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Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

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Rank #137 in Fashion & Beauty category

Fashion & Beauty
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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. The hosts are entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, creative entrepreneur Marc Raco, and fashion tech + sustainability consultant Nataliya Makulova. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. The hosts are entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, creative entrepreneur Marc Raco, and fashion tech + sustainability consultant Nataliya Makulova. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.

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The best fashion and business podcast

By Billmatic212 - Aug 29 2016
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Love these guys! So consistent and amazing guests. You're on my weekly list!

Thank you!

By Fashion futurist - Oct 28 2015
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Much needed inside look into the vast opportunities of fashion as a business

iTunes Ratings

81 Ratings
Average Ratings

The best fashion and business podcast

By Billmatic212 - Aug 29 2016
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Love these guys! So consistent and amazing guests. You're on my weekly list!

Thank you!

By Fashion futurist - Oct 28 2015
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Much needed inside look into the vast opportunities of fashion as a business
Cover image of Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

Fashion Is Your Business - a retail technology podcast

Updated 3 days ago

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Fashion Is Your Business is a weekly show about FASHIONTECH, the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology. The podcast is produced through MouthMedia Network. The hosts are entrepreneurial strategist Rob Sanchez, leading fashion technology consultant Pavan Bahl, creative entrepreneur Marc Raco, and fashion tech + sustainability consultant Nataliya Makulova. Guests include the world's foremost fashion technology pioneers, discussing textiles to retail and everything in between, it covers business news from startups to conglomerates, and the show has a fun and accessible morning radio vibe.

Rank #1: Kristy Caylor of For Days – Zero-Waste, Closed-Loop Fashion

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A lifetime membership to a better way of living. Sounds promising.

This is more than an idea. This is an innovative circular T-Shirt Company that could change the waste problem caused by fast fashion, and a new commerce model for things we use every day. Kristy Caylor, CEO of For Days, joins Nataliya Makulova on location at ReMode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • A new model for commerce for things we use every day
  • Avoiding cycle of purchase and pollute, purchase and pollute
  • Wear, return, up-cycle
  • Subscription model, not purchased, another type of consuming fashion, a sharing economy because sharing materials
  • Eliminating closet clutter and clothing waste
  • Doesn’t make anyone change consumption patterns, makes you feel great—same person as was but now helping reduce waste
  • Having access to things that make you happy, optimistic and futuristic
  • Empowering, closing the loop system
  • Building a factory, scaling — working on—a smaller prototype in Los Angeles area
  • Systems and processes and the value of Kristy’s  engineering background
  • Challenges of building new technology
  • At the  forefront of conversations and there is a shift in the industry
  • And the need for a sense of connectivity

Apr 09 2019



Rank #2: 270 – Sean McInerney of Huge – Growing Businesses, Creating Experiences

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Designing best-in-class experiences for brands, driven by strong creative and rooted in the technology, data, and organizational strategy, to create unified brand experiences that foster meaningful relationships with consumers...
Sean McInerney, Group Vice President of Technology for Huge (a global collective of designers, technologists and strategists), joins Marc Raco and Nataliya Makulova on location at The Lead Summit in Brooklyn, NY.
In this episode:

Leading the tech arm of Huge - Helping companies figure out ways to get technology into their retail store experience
Helping companies understand what do they need to do, how can they pivot, and here are pieces and parts you need to pull ths off, and do so at scale, which lead to self sustaining program
Businesses tough to transform

Full service partner to brands
Testing ground café for retail tech
Staying on the pulse
Sustainability and social impact issues, being able to trace things with visibility, like a ledger of record
How much is "too much" as an experience

Jan 01 2019



Rank #3: 229 – Michael Crooks of DVF – Psychology and Immersive Experiences

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Live audience event at Spring Place on experiential marketing in fashion, psychology, and the need for an industry to evolve...
Michael Crooks Senior Director of Global Relational Marketing for DVF (a global luxury fashion brand celebrated for its bold and creative approach to color and print, and admired for its sensual femininity) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Rohan Deuskar (CEO of Stylitics) in front of a live audience at Spring Place in New York City. MouthMedia Network is powered by Sennheiser.
In this episode:

