Cover image of Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

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The world's best the mix! Over 350 thousand subscribers and 4 million monthly listeners! Featuring mixes in genres such as drum and bass, bass music, future bass, electro house, techno, lounge, moombahton, reggae and dubstep.

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The world's best the mix! Over 350 thousand subscribers and 4 million monthly listeners! Featuring mixes in genres such as drum and bass, bass music, future bass, electro house, techno, lounge, moombahton, reggae and dubstep.

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Music Won’t play

Can't see the list!

By italy21178 - Feb 07 2014
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Good mixes but the description is so long I can barely see the episode list

iTunes Ratings

17 Ratings
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By Kxkdkdkdkkc - May 04 2018
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Music Won’t play

Can't see the list!

By italy21178 - Feb 07 2014
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Good mixes but the description is so long I can barely see the episode list
Cover image of Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

Panda Mix Show: The Best EDM Mixes Weekly // The Electro House Mix, Trap Mix, Drum n Bass Mix and Lounge Mix Shows

Updated 14 days ago

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The world's best the mix! Over 350 thousand subscribers and 4 million monthly listeners! Featuring mixes in genres such as drum and bass, bass music, future bass, electro house, techno, lounge, moombahton, reggae and dubstep.

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Rank #1: #184 - Lounge Mix - Enjoyed

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Enjoyed is based in a sleepy town called Soldridge in Hampshire. He makes electronic music; colourful, accessible and BIG.

The tunes come from a love of the House/Italo/Electro background that spawned 90s stadium dance legends Underworld and The Chemical Brothers. Some bring in more poppy song structures and touch on the SMD/LCD/HotChip sphere. Others range across through the Daniel Avery and Fort Romeau’s dancefloor gold into the more interesting end of poppy territory (Sky Ferreira, Charlie XCX).

In the last year, he’s just got better and better and received nods from Rob DaBank, Dummy, Guardian, FACT and more and Enjoyed has reworked Hot Chip, Kisses, TVOTR and Yumi Zouma and, oh yes, Mark Morrison.

He has released a number of EPs and is now working on his debut album. Enjoyed will be playing live this summer.


1. P.SUS - Reassurance (Vanilla Remix) - Shoes Off

2. Enjoyed - Waterfoot (A Capella) - Shoes Off

3. Enjoyed - Pieces - Something In Construction

4. Enjoyed - Keep Me Up - Unreleased

5. Enjoyed - Together - Unreleased

6. Enjoyed - Sunrun - Shoes Off

7. Moscow Youth Cult - Iris (Enjoyed 1995 Remix) - LoAF

8. Enjoyed - Swap - Shoes Off

9. Enjoyed - Milwaukee - Unreleased

10. Enjoyed & Femme - Dreamboat Lover (A Capella) - Something In Construction

11. Enjoyed - Gumusservi (Instrumental) - Unreleased

12. Enjoyed - Sunshine Dragon (A Capella) - Unreleased

13. Fantasy Garden - Hanging House - Shoes Off

14. Enjoyed - Share Space - Unreleased

15. Enjoyed - Peloton - Something In Construction

16. Enjoyed - Tallahassee - Unreleased

17. Enjoyed - Plesiosaur - Something In Construction

18. P.SUS - To You - Shoes Off

Oct 09 2014

Rank #2: #183 - Drum and Bass Mix - Document One

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Producers Matt King and Joe Froud, better known as Document One, have risen rapidly to become a serious force within the bass music scene. Their background as songwriters has resulted in an ultra harmonic and melodic take on club music, creating broad appeal even to those less familiar with the sound of electronic dance music. Document One's extensive remix catalogue ranges from mainstream artists such as Moby, Professor Green, Connor Maynard, all the way to heavy metal bands such as Rob Zombie and Asking Alexandra.

The duo have received recognition and DJ support from such heavy weights as Knife Party, Excision, Modestep and Rusko; as well as radio plays from Mistajam, Fabio and Grooverider, Trever Nelson, Crissy Criss, DJ Target and Skream and Benga to name a few.

