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Exploring the Hobby in Every Direction

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Exploring the Hobby in Every Direction

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By - Mar 29 2018
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We have eyeball QSOed. I’ve enjoyed the podcast. Good luck and Godspeed Cale. 73 de KD8MSS


By KM4ZRT - Dec 26 2017
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Love your podcast nice job. KM4ZRT Frank

iTunes Ratings

101 Ratings
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By - Mar 29 2018
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We have eyeball QSOed. I’ve enjoyed the podcast. Good luck and Godspeed Cale. 73 de KD8MSS


By KM4ZRT - Dec 26 2017
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Love your podcast nice job. KM4ZRT Frank
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Ham Radio 360

Updated 9 days ago

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Exploring the Hobby in Every Direction

Rank #1: Ham Radio 360: All about APRS with W6KWF

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APRS; oh the questions you’ve raised!  It’s been about 2+ years since I decided I wanted to give APRS a go.  I purchased a Mobilinkd TNC2 and set off.  It was only a day or so later that I determined there were No Digipeater/iGates in my county, and not too many outside those bounds.

I was encouraged by some fellow hams that were too interested in APRS and we lightly began to try to understand the in and outs of the mode.  None of us had any experience in Packet and what we could find online was a mish-mash of opinions and outdated blogging.  Needless to say, I’ve quit APRS more than once since, only to be pulled back in when I reconsider it’s utility.

It wasn’t until a fateful evening in November 2016 that I found someone that could help me to begin to understand the whats and hows of APRS.  Kenneth Fennegan, W6KWF ( @KWF ) found me lamenting my lack of APRS understanding via Twitter and offered a hand up!  That hand up turned into a phone conversation that in turn lead to another call that became this interview for the Ham Radio 360 audience!

Many, many times I’ve been asked to address APRS on the show, and I’ve finally found a connection that can help explain the mode and equipment in an easy to digest format.

Special Thanks to Kenneth for coming on and sharing his time and expertise on the subject!  Below you’ll find the links we discussed!

W6KWF Blog

@KWF on Twitter

YouTube Channel

Kenneth Finnegan Thesis on APRS

APRX Main Page

APRS Mailing List

Mobilinkd Bluetooth TNC2


Thank you for listening to Episode 70 (wow) and telling your friends about Ham Radio 360!

73 Y’all


Kenneth recently created an APRS Symbol Chart that will prove Very Handy!

Jan 24 2017
1 hour 8 mins

Rank #2: Ham Radio 360: ARES responds to the Joplin Tornado-a look back with AC0HA

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In the Premiere Fo Time Podcast we visit with Cecil Higgins, AC0HA.  Cecil was the ‘Ham In Charge’ during the ARES response to the Joplin MO Tornado Disaster in 2011.  We discuss disaster response, the multiple roles of amateur operators in disasters, what equipment worked (best) and more.

Cecil Higgins AC0HA: AAR and PowerPoint Presentation linked from the website.

Upcoming in Episode 2: KF7IJZ and I discuss Field Day, Solar/ Battery, and a great deal more!

This episode was recorded a few weeks ago in preparation for the program.  It should stand as a sobering reminder of the Force of Nature and how Amateurs may be called upon to respond in a crisis.  Earlier this week  a Twin-Tornado devastated the small Nebraskan town of Pilger.                

Our Prayers go up for all those affected.  Cale/K4CDN

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Jun 17 2014
48 mins

Rank #3: The End of the Beginning…

Podcast cover
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Thank You Very Much for listening to the Ham Radio 360 Podcast.

In this real quick, last episode, I take the opportunity to ‘say’ good-bye.

I appreciate the opportunity to have served you and the Amateur Radio Community over these last few years.

73 Y’all




In 2011 I achieved a nearly lifelong goal; I became an Amateur Radio Operator.

In 2014 I began, as a means to scratch an itch, an Amateur Radio Podcast.

The podcast, then named ‘Fo Time’ was never supposed to succeed. I had no intention of releasing any more than 5 to 10 programs. Almost 4 years later, 90+ shows, and over a 3/4 million downloads, I’m still wondering how I got here.

Through that time, I was a small part of promoting the Amateur Radio Hobby via the medium of podcasting. What began as an experiment soon became a platform for a New Ham Operator to learn the ropes. Along the journey I was blessed with the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the most brilliant and entertaining people on the planet.