Crooks shares how the range of technology and innovation has to be integrated in the right environment in an organic way that makes sense, which is a lot harder than it sounds
Customer analytics, behavioral clienteling (establishing long-term relationships with key customers based on data about their preferences, behaviors and purchase) in-store and online, and the training that brings that together
Precognition—when the brain knows what you’re dong before you cognitively know
How Crooks learned a lot of scientific method in education, and decided not to be a therapist,
Activations celebrating International Women’s Day – original envisioned as panels around empowerment, and a pop up in san Francisco, partnering with Levis and Google, personalized experience “in charge” of VIP experience, using data of people in the area
Getting locations to create their own regional events that are regionalized using the same template
Putting together a training clienteling manual, modifying how to listen for root values, and how to ask for open questions, the right way to do data capture and use analytics
Making events cohesive, making advancements on personalization and tech, four installations on site
Partnering with Microsoft for a bespoke interface, to personalize a t-shirt, beanie or tote bag for #INCHARGE
Samsung mixed-reality headsets, with a presentation of a fashion show like a see-now-buy now enhanced reality
Custom video booth to tell what it felt like for a woman to say what it feels like to be “in charge”, and a custom photo booth to emulate the famous Diane von Furstenberg cube photo
And audio of a panel playing out onto the street
How stimulating different senses impacts you psychologically, creating immersion by a combo of a variety of sense stimulation
Fashion is in such a state of change it is forcing action, evolution is necessary for any company to survive
Avoiding problems, when tech doesn’t work it ruins the experience, worse than status quo
Always organizing to core values as a brand, and then what elements will organically enhance the experience, reactive model might not work unless you think through the balance of all the elements
How the company think sabout at employee and people coming in contact with consumers
Overcoming language barriers, and how data capture helps communications
Off the Grid Questions cover super villain powers, “mindcasting” other people, what’s Crooks and what’s performative, MMA, and music

Apr 10 2018

1hr 1min


Rank #4: 205 – Ben Cooper of IoClothes – A New Era of Fashion Tech

Podcast cover
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Bridging the gap between technology and the footwear, apparel & textile industries...
Ben Cooper, Founder/Managing Director of IoClothes (helping companies deliver breakthrough innovation) discusses Wear Conference, wearable technology, and the spurring the intersection of fashion and technology. Recorded at the 2017 Wear Conference in San Francisco, CA. Powered by Sennheiser.
Footwear in the army, bridging a gap, and the holy grail of data
Cooper talks about his past as an athlete, physics, biomechanics, improving human performance, led footwear program for the US Army, exited from a tech company, led research and testing for VF Global Innovation Center, explored wearables, what’s lagging in the wearable space, bridging the gap between fashion apparel footwear industry and tech industry and ushering in a new era. Pursuing a model that opens up a platform, and having the same ability to impact companies regardless of size recognition. The holy grail of data, why data should be about adding more value, and the need more attempts for more data.
Igniting creativity, facilitating the future, and bringing people together
Io Clothes launching a beta, hoping to find value in interactions, a massive tech transfer department vs. handshake deals, and being meant to ignite creativity and collaboration. Being passionate about what can come on the other side, and how Io Clothes is a clearing house for consultants. Cooper doing the best he can to facilitate the future he wants to see. Bringing all these people together, like 99 Designs or Fiverr for the creative side. How answers are out there and one just needs to bring it together.
Fishing, reflecting, and crushing goals
Personal questions cover retreating with fishing, why second place mattered, the gift of a sleeping bag, taking time to reflect, and the clock doesn’t lie, reinventing and crushing goals.

Hear more shows at  .

Nov 07 2017



Rank #5: 248 – Nina Shariati of H & M – On Sustaining Fashion’s Future

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Brand leadership of sustainability, transparency, and supply chain in fashion...
Nina Shariati, Project Manager, Transparency and Higg Index, for H & M, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, and guest host Rohan Deuskar (Stylitics) on location at South by Southwest. MouthMedia Network studios are powered by Sennheiser.
In this episode:

Nina Shariati on how SXSW is covering so many areas, from politics to future tech, trends, food industry, science
H & M leading the new frontier by disclosing supply chain 5 years ago, and now sustaibaility and transparency are center of conversation
H & M has a big impact potential
A penalty for being open, and sharing, being scutinized
Not a brand challenge – it is an industry challenge
Setting up measuring methods
How to measure footprint on a brand or product level
Transparency  - not easy to be 100%
How blockchain will be affecting sustainability and supply chain
How H & M funds projects with other companies to explore possibilities of new ways of doing things
The power the customer has and what they can do to show the power to brands
The type of impact you can do on the scale of H and M is larger than a small company
How the CEO is outspoken on the importance of sustainability, and embedding it into the business ethos

