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Jo Bozarth and April Bowlby host the 75 Reads podcast / book club hybrid. We're reading the books that inspired the people who inspire you! Season 1 - David Bowie's reading list. Which songs were inspired by these books? Where is Bowie in the characters? Which of his songs would you pair with each read? What better way to get to know someone than by perusing his book case? Join us!

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Bowie, Ep. 10, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Part 2 & Why We Are No Longer Charmed

If you listened to our last episode you know that, while we knew ol’ Humbert Humbert was a horrible human being, we still found him humorous and quite sharp. Well friends, in part two H.H. has lost his charm. We see him for what he is, an incredibly cruel, horribly narcissistic pedophile. Of course, one of the best death scenes ever written occurs at the end of this book. It alone makes part two worth the read. Join us as we wrap up Lolita, and let us know if you felt the way we felt about the second half of this book!


23 Apr 2019

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