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The ‘Next Big Thing’! The show that talks about your business and your potential to do great things, your potential to change your customer’s lives and to…as the title says to be the next big thing. I am Shriram Iyer – or just Shri if that’s easier. Some of my friends even like to call me 1-2-Shri :)

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Episode 28: Actress Pallavi Sharda talks 'Wedding Season' and her recipes for success

How does one achieve sustained brilliance in multiple fields? How do you balance focus and versatility? Can being truthful to yourself and believing in your self help you find yourself? All of this and more in today’s podcast. We are joined by the very talented and successful actress, Pallavi Sharada, fresh from the success of her latest movie, The Wedding Season, which is creating quite the buzz on Netflix. Apart from being a movie star, she is an honours graduate in law, she is a trained dancer and most importantly she is a bonafide role model. We discuss the movie, which you must watch btw, but we also talk about her values and about her own recipe for success.  Get ready to be inspired and learn about the importance of believing in your self. 


30 Aug 2022

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Episode 29: The relationship between 'Discipline' and 'Happiness'

It was a real pleasure to speak with the very melodious and equally inspiring Kamini Natarajan on 'The Next Big Thing' She is VP, Digital Marketing at a leading business in the US, she is passionate about her family and she is a versatile musician, effortlessly crossing genres from New Age to Classical to Devotional to Fusion.... She has the honour of being invited to join the Grammy Awards as a voting member in 2022! What a richly deserved recognition of her work in the field of music. How does she excel at this juggling act? She shares her secrets to achieving success in multiple disciplines (and yes, a lot of it is to do with...DISCIPLINE). She has startling clarity about her purpose and that for me was an eye-opener. Above all, she is lovely and always happy to lend a helping hand (trust me I would know!). What are YOUR KEY TAKEAWAYS from this conversation? LISTEN TO THE PODCAST EPISODE: The Relationship between Discipline and Happiness:


24 Aug 2022

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Episode 27: Hon Michael Wood shares his views on 'Playing Life like a Test Match!'

Can the 'individual' and 'society' both succeed? What skills must a leader demonstrate and how can you develop those? As we aspire to reach for greatness ourselves what are some key life lessons? Today on the podcast, I have a very charismatic, inspiring and influential leader from New Zealand. I am joined by Michael Wood, the MP for Mt Roskill. Considered to be New Zealand’s most diverse electorate. Having lived there I can testify to that! He is also Minister of Transport, and workplace relations and safety along with being Deputy Leader of the House. I have had the privilege of meeting Michael and always been very impressed with how deeply he is connected with NZ’s vibrant and growing  ethnic communities. Every person regardless of background can and should flourish and reach their fullest potential – which is what this show is all about. Listen on!


12 Apr 2022

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Episode 26: Venkat Raman shares the secrets of being 'In Pursuit of Excellence'

It is in the presence of excellence that we too can aspire for excellence. It is when we come face to face with integrity that we too can display integrity in every facet of our lives. Today my guest is an extraordinarily accomplished man. He has recently been appointed as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his service to the Indian community. A journalist of the highest calibre for close to 6 decades, he is a mentor to many including yours truly. Welcome to The Next Big Thing, a podcast for ambitious truth-seekers. Today we speak to Venkat Raman, Chief Editor of The Indian Newslink, joining us from New Zealand. LISTEN ON and discover the exceptional and remarkable story of this exemplary community leader. 


27 Mar 2022

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Episode 25: Solène Angalret shares how to 'Build a Mindset of BREAKING BORDERS'

In the world we live in, is there room for peace, both outside and within? Is there room for love? How can we truly accept one another? How can we accept ourselves? How can we use the mind to free us from all the binds us? It is a true privilege to present today’s episode. ON this show, we speak to inspiring people who have achieved BIG things, they have come out on top despite the odds they have faced and continue to face. It is these kind of conversation and stories that we aim to present on ‘The Next Big Thing’. Today we speak to Solène Anglaret from the United Kingdom, a true champion of inclusion and diversity. She is a wonderfully creative person, having authored many books. She is well travelled and so enriched as a result her life and story are truly extraordinary. Listen on and be inspired!


9 Mar 2022

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Episode 24: Aman and Ratanjit share 'How to build meaningful Business Relationships'

They say that businesses are built on the foundation of relationships. How does something like mutual respect fit in to this? In addition to mutual respect, how do emotional connections, communication and vision play a role in building meaningful and lasting business relationships? Today we are back speaking to AusPac Finance for Part 2 of our podcast with them. Last episode we spoke about Trust. In today’s episode we speak about the other 4 pillars of establishing a culture of building relationships – Mutual Respect, Emotional Connection, Communication and Vision. We are joined by the founders of AusPac Finance – Aman Chandra and Ratanjit Singh, both ex-bankers with more than 30 years of banking and finance experience. AusPac finance’s mantra is simple – Grow with us. Let us hear more about how we too can forge meaningful business relationships!


