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Rank #165 in Society & Culture category

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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire and add a little extra presence to your everyday.

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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire and add a little extra presence to your everyday.

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Used to love it

By Ssweetsbaby - Jul 31 2019
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I used to LOVE this show. I binged listened when I first came across it a few years ago. I loved the interviews, her life story and accomplishments, and interviews with knowledgeable people about the chosen topics. I loved how she supported theory and ideas with facts and science. It made it all make sense I.e LOA and intuition. However I stopped listening when it all started to sound like one big marketing campaign for services, classes, and shows. Everything seemed to be pointing the audience to something she is marketing. It no longer seemed genuine. I understand you have to make money, but don’t degrade the content while seeking compensation. I hope it will one day return to the show of yesteryears that I couldn’t get enough of.

Beyond grateful!!

By maksher - Jan 10 2019
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The client sessions changed the game. So thankful for how this podcast has impacted me.

iTunes Ratings

1328 Ratings
Average Ratings

Used to love it

By Ssweetsbaby - Jul 31 2019
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I used to LOVE this show. I binged listened when I first came across it a few years ago. I loved the interviews, her life story and accomplishments, and interviews with knowledgeable people about the chosen topics. I loved how she supported theory and ideas with facts and science. It made it all make sense I.e LOA and intuition. However I stopped listening when it all started to sound like one big marketing campaign for services, classes, and shows. Everything seemed to be pointing the audience to something she is marketing. It no longer seemed genuine. I understand you have to make money, but don’t degrade the content while seeking compensation. I hope it will one day return to the show of yesteryears that I couldn’t get enough of.

Beyond grateful!!

By maksher - Jan 10 2019
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The client sessions changed the game. So thankful for how this podcast has impacted me.
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The Lively Show

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Rank #165 in Society & Culture category

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The Lively show is a weekly podcast designed to uplift, inspire and add a little extra presence to your everyday.

Rank #1: TLS #202: Abraham Hicks, getting unstuck, losing weight, & making money with Brooke Castillo

Podcast cover
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Today's Lively Show has a beloved Lively show guest on once again... Brooke Castillo!

Brooke is the founder of The Life Coach School and Life Coach School podcast. She's also a fun straight shooter and fellow student of Abraham Hicks.

In today's show we are having a fun and casual conversation talking about a huge range of subjects: Law of Attraction, doing impossible things, getting unstuck, losing weight, and making $15 million dollars.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about alignment and manifesting "impossible" things.
[Tweet "“Life is supposed to be fun." - @BrookeCastillo"]
[Tweet "“We are not just the effect of our circumstances, but we are actually the cause. " - @BrookeCastillo"]
[Tweet "“Confusion is never necessary… and it’s always a lie. " - @BrookeCastillo"]
[Tweet "“Anything that is numbing you out, is numbing you from your guidance system." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Money is a mental construct. " - @BrookeCastillo"]
[Tweet "“There are things you don’t know, that you don’t know. " - @BrookeCastillo"]
Brooke tells us about how she started her career as a weight coach and life coach.
She tells us her feelings about The Law of Attraction and her thoughts about the teachings of Abraham Hicks.
Brooke discusses the lessons from Abraham Hicks regarding dying and death.
She tells us that there are only two ways to truly experience life,  through sensation and emotion.     
Brooke describes her thoughts on emotion in that we can create it regardless what’s happening in our circumstance.
She tells us what the biggest issues are with some clients since they are indulging in confusion, which is the reason they are not moving forward in the careers or life.
Brooke mentions that if you don’t know what to do to move forward, it's generally because you are not aligning with the version of yourself that you want to be.
She believes that one can create abundance by creating decisions out of abundance, rather than fear.
Brooke talks about food, and how some people who have challenges with gaining or loosing weight due to the fact that they are not in tune with themselves.
She describes how your feelings act as an indication of how aligned you are with your intuition.
Brooke mentions how you need a mind shift change when thinking about money by allowing her brain to consider the impossible.
The Life Coach School
The Life School Podcast
Abraham Hicks
Byron Katie
TLS #180 with Byron Katie
Let It Out with Katie Dalebout (previously Wellness Wonderland )
TLS #87 with Brooke Castillo
TLS #127 with Brooke Castillo
Podcast Superhero (Joe)
Intentional Spark (Tony)
TLS #189: Quantum Living
TLS #194: Quantum Living
Mar 09 2017
1 hour 14 mins

Rank #2: TLS #100: Elizabeth Gilbert on curiosity, epic self-compassion, & creativity (“Big Magic”)

Podcast cover
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Episode 100.
Elizabeth Gilbert.
And my 31st birthday.
These are three things that are all happening today on The Lively Show, and I'm pinching myself to make sure this isn't just a dream....
.... A lovely dream that I cannot wait to share with you!
Today we're talking with worldwide bestselling author, Elizabeth Gilbert - of Big Magic, and Eat Pray Love fame - about a wide range of topics including creativity, the fetishization of passion, the magic of curiosity, and the importance of epic doses of self-compassion.
This episode is perfect for anyone looking to have a more compassionate + creative life, career, and relationship with themselves. 
[Tweet "“Honor your creativity so much that you don’t demand it to provide for your entire life.” - Elizabeth Gilbert"]