I have been continually astounded by my listening audience and their contribution to the efforts of what became the Ham Radio 360 Podcast and brand. Not only was I afforded the opportunity to learn from the best, I was able to share in those experiences with many others as the brand’s influence grew. Additionally the platform allowed other programs to be birthed for the good of the hobby that will continue to educate and entertain the masses.

However, I began to realize just how much of me it took to produce quality content and maintain the brand. In October of 2017 I took a break from my regular show production with a promise to return in 2018. I upheld that promise but soon realized that the continued pressure to perform and create was more than I was willing to maintain anymore.

With that understanding I have decided to discontinue, in it’s entirety, the Ham Radio 360 Podcast. I plan to maintain the Website and Podcast Feed of past shows and content as a contribution to the Amateur Radio Hobby.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served you and the wonderful Amateur Radio Hobby.

Gratefully yours,

Cale Nelson/K4CDN

73 Y’all

Feb 26 2018
7 mins

Rank #4: Ham Radio 360: DStar and Digital Radio

Podcast cover
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Ham Radio: Digital Radio-DStar and more!

Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and George (KJ6VU) hold down the fort while Cale is away.  This DStar-Digital Radio program is something we’ve been discussing for what seems like forever.  It took me handing over the reigns to finally make it happen!

The guys spend some time breaking it all down for all to understand.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested in DStar, this is the show you need to hear!

It’s a longer show than we normally do, but stick around-there’s a lot to learn!

DStar The Four Call Signs;

DStar Info:

DStar Registration Information:

DStar Reflectors:

D-Rats Software:

Raspberry PI DStar Node/HotSpot/DVAP Image Download Links:

DVMega Boards;

DVAP Information:


Yahoo Groups for DStar Hotspots and Software:

Thanks for Listening and Sharing-

73, Y’all!


Oct 06 2015
1 hour 49 mins

Rank #5: Ham Radio 360: CW for the Newbie w/KI4WFJ Episode 41

Podcast cover
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Ham Radio: CW for the Newbie!  with Justin, KI4WFJ.

In a Fo Time First, we have a ‘Studio’ Guest.  My Friend and Neighbor, Justin Hornby KI4WJF, came down to chat with us about Learning CW and getting your code on the air!

Justin has been licensed for a while now, and over the course of time had an on and off relationship with Morse Code…until Now!  Justin got serious and finally took the bull by the horns.  He shares with us his secrets to learning the Code and how he makes use of it as he continues to enjoy the hobby!

Make sure you check out his show notes below!

From Justin:

free browser based teaching tool; uses Koch method and has plain text training; I use this now to practice on lunch at work or whenever I want to practice without a radio.

free week long trial but normally $9.99 a month;  this is what I used to really get through learning the characters and practicing; I highly recommend.

what sets SKCC apart is it’s membership is free.  Members are friendly and they have monthly scheduled activities that give a reason to get on and practice. Have morse elmer program for practice buddies and the sked page helps find contacts.

North America QRP CW Club; I also have joined the NAQCC and play in their contests and activities as well.  Another friendly free club/group that has a lot of participation.  Contests are laid back and fun; a great way to practice and improve your speed once on the air.
My kit radio:

Check Ebay or junk boxes at hamfests for straight keys–try to get one that is fully adjustable–bearings,spring force,gap; it makes all the difference in the ‘feel’ of the key; I use this one:

The capacitive touch paddles I have I use sometimes is model P6:

A practice sidetone oscillator helps to get timing and feel for sending-just practice imitating sending good code you have listened to.; many radios can be setup to create the sidetone w/o transmitting for practicing; the IC-718 can do this

The ARRL W1AW practice transmissions are a good way to get used to listening to morse over the radio and practice decoding before jumping in making QSOs.  There’s a big change between listening to practice code on the computer and dealing with QRM and QSB!!  Also, all the files, text and mp3 are available on the website so you can listen, decode, and check your work w/o having to stick to the broadcast schedule or have a radio handy.

73, K4CDN

Dec 15 2015
53 mins

Rank #6: Ham Radio 360: Field Day-Solar, Battery & More

Podcast cover
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Field Day 2014!

It’s Fo Time!

In Episode 2 of the Fo Time Podcast, sponsored by MTC Radio, I’m joined by Youtube Ham Radio Op Jeremy KF7IJZ.  Jeremy is active in his local Amateur Radio Community, and has quite an on-line following regarding his Solar/Battery product review videos and commentary.

Jeremy and I discuss the upcoming Field Day, Solar – Battery Options for Ham Radio Operators and more.