23 Feb 2022

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Episode 23: Evan Bishop shares 'How to win using the MENTAL in Compartmental'?

How should we keep fighting the fight? How do we stay patient knowing that the dividends might come later and not now necessarily? How does one implement a ‘compartmentalised’ approach in our daily life? Today we speak to business owner Evan Bishop, the man behind Worldly Migration who has enabled many individuals and families to live the great Australian dream. A specialist in Employer Sponsored Visas, he is a well-rounded Migration Law Consultant and he has become a go-to mentor in the RMA profession for other Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers. Thrilled to be joined by Evan. Stay tuned! -- MORE ABOUT EVAN AND WORLDLY MIGRATION Worldly Migration believes in  fighting the good fight with unrelenting determination to help others through Employer Sponsored Visas and more! I refer to myself as a Migration Law Consultant more specifically over that of ‘Registered Migration Agent’ because over the years, outside of representing my own direct client files, I’ve become a go-to mentor in the RMA profession for other Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers on the Employer Sponsored Visa subclasses. Attentive to all immigration Legislative changes that always reflect current policies, Evan prides himself on specifically looking for the unique differences that can ensure decisions are based on the best options and information at all times. We help clients on: ✔️Employer Sponsored Visas (407/482/494/186) ✔️ B2B Nomination Writing (assisting other firms in preparing their cases) ✔️ Mentorship and Training for Immigration Lawyers and fellow RMA ✔️ Cancellations and Hearings ✔️ Student and Graduate Services ✔️ CV and Career Advice MARN 1679414 https://www.worldlymigration.com/


16 Feb 2022

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Episode 22: Ryan Jenkins shares 'How to build trust - the DIGITAL way'

What inspires us to do what we do? What gives us the drive to create impact? How do we achieve determination that is fierce, yet calm and steady? My guest and I will be talking about the importance of being unique, being authentic, beating ‘imposter syndrome’…and lots lots more. But who is my guest today? He is dynamic, brilliant at anything digital and knows the heartbeat of businesses better than most. There is a lot of ‘hype’ around his business that aims to bring the entire business ‘society’ together. We are joined by Ryan Jenkins! Ryan’s passion for digital marketing came from the need to bring trust back to the industry. He is the CEO and co-founder of The Hype Society The vision for TheHypeSociety is simple: to be the masters of digital… they believe in fusing strategy, engagement and execution… and the result? Unparalleled marketing results for all of their clients. And it is my privilege to welcome him onto the show. And yes, yet another 'MUST LISTEN'! 


9 Feb 2022

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Episode 21: Shilpa Kulshreshta shares 'How to achieve euphoric careers by murdering mediocrity'

When did we slip into mediocrity from those heights of excellence? Today we talk about how you can Murder Mediocrity and achieve the career results you richly deserve. Let us understand what causes us to become mediocre in the first place and how we can find our way to excellence again. Bestselling author of ‘Play It Full’, Shilpa Kulshreshta shares her extraordinary story of how she took firm control of her own destiny and has now become one of Australia’s leading career coaches. She talks about challenging the status quo, societal norms and pushing ourselves towards the brilliance we naturally possess and rightfully deserve. We discuss Shilpa’s ‘Triangle of Life’ and how we can get the maximum from the three sides - ‘Career’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Health’. We discuss the role of Clarity, Courage, Certainty and Confidence in achieving everything you have aspired for. Talking to Shilpa was inspiring and filled me up with a truckload of positivity and optimism. I am sure, listening to this podcast episode will do the same to you! -- It is my warm pleasure to welcome you all to Season 2 of The Next Big Thing podcast. This is the show that seeks to inspire business owners to do amazing things with their professional and personal lives. Season 1 featured 20 amazing episodes, where I got to interview professionals with such varied backgrounds but they all had one thing in common – they had the power to uplift us so that we can reach for the stars. Today we speak with the bestselling author of ‘Play It Full’, Shilpa Kulshreshta shares her extraordinary story of how she took firm control of her own destiny and has now become one of Australia’s leading career coaches. --


2 Feb 2022

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Episode 20: Sameer Babbar shares his views on 'The role of Belief in Business'

What are your own beliefs and what role has it played in your professional and personal lives? Do you have the requisite self-belief? Do you believe that as a business you have the right solutions to your market's problems?  Today we speak to Sameer Babbar, who talks to us about the role of belief and through his own framework on the why and how of belief. We discuss external and internal factors that can influence belief and how that in turn, can determine business outcomes. About Sameer Babbar He is a business consultant and mentor, he conducts group workshops and is an excellent speaker.  He has also developed a number of software products and has led quite the entrepreneurial journey. He loves playing the saxophone and was in his past life, a space scientist. He has a deep love for both numbers and words. So, do you believe you should listen to this podcast? TUNE IN!


4 Nov 2021

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