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Welcome to The Ashmed Hour PodcastMonthly Podcasts titled The Ashmed Hour, hosted by Oscar Mbo from Johannesburg, South Africa.5 Shows in an episode - Main Mix (International Music), Local Mix (South African Music), Special Mix (Chill Out, Lounge & Downtempo Music) & two Guest Mixes.Send an e-mail to: info@oscarmbo.com for bookings & enquires.Love, Peace & Music

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Ashmed Hour 94 // Local Mix By Oscar Mbo

Suppppp Everyone! ;) We're on the 94th episode of #TheAshmedHour, getting closer & closer to the ultimate 100! Thank you for being part of the journey. On this show we have DJ Phephe & his partner Fearz from the Mkhukhu Function Podcast. Ezra on the Main mix & DJ Luu handling the Special Mix respectively. I'm on the Local Mix this time around & I compiled some tunes from our shores which have been rocking me hard as well as some yet to be released, trust you'll enjoy the sounds! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN18


14 Jun 2018

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Ashmed Hour 93 // Local Mix By Ezra

Ezra handles the Local Mix on #AH93. It's his best route of compiling & he put his best foot forward & delivered rare sounds for your pleasure. Check it out! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN18


10 May 2018

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Ashmed Hour 101 // Main Mix By Oscar Mbo

Sup Everyooooooooone! :)We're on show number 101, happy to still be here sharing music with you and all the spinners you need to hear on our Guest Mixes platform. I'm handling the Main Mix, Ezra on the Local Mix, Boisanza with a Special Mix, Sbu SoulfulJazzy & Dub Sole being our Guests on this episode. Thanks to everyone who has supported by debut EP titled Life & Love, it spread like wild fire & news still remain that after the 100th episode of this show I'll deliver an album, that has changed, there's some #GoldenPower heading your way. For now enjoy this episode & keep it locked!- The Big O Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19

1hr 2mins

10 Oct 2019

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Ashmed Hour 101 // Local Mix By Ezra

The Little Napoleon surfaces on this episode with a Local Mix. We've been conversating a lot regards to how much we miss sharing our sounds with the show & eventually a date was communicated & set - after we honoured the release of the 100th milestone episode for #TheAshmedHour. He blends his favourite sounds to collect, authentically South African produced House Music, please checkout this tape & share your thoughts! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19

1hr 12mins

10 Oct 2019

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Ashmed Hour 100 // Milestone Mix By Oscar Mbo

Sup Everyone!!! I'm saying that for the 100th time this morning! Thank you so much to everyone who's been following this Podcast from the beginning since 2011, those who joined along the years & YOU as well who just knew about this Podcast today. Welcome! 100 episodes later & it's an amazing feeling to say the least, we have Fistaz Mixwell & Skindeep as our Special Guests on this celebration as well as Ezra & DJ Luu likewise. It's a musically packed show by seasoned spinners, please checkout each & every offering & share with friends & family. Music Always- The Big O Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19

1hr 4mins

14 Mar 2019

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Ashmed Hour 94 // Special Mix By DJ Luu

DJ Luu surfaces on this edition with the Special Mix. This mix contains Downtempo sounds, Lounge & Neo-Soul. Enjoy! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN18

1hr 4mins

14 Jun 2018

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Ashmed Hour 102 // Guest Mix By DJ China

Needs no introduction if you ask me, a legendary spinner, an icon & a story teller. Ladies & Gents, DJ China. He surfaces on #TheAshmedHour shores with a 1H50M journey filled with a slight insight of his music library. I've played alongside him on numerous occasions & every single time he does things differently, nothing different on this episode either. If you've never heard of Chino Best, here's a glimpse. Do share this episode with your friends & family & also let me know what you think of it on the comments section. Enjoy! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19

1hr 46mins

7 Nov 2019

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Ashmed Hour 101 // Guest Mix By Sbu SoulfulJazzy

