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Farm Safety

It's episode 5 of Machinery Matters! Machinery Editor Matt Tilt chats with James Dalke, from Can-Am and Robert Gazely, from Ceres Rural about all things Farm Safety as Farm Safety Week comes to a close. Join Matt, and the guests, for 37 minutes as they talk about staggering statistics, safety tips and more. 


23 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Future Farming and Sustainability

This episode is about all things Future Farming and Sustainability. Hosts Lydia Turner and Matt Tilt chat with New Hollands, David Redman about the Methane Tractor and alternative fuels, and Matt is joined by the Small Robot Company live from Groundswell. All this and more, in episode 4 of Machinery Matters. 


25 Jun 2021

Rank #2

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Deaf Awareness with the NFU and Argo Tractors

Farm Contractor brings you Episode 3 of our podcast, Machinery Matters. This special episode aims to bring awareness to Deaf Awareness Week that happened in May 2021. The episode features special guests from the NFU and Argo Tractors, and discusses the risk of Deafness in the agriculture community. We're delighted to also feature this episode on YouTube to provide closed captioning to support those who are part of the Deaf/deaf community.


24 May 2021

Rank #3

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Stress Awareness Month with the Farm Safety Foundation and getting ready for the forage season with John Deere

In this episode, hosts Lydia and Matt provide you with the latest industry news, talk with Stephanie Berkeley from the Farm Safety Foundation about coping with stress in the agriculture industry as well as getting ready for the forage season with John Deere's Robert Hill.  If you have been affected by any issues discussed in this episode head over to any of the organisations and charities mentioned, who's details will be available via our social media and website. 


23 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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Monthly News, Women in Agriculture with Merlo UK and Claas CEMOS

In this month's episode Machinery Editor, Matt Tilt and Digital and Social Editor, Lydia Turner, provide you with the latest news in agricultural machinery, speak with Merlo UK's Emily Traverse about women in agriculture and construction and talk with Michael Ives at Claas about the latest CEMOS system updates. This is the first episode in this monthly podcast where we will talk with esteemed guests about industry hot topics.  Head to our website farmcontractormagazine.com, follow us on Twitter @farmconmagazine or find us on LinkedIn.


26 Mar 2021

Rank #5