[Tweet "“None of us are entitled to any outcome ever. This is the fiercest truth that there is about life on earth.” - Elizabeth Gilbert"]

[Tweet "“Practice on yourself the great tenderhearted passion you want to show to the world.” - Elizabeth Gilbert "]

[Tweet "“What do you want to do that makes your soul ignite?” - Elizabeth Gilbert"]

[Tweet "“Follow your curiosity.” - Elizabeth Gilbert"]
How Elizabeth’s childhood spent living on a farm contributed to her creativity.
Why Elizabeth doesn’t preach passion to others, and what she thinks is a better alternative to passion.
How she is repurposing and reclaiming the word “entitlement.”
Why Elizabeth believes people shouldn’t quit their day jobs in order to be creative.
Why she thinks service is not effective if you don’t love the work.
How Elizabeth is able to avoid martyrdom in her life and solve conflicts in a creative and playful way.
Why self compassion is essential for a joyful and beautiful life.
How Elizabeth distinguishes between the soul and the ego and how her soul has kept her going through rejection and scrutiny.
What she believes is the best way to help others.
How Elizabeth has come to understand and work with her psychological creative cycles.
What Elizabeth would tell someone just starting out on this journey.
Eat Pray Love

Big Magic

Magic Lessons Podcast

Get your free audio copy of Big Magic, or any other book you'd like at

Squarespace Mini Interview: Bryn Huntpalmer of The Birth Hour Podcast
Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Oct 15 2015
54 mins

Rank #3: the lively show: how to create a capsule wardrobe with caroline rector (unfancy)

Podcast cover
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Today's Lively Show episode is the perfect blend of deep introspection, inspiration, practical how-to, and fun!

I'm talking with Caroline Rector of the minimalist fashion blog, Unfancy.

Caroline's blog focuses on creating a "capsule wardrobe," which - for her - means wearing the same 37 pieces (including shoes!) for three months at a time.

I knew I had to have her on the show to share the journey that brought her to the concept... and share her insights for those of us who would like to attempt a similar experiment in our own wardrobes.

This show is perfect for anyone interested in trying a creative wardrobe framework, simplifying, discovering their true style, or tackling difficult shopping issues.
The two big limiting beliefs that Caroline had to overcome in her life which eventually brought her to style and fashion blogging.
How Caroline reexamined her negative thought patterns and mainstream media messages in order to change the way she looked at herself and reality. (Heads up: we talk about breasts.)
The four month long soul journey that Caroline went on between ending her previous career and starting her new one as a minimalist fashion blogger.
Where the concept of capsule collections comes from, and the blogs that helped introduce Caroline to the concept initially.
Why Caroline has settled on the number 37 for her capsule collections.
How Caroline approaches setting the number of pieces in a capsule collection and her suggestions for others thinking to do something similar.
Caroline's approach to shopping when she's creating a capsule.
The step-by-step guide to starting your own capsule collection experiment.
The revelations that Caroline experienced from not clothes shopping for long periods of time.
How this shift in shopping and style has impacted the rest of Caroline's life.
Caroline's recommendations for those who have full-time jobs or two separate roles that require completely different types of clothing.
What Caroline would tell someone just starting out on this journey.
Into Mind
Project 333
Be More With Less 
Caroline's Wardrobe Planner
Want more? Check out more Lively Show episodes here.
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Oct 09 2014
45 mins

Rank #4: TLS #309: Introducing my newest live class, “Magic, Not Manual”

Podcast cover
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In today’s TLS I’m sharing my newest live class, Magic, Not Manual, with you -- which is designed to help you begin to create and manifest in your life beyond your mind’s abilities, limitations, and resistance.

After working with over a thousand students worldwide via Flow With Intention Online, and exploring the powers of brain states to create the life we want through Cschool... I’ve been diving into the practice of manifesting beyond our minds.

And I want to share this next evolution of conscious, less-mind manifesting with you.

We are going to be teaching this course live on April 6th in Pittsburgh, and if your intuition feels it’s a fit, I’m excited to work with you -- and for you to meet everyone else who joins us from the FWIO community!

Let’s go to the show. : )

PS: To join us at Magic, Not Manual on April 6th, click here.
[Tweet "“The ego is an identity created in the mind" - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Your own wellness is what improves and creates the wellness of the universe. " - @JessCLively"]
Jess talks about her current travels and what’s been going on lately over the past few weeks.
She tells us how she’s been playing life differently
Jess discusses the three things of who we are: 1. The Ego Identity, 2. The Inner Voice 3. Pure conciseness.   
Jess reviews what to look forward to in the new class,  Magic, Not Manual
Law of Attraction on Audible
Paul Selig on Audible
The Calile Hotel Brisbane
O Sun Sparkling
Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now
Abraham Hicks
Mar 07 2019
37 mins

Rank #5: TLS #108: Consciously Completing a Relationship with Katherine Woodward Thomas

Podcast cover
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This episode is very near and dear to my heart and I have been looking forward to sharing this with you, my dear friends, for a while now.

