wear over the ankle boots, jack hole.

1. Have a good Labor Day!

2. Look at SUDCO catalog if you need some parts porn!

3. DIY Hacks/Tips!!!

Episode sources:

Check us out:

Sep 02 2016
1 hour 37 mins

Rank #7: Creative Riding Episode 92 "Those Harley Guys"

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Motorcycles, mayhem, mahalo! Welcome to Episode 92 of the Creative Riding Podcast.

This week we continue to keep the recent Hurricane victims in our thoughts, as well as the victims of the gigantic earthquake in Mexico.

00:07:30 - Hopefully everyone from the U.S. of A. down to the islanders in Cuba and the many smaller island nations in the Bahamas can make a speedy recovery and get their lives back on track in the aftermath of several storm systems that ravaged those areas over the past month.
On the topic of hurricanes and flooding, we'll talk about water damage and point you in a good direction for more information. I got most of my information from Car Stuff, and you can find it here:

00:16:50 - Harley-Davidson keeps making the news, and usually it not good news. An article in the Milwaukee Business Journal got me thinking about an article that I red in Cycle News.
As Harley plans on opening a factory in Thailand, is it necessarily a bad thing for the Motor Company? Is it bad for U.S. workers? Is it bad for consumers?

00:34:30 - Chris Wiggins, brought to you by Speed Merchant, ICON Motorsports, and FTWCo, and I went to the track for this week's show. We hooked up with those Harley guys that you've seen all over YouTube carving the canyons and kicking ass on the track.
Thanks to Tony, Eric and Zach and co-host Chris. Check out our Instagram feed or the related blog post for some vids and some links to these guys.
This was another Hooligan experience as they talked to us about ripping' Dynas in the presence of sport bikes and serving up some humble pie to track-day bros.

Thanks to Dan at, and many thanks to Liza Miller and Ted Kettler from Motorcycles&Misfits and Motorcycle Men podcasts, respectively.

leave us some feedback on iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud, Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts!

Submit your scary stories to for your 2nd annual Spooky Spokes show!!!
Sep 22 2017
1 hour 39 mins

Rank #8: Creative Riding Episode 141 "Ohio/Wisconsin"

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Hey there, and welcome to another episode of your favorite podcast called Creative Riding.

On this show we interview a singer/songwriter, adventurer, artist, teacher, dancer, screenwriter/author, biker, and a campsite owner. Should I take the time to mention that it's all the same person!? Grab a snack and a notepad. We talk about all sorts of stuff, and you're going to want to keep track!

@serpentbonesohio on IG
and a dose of inspiration:
As an aside, I purchased the guest's book "Homeschooler V Middleschool" for a whopping $0.99 on Amazon Kindle, and I was able to read it in one afternoon. It's about the length of a movie, for if you read it like one, it should take you about an hour and a half to get through it. I am not a huge connoisseur of books, and I like them simple. This one was a great read. It had a good ending too, for those of you who refuse to read tragedies. I'm looking forward to reading more and hopefully seeing some of the other works from this guest develop.

Act II: Current events. They are not ALL of the current events, but what we have written down. There's also a new Insta feedback and an "Ask Wiggs" email.

Three on the tree: Wiggins fill us in on the happenings over the week-long Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary celebrations. There was a lot of hooliganing and a lot of racing.
We wrap up the show talking the good talk and making peace over some squeaky curds.

I hope you can make it out this weekend to enjoy an event, or even take a little ride around your town. Have a good one. Wiggins and I will be back next week with some more engaging conversations.
peace out!
Sep 07 2018
2 hours 15 mins

Rank #9: Creative Riding Episode 91 Expensive Bikes and Emblems"

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Motorcycles & misinformation.. yep, this is Creative Riding.

Welcome to episode 91.

Chris has the week off. He's enjoying the luxurious palm-strewn beaches of the Cuba, puffing on an OG Cubano Cigar and watching the sea breeze gently blow boats and houses down the flooded streets. Actually, I have no clue where he is, so sit back and enjoy so quiet time with yours truly... ;)

In the first segment I talk about Top Tier Bikes... Why you need them, why we need them, why I need you, and you need me. I actually only talk about the first two parts.
High-dollar merchandise off-sets the cost of lower value, break-even products no matter what industry you're in. Size doesn't necessarily matter, but someone has to pay for all the R&D, and in motorcycling's case, assembly, marketing, shipping, et cetera. Thank god for all of you old, retired or young, wealthy people. Without you being able to afford the Gold Wings, K1600GTs and CVO Road Glides the rest of us wouldn't be able to buy CBR650s, G310Rs and XL883s!