Jul 25 2018



Rank #6: Retail Designer Ben Hawkins - Next-Level Customer Experience

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Next-level customer experience is a goal for many brands. But creating innovative spaces for those next level customer experience is something else. Transforming retail physical platforms to become more impactful is high on most retailers' agendas. Though creating spaces that are unforgettable and that offer a seamless on-  and off-line experience takes innovation and some out of the box ingenuity. Former Optus Director of Retail Design Ben Hawkins joins Marc Raco on location in front of a live audience at Online Retailer in Sydney Australia to discuss the opportunities and mindset required for a new paradigm of retail store design, and what that has to do with one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia.

Sep 17 2019



Rank #7: 238 – Michael Hard of Brickwork – Making Sure People Hear the Tree in the Forest

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Leveraging digital to drive brick-and-mortar sales...
Michael Hard, Chief Revenue Officer for Brickwork, a leading SaaS platform that enables retailers and brands to drive qualified online traffic to unique in-store experiences via geo-location features, joins Rob Sanchez and Pavan Bahl on location at Valtech’s Innovation Lab during NRF 2018 in New York. Valtech is a global digital agency focused on business transformation. MouthMedia Network is Powered by Sennheiser.
In this episode:

In retail, a majority of customers still in brick and mortar stores, but 80% of path to purchase starts online, mostly on mobile
Hard’s background, in software for a long time, worked with Microsoft for 17 years, ran digital advertising for the US, then started his own software companies
Brickwork is into even more interesting applications built on foundation of last time
Digital to store conversation for retail customers
Helping brands them to scale platform
The ability to create higher lifetime value of customer
Clients like Kate Spade, Bonobos, a lot of value booking one-to-one appointments to drive traffic for boutiques, or getting celebrity into store to drive traffic and excitement
Having rich experiences in stores, but if no one is aware of it why does it matter
Case study of Urban Outfitters working to make themselves a critical part of neighborhood, making each store unique to that neighborhood, exposing events to wider range of people, search optimized for local search
How Brickwork enables better workflows and more features such as appointment booking
Adding globalization that offers appropriate localization using regional conventions
Integrations tracks all stages on user side from what ecommerce marketer thinks of it, email and marketing
From back/store side, systems retail associates or administrators think about (POS, inventory, clienteling)
Level of lift to implement and manage is minimal due to design and support by Brickwork
A sweet spot is a global brand with a big footprint
Why Brickwork is focused specifically on retail
Is there friction from employees/partners wanting to be able to take client books with them when leaving stores
Hard’s takeaways from key cities, being from Arizona, small town guy in New York and finding your world there, and rowing for the USA Rowing Team

May 22 2018



Rank #8: 217 – Charlotte Fanneau of Heuritech – Finding Trends in Images

Podcast cover
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Detecting what’s inside millions of untagged images shared on social media for fashion & luxury houses to measure product trends & know clients better...
Charlotte Fanneau, Product Marketing Manager for Heuritech (AI that empowers fashion e-retailers to bridge the gap between social and commerce with cutting-edge deep learning technology), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, and Ilan Tito at Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen. Powered by Sennheiser.
In this episode:

The journey of getting in the door as a new quantity in geographical areas until Heuritech is more known
Instead of a data API, how Heuritech worked in building the best product plug and play for teams, fitting the daily needs of brands
How Heuritech was created by two PhDs in machine learning, they dove into fashion industry because of so many images
Knowing what mattered in those pictures, training the model to detect many type of details, and recognize products from specific brands, especially luxury bags
Then training the machine to recognize that element in any new image, then scale it in social media
Heuritech’s strength in detecting specific SKU for brands
From hours to a few days to pull many SKUs and training machines against images already on Internet, or even coordinate photo shoots for new products launching
Tracking metrics, the number of times seeing specific products in images
How Heuritech’s tech is good for metrics companies and niche influencers
Tracking all luxury, analyzing that and selling to specific clients who are not necessarily luxury, identifying what trends are, and selling that data back
Forward thinkers with luxury brands, helping the rest of the world to take more risks with data to back intuitions
Getting past hesitations based on past experiences brands have had
Because visual search has not been very good until now, how it is easy to show brands that they can succeed, which solves issue of brands not identifying products in social media images, as they can now be identified, and being able to funnel into intelligent content
The possibility of identifying products and brands in video, but the data challenges before employing a strategy
The many possibilities, collaboration with LOUIS VUITTON
Source material to identify the items and referencable with various body types, ways clothing is draping, and the need to build a reference system
The goal to be key partner with fashion and luxury specialists
Revealing and helping people grow what they’re good at, contrasting fashion between Copenhagen and Paris, and electric drums and singing