For many reasons which are explained in this episode, I have asked bestselling author, Katherine Woodward Thomas, on the show to share her new book, Conscious Uncoupling, which lays out her five step process to consciously uncoupling and living happily even after.

I have used Katherine’s process personally over the past few months, and it has transformed a potentially negative or destructive process into one of peace, joy, and love. Now, I’d like to share her approach with you.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about a five step process to help lovingly complete a relationship wholeheartedly, or for anyone who wants to learn about a meaningful new chapter in my own life.
[Tweet "“I am the source of my own experience.” - Katherine Woodward Thomas"]
[Tweet "“We're all primed for self-actualization and believe in personal growth.” - Katherine Woodward Thomas"]
[Tweet "“Nature has designed us to bond.” - Katherine Woodward Thomas"]
[Tweet "“Every seed we plant will grow into a tree which we’ll be eating for years to come.” - Katherine Woodward Thomas"]
[Tweet "“The patient on the operating table is you.” - Katherine Woodward Thomas"]
[Tweet "“Live close and true to your heart.” - Katherine Woodward Thomas"]
Katherine tells us how her life was defined by growing up with her parent’s divorce and how that evolved today as an author and psychotherapist.
She tells us the story of how she set intentions for her life and the beginnings of her inner journey of self reflection.
Katherine shows us how she used her own personal experience in creating her seven steps to help people with their relationships.
She tells us about her uncoupling with her husband and the positive outcome it had on her life as well as her family’s lives.
She describes that finding emotional freedom moves us from the difficult and emotional issues of a breakup to a more positive outcome.
Katherine explains that you need to shift your perspective and begin taking personal responsibility for your part in the relationship and thus reclaim your power and your life.
She talks about her ”source-fracture story" theory and  how it’s been the underlying cause of disappointing patterns in love which can help heal your heart.
Katherine says that couples need to see themselves as capable of generating a positive future themselves and everyone impacted by the breakup..

Katherine finishes with her fifth step which is to create your happily even after life by making wise and life-affirming decisions as they reinvent their life.

She tells us how “affect labeling” can help us control feelings and emotions.

Katherine describes how uncoupling can leave you better equipped to love with a bigger, more trusting heart.
Grace Bonney

Calling in "The One"

Design*Sponge at Home

Conscious Uncoupling

Ken McLeod

Matthew Lieberman


PS - If you’d like to read Mr. Lively’s post about the conscious completion of our marriage, you can do so here.
Dec 10 2015
1 hour 7 mins

Rank #6: TLS #161: My Top 10 Lessons From My “Lively Adventure”

Podcast cover
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This is my first week back in the States!

(Talk about “all the feels.”)

Before leaving in May, I was most curious to know how this trip would “change me” - since so many people said extended international travel would do just that.

Well, today I’m reflecting on the top 10 lessons I’ve learned - and what I think I’m going to do in my life (based on this experience) going forward.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the lessons I’ve learned this summer which apply to us all, near or abroad.  
10. Follow your intuition, even when things feel uncertain.
9. How to use flow to direct my adventures.
8. Internal alignment is greater than external expectations. (following other people’s flow is not going to work for me).
7. Sometimes the Flowing gets tough.
6. Sometimes there’s a dip after a really, really great period.
5. Your skills and values can never be taken away.
4. Pain happens, suffering is optional.
3. We don’t have to own to appreciate.
2. Our emotions do not need to equal our circumstances.
1. How have I changed on this journey?
TLS Vlog - The Big Annoucement

TLS Vlog from NYC

TLS #156: Meditation Retreat

Dhanakosa Buddhist Meditation Retreat Center

Alex + Mimi Ikon Vlog about Climbing Ben Nevins

Ben Nevins - Scotland

Writing to Your Intuition Course

TLS #152: Getting Answers and the U-Curve Hypothesis

The U-Curve Hyposisthese – Sverre Lysgaard

TLS #157: Appreciation Episode

TLS #159: Emotions and Circumstances
Aug 11 2016
38 mins

Rank #7: TLS #229: The most powerful way to change unwanted thoughts & behaviors I’ve ever found with Marisa Peer

Podcast cover
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As I’ve been diving into the creation of our thoughts (and subsequently our behaviors), I’ve uncovered the incredible power of the subconscious mind on the outcomes in our lives.

Then, I wanted to discover methods to reprogram these subconscious beliefs, which brought me to Britain’s top rated therapist, Marisa Peer, and her incredible Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

In fact, I found my own RTT session so powerful, I recently devoted a few weeks to becoming certified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist myself.