The second main topic of the show is Emblems: What do they mean, and how do they get their start? Some companies have emblems with true iconography that would require a certificate in Heraldry to discern, while others simply have a cheap font and a wacky back-story. I chose 10 manufacturers at random and dug up the dirt on their brand icon.

Finally we'll talk about American Flat Track. There are 2 rounds remaining, and the Twins already know their champion while the Singles are having last minute struggles at the top of the list!

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and on the apps:
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TM: creative-riding (
Sep 16 2017
1 hour 42 mins

Rank #10: Creative Riding Episode 117 DEAD AIRWAVES

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Welcome to 117

Veggie Plate III, Daytona TT, Random Blabbage - we've got it all!

Coming to you from the new digs, the studio was pulled out and erected just this morning! Editing as done on the fly! First was flung about the room! Tires were burned and throttles were turned!

Come out to the Veggie Plate and Speedway Spectacular at Perris Raceway tomorrow! (In a few hours)

Daytona TT Coverage and some other news.

Reminder: Solstice Slam will happen June 1st this year, so email your submissions to by May 30th!!!
This is your chance to submit a story in your own words, a song, some rad artwork, racing stories, crash stories, ride/camping stories, bike builds... what ever it is. Judges will decide the top three again this year, and prizes will be given!!
Use your hipster name in the subject line. Don't know what your hipster name is? Listen to episode #48 or read below:

The Hipster Name Game. Every hipster has a radical street name that can only be achieved by being born into a gentrified family, or being named by super posh and/or urban hipster parents. If you weren’t lucky enough to be named Eustacious Brenneforth, then the Hipster Name Game is for you.
Here are the rules:
1. Take your first name and throw that disgusting piece of shit in the trash. Unless you were named by one of the aforementioned social groups, then your name is probably something like Michael Hansen, or Erica Price. That just ain’t hipster.

2. Your middle name is you new first name. But not your stock middle name, because Stock is for Squares. ;)
a. If your middle name is one syllable, drop the last letter: Lee = Le, Kay = Ka, etc.
b. If your middle name is two syllables, drop the last two letters: Tara = Ta, Jerald = Jera, etc.
c. If your name is three syllables or more, drop the first syllable entirely: Christopher = Topher, Kimberly = Berly, etc.

3. Your new last name is your bike’s name. If your bike doesn’t have a name, then it’s market name will do. If your bike’s market name is letters and numbers, then you can always look at Euro/Asian markets. They usually have actual names (CBR in USA = Fireblade in UK/Europe). Perhaps you are a robot and a letter/number combo suits you. Then Stev RnineT doesn’t seem so bad, my robotic friend.

contact the show:

Mar 24 2018
1 hour 5 mins

Rank #11: Creative Riding Episode 158 "Let's Talk Gear, Dude"

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Welcome to episode one hundred and fifty eight of the Creative Riding Motorcycle Podcast Show Extravaganza, etc. etc.

On this week's show, we sit down and talk to the King of the Hill - The Gear Dude himself.
He joins us and we get to ask a ton of crazy questions about his humble beginnings, his life's adventurous journey, and of course GEAR.
Before he signs off, we didn't forget to ask some crazy non-sensical questions.

Follow the Gear Dude here:
IG/Twitter: @the_gear_dude
FB: @TheGearDude
Read some of his work here:

We hope you've enjoyed this week's show.
Please leave a review in iTunes or rate us where ever you subscribe.
and check the show out at
Jan 11 2019
1 hour 52 mins

Rank #12: Episode 27 - Et In Arcadia Ego

Podcast cover
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Hi All!
Happy Memorial Day! Hug a vet, and share a cold one with your loved ones.

I am really just blabbing in this episode, so take from it what you will.
I'll be in Re-Cycle Santa Cruz territory this weekend, so if I run in to any Misfits, I'll be sure to exchange my insurance information... wah wah

please leave a review in iTunes, Google Play or on the hood of your exe's car. Just copy this into the field:
"This show is not bad. Good snuff to put you to sleep when your neighbors are doing it too loudly. I rode a motorcycle once, so what this guy says seems legit."

catch us at:
or finally, @Creative_Rider on Twitter and Persicope

we are learning how to read smoke signals, so you can try that too.
May 27 2016
1 hour 14 mins

Rank #13: Creative Riding Episode 121 "Rock On"

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Episode 121... not called Freaky Styley after all...
Hey all, we have got a great show for you this week.

