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Jocelyn Hearts Boy Bands

Romance author Jocelyn Bringas has loved boy bands since she was a teenager. She talks about her various boy band related adventures such as concerts, conventions, and cruises. Her stories primarily center around Backstreet Boys but she also has love for other boy bands like New Kids On The Block and O-Town.

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Day 4 of Backstreet Boys 2018 Cruise

Jocelyn talks about the last day of the Backstreet Boys Cruise. She gets one Backstreet Boy to do a Mother's Day video shout-out. She talks about the surprisingly good Littrell Game Night event, Kevin's dinnertime announcement, winning in the casino, and getting selfies with 3 out of 5 Backstreet Boys during the Party Like It's 1993 deck party.


25 Aug 2018

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