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“Sorting It Out” is a conversation between four hopeless millennial housemates discussing everything from societal issues to their own first world problems and domestic debarkles.The podcast is a medium for the boys to critique and give insight into eachothers lives and reflect upon their beliefs and actions in an attempt to become decent humans.Whether it be knick-knacks, paddy whacks or giving a dog a bone, these young men are definitely rolling home every friday to start the process of beer assisted self reflection again.The boys are masters in the art of constructive roasting and have a knack for spouting useless anecdotes and questionable analogies. Tune in each week for a some guaranteed laughs and something new to think about.

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Episode #17 - Drugs at Festivals

Tune into some fun banter this week as the boys talk about drug at music festivals, pubes circumcision and more


24 Nov 2018

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