Feb 15 2018



Rank #9: 222 – Babba Rivera of BY BABBA – Knowing the Why

Podcast cover
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Brand marketing strategy...
Babba (Canales) Rivera, Founder of BY BABBA (a brand marketing agency) joins - Pavan Bahl and special guest co-host Brianne Kimmel, GTM (Growth, Marketing Strategy, Audience & Industry) at Zendesk in front of a live audience at Sennheiser’s new San Francisco retail store at 278 Post Street. MouthMedia Network is powered by Sennheiser, The Future of Audio.
In this episode:

Rivera discusses her work with Uber and Away Luggage, as founder of the agency BY BABBA, a next-gen brand marketing agency, and about her new last name (personal brand) shared with her new husband
How until recently marketing was focused on branding and product marketing, and the rise of performance marketing, particularly direct-to-consumer for tangible and digital brands
The focus for brands on talking about their brand story of amazing company-building, hiring and treating employees well
The balance between performance and brand marketing, how they should be separate budgets and efforts
How marketing of features is not ideal as they are easy to copy, but the brand story is beyond functionality, brand is personality, and the impact of knowing the why
No one-size-fits-all in marketing strategy
Some brands rely on hitting functionality, and other brands (such as in fashion) have a lot of creative resources and talent within and have more competition
What does performance marketing mean?
Engaging with customers, asking questions, user-generated content that aligns with the message one is trying to achieve
How big brands are doing it right, such as a lot of big brands are building innovation teams and incubators and accelerators
Launching Uber (Black) in Sweden, and how they didn’t have focus on brand
Brand plus performance marketing, user acquisition, easy to get traffic
Early days for tech companies are all about hyper growth at expense of brand,
Facebook vs. Instagram
The early stage of Uber, looking at how the unfair advantage was private driver experience, built early adopters via first ride for free, and then later focusing on it being the same price as a taxi
The number of collaborations with Away Luggage, choosing a direction with brand partnerships, especially with physical products, by leveraging more established brands
Looking at how brands can benefit from Rivera’s toolkit, giving back to brand on a personal note offering intros to help solve problems, and how this has created friends in fashion industry as a result
Strategies on starting a meeting with a specific result in mind, getting curious about high- level thoughts on things the other parties are doing
Adding tech to help with storytelling and amplifying presence with Rag and Bone at a very integral moment
Fashion Week: most people really excited are not invited, wanting to change that led to providing access to the Rag and Bone show to anyone without being an insider, with the goal being impressions and being a part of the conversation
Understanding overall brand impressions and sentiment are important, tools understanding sarcasm, People need to engage with brands when they want, on the channel they want.
When a startup feels traction, what kinds of systems to put in place for performance marketing to make decisions in a fluid way
How a brand can look at quantifying customer interactions
How in-store environment is shaping ecommerce, how both ends drive each other, and a validation point is to not underestimate how emotionally driven consumers are with something looking like a real store
Micro vs. macro influencers, and where relationships fit into marketing, and deeper connections with female founders
And how most desired clients are Millennial-centric direct to consumer brands

Mar 06 2018



Rank #10: 197 – Jon Werner of Adidas – Innovating Relationships with Footwear and Apparel