Today, I’m having Marisa on the show to explain why the subconscious is so powerful, how it works, and how you can change your own beliefs and behaviors in a single RTT session, instead of months or years in traditional talk therapy.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the workings of the subconscious mind, and why our thoughts or behaviors often cause us pain - even when we seem to “know better.”
[Tweet "“The mind is very logical." - @marisapeertherapy"]
[Tweet "“The words you use determine the outcome you will get." - @marisapeertherapy"]
[Tweet "“Depression is linked to not following your heart’s desire." - @marisapeertherapy"]
[Tweet "“The mind can be programmed to respond to change." - @marisapeertherapy"]
Marisa tells us why she became a hypnotherapist and later sought to teach others this technique of programming the mind.
She discusses the differences between traditional (talk) therapy verses hypnotic therapy.
Marisa talks about how powerful the mind is to human beings and that we can the ability to control it, consciously and subconsciously.
She details the reasons we need to relax the nervous system for hypnosis and where the subconscious actually resides in our bodies.
Marisa talks about how some modern diseases or health issues are psychosomatic, fostered by the brain, in efforts to protect us or punish us.
She tells us what Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is and how it’s so powerful and also very different from other types of therapies.
Marisa tells us one of the biggest challenges she is facing is getting the medical community on board with the concept of RTT since this is a non-medical ways to change the thinking of the brain in patients.
She says that there are three things to know about the brain; it likes what is familiar but can be wired to what’s unfamiliar, it responds to the pictures and words in your head, and it does what you truly want.
Abraham Hicks
The Secret
Jul 20 2017
1 hour 3 mins

Rank #8: TLS #302: The Client Sessions: Self-worth & Letting Go of What Our Lives “Should” Look Like with Alexandra Colasacco

Podcast cover
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Today we’re talking with a client named Alexandra, who is looking for career guidance, and the session ultimately flows into a tutorial for tapping into your own inner sense of calm. If the mind in you is struggling with self-worth, this episode will feel like a balm to your soul.

We discuss letting go of what we think our life “should” look like and the mind’s need for external validation. We also explore what to do when the mind in you gets impatient and wants to effort its way to its desires. We go into more detail than ever before on how to tap into your own Inner Voice, and I even learn some new things from Alexandra’s Inner Being!

Alexandra and I spent a lot of this session focusing beyond the mind, and the drastic change in energy and tone of voice when Alexandra shifts from the mind in her to her Inner Voice is incredible.

Let’s go to the show. : )
[Tweet "“You are the universe." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“You're doing just fine." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“You are wonderful indeed." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“All is released to the knowing in your heart." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“The peace is always within you." - @JessCLively"]
Alexandra speaks with Jess to get some guidance about her career path.
Jess flows the conversation into a tutorial of how to tap into your "inner sense" of calm.
Alexandra discusses letting go of what we think our life “should” look like
She shares advise about writing and listening to you inner voice and allowing it to guide you.
TLS #124 with Brené Brown
TLS #100 with Elizabeth Gilbert
TLS #131 with Gary Vaynerchuk
Star Wars
Eckhart Tolle
Law of Attraction Book
Abraham Hicks
TLS #285: Spiral Dynamics

Disney World

Epcot Center
Jan 10 2019
1 hour 28 mins

Rank #9: TLS #52 Mini Edition: How to Hear From Your Intuition Today

Podcast cover
Read more

Today on the Lively Show, I'm talking about one of my favorite topic's and answering a listener question, from Emily R., about how to listen to your intuition and know when it is telling you something (or if it is your ego).

This is a huge topic that can literally change the course of your life (it has for me), and gives you access to incredible wisdom and guidance which exist within you.

I'm also going to be sharing two of my favorite ways to get insights from your intuition that you can use today.

This show is perfect for anyone who is feeling confused, frustrated, or lost in a particular area of their lives, or anyone who wants to finally tell the difference between their ego and intuition.

[Tweet "Intuition focuses on what we need in order to feel peace and clarity in the present moment."]

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." -  Albert Einstein


Announcements about the 2015 Life With Intention Online & a surprise I'm cooking up for you next week. How to listen to your intuition. The most important thing to do for people who are just starting to listen to their intuition. How to verbally connect with your intuition. How to write to your intuition for better, fuller clarity. How to know if your intuition is speaking or your ego. How to avoid serious situations your intuition is warning you about and listen to your intuition early on.


Life With Intention Online

With Intention Quick Start Guide
The Power of Now - An amazing book that explores the ego deeper.
My conversation with my intuition  (see below)

A Conversation With My Intuition

{{Backstory: This particular conversation is from many months ago and is about a project I have not yet shared. So for now, the topic is replaced by blanks. When the time is right, I’ll share the whole story.}}

