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Healing Addictions

The Orthodox Method of Treatment - This podcast series is an attempt to present a holistic and comprehensive perspective on the treatment of addictions combining the value of both traditional 12-step recovery fellowship participation and the pure methods of treatment within the Holy Orthodox Church as taught by the Fathers and Mothers.

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Sexual Addiction

Fr. Christophe begins discussing the sexual addiction.


10 Dec 2015

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Stages of Forgiveness and the Gift of Holy Eucharist—the Road to Emmaus

The Stages of Forgiveness through an Orthodox perspective.


3 May 2016

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Co-dependency - Part 2

Fr. Christophe continues his series on co-dependency by describing the causes and effects of this 'mother of addictions.'


19 Apr 2016

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Praying for the Departed

Fr. Christophe emphasizes the very important need to break the chains of addiction, which begins, he explains, with prayers for the repose of our ancestors.


27 Oct 2015

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Lust and Temptation

Fr. Christophe again discusses the sexual addiction, this time focusing on masturbation.


12 Jan 2016

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The Church is a Hospital

Fr. Christophe uses the story of the Woman at the Well to explain how it is that the Lord brings forth healing within the Orthodox Church.


19 Oct 2015

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An Invitation to Heal

Fr. Christophe outlines the first three steps of a 12-step fellowship, explaining that our affliction is an invitation to heal.


10 Nov 2015

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Healing the Child, the Orthodox Theology of the Soul and the Intelligent Function

Fr. Christophe teaches us about the child-like nature of the human soul, and how we might enter into the healing of our addictions through communion with the Father through the resurrected Christ.


25 May 2016

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Healing All Manner of Addictions and Spiritual Warfare

Fr. Christophe addresses the reality of spiritual warfare in our battle against addiction, and the role of the sacraments in our healing.


23 Sep 2016

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The Inexhaustible Cup

Fr. Christophe explains the value and importance of the miraculous icon The Inexhaustible Cup.


24 Nov 2015

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