We also hear from 2 more Amateurs about why they became Ham Radio Operators.

Interested in Amateur Radio?  The upcoming Field Day is a great time to get to know more about the hobby.  To find a local club that is participating in the event, click here.  Many clubs provide a GOTA (Get On The Air) station for unlicensed folks to operate with guidance to get a taste of the Magic of Radio.

Correction: ARRL Kids Day is June 21st

Links to Items Mentioned in the show:

LiFePo4 battery pack Solar charge controller Solar Panels


KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info

Jun 17 2014
46 mins

Rank #7: Ham Radio 360: EMCOMM-the Ham Radio HT Go Bag

Podcast cover
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Merry Christmas!

As Mentioned: Pignology

George Z (KJ6VU) Invites you to visit the Bay-Net Yahoo Group and drops by this time to discuss EMCOMM/Go-Bags.  We’ll start in on the ground floor with the HT Go-Bag.

The Ham Radio HT Go-Bag.

1. Radio Gear; Hams have lotsa stuff

2. Super Helpful Useful Stuff to have with you

The Bags:

Frisbee Golf anyone?

A Tackle Box!

Or a Mini-Deployment Bag

The Handi Talkie

Pick your Poison- HandiTalkie Webmall

Drop In Dual Charger

Most Jedi like the Orange Para-cord

Roll-up J-pole by N9TAX

Roll-up J-pole by Ed Fong

Ext Speakers

Antenna Adapters

The Event/Companion Bag:

Not a complete list, more of a template.

Flashlight, Headlamps, Pocket Knives, Multi-Tools

First Aid, Rite in the Rain, Sharpies, etc….

Don’t forget a Spare Charging Device for your cell!

KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info

Dec 16 2014
53 mins

Rank #8: Ham Radio 360: Become a Ham & HR360 History Lessons

Podcast cover
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I get asked all the time why Ham Radio and How-to Ham Radio.  In this program I go through the steps of jumping in the water.  One of the most popular pages on our site is the Start Here Page that has all the links mentioned here in the show (with a few more links and opinions too)

Club Locator

Test Locator

KB6NU No Non-Sense Study Guides

Ham Test Online

Link to Recommended Study Materials

You Passed! Congrats, Now Let’s Go Shopping!

Shopping Show #2 (give this a listen!)

Shopping with the HR360 Affiliate Links

Hand-Held Radio and Accessories Kit (Level1)

Base/Mobile Radio and Accessories to get you on the air Kit (Level1)

Got a Rig? Now Get On The Air!

Kevin has some great videos about getting on the air!

New Ham Radio Op Video Tutorial

Ham Radio 360 History Lessons!

Fo Time Becomes Ham Radio 360

Jeremy- KF7IJZ


Episode 2 Field Day and Solar for Hams

ARRL Field Day


Sierra Radio Systems Repeater Controls & Packtenna Portable Antennas


Episode 10 All About Repeaters

Looking for more content?

Check out our Links Page for other Ham Radio Content Outlets!

Thanks for Listening,

73 Y’all


Nerd Famous’er

That’s the inside front cover of the latest (now defunct) MCM Electronics Catalog.

Oct 18 2016
45 mins

Rank #9: Ham Radio 360: A.R.E.D.N. Amateur Radio Emer Data Network

Podcast cover
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*6/28/18    New AREDN Website:

Ham Radio Mesh Networking has been one of those things that I’ve wanted to learn about.  After a quick peek around and a few questions asked, I stumbled into AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network).

Join me as I learn about Mesh Networking over Ham Radio with Randy (WU2S) and Darryl (K5DLQ) in this latest installment of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast.

We also announce the Winners of our Annual Christmas Prize Giveaway.


*6/28/18    New AREDN Website:

What is an AREDN Network? (video by K6AH)

RF Path Planning Using Ubiquiti AirLink (video by K5DLQ)

AREDN on Twitter @arednmesh

Equipment links listed at the bottom of the page

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!




Equipment Links via amazon

Ubiquity Nano-Loco

Ubiquity NanoStations

Ubiquity Airgrid

Ubiquity Rocket

Ubiquity Bullet

Ubiquity Antennae

*make sure you check the AREDN Matrix to determine compatibility


Congratulations to our Contest Winners!









