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Life, love, lust are a roller coaster, but have no fear: Irrepressible siblings, Prem + Rogue, are here to help you navigate the winding turns of love, sex and desi dating. With their differing takes on relationships, their vast dating experience, and their wise ass comments, NO subject is taboo and nothing is off limits.Episodes come out weekly.Topics are intended for mature audiences, mostly urban desis (yes, NRI’s you, too!) but the experiences are universal so whoever you are, join us.

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LSDcast - episode 21: After you exchange numbers + period sex

Does the three-day rule still exist? How soon do you wait to text someone after meeting them? Who texts first? Is there an optimum waiting period before meeting? Prem and Rogue talk about coming across too eager or, on the other hand, too cool for school and losing momentum. Then they wave a red capote to discuss having sex during Aunty Flow's visit, when the chums are in town, or you're riding the cotton pony. Yes, we're talking about how to fool around when one of you is menstruating. It happens. Every month. Join your hosts as they go on a Sunny Deol digression as well as a bonus personal story on not returning texts from someone you gave your number to. Got something to share? Send your questions to lsdcast@sonologue.com or find @LSDcast on twitter.


3 Jul 2016

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LSDcast - episode 12: how to do online dating, bromances; w special guest The Love Doctor

It's a specialepisode with a special guest as Prem & Rogue tackle love, sexand the nitty gritty of dating. In this episode: the shifty realmof bromances - when you're competing with your man's best friend(not in a sexual way) for attention. Prem has more sympathy thanRogue does. But they have some practical advice. And they're joinedby the Love Doctor herself to tackle Dating 101 - back to basics.HOW, really, how, do you DO online dating? Do you "live life kingsize"? Go for long walks on the beach? Do's, don'ts and somelaughs. Join us in episode 12 wherever you listen to podcasts. Sendus questions at lsdcast at sonologue.com or on twitter/facebook,and you could win free Indian Bean coffee.


30 Apr 2016

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LSDcast Episode 5: Cuddling, Tinder, and the Height

Can a girl (or guy) find love on an app? Or at least a hook up? That's one of the questions siblings Prem & Rogue take on in Episode 5. Has it worked for you? What do you do if your friend's husband is on it? Listen to their stories.  And, why do men just roll over and snore after sex while women want to cuddle? Who wins? Who loses? And why? There's science AND there's emotion. Plus some ridiculous stereotypes. Check it out and share your thoughts.  Subscribe on iTunes/Podcast app, or your favorite Android podcast app. If your question gets featured, you can win some tasty swag, too. 


14 Mar 2016

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LSDCast Episode 3: Protocol, Friendzones, Dates

When is a date a date? Or not? In the third episode of the Love, Sex & Dating Podcast, Prem & Rogue talk about mixed messages, asking someone out, rejection, and a bum date!  What do you do when you develop feelings for your friend but s/he says "I like you, but I don't want to ruin our friendship?" Differing responses from the hosts ... could there be tension?  Listen as Prem & Rogue weigh in on friends' and strangers's questions - always with bloody awesome advice. All from a desi perspective for the urban Indian diaspora. We feel you, yo. Bonus: When Prem's date wanted to marry him Rated: PG-17


29 Feb 2016

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LSDcast - episode 25: Dealbreakers + Deception

In the latest episode, inimitable hosts Prem & Rogue field questions from left field about dealbreakers and deception. How far would you go before you confess the truth? In one case, the perfect partner in crime suddenly confesses she's married. With kids. And wants good sex. Should he walk away or give it to her? And in our second question, we deal with someone who has used false pretenses to set up a sort of professional relationship with someone he wants to ask out. Predicatably, our hosts disagree on where to draw the line. Where do you fall in? With Prem or with Rogue? Listen and then email us at lsdcast@sonologue.com or give us a shout out on twitter @LSDcast or Facebook.


1 Aug 2016

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LSDcast - episode 20: Where to meet someone and does size matter

It's back to the basics in Episode 20 - Prem and Rogue answer the question of WHERE to find love, sex, and dating in India. There are tips (classes? outings? groups?) as well as a restaurant role play and real life analysis. You don't want to miss this one. And if you can add to the conversation, we'd love to hear from you. In the sex bit, we tackle the timeless question of "Does Size Matter?" Does it? The siblings have opinions and hard-core advice. They want the listeners to keep it real. Got something to share? Send your questions to lsdcast@sonologue.com or find @LSDcast on twitter.


