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Two WOC/POC from America and South Africa, tell ALL about life in South Korea. We don't just spill the tea, we spill the soju!

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Relationship talk and all that other sh** | Episode 3

On this episode, V and Keda give you a breakdown on their past relationships and their breakups that led them to South Korea. Learning from past mistakes, and we touch on dating in South Korea. The good, the bad and the little.


3 Aug 2019

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Sugar, Spice and Korean Men Not Nice ft Tana | Episode 8

On this weeks episode, your favorite girls are joined in studio with the beautiful Tana( @ramenbowl_t )What started out as a 6 month stint in South Korea, has now turned into a 3 year residency. Tana tells us all about life as a foreign baker of all things sweet. We also touch on how foreign women are treated by men. And Tana's altercation on a train with two Korean men. Listen to hear how Tana got finessed into spending lots of money on this guy's drink tab! The disrespect of it all!!


15 Sep 2019

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Our Hot Girl Korean Summer Do's and Don'ts | Episode 6

On this episode we share a snippet of our HGS (Hot Girl Summer) moments. We've been taking (or at least trying to) Mama Megan's advice seriously this summer. Wondering what a HGS is? As Megan Thee Stallion herself said in an interview with Refinery23, "It's about women and men being unapologetically them, just having a good-ass time, hyping up their friends, doing you. You definitely have to be a person who can be the life of the party and just a bad bitch." And we've been a couple of boss a** women out in these streets. Sometimes we fell flat on our faces, but for the most part HGS has been an experience this season! What's been your favorite HGS moment?


2 Sep 2019

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Life in Korea working in the US Military | Episode 9

This week, your faves brought in a guest from the US military to spill the soju and help us clear up a few things like; Why do the military boys go balls to the walls so hard on the weekends? What's wrong with dating American girls in Korea? Do soldiers of the Muslim religion get treated differently in the US military? Why do military men get married so quickly? Listen in to catch all the other juicy stories too. Thank you, Mr. Military man for the tea and thank you for your service.


22 Sep 2019

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Oh, WE FANCY, huh? Part 2 ft Haeppy from We Fancy | Episode 22

This episode is loud, opinionated, and raucous. LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Ladies and gentlemen - we present to you, the other half of... We Fancy!! We were joined in studio by the one and only infamous and controversial, H-A-E-P-P-Y. Mr Haeppy is the other half of the YouTube famous 'We Fancy' duo and we were excited to finally have him on the show to be our 2020 opening act. We talked about A LOT of things on this pod, and some of them left us speechless. Join in on the conversation and let us know your thoughts on some of Haeppy's opinions and views. And since he dubs himself as a natural-born fk boi, we had to test this claim. You know we love games on this show. So, using our 100% accurate and scientifically proven SBP Fkboi or Flunkboi test, we came to the conclusion that Haeppy is in fact a................ Follow Haeppy on IG: @cuzimhaeppy and @wefancybrand Follow us on IG: @thesojublack @misskeeds @imyourdaddy.zefling

1hr 18mins

20 Jan 2020

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I'm a hustler, baby! ft Pinnacle The Hustler | Episode 24

On this episode, we are joined with Pinnacle The Hustler! DJ, club owner, rapper, entrepreneur basically a man that wears many hats. We sat  down with Pinnacle, to get to know more about his life prior to South Korea and how he got into rapping, DJing and how he became a club owner in South Korea. He tells us about his homelessness when he first moved to Korea and some other struggles he's faced. We touch on how it is being a black business owner in an Asian country. And he shares some gems and left both of us feeling extremely inspired.Get into this episode and get inspired! Make sure you follow Pinnacle on @iampinnacle and visit his dope hookah/hip hop lounge in Itaewon, 'Planet Hustle'.As always follow us:@thesojublack@imyourdaddy.zefling@misskeeds

1hr 1min

9 Feb 2020

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Mental health: Keeping our heads above the water | Episode 4

Updates and rant about Holiday Land Festival (00:00 - 15:00) Mental health talk (15:00 ~~) On this episode, your faves open up about our mental health and how we manage to keep ourselves at bay in SoKo. It's not easy finding that kind of help in Korea, as they don't see mental health as something to worry about on such a great scale. We share our vulnerabilities with you guys about our past experiences, how they've caught up with us and how we deal with them. And what's an SB episode without a little dramatic action... listen and find out what goes down on this episode.


13 Aug 2019

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If s*** goes down in the streets, who protects us? | Episode 10

And on the 10th episode, V and Keda give you a 1-on-1 catch up episode. We discuss family tings, visits back home, and some of the drama that unraveled after the previous episode. We also discuss the difficulty we face as foreign women in Korea and the lack of safety/protection if/when shit goes down in the streets for us. Let us know if you know or know of someone who knows who we can call upon for assistance if we find ourselves in trouble and need things to be handled fairly with the law.


30 Sep 2019

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You did WHAT in the back seat of a moving cab? | Episode7

And on the 7th episode, wild stories were revealed. On this episode, your favorites play drink or truth. We asked each other questions and had to answer honestly or take a shot of soju. We talk about how we've had to learn to walk with our heads held high and rebuilding our confidence levels, because moving to Korea brought about insecurities we didn't know we had. But moving to Korea also brought about some wild experiences we didn't see coming, like how one of us almost participated in a Korean orgy or got down and dirty in the back seat of a moving cab.


8 Sep 2019

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Black. Queer. Boss in Korea ft Michael | Episode 5

On this episode, we pop our interview cherry with Michael(IG: @theycallmemisterpig), who is our FIRST guest on #sojublack!! Have you ever wondered what it’s like living in South Korea as an unapologetic, African American male, LGBTQ+ and all around BOSS?!? We dive into topics from dating to dealing with micro aggressions. It’s a good one y’all!!!!! COMMENT DOWN BELOW GUESTS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE US TO HAVE ON FUTURE EPISODES!!! THIS PODCAST IS ABOUT SHARING THE STORIES OF EXPATS ABROAD, NOT JUST EXPATS OF COLOR. We want to hear from EVERYONE!!! Tell a friend and tell them to tell a friend!!!


18 Aug 2019

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