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The Stoned Heen View is a podcast series that interviews local sports club representatives during the COVID-19 shutdown.

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 61 Luke ‘Flybes’ Matthews

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 61 chats to Drysdale Hawks Football Club senior coach Luke 'Flybes' Matthews about the COVID-19 pandemic and 2021 season pause on local footy. Matthews, a dual Drysdale BFL premiership player and North Shore GFL player, talks about the COVID-19 impacts on his family and work life. 


10 Jun 2021

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 60 Shane Jack

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 60 talks with Bell Park Football Club senior coach Shane Jack about the current impacts of Lockdown 4.0 on the club's playing group in 2021. Jack, the Bell Park senior coach since 2019, discussed the effects of COVID-19 at the Dragons since 2020 and his pathway into senior GFL coaching.


3 Jun 2021

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'The Stoned Heen View' - Episode 59 Abbey Chapman

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 59 talks to Geelong West Giants Female Football Manager Abbey Chapman about her new role during COVID-19 and the growth of women's football in 2021. Chapman, a star young representative footballer, also plays senior netball at Geelong West and cricket for the Geelong West Rams. 


26 May 2021

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'The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 58 Shane McInnes

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 58 podcast with Mark Heenan talks to sports broadcaster Shane McInnes about changes to sports commentary around COVID-19. McInnes, a radio sports broadcaster with 3AW and 6PR, became a first time father at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. 


20 May 2021

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 57 Cam Ward

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 57 podcast talks to Queenscliff Football Netball Club Head Trainer Cam Ward about return to play in 2021 and the injury impacts and managing the club's fitness program in 2020 around COVID-19. Ward who works in the health and fitness industry, is the director of 4EVERfitness. 


13 May 2021

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 56 Tom Beasley

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 56 podcast talks to Marshall Cricket Club player Tom Beasley about his shoulder surgery during COVID-19. Beasley who joined Marshall in April 2020, played with Victorian Premier League club Prahan in 2019/20. Beasley, a landscaper, is unable to work due to his shoulder injury. 


6 May 2021

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 55 Jock Hillgrove

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 55 podcast talks to AFL Barwon Regional Director of Umpiring Jock Hillgrove about the impacts on community umpiring since COVID-19. Since 2010, Hillgrove has worked as an umpire administrator in Canberra and Geelong. National Community Umpiring Week runs from April 26 to May 2.


29 Apr 2021

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 54 Stuart Craven & Prue Davies

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 54 podcast talks to Drysdale Football Club senior women's coach Stuart Craven and club women's captain Prue Davies about the return to football in 2021 after no women's competition in 2020 due to COVID-19. Drysdale defeated Torquay by 84 points in Round 1 to start their 2021 season. 


22 Apr 2021

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 53 Pete Davey

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 53 podcast talks to Ocean Grove Football Club senior coach Pete Davey about the wait to coach his first senior Bellarine Football League game in April 2021 due to COVID-19 after being appointed in September 2019. Davey, who coached Banyule and Woden to senior flags, works in finance. 


15 Apr 2021

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‘The Stoned Heen View’ - Episode 52 Harriet Brown

'The Stoned Heen View' Episode 52 podcast talks to world champion ironwoman and exercise physiologist Harriet Brown about her foot injury during COVID-19 which will stop her from competing at the 2021 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships in April. Brown is a Gold Coast resident originally from Geelong.


8 Apr 2021

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