Wiggins catches us up on the Ramming Speed Racing Classic/Small Bike Track day. Sounds like it was a blast, and Wiggins needs new tires.

We'll get you geared up for some industry news and a shout out to (hopefully) Sarah who sent us some info regarding Ohio backroads. if you navigate the web to you'll find some really interesting and historically significant routes to get your asses out on (whenever Mother Nature decides to let the midwest ride).

is Ducati for sale, is Harley paying enough to win flat track, did Wiggins invent Hooligan racing, is "The Last Motorcycle on Earth" stimulating my mind? Find out in segment 2.

We'll yap just a bit about tires, since it's a bit like oil. There's no right answer, but there are definitely trends and sizes. Those are real.

Then we'll grease up and slide into the Terd-Hole™. This week you'll learn how a turkey farmer and a yeti hunter crossed paths on the bike that inspired Creative Riding's very first "Crazy Bike Challenge"

enjoy the show, buy some mugs on Zazzle here:

check us out on the following services, or wherever you get your shows!:
Tune In

peace and grease
Apr 20 2018
1 hour 57 mins

Rank #14: Creative Riding Episode 124 "Ten Year Bikes"

Podcast cover
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Scooters, Classics, Antiques, Long Range Rides, Carver's climb. We've got that and more in this episode of Creative Riding.
Episode 124: Ten Year Bikes
The main topic of today's show revolves around bikes that have persisted, for one reason or another, for the better part of a decade. Almost completely unchanged save for color or decals, we talk about the pros and cons of these long-running production staples.

Before we get to all that:

Intro: Check out Chris' knife making endeavor on Instagram at field_initiative_knives. We open the show with a little cutlery talk.

Solstice Slam: Don't for get- the cut-off is the end of this month! June 1st will be the Solstice Slam episode, so don't delay in submitting your stories, artwork, etc. to the Slam's email:
$5 and up Patreon supporters will automatically be entered for a chance to win a prize without even submitting a piece of content.

Junk shows you how to record a 4 minute long piece as he re-tells the story of Friday, May 4th... Oil Day.

Junk was out this weekend for The Californian. A couple of weeks ago Brady Walker, founder/producer of the Californian was on the show, and it was everything that he guaranteed... and more! This event is basically a SoCal version of the Quail Gathering, and thus, so many classic and vintage bikes were on display. Many of them were machines from the early days of off-road, flat track, and road racing legend; a bygone era of simpler, yet more richly crafted motorcycles.
find out more info at

Junk also made his way out to the slightly more clandestine Killer Super Sunday. It happened to be the 10th year of the event. There were hundreds (if not a thousand) smaller displacement bikes and scooters taking the streets of L.A. by storm. An enormous train of 50cc-300cc bikes made their way from Pasadena all the way to Woodland Hills via the city streets. There were bigger bikes and scoots along for the ride as well (like 650 Burgmans and Sport Bikes that were 600cc and up) but the majority were scooters and Groms. Spamela fit in nicely.

Finally we talk about 10 year bikes:
DR-Z400, Concours14, F800 GS, S40 (formerly Savage), KLR650, etc. These bikes are both slammed and praised by the biking community. Are they a hold-out to the newer, "safer" technology that should be on every bike, or a savior when it comes to being able to find parts for a bike that was not just a 2 year model? We cover all the pros and cons.

Racing: we get out of this week's show talking about Flat Track from Texas. Carver has shown that he is a man on the move. It was just last year that we talked to him after his Victory at the Texas 1/2 mile. This year he came in 2nd. He's definitely a man to watch out for.

If you'd like to support the show (with money), please consider Patreon. The show goals are laid out so that you can see just how your contributions are helping.

Contact us : (ask him anything)
May 11 2018
2 hours 4 mins

Rank #15: Creative Riding Episode 186 "Spicy Pinkeye"

Podcast cover
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Aug 09 2019
1 hour 46 mins

Rank #16: Creative Riding Episode 175 "Careless Awareness"

Podcast cover
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Welcome to episode 175

This episode features a Junkpile. That is a show before the show of the things we missed out on during the regular Creative Riding show nights.
On this Junkpile, Junk talks about some things and Wiggins takes us on a journey through thorough race prep. We talked about moto-camping preparedness on previous episodes, but what does a real life fiasco look like when you're heading across the country to race?
The Law Tigers Sacramento Mile winners will be announced. Congrats to the winners and all who participated. Thank you so much to Darwyn from Law Tigers, and Liza from the Motorcycles and Misfits podcast who helped bring this awesome giveaway to the masses.