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Innovation and wearable tech win footwear and apparel
Jon Werner, Innovation Explorer for Adidas (profile) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco at WEAR Conference 2017 in San Francisco.
A startup within a brand, supporting WEAR Conference, and trends leading to movement
Werner discusses how he joined Adidas via an acquisition of a startup focused on mobile fitness, tracking performance for athletes before iPhones. He shares how it is like a startup in well-funded brand, with insights not available as a startup, integrated into the brand. Apparel and shoes make a difference in injury protection and longevity in the sport. Why Adidas maintains presence and support of WEAR Conference. People moving means selling products at Adidas, and how some trends allow getting people to move via technology. Smart fabrics, textiles, wearables, the joke about Adidas as one of the first wearable companies.
Partnering with startups, a changing landscape, and cyborgs
The degree of partnership and the opportunity to collaborate with others, how people are wanting to share resources. The perspective on how people would keep their IP, and going out on their own can stifle creativity. Protect your investments and find ways to partner with others. Important considerations to impact on environment. Seeing a landscape change with sensors, and creating stories about shift of in-store technology, more experiential in retail. Getting NFC chips implanted hands, the possibilities for premium experience, does this make sense to do? How 50,000 people have it, early adopters, and are they cyborgs? How much is wearable tech about being a thing you put on or a tool use, vs. becoming a part of you.
Avoiding silos of innovation, investing in retail, and exploration
The way Werner thinks about developing internal with Adidas, and working with other brands. Trying not to be more than 50% of a startup’s business, a challenge with spending power which has a pitfall, rolling out technology and supporting as a challenge, avoiding silos of innovation and coordinating retail use cases changing, why retail space are highly relevant, 8 key cities Adidas is pouring energy into, how installations will get smaller and can go into retail locations. Smart pixel tech in hightops, more consumer engagement with products, hangtags going away, how a washing machine and dryer could know what kind of apparel or shows and can adjust for that, and the ability to augment sport. Plus Off the Grid Questions cover a great bike, hot wheels, exploration, and sustainability.

Sep 20 2017



Rank #11: 200 – Fashion Model Candice Huffine and Ziel CEO Marleen Vogelaar – The 200th Show

Podcast cover
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Collaboration between on-demand active wear manufacturer and international model...
Candice Huffine (international fashion model and Founder of Day Won – (bio)) and Marleen Vogelaar (Founder/CEO of Ziel, custom activewear collections, designed and delivered on-demand – (bio)) join Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host (and editor for WWD) Andrew Nodell for the 200th episode of Fashion Is Your Business, recorded on location at La Marina Restaurant Bar and Beach Lounge in New York City and sponsored by Stylitics, Musefind and Instasleep.
A model’s journey, from engineer to fashion brand founder, and an inspiring collaboration
Huffine shared her journey as a plus-sized model, a decision at 15 years old to follow a dream, discovering an industry split into two, and a path she was meant to take, as a plus model, a.k.a. “curvy”, and as a role model to motivate people to look their best selves. Becoming a new runner, completing a full marathon, encouraging women to do something just for themselves, and taking on the latest role as a designer of a new fitness apparel line, collaborating with Ziel.

Vogelaar discusses her background in 3D printing, as an engineer not a designer, co-founding Shapeways (the biggest on demand 3D fashion printing company in the world) learning how designers think, how being very tall created a desire and need to create her own clothing, seeing brand fragmentation happening, seeing a lot of technology to make custom clothing, and making a dedicated line for who someone is and what someone stands for like Huffine with Ziel – on-demand design and manufacturing service for retailers and brands.
A new chapter, a new brand name, and propelling designers
Huffine on the work she’s doing with Ziel, why it is both a continuation of her same journey and a new chapter, coming into partnership as knowledgeable and ready, as a natural progression for a model, creating a new brand, and preparing for a long time. She offers a scoop, announcing her new fitness apparel brand name “Day Won”! How Vogelaar is a frustrated buyer of fashion, and the purpose to propel new designers like Huffine, and making it so the women wearing the apparel feel that they can be doing something that makes them feel like the best version of themselves.
Heptathlons, podcasts and movies, and blue crabs
Off the Grid Questions cover the first thought of “Look at me”, pageant queen posters, training for heptathlons, growing up in a factory, building engines vs. the perfect pageant wave, a cash register obsession, spiders and sharks, being relevant, living through brands, staying on brand with podcasts and movies, Huffine gets a job offer, answering where your from, and elusive steamed blue crabs, feeling at home, and a good team.

Note from the hosts: Thank you to all of our guests, listeners, team members, guest hosts, sponsors, and partners for 200 incredible shows. There is much more ahead! And thanks to all who attended our 200th Show recording event, and sharing the moment, the fun, the scenic view, the heat and the helicopters!

Oct 09 2017

1hr 6mins


Rank #12: DRESSED – The Body: Fashion & Physique, an interview with Emma McClendon

Podcast cover
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Fashion history is about more than just pretty clothes...
We have a special treat for you ---a peek into a new show that we love, and think you’ll love.