Dec 13 2016
1 hour 22 mins

Rank #10: Ham Radio 360: DMR with K1RJZ (Digital Mobile Radio)

Podcast cover
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I’ve owned a DMR radio for about 6 months now.  I’ve not made one contact with it!  I even loaned it to a friend to see if he could unlock the magic, no dice.

While at Dayton, I met Rick Zach K1RJZ at the DMR-MARC booth early one morning and began asking questions about DMR.  I soon knew that I needed to have Rick on the show to help demystify this new-fangled radio technology and help get me on the air!

DMR or Digital Mobile Radio is one of the hottest things happening in the Ham Radio Hobby right now.  Commercial success of the mode has driven down the prices and made it accessible to the Amateur Radio hobbyist.  Join us to learn how this exciting mode is quickly becoming a game changer!

DMR-MARC is an all volunteer organization that has been tasked with keeping DMR in order for the community.  If you are interested in getting on the air with DMR, DMR-MARC should be one of your first stops!

“  Rick, K1RJZ got back to us with a mispronunciation that he’d like to correct.  The multi format DMR networking platform is pronounced BRANDmiester and not BANDmiester.  He knew the correct name, but it just  needs a correction “

Notes from Jeremy:

Tytera MD-380 Hacking:

Things I wish I had known when programming the MD-380
This is a good primer to terms and concepts:
The radio has 16 “channels” but a LOT of Zones.  a Zone is a collection of channels.

Every Channel can have a scan list and a RX list.  The Scan List is a list of channels that can be scanned if you tell the radio to scan while on that channel – useful if you want to scan both timeslots of the same repeater, for instance.

RXLists are lists of all of the talkgroups associated with a timeslot on the repeater.  For instance, for my local K8BIG, I have two RXLists – KABIG-TS1 and K8BIG-TS2.  All groups that appear on Time Slot 1 are in TS1 and same for TS2.

Worldwide, Worldwide English, and North America aren’t for rag chewing – think of these as calling channels.  Once contact is made, you can take your conversation over to one of the “tactical” talkgroups such as TAC-310 or TAC-311 (depending on whether or not your repeater has these talkgroups).  These talkgroups are only active when someone calls for them via Push to Talk.

Thanks for listening!

73 Y’all


May 31 2016
1 hour 13 mins

Rank #11: Ham Radio 360: EMCOMM Box part 2

Podcast cover
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This time through we’re going to continue the conversation about EMCOMM Boxes/Bags with a round table discussion featuring Jeremy-KF7IJZGeorge-KJ6VU and Cale-K4CDN.

Boxes, Bags, Batteries, Mindset, Antennas, Considerations…

This episode is chock full of content, if you have questions or comments, let us know!

George’s KJ6VU Portable Station (PowerPoint)

George’s KJ6VU Portable Station in PDF

Here is Cale’s Big Box

Howabout the ‘AK47’ Box?

MTC Radio-the Fo Time Sponsor has these tripods in-stock!

More Ideas Here

Times Microwave Loss Calculator 

There are tons of ways to haul your gear-or make it portable.   Check out this Yahoo Image Search for further examples!

KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info

Jan 14 2015
59 mins

Rank #12: Ham Radio 360: 10 Meters, Ten-Ten Int’l Net with KR7RK.

Podcast cover
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Ham Radio: 10 Meters, Ten-Ten International Net with Keith, KR7RK

Like many of his contemporaries, Ketih Schlottman  was drawn to the Amateur Radio Hobby though Shortwave and CB Radios.  After obtaining his licenses Keith became active on HF and soon became a member of the 10-10 International Net.   Keith has served as the groups treasurer since 1994.

I have personally enjoyed operating 10 meters, and always wondered what the 10-10 International Net was.  Keith fills in all the blanks for us in Episode 49!  Listen in to learn what 10-10 is, why it exist, and how you too can participate!

10 meters is an equal opportunity band (28.0-29.7 MHz)!  From the newest rigs to an older Radio Shack mono-band; when 10m is Open-anyone can work it with most anything (wet noodles to modified CB antennas)!  *Technicians have voice privileges in the 10m band, and with Summer coming-now is the time to get ready for some 10m fun!


A few other good resources for propagation, etc:

Propnet 10 meter beacon list PSK Reporter 10 meter repeater list

Thanks for listening and participating with us!  Remember to Like, Share, and Re-Tweet!

