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Rebel Heart Radio is a lifestyle podcast hosted by Professional Aesthetician & Makeup Artist, Genevieve Blair and Nutritional Therapist, Cassie Kanable. Tune in for a new episode every Tuesday as we share our take on health & wellness, clean beauty, entrepreneurship, relationships & personal development.

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#40 All About Rosacea

During this episode of Rebel Heart Radio, Genevieve and Cassie tackle one of the most common topics they get asked about: Rosacea! Rosacea is a a very common skin condition that doesn’t seem to be well understood -- those who experience rosacea may potentially deal with flares-up on and off for the rest of their lives. It can be so frustrating to navigate and our hope is that you’ll walk away from this episode with a few tools that will help inform your journey. Many people are able to clear up their skin for good through making a few specific lifestyle changes and a great skincare routine. If you have any friends + family that deal with rosacea - please share this episode with them! We chat about...✨ keeping up on self care✨ signs & symptoms of rosacea✨ rosacea subtypes✨ rosacea vs. psoriasis/eczema✨ common triggers✨ product recommendations✨ nutrition & lifestyle tipsEpisode Show Notes: www.rebelheartradio.com/podcast/episode40Submit a Question for the Podcast! https://www.rebelheartradio.com/ask/Connect with Cassie & Gen on Instagram: www.instagram.com/rebelheartradio

1hr 14mins

19 Feb 2019

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