27 Jun 2016

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LSDcast - episode 15: The distance between us + the distance to the loo

Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt. But what about distance? Is it mind games if you forget to call or text your significant other? Or is forgetting just proof that we're all human? Prem weighs in with the guys' pov to talk about accountability in a relationship; Rogue talks about being stifled by an ex's constant need to be in touch. Plus, on episode 14, we talk about the distance to the loo -- especially after sex, especially when the bathroom is shared with a roommate. Awkward much? Plus bonus personal stories about uncomfortable situations. You don't want to miss this; you could learn a thing or seven!


23 May 2016

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LSDcast - episode 13: Lovebombing & But, but, butt

Prem and Rogue are back, discussing pedicures and spa treatments. No, not really. They're actually talking about another part of the anatomy that a certain listener wants his girlfriend to explore. Intrigued? Listen in, you may learn something! And we're also talking about when someone sweeps you off your feet and then blows hot and cold. Another listener has asked if this is normal. Expand you vocabulary, expand your mind, right here on Episode 13 where we neither judge nor give dodgy advice (erm. yeah.) Send us YOUR responses to our advice and, of course, your questions, too. 


9 May 2016

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LSDcast - episode 10: rekindling the flame, swallows w/ guest Shiv Pandit

On their first double digit episode (10! We made it to 10!) Prem + Rogue get into the problems with exes - first when time has faded the bad and left only the good memories, so you want to meet up and (probably) hook up. Wise? As usual, Prem-Rogue disagree. And calling out Prem is their good friend (and famous Bollywood actor, woohoo!) Shiv Pandit *drum roll*  What do you think? Should Anil meet his ex or not? Drop us a line and win Indian Bean coffee like Shiv did (for just showing up. Lucky man.) Then the siblings look into the act of swallowing after oral. Someone doesn't want to but her boyfriend likes it. What say? And finally, what does it mean when you keep getting back together with your ex? Find us wherever you listen to podcasts. Send questions on twitter or FB, too. 


18 Apr 2016

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LSDCast Episode 4: Gym hookups, V'day, Budget dates

Episode 4 is where Prem & Rogue beg Hallmark and Archies to love them back and sponsor them during this Valentine's Day themed episode (yes, a little late, but the discussion is evergreen). Listen as the siblings talk about come-ons, high heels, entitlement, attitude adjustment all at the gym! And then take on Valentine's on a budget, with a shout out to the local chemist shop, dinner expectations, stuffed toys and feeding them to ... pets.  Plus Prem & Rogue share stories of previous Valentine's Days (un)celebrations. Listen for: Baked beans!


7 Mar 2016

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LSDcast - episode 34: fantasizing & silence

Does this happen to you? you're in bed with your lover/partner and your mind drifts off to being intimate with someone else? One listener wants to know if that's normal. And another writes in to ask advice about what to do when her partner freezes her out after an argument. Four days of silent treatment hurt. Prem & Rogue have plenty to say about both, including a suprisingly personal take from Rogue. And then Prem recalls a boyfriend of Rogue's who'd go for a run when he was working things out in his head - except Rogue doesn't remember him at all. What's going on with that? Listen and plug in to their conversation. We're on all your favorite podcast apps. Send questions on social media or email. @LSDcast


2 Oct 2016

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LSDcast - episode 17: when is it time to break up + problem porn

When is it time to let go? How do you know when it's a phase, a 6-year itch or time to pull the plug? A serious question demands a serious answer in the love and dating segment. Prem & Rogue look at it and weigh in with personal experience. Plus what time is it? It's porn time! Well, time to talk about how one listener really has a problem with her man's porn and his habit of watching it around her. She thinks he should keep it for his me-time. Prem and Rogue share the average boy's perspective and, of course, the girl's perspective. What is their advice? You'll have to listen to find out. Bonus: Prem and Rogue swap XXX stories including when Rogue's ex sent her porn, by "accident".


6 Jun 2016

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LSDcast - episode 27: Eternal chase & flogging

The LSDcast is never a dull one. On this episode we go from philosophical to bawdy within 30 minutes. Tune in. One of our listeners has had some athletic sex with a partner who wants to be choked and flogged. He's unsure of how to proceed; we're going to whip up some fun here, we hope you're not too tied up as we tickle the subject of BDSM. And then, we muse about whether the quest and the thrill of the chase - can it be addictive? Do people know when to stop and appreciate what they've got rather then continuing to search for something or someone better? Join siblings Prem and Rogue as they weigh in. And tell us - how far would you go to give your partner pleasure when they're begging for pain? Inquiring minds want to know. Send answers and questions to @LSDcast or lsdcast@sonologue.com


15 Aug 2016

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LSDcast - episode 28: PG-free sex & Conversation starters