This week we chat about the Californian. Last weekend's event was stunning and the weather was perfect. "No-Nitrous Chris" Singsime's car took first in the derby at the derby, and there were a ton of unique and awe-inspiring motorcycles at the SoCal staple.

Jae pulls up the brakes to talk about Motorcycle Awareness Month. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and if you're not sure, it is now May, and so it is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Shall we talk about the awareness?

Thanks to all of our supporters on Patreon. For more information on becoming a Patron and for upcoming bonus content, visit for details.

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May 10 2019
3 hours 14 mins

Rank #17: Creative Riding Episode 90 "Spicy Hot Gold Wing Recipies"

Podcast cover
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Welcome to Episode 90!

This is episode 90 from Creative-Riding, the internet's best motorcycle podcast (in the San Gabriel Valley north of the I-210 and east of the Kinneloa Mesa, yet west of the San Gabriel River).

Yes, it's a very small area that we operate out of, yet we enjoy tormenting.... er I mean, treating each and every listener from California to Calcutta with motorcycle information and discussions that revolve around a common passion for all things two-wheeled!

Episode 90 covers many things, but in this episode we'll deep dive on the Honda Gold Wing. Honda is rumored to have a new Wing in the works for 2018, and many people were ablurb with excitement when Honda teased a new front suspension patent online.

We'll drop back in history to find out what's been going on in the lineage of the Gold Wing since it's conception to current day production model.
For a deeper understanding of the Gold Wing from it's own creators, check out

As usual, there will also be some coverage of the flat track races in the American Flat Track series. More information can be found on

Our second annual Spooky Spokes episode is coming up soon. There is plenty of time to get out and ride to the dark side of your town. Unearth a spooky tale from the depths of your local history. Peel back the skin on an urban legend. Unleash the fury of your favorite local folklore. Whatever you do, make sure you e-mail your stories, voicemails, or photos/videos to before Oct 26th!
An e-mail link is available on our Facebook page.

Also, now that we have a co-host for the remainder of the year (and until he finds out this is a sham!) we are no longer the world's crummiest podcast! Why don't you tell your friends or leave a review in iTunes?
We can also be found on Stitcher, Google Play, and Sound Cloud just to name a few.

t: @Creative_Rider
ig: dude - @creativeridingpodcast
chris - @wiggzero9

thanks a ton!
Sep 09 2017
1 hour 41 mins

Rank #18: Creative Riding Episode 148 "Mayhem in the motor"

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Weclomelcommen to episode 148.

If you say that fast enough, you'll toot.

In this episode, we have a couple things to talk about,
Wiggins just finished building a track bike (and was not on last week's show - you'll hear why). Find out what it was, and how the Ramming Speed Racing Halloween Spook-track-ular track day was.

We also hear from the listener who sent her engine problems in for our Baffle the Bozos segment. Did they find out what was wrong? Were Wiggins and I correct? Was it operator error? Listen in and find out. Also feel free to contribute your thoughts at

I forget what i talked about in the last segment, so even I'm excited to hear about it.

Our guest went ahead and purchased a SV650 since this was recorded. Still has problem bike.

Big shout out to ALL who supported our friends Mark and Nancy, creators of Mimi and Moto: Motorcycle Monkeys. We did it! They accomplished, and have exceeded their funding goal!!! CONGRATS!

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Oct 26 2018
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Rank #19: Creative Riding Episode 173 "Is the fantasy worth it"

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Welcome to Episode 173

On this week's episode we do a little chatting with the Beast from the Near-East, The Puffed-up Chest from the Midwest, The Fair Dame with the Wild Mane that's Hard to Tame, The female Charles Bronson from Wisconsin - Michelle Mankiewicz. We dive into her preparation for the upcoming WIR's Top 10 Bikes drag racing series at Wisconsin International Raceway. She's also been hitting the dirt, and hints at some other avenues that she might explore this year.
On top of being voted Wisconsin's Strongest Woman, Michelle is also no slouch in the kitchen, taking several regional titles with her prize-winning pies and chilis. She's also an educator and a horse whisperer. The last one might be false.

