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Bayou Baby

Alayna Desselle came by to talk about her brand new karaoke extravaganza, so naturally zach and I derailed the conversation at every possible opportunity.

1hr 13mins

5 Sep 2018

Rank #1

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Confessions Of A Teenage Podcast

It's just us four, kicking it, riffing, chilling, just doing our thing like our mamas taught us. Talking about shows, life stories, how to open cans.

1hr 14mins

20 Sep 2018

Rank #2

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Goodbye Kate

We send off Kate with one last long episode, and talk about the future.

1hr 33mins

16 May 2019

Rank #3

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Wild Wild West

Well, we recorded this one twice because kate unplugged the recorder, but our guest Terence Delaine was a trooper and stuck another hour with us. Featuring: State Street by ZaBra.

1hr 24mins

14 Mar 2019

Rank #4

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Red, White, and Poo

We delve into American History and comment on a local writers musings.

1hr 7mins

4 Jul 2019

Rank #5

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Political Corner

We talk about famous airplanes and politics with Jordan Chiquet.Song by A.D.D

1hr 26mins

11 Jul 2019

Rank #6

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Haley Anselmo and crew talk about cats comedy and the perfect society. Featuring: 降FALLING下 by S U P E R プラス T H R I F T

1hr 28mins

21 Mar 2019

Rank #7

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Just BROCASTING with T. Mason. Direct Action, Big Iron, and lotion. Featuring Close To Home by T. Mason and the Bricklayers.

1hr 4mins

2 Mar 2019

Rank #8

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Riff School

We sit down to drink some terrible whisky, learn about art, and find out if zach is a real gamer.No Shape by Wonder Kid

1hr 22mins

31 Oct 2019

Rank #9

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Of Mice and Minge

Charlotte Smith of Pop Shop Records joins us to talk Kanye, Voting, and scientific terms.

1hr 29mins

7 Nov 2019

Rank #10

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Nathan and Kara heck join us to talk about rougarou pedals, memes, mopewavve, and Wonder Kid so we decide to talk about piss testing. 

1hr 5mins

31 Oct 2018

Rank #11

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Fonky On The Juice with JBE

This is the most exciting episode we've put out to date, namely because of our rockstar guest this week, the governor of Baton Rouge, Johnathan Bella Edwards.Featuring: Where in the world is Mars Argo by Tidus

1hr 19mins

19 Dec 2019

Rank #12

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Frost Livingston

Evelyn and Geroge Lescano of Screaming Underwater join us to talk roller derby and punk rock

1hr 6mins

6 Dec 2018

Rank #13

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Liam Hines joins the crew and we get into some deep issues.Featuring: 2 Woke 2 Cope by Phosfiend

1hr 11mins

9 May 2019

Rank #14

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A Nice Bassy Tube

Betcha didnt know that...We came up with a slur for every letter of the alphabetBetcha didnt know that...If you subscribe to our patreon your dad will finally say i love youBetcha didnt know that...If you share this episode, your crush will go down on youBetcha didnt know that...Richard Condon got kicked off the air a few years ago for inciting violence against muslims

1hr 24mins

22 Aug 2019

Rank #15

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Rosy Cheeks

Mean Zach writes a poem for us and then we discuss the labor ethics of the northpole all while taking incredible hulk shots. Featuring the holiday banger Tell Me What You Want by Boyfriend Boyfriend.

1hr 24mins

26 Dec 2019

Rank #16

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Cum Swap

Joey Thibodeaux joins us to talk theme songs, comedy, and waiters.Featuring Fields of Clover by Norb

1hr 17mins

3 Oct 2019

Rank #17

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Jeff Johnson of 103.3 drinks Arak with us and trys to flip the script and make us talk about ourselves. Little does he know we're uninterviewable, which is definitely a word.Feature Song: Blame the Sun by The Rusty Kid

1hr 30mins

12 Dec 2019

Rank #18

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I Refuse to Admit I Masturbate

Max Hatcher is on the pod talking about horror movies and music, plus we feature the song Gravy from his band Big Fucking Gun.

1hr 35mins

31 Jan 2019

Rank #19

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Cheerleaders From Hell

Tank joins us this week to talk local music, custom tv shirt prints, and the opening of a brand new music and art spot SourHouse.Featured Song: The Truth the Living Know by U.S. Nero

1hr 13mins

23 Jan 2020

Rank #20