Since 2010, Document One continue to play global live shows in over 28 countries including tours with Borgore, Modestep and Ministry of sound. Document One have featured a number of guest mixes and interviews for BBC Radio 1 DJ’s; Mistajam, and Annie Nightingale. The duo's online presence is testament to their success with over 48,000 fans on Facebook, total views on YouTube in excess of 9 million and their last release racking up over half a million plays on their personal Soundcloud alone. Document One have had a run of successful releases for Buygore, Never Say Die and Max Records, and are currently residing at Metropolis Studios, London working towards their forthcoming record.


Document One - Are We Alone

Tantrum Desire - Nightmare

Reid - Tarnished (Document One Remix)

L Plus - Everyone

Tantrum Desire - Fly Away

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Phantasm

2db - Motion

Document One - Revolution

Digital - In The Basement

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Can You Feel It

Erb N Dub - Parrallax

Tantrum Desire - Adventure Through Space

L Plus - The Lost Moon

Erb N Dub - Paper Chasing

Spectrum - Backfire

Erb N Dub & Skope - Let Me Fly

L Plus - Time Travel VIP

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Violator

2db - Teethgrinder

Ashley Roberts - My Song (Document One Remix)

Crissy Criss - Create The Future

Commits We Fall - Falling Skies (Document One Remix)

Sep 19 2014

Rank #3: #182 - Electro House Mix - Sean&Bobo

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Sean&Bobo is a Swedish DJ and producer duo. They have received support from Hardwell, Afrojack, Quintino, DJ Bl3nd and many more. They specialize in EDM, Trap, Hiphop, Reggea and Hardstyle and founded their own label SB Records in 2014.


1. Sean&Bobo - Viking (Original Mix)

2. Sean&Bobo - Festival (Original Mix)

3. Sean&Bobo - Cockblock (Original Mix)

4. Digital Militia - Here & Now (Original Mix)

5. Blak Lukers - Whistle (Original Mix)

6. Sean&Bobo - Digital World (Original Mix)

7. Zarrella - Etna (Original Mix)

8.Dual Color & Erik Phelan - Riot (Original Mix)

9. Sean&Bobo - Fast Food (Original Mix)

10. Sean&Bobo - Pussymagnet (Original Mix)

11. Sean&Bobo - CS (Original Mix)

12. Sean&Bobo - Cheers Vs The Islands (Blackstripe Mashup)

13. B-Case - Lucky Luke (Sean&Bobo Official Remix)

14. Sean&Bobo - Orale (Original Mix)

Sep 13 2014

Rank #4: #181 - Drum and Bass Mix - Histibe

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Histibe is a music producer, sound designer and DJ who has been doing his own thing for the past seven years, creating exciting new electronic compositions for the new digital world which have been published on strong platforms such as Vimeo Staff Picks, JAY Z's Life+Times, UKF, Dezeen, Complex, BBC, OFFF Festival, Loopmasters - to name but a few.

His SoundCloud music page has amassed more than 16,000 subscribers plus over 500,000 plays from around the world. His works as a music producer could be heard at a fashion shows in Russia or as a soundtrack for the Norwegian photography award show Gullsnitt alongside with positive comments from popular DJs like Noisia and Rob Babicz.

As a sound designer Histibe published five exclusive sample libraries for well known brands such as Loopmasters, 5Pin and Samplephonics.

Histibe's remix on Kanye West's "Cold" from his independently released mixtape "HISRMXBOX" was featured in "The 15 Best Remixes of Kanye West Tracks" on Complex Magazine's website.

Make sure to check out the premiere of his latest music video "So Far" on JAY Z's Life+Times and “Millennium Drum N Bass” album which includes a spectacular design from Joe Perez (Art Director at Kanye West's Donda).