Law Tigers, America's Motorcycle Attorneys, have given Creative Riding 4 tickets to this year's AFT Sacramento Mile on May 18th. They are the title sponsor for this event, as well the AFT Arizona TT. If you'd like a chance to win the tickets, listen for half of the "winning phrase" and then listen to Motorcycles & Misfits on Monday for the second half. E-mail the phrase to to be entered into a drawing for a pair of tickets! Good luck!

William has a great event happening this Sunday in the Philly area! Thanks for the heads up buddy!

Milwaukee Harley & Milwaukee Rivets ride for International Female Ride Day on May 4th preregistration:

We had the chance to talk to Al Jesse from at IMS Long Beach last year. His MirrorLok product really impressed me with the quality and functionality of the device. Now they are back with MotoDock - a multi-purpose ball-mount that comes in 3 sizes, and is compatible with Ram Mounts, Cameras, popular aftermarket mirrors and more! Take a peek for yourself:

It's fair to say that many celebrities have gotten into motorcycles (or probably were into motorcycles) and have been spotted in movies or tabloids ripping around various cities across the globe. Since it's spring time and the summer blockbusters are just around the corner, I asked Jae and Wiggins what celebrity they would most like to ride with.
In light of this week's events, we are also wishing local celebrities Jamie Robinson and Barry Weiss a full and speedy recovery after their accident in Los Feliz.

With the Spring Riding Season having finally arrived for all but those on the Weddell Ice Shelf, it's time to start planning those moto trips and rides. Junkster asks Jae and Chris where they would most like to take their celebrity riding.

Are you even worth it? Not you, listener. Your motorcycle. Jae did a study based on average repair and maintenance costs of her truck vs 2 motorcycles. Are motorbikes actually worth the hassle per mile vs a cage? Find out.

The Texas 1/2 mile wrapped up over the weekend, and we have a little race report.

This is the last call for Pine Wood Derby Cars for next weekend's The Californian Moto Show!!!
For tickets to the Californian happening next weekend, please follow this link:

The Quail Lodge hosts one of California's most prestigious gatherings of Vintage and Classic Motorcycles.
For Tickets to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering at the Quail Lodge, please follow this link:
Apr 26 2019
2 hours 30 mins

Rank #20: Creative Riding Episode 94 "The Gentleman and the Wizard"

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Motorcycle rides, races, flat track, interviews... we've got it all.

Welcome to episode 94.

In this episode we talk to a couple riders. One on the street, one on the track.

The Gentleman is none other than legendary mile-gobbler Paul "Bri Viffer". He recounts his experience on the 2017. Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. If you've never done the DGR before, it's a ride that was started by Mark Hawwa of Australia in 2012. Initially it was just a ride to show the general public that hipsters on vintage bikes aren't the wankers that sport bike squids and Harley Outlaw Bikers are. After the success of the first year's ride, however, Hawwa quickly decided that the ride could be used to support a worthy cause.
In 2013 the DGR partnered with the Movember foundation to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and later would include mens mental health awareness. The ride has grown from 2,500 riders in 2012 to 56,000 riders worldwide in 2016. I can't wait to see what the 2017 numbers yield. For more information on the DGR you can follow these links:

The second interview on this week's show is with another mile-gobbler, but this one's a little different. He gobbles dirt miles, along with TTs, and smaller ovals. Co-Host Chris Wiggins took over interview duties at Perris Raceway this week, and had a sit-down with AFT privateer Jeffrey Carver Jr. - The Wizard!!
Turns out Wiggins has some great interviewing chops, and Carver is a dude with a thousand stories, all of them good.
Both Chris and Jeffery will be out at Perris Auto Speedway (not Raceway) ripping in the RSD National Hooligan Flat Track Series, and the AFT National Flat Track series respectively. It ought to be a radical night of sideways action, and hopefully both riders can put in podium finishes. Good luck to both of you, I know you've worked hard to get where you are. And Jeffrey, remember the words of another powerful wizard when you're out there tomorrow night - "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!" ~ Gandalf.

Also send your spooky ride stories, crazy scary artwork, or even a kooky songs about ghosts, road and motorcycles to: Our Halloween episode is coming up, and we want to hear your tales of horror.
Rusty Butcher's Trackercross II: Halloween Edition and Hell On Wheels Halloween Hillclimb are also coming up, so get your costumes ready and party down!

creative riding can be found here:

podcast- @creativeridingpodcast
Chris - @wiggzero9


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Oct 06 2017
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