We all know that Fashion history is about more than just pretty clothes.

But did you know that Cardigan and Leotard were men before they were garments?

Or that denim is actually named after the city of Nimes in France? Jeans after Genoa Italy?

Have you ever wondered just who the real people were behind your favorite brands such as Louis Vuitton and Lanvin?

With over 7 billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Everyday we all get DRESSED.

We think you should join fashion historians April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary each week while they explore the who, what, when of why we wear.

So, take it from us at Fashion Is Your Business----listen to DRESSED every week on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!

And now, enjoy a full episode of DRESSED! This episode explores how the body type considered ideal shifts over time, and we speak with fashion historian Emma McClendon about her current exhibition The Body: Fashion and Physique.
April Calahan is a Special Collections Associate and Curator of Manuscript Collections at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she also serves as an instructor in the History of Art department. April has lectured on the history of fashion at Dallas Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Parsons School of Design, Yale University and has been a repeat guest on the podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class. She is the author of Fashion Plates: 150 Years of Style (Yale University Press, 2015) and the co-author of Fashion and the Art of Pochoir (Thames & Hudson, 2015). Forthcoming works include “Tina Leser: Global Vision” in The Hidden History of American Fashion: Rediscovering 20th-century Women Designers (Bloomsbury, December 2017). April is a founding board member of the New York-based Fashion Studies Alliance.

Cassidy Zachary is a fashion historian and author who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she also works in film and TV as a costumer and costume designer. Cassidy’s work on fashion history can be found in numerous publications including the book Fashion and the Art of Pochoir (Thames & Hudson, 2015), co-authored with April Calahan. In addition to having lectured nationally at the Costume Society of America and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, she is the founder of the popular fashion history blog and Instagram The Art of Dress, which has more than 150,000 followers.

Mar 31 2018



Rank #13: 249 – Strategies from the C-Suite – Growing and Scaling Your Company

Podcast cover
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The development of people, culture, brand, products, and structure necessary for growing and scaling a business - sponsored by Knotel…
This MouthMedia Network Live event was recorded in front of a live audience at Experience Knotel, a interactive space located in the heart of Noho in New York City (666 Broadway) designed to showcase the experience of working in a flexible, adaptable, always energized environment. Sponsored by Knotel - Your agile business deserves an agile space. Knotel will find, customize, and operate your ideal office while you focus on your business. Discover more at
Steven Balasiano – CEO of MHR Advisory, Counsel at Sills Cummis

Terri DiPaolo - Head of Licensing, Sponsorships, & Endorsements at TKO

Jodd Readick – CEO of LymeLog, Founder of Roam Coin, Co-Founder of User Centric Communications
Moderated by:
Avani Patel, Co-Founder of Ember, Founder of TrendSeeder
All of the panelists have scaled businesses, but it was not easy

Building infrastructure, scaling people

In hindsight – what the panelists wish they knew when getting started:

One thing missed – human capital cost, expanding rapidly, then pulling back when it didn’t work out
Utilizing freelancers as hires when scaling rapidly
Sometimes always looking for best talent out there, and, if found, will find them the right seat
Trust your gut

Finding the right people, with an eye on the future:

Always recruiting, keeping an eye out for talent, keeping controls in place
When someone is not the right fit, handling without harming the company morale
Damage control, avoiding piecemeal job firing

Scaling the brand, keeping consumers happy, keeping brand identity

Building with an eye on what you want to be in the coming years
Making sure there is consistent growth, not opening in a new market unless confident of strength in that market, undertaking systematic expansion
Continuing to maintain the culture internally as you scale large
Considerations in integrating different businesses or department that merge


Being around and consulting the people that are around you, mentoring each other
And it is a clerk’s world

Q and A

Brandon McKenzie, Metrobutler

In an evolving real estate ecosystem:

Tremendous opportunities that didn’t exist before

Marie Chestnut, CareerList

Finding opportunities for a startup that has differentiation in a market with challenges:

The value of a cold call, get approach new marketplace, geography or industry with a lot of competition but you have differentiation but requires investment, need one big fish by any means necessary
The value of grassroots efforts, the ability to make something really relevant is so available today
Figure out a niche within an industry or brand

Xian Horn, Positively Positive

Importance in leadership of emotional maturity:

Dealing with time management, expanding and becoming more than a brand, especially as one person
Why you need to have a notebook, and the importance of a personal assistant
Prioritizing, quick wins
The importance of being focused
The Pomodoro time management technique
Panelist bios:
Steven Balasiano

After a successful bankruptcy practice at the premier New York law firms of Kelley Drye & Warren and Stroock, Steven Balasiano joined The Children’s Place and was part of the executive team (Chief Administrative Officer) that scaled the company from 70 stores and $70 million in sales to 1...