Histibe - Microcosmos

Histibe - Third Millennium

Histibe - Fairyland

Histibe - Tears Of A Machine

Histibe - Aqua Cypher Xl

Histibe - Connection

Histibe - The Coming Film

Histibe - Forgotten Station

Histibe - Cyber Echo

Histibe - Marathon Moon

Histibe - One Of The Names

Histibe - So Far (LifeAndTimes Edit)

Sep 12 2014

Rank #5: #180 - Electro House Mix - Syn Cole

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From Estonia to the heart of modern dance music, Syn Cole has wasted no time setting his name in stone as an essential young breakout. Celebrated by Myspace, Vibe, Dancing Astronaut and EDM Tunes alike as one of the hottest artists of 2014, this is a year for the taking for the man behind a consistent string of versatile club hits.

A formally trained pianist introduced to electronic music’s more euphoric ranks, Rene found creative harmony in his mission to unite multiple genres and stand for more than just obnoxious drops. As a result, Syn Cole has become a name renowned for keeping the big room melodic and in constant progression.

Known for fusing electro, funky and progressive sounds, the young Estonian fast became an obvious choice for ever expanding stronghold LE7ELS. Kick-off remix duties for ‘Silhouettes’ saw the first of many Radio One spotlights, leaving debut single ‘April’ to show the newfound talent stand on his own two feet. While his second remix for the label ‘Hey Brother’ sparked both radio and DJ support across the globe, ‘Miami 82’ made big waves at the final leap of 2013. One instrumental, a remix from Avicii and a vocal mix later, this was the point of no return. The blog sphere exploded with support, the airwaves consistently celebrated his sound and finally, Syn Cole was firmly established as a new age leader of the electronic dance community.


1. Avicii - You Make Me (Throttle Remix) (PRMD)

2. Syn Cole - Miami 82 (Vocal Mix) (LE7ELS)

3. Avicii - Hey Brother (Syn Cole Remix) (PRMD)

4. Deorro - Five Hours (LE7ELS)

5. New World Sound & Osen feat. Juanita Timpanaro - Colors (LE7ELS)

6. Avicii - Silhouettes (Syn Cole Remix) (LE7ELS)

7. Syn Cole - April (LE7ELS)

8. Avicii - Addicted To You (Sick Individuals Remix) (PRMD)

Aug 18 2014

Rank #6: #179 - Bass Music Mix - Decadon

Podcast cover
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1. Decadon - Planet Decadon (Original Mix)

2. Decadon & Treyy G - Punch Out (Original Mix)

3. Decadon feat. Matt Levesque - Alive (Original Mix)

4. Decadon And The Canzirri Project - Casino (VIP Mix)

5. Decadon - Takeover (Original Mix)

6. Decadon - Mix It Up (Original Mix)

7. Decadon - Hard Hittin' (Original Mix)

8. Decadon - If You Don't Mind (Original Mix) UNRELEASED

9. Decadon And AOWL - Breaking (Original Mix)

10. Decadon - Crack Your Cranium (Original Mix)

11. Decadon And AOWL - Dat Flow (Original Mix)

12. Decadon - Stratosphere (Original Mix)

13. Decadon - Dream Breaker (Original Mix)

14. Decadon feat. Cameron Cannon - Chasing Dreams (Original Mix)

15. Decadon - Rewired (Original Mix)

16. Decadon - Firecracker (Original Mix) UNRELEASED

Aug 10 2014

Rank #7: #178 - Drum and Bass Mix - Body & Soul

Podcast cover
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The D&B duo Body & Soul have been dedicated to the dance floor-smashing beats their audience loves them for since their introduction into the scene many years ago. For Body & Soul though the ability to keep crossing musical (and mental) borders, experimenting with different musical genres and throwing in new sounds to create something just a little different from your usual drum and bass anthem is essential. The outfit has become known for their versatile and unprecedented sounds that wow ravers all over the globe and attract new audiences everywhere they go.

Since their debut in 2004 Body & Soul have been honing their abilities in creating music that at once both adheres to and subverts the traditional definition of the term ‘Drum & Bass’; a dystopian sound that for all its aggression and energy carries that distinct Body & Soul eccentricity and melody throughout. Having toyed with the idea of an album project for a number of years, the duo are now ready to release their debut long-player Rebirth: the most diverse, free-form and comprehensive exponent of the Body & Soul sound to date.


