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Released on Thursdays, our podcast is a discussion about current issues in tax and super. Ask questions and have your say on issues discussed on the show via social media or email us at podcast@taxandsuperaustralia.com.au

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Tax Wrap 186 | Cash refunds of franking credits, negative gearing, taxing discretionary trusts

Tax Wrap calls Canberra, and gets Ken Mansell's informed insights into the ALP's policies regarding imputation credits, negative gearing (and reducing the CGT discount) and a 30% tax on discretionary trust distributions.


27 Feb 2019

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Tax Wrap 190 | Coming to Australia: Tips, traps and takeaways

Tax Wrap is pleased to have once again in the studio Simon Dorevitch of A&A Tax Legal Consulting to talk about all the considerations that need to be taken when clients arrive in Australia.


23 Apr 2019

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Tax Wrap 187 | Being deemed a non-resident just got a lot easier

Tax Wrap speaks with Simon Dorevitch from A&A Tax Legal Consulting about the positives (and the pitfalls) of one's residency status, and a recent court outcome that may change the landscape going forward


7 Mar 2019

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Tax Wrap 185 | Accountant of the Year

Tax Wrap chats to the 2018 Accountant of the Year Lee Duffield from All-In-Advisory


14 Feb 2019

Rank #4

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Tax Wrap 189 | The Federal Budget 2019 in detail

Tax & Super Australia's Tax Counsel, John Jeffreys, delves into the details of the Federal Budget that practitioners will need to absorb.


3 Apr 2019

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Tax Wrap 184 | Helpline conundrums

Tax Wrap takes time to go over the tax issues when shares that have been held for the benefit of grandkids are transferred to the intended beneficiaries, and also considers what's involved when the humble granny flat triggers a CGT event.


30 Jan 2019

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Tax Wrap 183 | Back to basics: Div 7A & the tax gap

Tax Wrap eases into the new year by taking a more basic look at what is Division 7A, as well as running over what the "tax gap" is.


15 Jan 2019

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Tax Wrap 188 | Online services for agents

Tax Wrap speaks to the ATO’s Deputy Commissioner, Intermediaries, Andrew Watson, who has responsibility for the transition from the Tax Agent and BAS Agent portals to the ATO's new Online services for agents platform.


26 Mar 2019

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Tax Wrap 210 | The coronavirus tax response package

Tax Wrap taps into the expertise of "Canberra correspondent" and tax guru Ken Mansell to get a clearer picture of the implications of the government's economic response package to the COVID-19 crisis.


16 Mar 2020

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Tax Wrap 209 | $10,000 cash payment limit, Coronavirus and tax

Tax Wrap 209 | $10,000 cash payment limit, Coronavirus and tax by Tax and Super Australia


4 Mar 2020

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Tax Wrap 208 | Making sure your clients are ready for the FBT year end

TSA’s Tax Counsel John Jeffreys runs over the sorts of details practitioners will need from their clients to be in the best position for the end of the FBT year. Getting these ducks in a row will not only help your clients but perhaps earn you more fees. We even provide a pro-forma letter for you to send to clients.


19 Feb 2020

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Tax Wrap 207 | Crediting dividends to loan accounts in satisfying Div 7A minimum repayments

Partner at VT Advisory, Bill Mavropoulos, discusses how dividends are used to satisfy the minimum repayment requirements for s109N loans. Complying with Division 7A is becoming more and more complex, so understanding the mechanics of meeting the requirements is becoming inreasingly important. 6/2/20


6 Feb 2020

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Tax Wrap 206 | Pivotal recent court case decisions

Senior Tax Counsel John Jeffreys speaks about court decisions that will have outcomes regarding, among other things, small business CGT concessions, the deductibility of goodwill lump sums, and some finer details of trust distributions (and also a PCG on super contribution timing)


21 Jan 2020

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Tax Wrap 205 | The elevation of "substantiation" for work-related expenses

Ken Mansell talks with Tax Wrap about the future for work-related expense claims, and how substantiation has become essential.


17 Dec 2019

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Tax Wrap 203 | Portal closure, using myGovID, TPB activity

Tax Wrap taps into the insights afforded TSA's Tax Counsel John Jeffreys, who has a chair at the table of the ATO's Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group and its Tax Practitioner Digital Implementation Group


21 Nov 2019

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Tax Wrap 202 | Annual vacancy fee, Absentee owner surcharge, Vacant residential land tax

Tax Wrap chats with Simon Dorevich of A&A Tax Legal Consulting about three measures that seek to address housing affordability; the annual vacancy fee for foreign owners, the absentee owner surcharge that applies in certain states, and Victoria's vacant residential land tax.


21 Oct 2019

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Tax Wrap 200 | A deeper interpretation of black economy measures

Tax Wrap speaks with Bill Mavropoulos, partner at VT Advisory, about whether we're in tin foil hat territory or not (regarding DPNs including GST, cash transaction limits, and e-invoicing)


11 Sep 2019

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Tax Wrap 199 | Payroll tax grouping rules, Compliance focus, offshoring and integrity

Tax Wrap talks to a TSA tax technical operative who went back to the coalface about recent and current concerns that have emerged with clients this tax time.


28 Aug 2019

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Tax Wrap 198 | A chat with Assistant Commissioner SMSFs, Dana Fleming

Tax Wrap speaks with the ATO’s Assistant Commissioner for the SMSF Segment, Dana Fleming, about the top issues facing the sector right now, and the challenges facing both trustees and the SMSF regulator in the foreseeable future.


13 Aug 2019

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Tax Wrap 197 | Double tax agreements, Strata titles and CGT, SBE concessions

Tax & Super Australia's Tax Counsel John Jeffreys relates how recent helpline queries from members were resolved with regard to double tax agreements, the affect on capital gains outcomes from strata titling, and the helpful rollover concession of the suite of small business CGT concessions that are available.


31 Jul 2019

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