ME: [Intuition], why do I have this inner conflict? What is it about? 
INTUITION: It is about the reason that you are supposed to _. You are already helping people – but that has grown a bit dim.
And you are happy right now in your comfort zone, at least for a little while.
Just taking the changes that you have made [so far] has left you a bit burned out and moving so fast you weren’t able to really feel safe.
So you kinda put this out of your mind and reveled in a break from the fast pace that you have been on – or at least you think you have been on.
But the truth is that you are ready.
Why I am I supposed to _
Because it will help people. And you.
But I already help people, why _ specifically?
Because you will connect to them in a deeper way, in a transformative way that you cannot do in one-on-one sessions or on the blog.
Will I really help them? I’m scared.
You are scared of the unknown. You always have been. This just feels bigger to you.
It feels bigger to me because I know that I heard you say it. You told me to _
I’ve never asked you before and now it feels big and important and really like if I don’t do it perfectly than I will fail at my purpose.
I will fail at my destiny. 
It is not your destiny to _. That is a part of your journey and nothing more.
Okay, that takes some pressure off of it. Thanks. 
Also, you cannot fail at it.
As long as you decide to do it and listen to me, it cannot fail. The only way it can fail is if you don’t do it at all.
And even then, you are whole and complete. Nothing is lacking.
Yes. But I know that I’m supposed to __ and every moment that I don’t do it, it feels farther away.
More distant. More likely to fail.
I’m also scared that it won’t be very good. I don’t feel like I have dominion over the other areas – not like I do the home parts.

Dec 09 2014
20 mins

Rank #10: TLS #188: The Law of Attraction (and the 3 most common misconceptions)

Podcast cover
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Today we are diving into a foundational principle of consciousness and energy: the Law of Attraction.

I believe the Law of Attraction is extremely powerful… and is also often misunderstood or misapplied. Today, I’m going into the details about what it is, where it came from, and I’m clarifying what I believe to be the three biggest misconceptions.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to understand The Law of Attraction, which I believe to be a foundational principle of energy, flow, and consciousness.
[Tweet "“Sometimes the consciousness of the source affects how it resonates with you." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Like attracts like." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Vibration equals our emotional state." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“It’s the vibration of you the creates the attraction, not the words you say." - @JessCLively"]
Where did the Law of Attraction originate from.
What is the Law of Attraction exactly and how it explained today.
How the science of quantum mechanics (frequency, waves and vibration) relate to the Law of Attraction and affect our reality on the physical realm.
What are the three most common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.
How alignment plays a role with your intuition and the universe, the source.
TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you

The Secret (book)

The Secret Documentary Film

Abraham Hicks

The Law of Attraction on

TLS #184 with Erin Loechner
Jan 10 2017
40 mins

Rank #11: the lively show: embracing minimalism with dana shultz (the minimalist baker)

Podcast cover
Read more
The Lively Show episodes are officially in the double digits now!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support for the show.

In today's episode I'm talking to Dana Shultz of Minimalist Baker.
Dana is a talented food blogger who crafts gorgeous, easy to make recipes that often have a vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free slant.

She and her husband, John, also happen to be passionate minimalists as well.

In the show, Dana explains what minimalism means and shares how she and John have implemented several big and small changes that have created more time, space, and freedom in their lives.

In addition, Dana also dishes on her blogging schedule and time management strategy that allows her to travel for 3+ weeks at a time.

If you are looking to simplify your life, or blog more efficiently, this show is for you!
* Sara, thanks for suggesting Dana for the show! 
How Dana and John became interested in minimalism and the choices they've made as a result.
How Dana's very first post on became a huge hit.
Dana's minimalism suggestions and tips.
The biggest mindset shift that has occurred as a result of minimalism for Dana and John.
The area of life that Dana is currently focusing her minimalist philosophy on right now.
Dana's approach to time management and blogging topics.
How Dana runs her site and maintains reader engagement while traveling 3+ weeks.
What Dana would tell someone just starting out on this journey.
Minimalist Baker about page

Minimalism FAQ

Sara @ Cake Over Steak (allows you to schedule Pinterest pins)

Want more? Check out past Lively Show episodes here.
PS – There are now 65 reviews on iTunes! Thank you each and every one of you 65 wonderful people for taking the time to write a review.

If you haven't left a review of the show yet, you can do so here.
Apr 10 2014
33 mins

Rank #12: TLS #46: embracing the unexpected with ali edwards (

Podcast cover
Read more
Happy Thursday to you!

Today on The Lively Show, I'm talking with Ali Edwards of Ali is a leader in the scrapbooking world, and has reframed what it means to scrapbook, through the lens of telling your life story intentionally.

But our conversation extends far beyond scrapbooking - we cover a gamut of topics centered around what it means to live with the unexpected changes and challenges that come our way throughout our lives.

From Autism to divorce, Ali shares about the peace that comes with "living in the grey" and embracing the fact that life may have a different (even better) plan for us than what we've imagined.