73 Y’all


Apr 05 2016
1 hour 10 mins

Rank #13: Ham Radio 360: Eric Guth 4Z1UG QSO Today, Allstar, Israel Ops

Podcast cover
Read more

A lifetime ham, now living in Efrat, Israel, Eric Guth (4Z1UG) wanted to give back to the hobby that had given so much to him through the years; so in July of 2014, Eric launched the QSO Today Podcast as a way to connect yesterday’s elmers with today’s amateur radio operators. The results have been spectacular!

Join Eric and I as we chat Podcasting for Hams, Living as a Ham Radio Op in Israel, Allstar nodes and more in this 74th Episode of the Ham Radio 360 podcast!

For more information on Eric’s Podcast visit!

Allstar Link Network


QSOToday on Twitter

QSOToday on Facebook

TDR6100 Press Release

Thanks for listening and sharing!

73 Y’all


Mar 21 2017
1 hour 17 mins

Rank #14: Ham Radio 360: the “Packtenna” N3WG/KJ6VU

Podcast cover
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Episode 23 is here and I’m finally able to share with you the PACKTENNA from Nick and George.

Packtenna is the Exciting New Packable/Portable antenna from N3WG and KJ6VU that I’ve been dying to share with you!

Over the years, we have tried many different antennas.  We found that most commercial antennas are either too bulky and heavy to be easily hauled around or are two small to be efficient.

So idea of the PackTenna was born.

The challenges for coming up with the design for PackTenna included the following, somewhat conflicting goals:

1.  Full size, no compromise performance, especially given the limitations of a quick portable setup.

2.  Small enough when packed up for trail use (think SOTA) and air travel.

3.  Quick to setup and take down.

4.  A modular design that can evolve over time as your needs change.

5.  An open design that makes it easy to make modifications and add your own options.

With these goals in mind, we decided to base the design on using wire elements and fiberglass telescoping poles for the support. This combination allows us to construct full size antennas in many configurations including horizontal dipoles, inverted vee, ground planes, long wires and resonate wires to name a few.

We selected antenna hardware designed for backpacking which keeps the size and weight down and then designed a unique feed point system that allows for quick setup and improved performance.

Head over to for the latest!

*Here is a link to the Packtenna Users Manual* (added 4-10-15)

*A link to Pricing Information* (added 4-13-15)*

KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info

Apr 07 2015
58 mins

Rank #15: Ham Radio 360: Satellite Ops with KO4MA *AMSAT*

Podcast cover
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I’ve often wondered about Ham Radio Satellite Operations.  I knew where to look and what to read, but I kept myself from it, because I wanted to learn about it with you here on the show!

I became acquainted with Andrew Glasbrenner KO4MA through our FB page, and watched from afar his dealings with Ham Radio Satellite Ops, and AMSAT.  Andrew and I began conversing about having him on the show, and what follows is what we were finally able to bring together!

In addition to his family duties, Andrew also serves the AMAST organization as the VP  Director of Operations.  Andrew grew up like most of us-with a ‘Walkie-Talkie’ in his hand and a desire to communicate via Radio with whomever he could!

Eventually he got the ticket to get on the air, and has been active there since!  A big thanks to Andrew for coming on, I ask a load of questions and we cover it all here on Episode 60.  From Build, Launch and Contact-it’s all about Amateur Radio Satellite Ops on HR360!

thanks for listening!

73 y’all!


My 8 y/o son, Milam, has recently launched his very own podcast, you can find it below:

Sep 06 2016
53 mins

Rank #16: Ham Radio 360: 220MHz in the Real World

Podcast cover
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I’ve long wanted to do a show featuring the 1.25 Meter band (220MHz).  Ron and Tim from Bridgecom stop in to tell us about what is happening in their world and prime us for a conversation with others about using the 220 band in the real world.  Is it the forgotten band?  Is it under-utilized? Let’s talk about it!

Link to Bridgecom Youtube Videos

(40:00) Brian, K5IN, from Olympia, Washington is our next guest.  Brian is die-hard 220 user, and multi-site repeater owner.  He tells us how 220 is used in his area for a linked repeater system that runs from one end of the state to the other. W7WRG is the call of the Repeater Group.

(58:00) Kent, KL5T, From Anchorage Alaska is up next to fill in the blanks regarding 220 and Packet along with how his local club KL7AA utilizes the band! Make sure to visit the club’s site

iOS App Now Available!

Thanks for Listening, Sharing and Supporting the Show!

73 Y’all


Aug 09 2016
1 hour 14 mins

Rank #17: Ham Radio 360: Extra Class Upgrade with W4EDF

Podcast cover
Read more

Ed Bradshaw (W4EDF) recently upgraded his Ham Radio ticket to Extra Class and he wants you to know-You Can Too!