Jul 27 2018



Rank #14: Anthony Marino of thredUP – The World’s Largest Online Thrift Store

Podcast cover
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There’s a vision held by the world’s largest online thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes — a healthier and cleaner world…

Anthony Marino, President of thredUP,  joins Rob Sanchez on location in Palm Spring, CA at eTail West.

In this episode:

  • How thredUP has changed over the years
  • Buying used clothing online
  • Offering 25,000-35,000 brands
  • A managed marketplace
  • Suppliers, and trying to take weight off our shoulders—how they get sent a postage paid bag, and then receive money for the pieces they provide
  • Why there is not a whole lot needed to attract suppliers except to make it more and more easier
  • Making thredUP different is the brands they carry
  • The Instagram generation of shoppers—how people don’t want to be seen in same clothing many times, with a record on their feed
  • Considering that suppliers don’t want to be conspicuous
  • A vision of a healthier and cleaner world
  • How the thredUP platform is made for an evolution of brands to capture more unused items to be purchased
  • Value prop – when you’re done with a piece of clothing, you’re not stuck with it
  • How thredUP takes items that have very little attribution and gives them value.
  • thredUP has a no data problem—it actually has to create data
  • A hybrid of computers and people—key a piece is getting info to shopper to make it easy
  • Many customers are millionaires——shoppers are shopping for different reasons

Apr 02 2019



Rank #15: 193 – Ben Blakesley of Reebok – Right Message, Right Voice, Right Person

Podcast cover
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Footwear and apparel social media marketing strategy with Reebok...
Ben Blakesley, Director, Global Social Media for Reebok (bio), joins Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest hosts Julia Macalaster (Head of Strategy & Growth at Def Method) on location at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in New York.
A marketing utility belt of tools, democratizing conversations and diversification
Blakesley reviews how important it is to have the right message at the right time with right person, discusses the utility belt of tools being huge and growing every day, how social media democratizes conversations we used to only be able to have one on one or with small groups, and the objective of building relationships and trust. The business objectives, and looking at being responsive vs. how much state of art of technology. Matching what social media is good at with objectives, diversification of a social media portfolio.
Managing the right voice, navigating culture and language differences, doing something vs. being like something
How social media guidelines are determined from a long developed voice of brand, and making sure partners always have the right voice no matter the international region. Reebok stands for being the best version of yourself, feeling confident, how a message is built on different platforms, and the language and version of message changes. The difference in how using social media to connect consumers wanting apparel for different reasons, using the product to do something vs. being like something, the goals to be building relationships, and repositioning the brand POV, and driving web traffic.
Finding common ground with the audience, from lemons to lemonade, and Back to the Future
Using social media to direct posts to specific audiences, focusing on what people in the world care about, and what Reebok wants to talk about, and finding that sliver of common ground. Plus, Blakesley reflects on the net big thing in content. Off the Grid Questions covers making lemonade from lemons, how getting cut from a baseball team led to a championship and scholarship, finding a great book with a well-targeted social media surprise, and being inspired by alien-looking shoes.

Aug 22 2017



Rank #16: Nicole Mossman of EverThread – Upping eCommerce Consumer Engagement

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Increasing average order value, confidence and conversion, and nurturing customization…

Nicole Mossman, Founder and CEO of EverThread (an enterprise proprietary visualization technology platform that improves online consumer engagement with e-commerce sites, while simultaneously lowering marketing and operational costs), joins Nataliya Makulova on location at ReMode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • The ability to work with 2D images
  • Making molds with images and then being able to add new finishes, colors, pattern to images from season to season
  • Products repeating body styles, so they last over time, true assets
  • Changing way about people think of creating and changing images, and workflow, train customers how get started and what is needed as inputs to create beautiful outputs
  • Creating awareness about everThread and its. mission
  • Helping to power on-demand commerce, not having to produce samples, but giving consumers the ability to see thousands of products, a huge impact on waste
  • Discovering Dallas and its fast growth

Mar 27 2019



Rank #17: 274 – Ryan Teng of CLO Virtual Fashion – A Fitting Future

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In fashion, the ability to realistically size apparel, and truly understand how sizing connects with actual body shapes and sizes in the world, has been a long-standing challenge—and you don’t actually know the average size until you can measure it. But how?