This episode is perfect for anyone who struggles (or knows someone who struggles) with all-or-nothing thinking, or who is dealing with an unexpected change in their lives.
[Tweet ""You are capable of accepting what is coming next - even when you don't know what that is.""]
How Ali has shifted the focus of traditional scrapbooking to what she calls intentional scrapbooking.
What having a child with Autism has taught Ali and how it has prepared her for other aspects of her life.
How Ali handles the immediate black and white reactions of her ego in order to embrace the gray and the imperfections in life.
The mantra that came to Ali early in her divorce that helped her move through it without "stuffing" and with grace.
What Ali would tell someone who is grappling with an unexpected or grief creating situation in their life.
How Ali intentionally shared her divorce with her readers.
The books that have influenced Ali the most, particularly during her divorce.
The word that Ali is focused on this year, and why she isn't liking it so much anymore.
What Ali would tell someone just starting out on this journey.
Ali's scrapbooking products
Life With Intention Online
Diane Ackerman quote
Ali's Getting Real post
How Ali posted about the divorce
Broken Open
The Gifts of Imperfection 
Daring Greatly 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
The Alchemist
One Little Word 
Want more? Check out more Lively Show episodes here.
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Nov 13 2014
47 mins

Rank #13: TLS #236: Law of Attraction: clarifying action, manifestations and feeling good ‘all the time’ with Megan Bowers

Podcast cover
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Today on TLS, I’m discussing one of my favorite subjects with friend and videographer, Megan Bowers... The parts of law of attraction that can seem confusing.

Here are a few items we’ll be diving into, based on questions I have been asked by listeners and friends:

Do I need to take “Massive Action” a la Tony Robbins?
Should life feel “easy and good” all the time?

What is my first manifestation? (And how to tell if I have it.)

What is the most critical part of all desires?
This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a deep dive into the finer points of Law of Attraction and how to use it to live the life you want.
[Tweet "“Like attracts like." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Give yourself permission to go get happy." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Change is growth." - @JessCLively"]
Megan describes what she knows about Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction they discuss who and what Abraham is about.
They describe how Abraham’s voice speaks through Esther and what grabbed Jess's attention when she started to listen to Abraham.
Jess talks in depth about taking massive action and how we need to take it from a place of alignment.
Jess clarifies what and why the first manifestation is the emotional state.
She describes what is Self Love and why it's the critical part of all the desires.
Pictory Productions
Abraham Hicks YouTube
The Law of Attraction on
TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you
Think and Grow Rich
Tony Robbins
Gary Vaynerchuk
Writing to your Intuition
The Untethered Soul
Eckhart Tolle
Master Key System
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Aug 31 2017
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Rank #14: TLS All Star Episode #143: How to Change Negative Thought Patterns & Understand The Ego with Brooke Castillo (The Life Coach School Podcast)

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Today’s Lively Show All Star is life coach and straight shooter, Brooke Castillo, of The Life Coach School and The Life Coach School Podcast.

I have loved getting to know Brooke as a guest and friend since this interview first aired, and I still go back and listen to this episode to get a refresher on the truth and liberation that Brooke delivers in this interview.

In particular, I LOVE the part where she shared that every emotion we think we will feel “once X, Y, or Z happens” is actually available to us right now, in this very moment. And the part about thoughts, emotions, and actions has become a powerful aspect of Work + Worth as well.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to understand the concept of “ego” (as I refer to it on the show) and wants to learn a step-by-step process to change negative thought patterns.
[Tweet "“The body you’re in is the body you’re meant to be in. There has been no mistake.” - @BrookeCastillo"]

[Tweet "“There is no emotion that isn’t available to you right now.” -@BrookeCastillo"]

[Tweet "“Worry pretends to be necessary.” - @EckhartTolle"]

[Tweet "“If you want to access a true intuition, you have to clean up your brain first.” -@BrookeCastillo"]
How Brooke’s love for self-help developed early on and what books had the greatest influence on her growing up.
What Brooke believes is the most influential tool in your life and how it affects and creates your feelings.
Brooke explains how we can better access our intuition by observing our thoughts and understanding the ego.
Why Brooke believes we should look at our thoughts as opinions, rather than facts.
The common misconception about the Law of Attraction.
How we can create a huge shift in how we feel day to day by changing the way we think about our to-do list.
We both discuss our own struggles with weight and how we were able to find peace in that area of our lives.
The danger in finding your worth in your work.
Brooke shares about her ongoing struggle with doubt.
What Brooke would tell someone just starting out on this journey.
Women Who Love Too Much

Loving What Is

Women Food and God

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May 12 2016
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Rank #15: TLS #78: 27 Ways To Make Money Online with Hilary Rushford (Part 1)

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After seeing friends and online business owners, Hilary Rushford (Dean Street Society) and Jessie Artigue (Style & Pepper) rock out a packed session at Alt Summit on 27 Ways to Make Money Online, I knew I needed to bring their great content to you through The Lively Show!

To start, we'll be discussing all of the ways that Hilary has made money online during her web-based career. This lady is crushing it with her style and business offerings. In the show, she's dishing on the ways she's done things in the past, doling out advice based on what she's learned, and giving us a peek into what she's focusing on right now.

Next week, Jessie will come on the show and share her income streams over the years and her advice for people just starting out, as well as more seasoned business owners.

Plus, we've made a free printable (below) that outlines the 27 money making methods below so you can follow along and take notes!

