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Feeling depressed? Join Life Coach + Author of How To Create A Depression-Free Life – Marie O’Neil, as she reveals time-tested, self-help strategies for depression, bringing light and solutions to the darkness of depression. In this show, you’ll uncover how to overcome depression with highly-effective, tips, tools and techniques. You’ll discover innovative ways on how to rapidly get through depression and when you subscribe to the Create A Depression-Free Life Show, you’ll always have regular depression help available, at your convenience. Show notes for each episode, featured links, access to a Free Sample of the book: How To Create A Depression-Free Life and various other resources can be found at: http://createadepressionfreelife.com/ If you’ve always wanted to discover how to deal with depression, and eventually create a depression-free future for yourself, then this show is for you!

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7 Steps To Rapidly Re-Wire Your Brain – Starting Today! [CDFL-016]

Are you ready to…. Discover the 7 Steps to Rapidly Re-wire Your Brain to finally break-free from all those self-limiting thoughts


13 Jun 2017

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Stop! Stopping Your Thoughts [CDFL 005]

If you want to calm your overwhelmed mind, then STOP – Stopping your thoughts.  Yes, you did hear that correctly.  STOP


28 Mar 2017

Rank #2

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20 Jun 2017

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Sh*t Happens! Now, Turn It To Your Advantage [CDFL 003]

Are you sick and tired of life dumping crap, after crap on top of you? If the answer is YES, you’re


14 Mar 2017

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The 6 Keys To Inner Peace + Tranquility [CDFL-012]

When life is spiralling out of control + nothing is going right – is it possible to retain a sense of


16 May 2017

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Discover The Strongest Force Within You! [CDFL-018]

Are you ready to discover the strongest force that lies within you? This one, single force is so transformative that it

27 Jun 2017

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Tired Of The Same Old, Same Old? [CDFL-009]

What does an elevator, clearing out your wardrobe and lifting yourself up and out of depression have in common? Well, to


25 Apr 2017

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Your Personal Fear Switch [CDFL-010]

What is fear? Where does it come from and more importantly what’s the correct and most efficient way to dissolve it?


2 May 2017

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Rejection Doesn’t Have To Be Feared [CDFL-011]

Do you have a fear of rejection, being vulnerable or dropping your guard with others? If you nodded “yes” to any of


9 May 2017

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Are You Looking In The Right Direction? [CDFL-007]

Did you know that if want to get yourself out of a difficult situation, the worst thing you can do is


11 Apr 2017

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