1. Body&Soul feat. MC Daxta – Just A Story (Mainframe)

→ Body&Soul – Iridiscent (Mainframe)

2. Naked Fish feat. MC Delight – Better Day (Body&Soul Remix) (Mainframe)

3. Optiv & BTK – Tapout (Dispatch)

4. Body&Soul – The Puppets (Mainframe)

5. Body&Soul – Neighborhood (Mainframe)

6. Body&Soul And Fourward – Carnage (Virus)

7. Body&Soul – Chemicalz (Nasca)

8. BTK – Drop It - Optiv & BTK Remix (Dutty)

9. Mindscape & Sleeper Cell – Epidemic (Nasca)

10. Body&Soul – Stir Up (Mainframe)

11. Fourward – Street Knowledge (Audio Porn)

12. Body&Soul – Auto Sequence (Mainframe)

13. Body&Soul – Rebirth (Mainframe)

14. Body&Soul – Thing On A Spring (Mainframe)

15. Body&Soul And Camo&Krooked – The Big Rush (Nasca)

16. Mindscape – Ultrasonik (Mainframe)

17. Body&Soul – Pop Some (Mainframe)

18. Body&Soul – Under The Radar (Mainframe)

19. Body&Soul – Hydraulic (Mainframe)

20. Body&Soul And Defilla – These Side (Mainframe)

Aug 09 2014

Rank #8: #177 - Electro House Mix - Cappa Regime

Podcast cover
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Cappa Regime is a creative collective composed of Jake Kasheta, Shane Sherzai, Richard Nash (Rykr), Rob Enea (Erratic), and Charlie Doughan. With complementary production skills and a mastery of instruments ranging from piano to drums to guitar, they are endeavoring to break out of the "banger" soundscape that EDM has constructed for itself.

In the studio, they aren't confined to a single genre, and channel influences as disparate as The Isley Brothers and E­40. They produce melodic, expectation ­defying tracks to keep bodies moving and fresh minds blown. This year, Cappa Regime played a West Coast tour culminating in a play at Coachella, and were also chosen to play at EDC Las Vegas and Beyond Wonderland. Their live show is an energetic amalgamation of many dance genres; they integrate urban, vintage, and modern electronic dance elements throughout, so it has something for everyone.

Their most recent remix of James Egbert’s Exit Wounds was endorsed by the artist, and hailed as “brilliant” by They also just released a 2 track EP with Play Me Records. Constantly creating new content, they plan on releasing collaborations with Nina Sung and Del The Funky Homosapien (one of his first electronic collaborations since his work with Gorillaz) in spring of 2014.


Cappa Regime - Dr. Feelgood (Play Me Records)

Cappa Regime - Somebody Somewhere (Play Me Records)

Cappa Regime - So Retro

Cappa Regime - Phunk

Cappa Regime - Cali Girls

Cappa Regime - After The Disco

James Egbert - Exit Wounds (Cappa Regime Remix)

Aug 06 2014

Rank #9: #176 - Drum and Bass Mix - Madcap

Podcast cover
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Madcap (Elliot Payne) started DJing in the early 90's. Son of a Rock N' Roll Musician Father & Piano teaching Mother, he was exposed to music from a very young age. Being so young was a stumbling block at first, but this changed in the summer of '95 when securing a job at local record shop Buzz Records, High Wycombe. This was associated with DJ Pulse and the influential Creative Wax label. Meeting with punters and promoters alike, Madcap soon found himself being booked up & down the UK for sets, including the infamous Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.

One particular highlight of his DJing career so far was winning the Movement / Technics DJ Competition in 2002 at The End Night-club, as featured in DJ Magazine, this resulted in several bookings for Movement at London's Bar Rumba & across the Capital. Other notable features on Madcap is his appearance in The West Country's IDJ Magazine January 2004 after winning "Mix Tape of the Month" The competitions certainly helped and has continued to get him bookings throughout the UK. Madcap has had several long term residencies in Oxford, London, Aylesbury & now Birmingham (Liquid Sessions).