This (two-part) episode is perfect for anyone looking to get advice on making money online, or anyone simply curious about how two web-based business owners optimize their income streams. 
[Tweet "“You can’t bless the world if you can’t pay the rent.” -Hilary Rushford"]

[Tweet "“Do everything you can to not go it alone in the process.” -Hilary Rushford"]

[Tweet "The Lively Show: 27 Ways to Make Money Online ..."]
Free Printable
The aha moment that lead Hilary to discover what she wanted to do with the next chapter of her life.
The difficulties she has faced in collaboration and what she had to do to remain true to her message.
How to tell the difference between “faking it until you make it” and just faking it.
The importance of looking to others for feedback and wisdom.
How Hilary made $2,000 dollars in a week by teaching a last minute online course.
Hilary gives us a huge tip for what we can be doing right now to improve our Instagram feeds and encourage more following.
The advice Hilary received that has lead her to focus, simplify and improve the services she offers.
How to strike a balance between making money and doing work that brings you joy.
The pros and cons of monetizing your blog and the ways that have been most effective for Hilary.
Hilary’s advice to anyone who doesn’t know where to start.
Why she believes it is important to develop relationships with people who have your desired career and see what their lives are really like behind the scenes.
How she is currently struggling with slowing down and simplifying her business.
What Hilary would tell someone just starting out on this journey.

The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail

Hilary's Free One Hour Instagram Class

Making Things Happen


The Lean Startup

Jessie’s blog

Squarespace Mini Interview:
PS - Don't forget to print out the free printable to take notes on this two part episode (above)!
Jun 11 2015
1 hour 15 mins

Rank #16: TLS #51: confidence, humor, & mental health with kelley lilien (mrs. lilien)

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Today I'm chatting with the vivacious, witty, and talented graphic designer and author, Kelley Lilien, the creator of the Mrs. Lilien brand and books.

Kelley is sharing about how she discovered her strengths, what it's like to work with Jonathan Adler, and her successful experience with getting professional help and medication for severe anxiety and depression.

This show is perfect for anyone who is looking to learn more about the freelance graphic design world, or wants to hear a positive experience with treating clinical anxiety and depression.
How rhyming became a part of the Mrs. Lilien brand.
The touching and spontaneous romance that sparked between Kelley and her husband at a Taco Shop in San Francisco.
How graphic design became a part of Kelley's life. 
(~16:00) The challenges with anxiety and depression that Kelley has struggled with throughout the second half of her life.
The actions Kelley initially took to help get a handle on her anxiety and depression.
How Kelley knew it was time to get medication to help manage the anxiety and depression.
What the experience of getting on medication was like, the steps she took, and the immediate reactions she had to the medication.
Kelley's emotions now and how they differ from before.
What Kelley would recommend for anyone else thinking they may need help with anxiety and depression and are considering medication.
Kelley's experience with possibly creating a reality TV show and what she learned about herself.
Kelley's branding advice.
What Kelley would tell someone just starting out on this journey.
Life With Intention Online - special holiday rate expires December 12.
The Mrs. Lilien blog
Clara Artschwager Lively Show episode
Esmé Wang's Lively Show episode 
Kate Arend's Lively Show episode
Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook
Erin Gates' Lively Show episode 
Courtney Carver's Lively Show episode 
Simon Doonan's books 
Jasmine Star 
Want more? Check out more Lively Show episodes here.
PS - Life With Intention Online special Holiday registration + pricing is now open for our 2015 class (offer expires 12/12)! Register here.
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Dec 04 2014
56 mins

Rank #17: TLS #159: A Lively Adventure: Our emotions do not equal our circumstances

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Today’s Lively Show is going into a subject that I’m fascinated by: the connection (or disconnection) between circumstances and emotions.

This is some new territory on TLS, we have touched on emotions briefly in this episode with Brooke Castillo, and today I’m going deeper into how we can chose to positively shift our emotions despite circumstances that would normally “dictate” otherwise. And, how by choosing positive emotions before things happen, situations unfold in better than “expected.”

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to have more positive feelings and less emotional reactivity to circumstances (or other people’s emotions) in their lives.
[Tweet "“Our emotions are triggered by our circumstances." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“We can only be the light, and wait for them to ask how we shine." - @JessCLively"]
Even though our circumstances can vary, our access to different emotions is relatively limited.
The scale of emotions (see below) and how they relate and range in your life.
How our circumstances do not have to define where we land on this scale.
Why we don’t always need to feel the worst because of the worst circumstances.
Due to the large amount of circumstances and limited amount of emotions, the scale can help us identify where we and others are on the scale.
We can see what emotions we gravitate to the most, it allows us to have empathy for ourselves and others, we can question whether the emotion we are currently feeling is serving us in the situation or see if we can float to a higher emotion.
Can we choose our emotions before our circumstances?
Why we need to model our behavior for others so they desire what your secret is to adjust their emotion and mood.

We don’t need to attach our own emotional well-being to the moods of others.
Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins

TLS #68 with Hal Elrod 
Aug 04 2016
28 mins

Rank #18: TLS #171: How to Get out of Fear and Back into Flow + Alignment With Gabby Bernstein

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Today’s Lively Show is with a special guest I’ve looked forward to having on the show since we started, Gabby Bernstein.

