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This is a podcast about random topics.I take your emotions by the hand and guide them to a great solution or alternative to your problems come on in and Tell Rell To contact me about something you’d want to hear me speak about, add the Tell Rell page on Facebook. The name is Tell Rell. Thanks in advance for listening my little Tellers ❤️

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Possessiveness and Domestic Violence in relationships

It talks of the ways possessiveness can be shown and why it’s not as good as it seems to be together 25/8. Also, it tells of domestic violence and also why thats not alright my topics will be random . Listen in and thank you in advance Rell loves all y’all ❤️


14 Jan 2019

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Learning to love and trust after heart break💔🚨✍🏽 bonus🚨: a Lil tip about forgiveness after hurt ‼️❤️

Describing how to get yourself back out there and break down those walls and open up to people and let people in after a heartbreak or difficult separation ❤️✍🏽


12 Feb 2019

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Letting go of Friendships and Relationships ❤️✍🏽

Any relationship isn’t set in stone 👈🏽❤️


19 Mar 2019

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Cameo with Creo❤️

My cousin stopped by to give her take on few things we all have different opinions so from time to time I’ll have a guest on ❤️👈🏽🚨


20 Mar 2019

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Over coming your fears and the meaning of friendship ❤️

Learning the qualities of a friendship and overcoming fears. Give it a listen ❤️


26 Mar 2019

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