With 3D Virtual Design Software, not only can this challenge be met –and the designer can immediately visualize the shape, fit and appearance of a garment with many types of material and texture — but the data that can come back to the designer who can see the shape of their customer and design for them. This will change everything. Ryan Teng, VP of Business Development for CLO Virtual Fashion (3D Virtual Design Software), joins Nataliya Makulova on location at Remode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • A Leading 3D visual technologies company
  • 3D Fashion Design Software
  • Ten years in the space, gaming as well as fashion
  • When someone enjoys using software, that helps them creates exponential possibilities
  • More schools teaching the software, which gives designers and developers a leg up
  • Why Teng is like a doctor
  • Internal sales meetings, marketing, and more by using the data
  • 3D garment stitching software that is pattern based
  • Web based visual asset manager
  • Online fitting API, creating an avatar for you, body data comes back to designer, seeing shape of your customer and designing for them
  • Why “plus size” is a misnomer, but you don’t know what the average size is until you measure for it
  • Understanding more body shapes
  • Technology looking into the future
  • Rendering in CLO with a lot of textures, from velvet to fur
  • Value of a feedback loop
  • Making clothing for digital influencers and avatars
  • How AI is a part of the company
  • Fit as a gatekeeper of a brand’s identity 
  • Why tech designers are the unsung heroes of an apparel company
  • Music as a form of freedom and expression, and documenting your own life

Feb 05 2019



Rank #18: Jason Heap of Lowes - Success With People

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New retail means new ideas, new technology, new leaders who are thinking with new strategies. In some cases, -that means strategies about people. Millennial workforces have created a cultural shift in the way retailers manage and cultivate their people. Last year Lowes, a leading Australian menswear, young menswear, and schoolwear retail chain offering well-made clothing at affordable prices, won Retail Employer of The Year. Jason Heap, Head of People at Lowes, joins Marc Raco on location in front of a live audience at Online Retailer in Sydney Australia to discuss how they developed their people strategy and the lessons the retail industry can learn from exemplary people strategies; the challenges and knowledge required to take the next step; and the next level of ethical advancement required to meet an aware and conscious consumer.

Sep 10 2019



Rank #19: 266 – Chris Hansen of IgnitionOne – Personalization, Marketing, and Data

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Chief product officer of a digital marketing company on personalization in marketing...
Chris Hansen, Chief Product Officer for IgnitionOne (an award-winning Customer Intelligence Platform enabling marketers to understand, value and engage with their customers in real-time) , joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco on location at the IgnitionOne Summit in New York.
In this episode:

Personalization in marketing
Marketing is a one-sided conversation in most circumstances
Testimonial podcast and radio – personalization, as if the user of products
Understanding a marketing customer’s data
Chief Product Officer and knowing when something needs to be built

How things end up in a roadmap
Combination of service and creative and tech enablement, to productize
Using first-party data vs. third-party data
Moving to a marketing technology company – the way you approach the market can have a dramatic impact on the success of breaking through the politics of CMO decisions
Tracking can throw off whole picture (i.e. awareness, brand recognition)
Having focused on the true customer journey, moving down the funnel into conversion
Retention and loyalty are a thing to really pay attention to, take data and use it in a personalized fashion
350 employees across 15 offices, keeping the story straight across the company
Making sure data and marketing understanding each other
Compromising as Head of Product – thinking something is a good idea vs. what market needs and wants
Loving the comfort of Tokyo, and a love of Brussels, and a world-view-changing moment
And greetings from the other (famous) Chris Hansen (Hanson)

Nov 20 2018



Rank #20: Brian Fesen of Mack Weldon - Marketing Men's Basics

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Underwear. Pretty much everybody wears it. It’s the basics. But for the underwear (and more) brand Mack Weldon, reinventing men's basics is keys. They believe in smart design, premium fabrics, and simple shopping. And it’s the building of community and loyalty strategies that make this brand a perfect fit for more and more men. Brian Fesen, Head of Marketing, joins Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez on location at Commerce Next in New York.

Oct 03 2019