Gabby is a spiritual teacher, best-selling author, and youtuber with a new book out called The Universe Has Your Back - which is a perfect compliment to what we’ve been discussing here on the show this summer about finding flow and alignment.

In the episode, we’ll be talking about Gabby’s favorite tools and techniques to get back into love, flow, and alignment whenever fear takes over.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for strategies to help quickly move out of fear and get back into flow, alignment, and love on a moment-to-moment basis.
[Tweet "“The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting your own strength." - @GabbyBernstein"]
[Tweet "“Take action from a surrendered place." - @GabbyBernstein"]
[Tweet "“Where your attention goes your energy flows." - @GabbyBernstein"]
[Tweet "“Our presence is our greatest source of power." - @GabbyBernstein"]
Gabby tells us about how she began her career by running a PR business but that fast-paced life pushed her to the point of burn-out.
She talks about how she was deeply embedded in the NYC party scene and how that lifestyle, drugs and alcohol did not help her find the happiness she was seeking.
Gabby digs deeper about her struggles with drugs and alcohol and how that led her to a big crash in her life and how that low point helped her reevaluate what she was doing in her life and that she needed change.

She describes how a recent breakdown allowed her to remember a childhood trauma which helped produce some of the reasons and answers to her addictions.
Gabby talks about how taking action from a surrendered place is how we truly manifest our desires into form.
She describes how she focused her energy into what was thriving rather than what was lacking to place herself in a place spiritual surrender.
Gabby mentions how important it is to be the positive influence, the positive force, so that this energy will shine on you and the world around you.
Gabby describes the feeling  she experiences when she is channeling a spirit.

She shares her belief why there is a misconception that pain has purpose.
May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

Abraham Hicks

A Course in Miracles
Oct 06 2016
40 mins

Rank #19: TLS #163: Alignment Before Action

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In today’s Lively Show, I’m sharing the career shift I’ve been making over the past 4-6 months that has resulted in some amazing and effective results.

I’m talking about making a shift from the “effort and action” mentality that is commonly spoken about in personal development and entrepreneurship spaces and replacing it with “alignment before action.”

This episode is perfect for anyone who is interested in trying a new approach to work and life that may result in more fun, flow, and effectiveness -- with less stress and burnout.
Why I ask the question, "What if we didn’t have to try so hard in our life to get the same results?"
What if we focus on our flow and alignment with our intuition first before taking action?
Why I spent 80% of my mornings making sure I was aligned so the remaining 20% of my actions were used writing my book.
How meditation in the morning has helped keep my alignment and flow in check.
How writing to my intuition is one of the biggest ways to uncover my alignment in these tougher moments.
How gratitude walks help us find our alignment and make all the actions and effort we take so much more effective.
When we feel frustrated or out of alignment, we should stop working and get ourselves back into a place of good, positive feeling before taking more action.
Meditation Apps

Life with Intention Online

Writing to intuition

Tony Robbins

Alex and Mimi Ikonn Episode

Abraham Hicks
Aug 25 2016
27 mins

Rank #20: TLS #174: The words I’m using (and not using) which are making me happier everyday

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Today’s show is all about the building blocks of a happier thought life, and ultimately happier emotions and circumstances: words.

Because when it comes to mindfulness, it’s not just about meditation and the observation of our thoughts, it’s also about our conscious choice and selection of the words we use to build thoughts, which create emotions, and ultimately attract circumstances - positively and negatively into our awareness.

I’ll be dishing about the obvious and the very subtle and powerful word choices that have created more high energetic states in my life which may benefit you as well.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to access higher emotional states on a more consistent basis.
[Tweet "“What I consume, affects how I feel." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“We feel more worthy for the things we appreciate than the things we’re grateful for." - @JessCLively"]
[Tweet "“Doing is not being." - @JessCLively"]
How the power of words and mindfulness can produce a shift in our emotions without the circumstances dictating the emotions.
Why I try to stay away from negative idioms and how this can keep me in the present moment.
What the energy and meaning behind swear words are when you choose to use them.
What the word “should” means and how it creates an emotional state which often creates negative circumstances as well.
Why I prefer to use the words “my ego” or “your ego” to produce different emotions.
How I have become aware of the use of the word “but” and how to avoid using it and what that word resonates on an energetic, vibrational or emotional level. 
Why I’ve been using the word “Appreciation” rather than the word “gratitude” in my everyday life.
In terms of career, why I avoid “I am my career” since doing is not being.
Why I’m mindful of the language I use about past relationships, since many words and phrases generally relate to negative rather than the love and care that was part of that relationship.
Why I love Approval Affirmations and how it helps me in my everyday life.
Freehand Hotels

Regena Thomashauer


TLS #124 with Brené Brown and Santosha

“Santosha” Shirt

Abraham Hicks

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
Oct 20 2016
49 mins

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