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Ideas you can use RIGHT NOW to get past and OBLITERATE stress, anxiety, depression, worry, overwhelm, lack of self worth, low self esteem, feeling stuck, afraid, lack or limits. With me, Jenifer Merifield, you’ll hear new perspectives for gaining Self Clarity about the Limiting Beliefs and Programming that’s currently holding you back, and how to IMMEDIATELY make positive momentum shifts. Self Clarity is the FOUNDATION to an Extraordinary Life. I believe in you,

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Self Awareness

EPISODE 9 In this episode, we talk about communication styles, like TALKING, LISTENING and BODY LANGUAGE. You start to notice how people perceive YOU. Hear about the different ways we SHOW UP in conversations… in ways we’re not aware of, and ways we’re definitely aware of OTHER people doing. You’ll hear an example of me being super SHY and being accused of being a snob : ( And you’ll see the difference of how we can misrepresent what we’re thinking versus what we’re presenting. I share some tips on how to lead a conversation or be a great listener. We debunk the different LABELS of Talkers and Listeners so we get clear on where we’re coming from. You’re challenged to have fun with NOTICING yourself and others in certain situations, and to do something specific in the MIRROR! I believe in you, Jenifer Merifield Personal Excellence Mentor & Coach Website: JeniferMerifield.com | IG: @JeniferMerifield


28 Nov 2018

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