Episode 28 has one of our favorite guests returning to the show: It's the Love Doctor! She's got the lowdown on WHERE dating couples can go have sex especially when they live with their parents. It's a genuine #ThirdWorldProblem, you know? Even Prem & Rogue have faced it at some point. So, where do you go to get lucky? Depending on where you live, there may be a solution. Listen and find out. Then we follow up on an earlier discussion about momentum: When you stop texting and chatting online, what do say when you finally MEET? We have tips and anecdotes, some do's and don'ts. Bonus: when conversation fails you because you're gobsmacked by your date's chemistry


22 Aug 2016

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LSDcast - episode 29: 2nd date worthy & ANALysing poll results

We just can't give enough, but that's how we are: Giving! And we want you to take ... our advice. In Episode 29, we continue with our Back to Basics theme. We've got the do's and don'ts for how to deal with a bad first (or second) date. Do you just ghost? Or go the Dear John/Jane route? Prem & Rogue have totally different approaches. Next: You took our poll and we found that a lot of women put up with the backdoor entry for the sake of their partners. Yes, we're going into the ANALytics of a darker *cough* place. We're talking about the obsession some men have with anal sex. Is it just a male thing? Listen for the lowdown. Bonus: When Prem went on a second date with a girl who yawned, yes, yawned during the first.


29 Aug 2016

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LSDcast - episode 7: putting out, third dates, control, granted

Prem & Rogue actually agree on something in episode 7. You don't want to miss this.  We start by addressing the algorithm for which date to have sex on -- first date? Third date? Okay, not really, but we do debate whether a quick hookup can actually lead to a relationship or not. And no, Prem & Rogue don't agree.  Things get a little heavier on the issue of being taken for granted and when being a punching bag isn't the same thing as a mutually supportive relationship. What do you think?  Share your opinions (and your questions) and stand to win swag* from our partner @IndianBean.  + Prem tells about a hit and run sex stop. *in India only


28 Mar 2016

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LSDcast - episode 30: Dear John + Over-umm-regularity

Prem & Rogue are back to help you ride the waves of singletonness. So this week we've got a follow up to episodes 28 & 29. You've gone on date #1 (maybe even 2) and it's just obvious it's not going to be the romance (or lay) of the century. How do you deal with it? Write the proverbial 'Dear John/Jane' letter or text? Or never return their calls and texts? We have Prem's new and improved advice for you. Plus what if your partner wants more sex than you do? We talk about how in the honeymoon phrase, couples do the do every minute of the day, you can't get enough of each other. But what happens when your natural sex drive turns out to be different? Join the siblings on your favorite podcast app or online at www.bit.ly.com/LSDcast


4 Sep 2016

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LSDcast - episode 67: Being nice versus leading someone on

Someone has a problem with coming across as an asshole. So he's being really nice to this girl he met off a dating app. After painting himself into a corner, he's not sure how to tell her that it isn't turning into a relationship. Enter Prem & Rogue, your existential agony bhaiya and didi, the siblings who double as intimacy coaches and give our listeners advice, primers and real life tips. What's our boy to do? Turns out there is a way he can turn this around. Listen to learn more. Plus a bonus on people who say things they don't mean, and stringing people along. Stay tuned. Prem & Rogue have the lowdown.


25 Jun 2017

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LSDcast Episode 6: Habits that grate, Dirty talk

Remember when you met each other and every little thing they did was magic? And then it all went horribly wrong? What do you do when you can't stand what they do now? Prem and Rogue put their heads together and come up with some advice...of sorts! And then, in a temporary long-distance relationship, the flummoxed girlfriend turns to us for advice on what to do about phone sex and talking dirty. #AadarshBaalika is confused.  Join irrepressible siblings Prem & Rogue, then share YOUR thoughts.  Subscribe on iTunes/Podcast app, or your favorite Android podcast app. If your question gets featured, you can win some tasty swag, too. 


21 Mar 2016

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LSDcast - episode 31: backburner syndrome + sincerity ft. guest psychologist Sonali Gupta

We're joined by a bonafide expert for this episode: Psychologist Sonali Gupta is in the house to unpackage what's going on when a listener tells us her ex keeps liking her posts and comments. Does this passive act have a meaning? Come join us for a vocabulary lesson with not just the whys and hows but also the what to do about it! You don't want to miss this. And we've also got a question about a young woman who doesn't want a one-night stand, she's holding out for a hero -- the hero in question has flowery words, but she can't tell if he's sincere about wanting more than a fling. Is there a metric to test whether his words mean anything? Prem and Rogue are the best sleuths for the case. Join your favorite agony aunt (and uncle) on your favorite podcast app or online at www.bit.ly/LSDcast -- and send questions on twitter/facebook or by email.


12 Sep 2016

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