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On the Stress Nanny Podcast I explore simple, practical tools to help modern families stress less. Interviewing experts in various fields helps me guide listeners to greater peace and presence with a focus on the things that matter most.

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Athletic? Not Athletic? How to Manage the Stress of Sports.

It's easy to get caught up in comparisons when it comes to athleticism.  My guest today, Bonnie Holley, guides us through some ideas to make sports more enjoyable for kids and their spectator parents.  A coach, parent, and athlete herself, she shares some poignant stories and speaks to the different ways we can adapt athleticism depending on injury, ability or stage of life.

1hr 4mins

12 Dec 2019

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The Wonders of Yoga, especially for kids!

This week Amy Sonnenberg and I un-package some of the most basic benefits of yoga as we explore the practice through the lens of children's yoga.  Whether you have kids or not, this conversation will leave you feeling inspired to start or reconnect with a practice and maybe just be a little more kind to yourself.


26 Dec 2019

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"Surprising" ways massage can lower stress

We all know massage can be relaxing but in this episode, Alex Duchscher gives us a behind the scenes look at how massage changes physiology as well as some simple tips for self-massage at home. Learn how to give that skin of yours a little extra love with this episode!Alex DuchscherRenewaltide.comRenewal Tide Facebook Group

1hr 6mins

2 Jan 2020

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Take the Stress Out of Meal Planning

This week I talk with Dr. P about fun and simple ways to make your time in the kitchen more simple and meaningful.  We prep food for ourselves every day and Priya has tips for making that time less guilt inducing and more nourishing! 


9 Jan 2020

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La Bufadora & Breathing

This week, in an effort to help us all relax a bit, I share an autobiographical story about what not to do a high anxiety situation.  Sit back and enjoy a little story with a message.


19 Dec 2019

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Creating an Interior with Flow

In this episode Interior Designer Crystal Mickelsen and I discuss simple ways to make your house flow so that you can relax in your space.  Get ready to feel inspired to make small changes that have a big impact!  To connect with Crystal check out her website at www. CrystalMickelsenDesign.com


16 Jan 2020

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Creating Developmentally Appropriate Expectations

Maria Flores, Montessori Educator and Grandparent Extraordinaire shares with us her thoughts on how to cultivate stronger relationships with kids by meeting them where they're at developmentally.  Maria has an innate and practiced gift for creating space for kids to ask questions.   Tune in for some ideas on how to build stronger, more intentional relationships with the kids in your life.


6 Feb 2020

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Helping Sensitive Children

On this episode, Jen Harrison shares 10+ years of coaching wisdom to help us make sure our children feel seen, heard and loved.  Jen is the CEO of Highly Sensitive Child website where she hosts courses and coaching groups.  She shares insights on her IG Feed @the_highly_sensitive_child and her Youtube channel Supporting Sensitive Children.  Her goal is to help parents understand their children and feel loved and supported so that they can show up more fully for their children.  Her recent book Just As You Are is a great reminder that kids need to know they're loved no matter what!  Sign up for the Evolving Families Summit to hear more from Jen about what kids are really saying with their behavior.  I'll also share a few ideas for fun and practical kids mindfulness activities!


30 Jan 2020

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Peach Trees & Pruning

In this episode I share a story about how to be more intentional after a period of neglect.  Once you listen you'll be able to apply the story to trees or your life, you choose :).


23 Jan 2020

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Building A Strong Immune System

Because the routines in my house are shifting a little bit right now, I'm changing the format of the podcast.  The episodes will be shorter and informational, with the goal of giving you tools to reduce stress in your life.  This week I talk about the impact of stress on the immune system and how decreasing stress increases the strength of the immune system.  I guide you through an exercises to help you identify your biggest stressors and get creative about how to reduce them and or grow your adaptability and resilience.  Sharing wisdom I gained while working to put my autoimmune condition into remission, I speak first hand of the challenges of changing habits and patterns to support immune system health.  