Sbu SoulfulJazzy is a Disc Jockey from Orlando West Ext 2 (Soweto). His real name is Sibusiso Maseko, he started being a Disc Jockey in 2005. In fact, he grew up on the environment which was more prominently surrounded by vinyls which gave him an opportunity to become a professional Disc Jockey. Despite, the aims and objectives is to growth now and then through getting bookings from different parts of Africa. The biggest highlight for Sbu SoulfulJazzy was to get an opportunity to compile a guest mix for Metro Fm, which gave him a spot light. In his music career, Dj Stokie Mbatha played a very huge impact in marking sure that he publicize him to other promoters in and out of Soweto. On the other hand, Ta Sbuda from Bafokeng Corner gave Sbu SoulfulJazzy a platform to take Mogodu Monday's and push them as part of growing the brand. Overall, I am deeply honoured to Bafokeng Corner for uplifting my skills in the music industry.Checkout this 2 Hours Soulful House offering that he prepared for #TheAshmedHour! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19

2hr 4mins

10 Oct 2019

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Ashmed Hour 100 // Guest Mix By Fistaz Mixwell

"Most Trusted, Most Wanted..."Perfect way to introduce this timeless DJ that's been effective on our airwaves, dance-floors & through our earphones, car stereo & home music setup over the years. Ladies & Gents, please welcome Fistaz Mixwell on #TheAshmedHour shores. We've been anticipating his offering & it couldn't have came better at a time than when the 100th episode surfaces. He delivered a tape that's strictly Downtempo, a sound that I personally enjoy when I'm traveling & working. Please check this out, thank you Fizz! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19


14 Mar 2019

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The AH Series Revisit 001 // Mixed By Oscar Mbo

Sup Everyone!!!! :) Trust ya'll are keeping well, I've decided to revisit a few tapes that were my favorites from when I started this Podcast 9 years ago just to keep ya'll on the loop on what I collected back in the day until you came across the show at whatever point in time. This mix contains Deep House sounds that will warm you up in this winter season if you're in the Southern parts of Africa. I'll be back soon, enjoy the sounds & lemme know what you think! - The Big O Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19


25 Jun 2019

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Ashmed Hour 101 // Special Mix By Boisanza

Boisanza, Mr #SpecialFeature debuts his 2019 on the show with another Special Mix. Containing Downtempo sounds, an African element is the leader of this episode. He's a collector of various sounds & has showed his collection on his shows, a man who promises to take our audience on a journey every time he blesses #TheAshmedHour shores, enjoy! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19

1hr 13mins

10 Oct 2019

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Ashmed Hour 103 // Guest Mix By Zeedan

Suppppp Everyone!!! :) A happy 2020 to all, here's to a new year of dope music on #TheAshmedHour shores! Zeedan #A2H in the mix - our host for the annual Addicted 2 House Experience, this year it's the celebration of the 14th Annual All Black Edition taking place on the 25th of Jan at 1501 Kubedi Street in Vosloorus. I'll be spinning there alongside your trusted spinners, please head over to get your tickets for the showcase at Computicket. More info about the show on the link below;https://www.facebook.com/events/865320917201732/For now, let's enjoy this offering. Love, Peace & Music #GoldenPower

1hr 8mins

16 Jan 2020

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Ashmed Hour 101 // Guest Mix By Dub Sole

Dub Sole is a Deep House spinner that hails from Tshwane, Pretoria. I've personally played alongside him at Diesel Menlyn Park for the monthly #DieselDenimFriday sessions hosted by DJ Malankane & myself. Through all the sessions he's been jamming to some nostalgic sounds that took me back with my journey of collecting music & trying to broaden my collection & knowledge as much as possible, that what one of the reasons led to him being part of the show...because of that sound. Please check out this mellow groove presented by himself & share your thoughts! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN19

1hr 1min

10 Oct 2019

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Boisanza Special Feature // B Goes Disco [July 2018]

Mr Born Deep, Boisanza is back with another edition of his special features. This time around he goes Disco! B Goes Disco. Checkout the selection & the timelessness of the compiled tunes then let us know your thoughts on the comments section. Enjoy!!! Love, Peace & Music #20GOLDEN18

1hr 15mins

17 Jul 2018

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