01. The Anthill Mob 'Black Rushin' (Anthill Remix) Anthill Records

02. Scott & Keith 'Get Busy Cru' Reinforced Records

03. DJ Hype 'Weird Energy (Hells' Bells Mix) Suburban Base

04. Randall, Dego & Goldie 'The "R" Reinforced Records

05. Rufige Kru 'Rollin Like Scottie' Reinforced Records

06. Nasty Habits 'Mayday, Mayday' Reinforced Records

07. Tango & Ratty 'Tales From The Darkside' White

08. Tom & Jerry 'Papillon Love Song' Tom & Jerry

09. Tom & Jerry 'Let Your Spirit Rise' Tom & Jerry

10. Metalheads 'Terminator' Synthetic

11. Scott & Keith 'Deranged' Reinforced Records

12. Manix 'Turn Away Skull' Reinforced Records

13. Cool Hand Flex 'Mars' In Touch Records

14. Noise Factory 'Breakage #4' 3rd Party

15. Cool Hand Flex 'Must Feel' De Underground Records

16. Skool Of Hard Knocks 'Kan Ya Feel It' Grand Larceny

17. Dillinjah 'Deadly Deep Subs' Deadly Vinyl

18. DJ Trace 'Final Chapta' (Rollers Mix) Dee Jay Recordings

19. The Committee 'Final Conflict' (Tango Remix) Creative Wax

20. Omni Trio 'Soul Promenade' (Nookie Remix) Moving Shadow

21. Omni Trio 'Feel Better' (Foul Play Remix) Moving Shadow

22. 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 'Drowning In Her' Tone Def Records’

Jul 31 2014

Rank #10: #175 - Electro House Mix - Ryan Enzed

Podcast cover
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Ryan Enzed is New Zealand’s number one ranked Electro-House DJ. From humble beginnings as a self-taught music producer Enzed has stormed his way into the EDM scene.

Enzed’s success originated via his cult Youtube channel “nzmusic101.” Since its inception Enzed’s easy going approach to teaching music production, coupled with his trademark kiwi accent, has won over 28,000 subscribers and attracted almost 5 million views.

Building upon his established Youtube fan base Enzed has released multiple charting singles on Beatport. His tracks are known for their melodic yet aggressive approach. Tracks like ‘FTCA’ as well as collaborations with other EDM stars like Alex Mind and FTAMPA climbed quickly into Beatport’s top 20. Enzed’s best known track, his remix of Porter Robinson’s “I’m on Fire” was an instant hit in the EDM community. His remixes are sought after and have included releases on the Ministry of Sound New Zealand.

Enzed is also a successful DJ. He has played alongside many of EDM’s big names. He opened for Feed Me on his NZ tour and supported Lazy Rich, Mord Fustang, Far Too Loud and Cold Blank. Enzed has featured at many of New Zealand’s biggest dance parties with major international acts like David Guetta, Zedd, Cedric Gervais Hard Rock Sofa and What So Not. He is currently a resident DJ at Auckland's number 1 nightclub CODE where you can catch him there every weekend playing anything from bumpin' electro to Melbourne Bounce.


1. Minero - Electromancer (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

2. Alex Mind & Ryan Enzed - Let It Go feat. Sue Cho (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

3. Robert Firth - Preacher (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

4. Ryan Enzed & Holly-J - Get With It (Original Mix) - Free Download

5. Ryan Enzed - My House (Original Mix) - Free Download

6. Ryan Enzed & FTampa - Brazealand (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

7, Ryan Enzed feat. Tiger K - Never Again (Original Mix) - Dim Mak Recordings

8. Ryan Enzed & Vodge Diper - Reckless (Original Mix) - Enzed Recordings

9 The Odd Chaps feat. JACQ - Wisdome (Rowe & Gardner Remix) - Enzed Recordings

Jul 25 2014

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