30 Apr 2020

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Mending Broken Things

On this episode I chat with Dani Bradshaw who practices the art of Kentsugi pottery.  In Kentsugi you embrace broken pottery and mend it with "precious scars" of gold.  Dani walks us through what that process looks like in pottery and in life.  Learning to love your broken parts can be challenging, take a lot of patience and ultimately add so much beauty to your life an the lives of others.  Listen for more!To contact Dani for tips on how to get started with Kentsugi or to have her make a piece for you or someone you love email her at good4us9@gmail.com.


23 Apr 2020

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Weathering the Storm

A few years ago I sat inside my house during a fierce Texas thunderstorm.  About 20 yards away, in my yard, another mother sat weathering the same storm.  We had different experiences, that mother bird and I.  Right now we're all weathering a fierce storm together.  Many of us are having vastly different experiences but we're all in this together, sending each other strength, cultivating resilience.  Your nest will hold.  You'll be ok.


16 Apr 2020

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Tips for Navigating Uncertainty from a High School Senior

All of us are facing epic levels of uncertainty.  I've been especially mindful of those who are at pivotal life junctures and must figure out how to navigate things like weddings and graduations on top of everything else related to coronavirus.  That's why I wanted to talk to Aubrey.  She's a high school senior showing a remarkable level of resilience and I wanted to know more.  In this episode she shares her perspective as well as some of the tools she's using to cope with epic levels of uncertainty.


9 Apr 2020

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How Kids Communicate

This week I connect with Kristen Ipson to talk about deepening communication with children.  Kristen holds a graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology and her perspective helps us understand how to create meaningful connection through communication. In her work as a graduate student supervisor at RMU she looks at communication through the lens of words and behavior.  While she and her colleagues work with children and adults who experience delays in communication development, her intentional approach can help us to pay more attention to the the connecting power of communication.  She helps us recognize the non-verbal cues our children give us and perhaps more importantly, she encourages us to observe, wait and listen in order to communicate with more meaning and effectiveness.  You can learn more about Kristen and her work here.  During the interview, Kristen mentions Circles of Security and a graphic for identifying emotions using legos.  Listen and pick up ideas on how you can communicate more effectively with the people you love.

1hr 1min

2 Apr 2020

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The 4 Myths of Self-Care

This week my almost 11 year old guest gives us a child's perspective on self-care.  She has some refreshing views on how to get started with and prioritize oneself!


26 Mar 2020

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Live Your Values

This week we check in with Carman Murray, a woman with a dynamic perspective on values-based living.  Carman has great ideas for helping families identify their values and incorporate them into family culture.  Her tips on values add a level of clarity and simplicity when it comes to how we choose to spend our time!  Carman has a Live Your Values FB page, a website called Spherical Healing and other courses and offerings.  She's doing a free call about living your values in late March.  Follow her FB page for more info!


5 Mar 2020

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Stress Less with Seasonal Living

Lorrie Schoettler, blogger at LorrieSeason.com guides us through some gentle ideas for living closer to nature and tuning into the seasons.  Seasonal living can be a really simple way to relieve common stress and in this episode, Lorrie shares insights on how to get started with or deepen your seasonal living practice.  


27 Feb 2020

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Feel the Love

This week I share a story about the impact of meditation along with one of my favorite meditations.  Don't worry if you can't sit and listen in quiet place on a meditation pillow :).  Just listen where you are and take what you want or need from it.  


20 Feb 2020

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You Are a Gardener

When I found Shanna Truffini's IG feed I knew I needed to know more.  On today's podcast she shares with us her Social and Emotional Learning Platform "You Are a Gardner" where she teaches kids to cultivate beautiful gardens.  As a parent, author, SEL trainer and platform manager, she is passionate about helping children learn tools to shoulder the stresses they face each day. Listen for some great ideas on how to water your seeds and pull your weeds!You can find Shanna's book here: (each book is signed!)You Are a Gardner BlogYou Are a Gardener IG FeedYou are a Gardener YouTube ChannelYou are a Gardener SEL Training


13 Feb 2020

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Welcome to the Stress Nanny Podcast!

In this episode I introduce myself and share a little bit about what you can expect here on the Stress Nanny Podcast!


5 Dec 2019

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