Former show guest and current Kenwood TS480 owner, Ed decided he wanted a bigger slice of the pie and set his sights on passing the Extra Class Exam.  Having put a great deal of effort into his studies and methods, Ed offered to come on the show to share what worked for him in hopes that you (and I) would get ourselves motivated to study-and Pass!

Question pool: ARRL Link

ARRL Extra Class License Manual, 11th edition

Gordon West, WB6NOA, 2016-2020 Extra Class FCC Element 4

Ham Extra by James Thomas

Ham Study (Signal Stuff)

QRZ Practice Tests

ARRL Find an exam

ARRL What to bring

Dave Casler YouTube

Extra playlist – Here

Alan Wolke, W2AEW YouTube

Must watch: Here

W4EDF: Previous Show Appearance #37

Others Recommend these Books/Aides:

K4IA Pass, the Easy Way

KB6NU No Non Sense Guide

Extra Flash Cards

Thanks for listen!!! 73 Y’all, Cale

Aug 22 2017
1 hour 36 mins

Rank #18: Ham Radio 360: All About DX with Bruce, W1GQ

Podcast cover
Read more

DX, what is it? ….Working the Distant Station (DX).  DX Tips, Tricks, Tools, Awards and more are discussed in this installment.  If you’ve ever wanted to know more about chasing and working DX, this is your chance to learn from one of the best!

We all start somewhere; the bug bites-and it’s on!  Bruce Jewett got the bug as a kid when he was invited in to see his neighbors shack, Don Wallace, W6AM (sk).  He’s never been the same.

From his humble beginnings as a teen with a low-slung wire and a key, Bruce has been in love with DX’ing and CW.  Join us as Bruce shares the in’s and out’s of DX’ing and how this Award-Winning Contester get’s it done!

Mentioned in the show:


DX Summit Cluster

DX Watch Cluster

Learn Morse Code


W6AM Don Wallace Documentary

Thanks for listening,  downloading, commenting,  and sharing!

73 Y’all


Aug 11 2015
55 mins

Rank #19: Ham Radio 360: Man-Pack / Mil-Pack Rigs and Operations-a crash course

Podcast cover
Read more

Man Pack and Mil Packs are the topic of our next installment.  We’re joined by Harlikwin who shares his knowledge about all things Man Portable!

We learn about Man Pack Operations and the ins & outs of avail Commercial and Mil-Surp Gear.

Show Mentions:

Mil Spec Radio Gear: Korean War to Present Day by Mark Francis (out of print)

Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook: Second Edition  By Edward Breneiser

HFpack Yahoo Group


Par EndFedZ® Antennas

Mil-Radio Net @ 0200Z most evenings on 7.232USB and 0300Z on 3.996 USB.

KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info

Jul 01 2014
1 hour 6 mins

Rank #20: Ham Radio 360: “you’ve got Ham Radio questions, I’ve got……Opinions”

Podcast cover
Read more

Original Show Artwork 🙂

Episode 9… called in with your questions and I’m going to do my best to answer them.  Below are the show notes that follow the Calls and Replies in order.  I appreciate you listening and being a part of the show!

Call 1: John

What is Ham Radio

What is FM

What is DX

What is 2 meters

What is 40 meters

Starter Rigs


Wouxun   (I have a few)


UV-B5 (* My Fav low cost radio*-now discontinued)


Yeasu: FT-60 (a built like a tank & very popular HT!)

Icom: IC-V80 

KENWOOD TH-K20A (I want one of these!-**finally got one, a Stellar Rig!)

Base or Mobile- See My Kits!

Kenwood: TM-281

Yeasu: FT-1900

Icom: IC-V8000

Yeasu: FT-2900 (a brick house)

Where do I go?   Club Finder! Elmer?

Call 2: William

Why “Ham”-the nickname?

Why Upgrade? (band plan-lotsa real-estate)

Why Not?

Call 3: Rob

Ham Radio Glossary

Alternate Glossary

Ham Radio Dictionary

How to Study?  Ham Test Online! My Favorite Way to Study.

Different Operating Modes



Deceased Fathers Call Sign Info

Vanity Call Signs


ARRL question pool

More Links:

QTH Swap

* segment 2 Intro music….My Favorite SKA Band: The OC Supetones

Sep 23 2014
50 mins

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