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The Emerging Market Equities Podcast

In this series we explore the themes, trends and events shaping the dynamic world of emerging markets for equity investors.‘Emerging markets’ describes a very diverse group of countries with disparate cultures, political systems and economies. Trends like higher consumption, driven by increased middle-class wealth, and early adoption of new technology are producing companies that are innovators and disruptions.With equity markets populated by current and future market leaders, emerging markets are a fertile hunting ground for active stock-pickers.

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Income investing

How is investors’ global hunt for yield affecting income investing in new economies? In this latest episode of our Emerging Markets Equites podcast, Matt Williams joins host Nick Robinson to talk about the sector’s income landscape.


29 Jul 2021

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China's ESG journey

In the latest episode of our Emerging Markets Equity podcast, David Smith joins Nick Robinson to take an in-depth look at how Chinese companies are addressing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. David gives his insight on how recent events – such as the Chinese government’s commitment to carbon neutrality – are causing businesses to change how they operate.


30 Jun 2021

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India: reform, recovery and the new economy

In this week’s Emerging Markets Equities podcast we focus on India. Kristy Fong from our Asian Equities team joins Nick Robinson to discuss everything from the effects of the pandemic to how the Indian government’s reforms might affect the country’s growth. Kristy also talks about the challenges facing India, and how it might balance a greener agenda for carbon emissions with economic development. 


21 Apr 2021

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

What are the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals? In this episode, we look at how and why they came about. We also discuss how stewardship of capital can advance emerging markets’ progress towards the goals. Fiona Manning, Investment Director in ASI’s Global Emerging Markets team joins Nick Robinson to explain.


20 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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Renewable energy

How is the green revolution making investment opportunities in emerging markets? In the fourth episode of our Emerging Market Equities Podcast, Mubashira Bukhari Khwaja joins Nick Robinson to discuss. Mubi specialises in emerging markets infrastructure. Having recently branched out to cover Chinese renewables, she shares how increased action on climate change helped to pique her interest in the sector.


19 Apr 2021

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Eastern Europe and Russia - value opportunities

The third installment of our Emerging Market Equities podcast looks to Eastern Europe and Russia. EM investors Catriona McNair and William Scholes join Nick Robinson to share their thoughts on the changing investment landscape in the region and how it could be a particular beneficiary of normalisation post Covid. Listen to ‘Eastern Europe and Russia: value opportunities’ here.


26 Jan 2021

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Innovation and opportunity in Latin America

How is innovation shaping investment opportunities in Latin America? Trends such as digitalisation are strengthening in the region, while both start-up and fintech companies are growing in number. Eduardo Figueiredo, head of ASI’s São Paulo office, and Osamu Yamagata from our emerging market equities team join Nick Robinson to investigate. Hear their thoughts on these issues and more in this second episode of our Emerging Markets Equities podcast.


25 Jan 2021

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The Chinese technology sector

Join us for the first episode of our Emerging Market Equities Podcast, where we look at the who, what, where, when, and why of investment opportunities in the region. This week, Adam Montanaro, Pruksa Iamthongthong, and David Smith talk to Nick Robinson about Chinese technology. How has the sector evolved from its infancy to become a powerhouse of emerging markets? How does increased internet connectivity tie in with the increase in Chinese consumption? What are the building blocks of 5G, and how will it influence the future of technology in China? Listen here to find out more.


21 Jan 2021

Rank #8