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We are two sisters who grew up loving the Sweet Valley High books as impressionable young children and thought it would be fun to re-read as adults. You know, now that we understand how f*cking insane every single plot and character is. If you love the books too, let's connect! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SVHighPodcast or email us: SVHighPodcast@gmail.com

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Join us, your hosts, noted (not really) sisters (yes, really) Vanessa and Jasmine as we discuss Sweet Valley High #14, "Deceptions." We examine Liz's inability to deal with her PTSD from being kidnapped, why Nicholas is acting like a contestant on The Bachelor, and whether or not adults are sneaking into Sweet Valley High to steal copies of the student newspaper. Follow us on Twitter @SVHighPodcast and let us know what you think of Liz's nail polish collection.


19 Sep 2017

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