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Varying degrees of cooked up psytrance occasionally sprinkled with some psybient flavours.

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The Hal 9000 Sampler

Another session with Aiwazz. This one was a huge departure for me as it is 100% drum and bass. What a learning curve that was. It features the voice of Hal 9000 throughout the mix, taking the listener on a roller coaster ride through many a Vista. I hope you enjoy the mix. Respect Aiwazz’s sampling work on this one or forever hold your peace.Trackist01 Hypnoticstate-Portishead-Over02 Hypnoticstate-Manu Chao and Portishead-Over03 Hypnoticstate-Logistics-Release the Pressure04 Aiwazz-Alpha Omega-Chasing Dragons05 Aiwazz-SKC & Bratwa-Time Is Now06 Aiwazz-Artificial Intelligence-Shinkasen07 Hypnoticstate-Prodigy-Smack my bitch up (Sub focus remix)08 Hypnoticstate-Sub Focus-Xray09 Aiwazz-D-Star-If10 Aiwazz-Tactile-Maharajah11 Aiwazz-D-Kay-Move Yall12 Hypnoticstate-Pyro-Ghost Whisper13 Aiwazz-Sunchase feat Yana Kay-Remember me (Ill Skillz Remix)14 Aiwazz-Raiden-Chernobyl 415 Hypnoticstate-Audio-Feel it16 Hypnoticstate-Basic Operation and Chino-Day After Tomorrow17 Hypnoticstate-Audio-Feel it18 Hypnoticstate-Total Science-Nosher (Baron VIP Mix)19 HAL 9000-Daisy Bell

1hr 15mins

31 Jul 2007

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The Slumbering God Sessions - Part 2

This part 2 of another session I recorded with aiwazz, its downbeat psybient goodness for your ears.Aiwazz says.Alrighty gang. A new mix for the select to peruse at your leisure. In 2004 (my god it’s really been that long?) hypno and i produced a mix called the slumbering gods… Hypno had introduced me to the wonders of psybient music, and i wanted to work with it. I also had my own leanings into obscure music designed for visionary escapades by the likes of steve roach. At that time in mixing I was really enjoying the concept of harmonic mixing. i wanted to test myself. What’s one of the deadliest harmonics in the world to mix with? The harmonics produced by bells and gongs. Complex and rich yet catastrophic when not mated well with other tones, bells offer a unique challenge to harmonic mixing. They also have a great power to alter brainwave patterns and therefore are used by the tibetans and others for meditation practice. I grew up with my parents always playing a series of tibetan bell recordings (called the the tibetan bells 1-4) by henry wolf and nancy hennings. They consist of experiments using traditional tibetan bells. They are powerful stuff to those who open their ears. So the concept was born: mix bells and tones with dub/psybient/otherworldy music that was modified to gel with a storyline engineered specifically to demonstrate the theme of a gods (insert favorite deity here) dreams. There was a parallel ofcourse thematically with the latent skills inherent in our own cells that may be considered by some to be “sleeping”. The first mix used the movie “the children of dune” for storyline weaving, this one uses “dune” so in a way it is a prequel, yet in others a sequel, as the dream is becoming a “waking dream”. The elephants eye below is open this time… Grin technically i feel it’s my best mastering work ever. I also wrote track 08 and have been exploring stereo field work. The tracks by me are labeled mixes/remixes as that’s what they are. lots of original material was written throughout. 7 months, 544 files in 48 folders equaling 40.4 gigs and making 24 tracks of audio at some points in 32 bit manipulation with audition. I didn’t use all the “freshest hottest tracks” i used tracks that meant the most to me in this context, so some are tracks that have been the soundtrack to my life. Such as the bells, which were written before I was born… into this vessel… Big love to hypno, it’s always such a blast working with ya.01. Aiwazz - Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - Khumbu Ice-Fall (Dream Unfolds Edit)02. Hypnoticstate - Androcell - Efflorescence03. Hypnoticstate - Entheogenic - The Solution Machine04. Aiwazz - Shulman - Aion (Aiwazz Mindkiller Remix)05. Aiwazz - Shpongle - Shpongleyes (Aiwazz Left Well Enough Alone Edit)06. Aiwazz - Steve Roach, Robert Rich & Brian Eno - Arrival (Aiwazz Lost in the Garden Mix)07. Aiwazz - Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman - Trance Spirits (Aiwazz Nature of the Virus Mix)08. Aiwazz - Aiwazz - Out of Darkness (Understand This)09. Hypnoticstate - Collider - Tripswitch10. Hypnoticstate - Kaya Project - Salaam (Remix For Irina Mikhailova)11. Aiwazz - Don Peyote - In Havana (Aiwazz Grumbles Edit)12. Aiwazz - Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana - Middle World Passage (Aiwazz Force of the Ancestors Remix)13. Aiwazz - Solar Fields - Self Transforming Experience Second Movement (Aiwazz Bassbins Attack! Mix)14. Hypnoticstate - Peter Tha Zouk vs DI Simmon - Enchantments (Hypno’s On and On Mix)15. Aiwazz - Steve Roach - Songline (Aiwazz House Is What You Make of It Remix)16. Aiwazz - Steve Roach - Core Meditation 1 (Aiwazz The End is the Beginning Remix)

1hr 27mins

31 Jul 2007

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Now thats what I call Psytrance

This is my definition of Psytrance. Used a couple of tracks I’ve used before but they are more “up to date remixes”. I’ve not gone out of my way at all to find tracks that mix together here, I just wanted to pick my fave definitions of my beloved genre in different flavours and just mangle them together with whatever technology was available to me, bits of this done in MM bits in Audition and the last track was an Ableton frenzy where I just got totally carried away, oh yes !!! never take drugs with effects at hand ! although, strangely it worked, so it stays.Tracks byNEXUSETNICAWRECKED MACHINESCRUNCHY PUNCHJUPITER 8000HUJABOYSPACE MONKEYIn no particular order.

1hr 7mins

31 Jul 2007

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Metapsychic Dreaming

All tunes from a netlabel I discovered while on my travels in myspace called "Metapsychic records". Goa was my first love in the electronic world and is a dying art, up until now that is, I’ve kept this within the creative commons terms and conditions, (I so wanted to add some samplage) but man this is a trip in the old goa fashion, fuck I love a bit of goa and this does it for me, the artists featured obviously know their stuff and employing technology that wasn’t around in the goa era only boosts this work in my humble opinion.TracklistAnalogue Heaven - VoxAtmosfear - VoxDzog Chen - AstrancerTribute to the Sun - AfginLost in Paradise - Lost BuddhaWalk to Earth - AuraCity of Black Lights - VoxInner Polarity - VoxThe Shaman Trip - Sine DieMolecular Restrictive - Mindsphere

1hr 25mins

31 Jul 2007

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Not a lot to describe with this one, except it bangs hard. Enjoy, there are some classics on this one.TracklistAlien Cop (Goblin Rmx) - PsysexIncognito - XeroxJuice (Live Mix) - G.M.S.Spook (Wizzy Noise Remix) - G.M.SHyperactive (Earthling vs. Bushman Remix) - G.M.S. vs. Alien ProjectMarley On Acid - Xerox & IlluminationFairy Tales - QuadraReload - DeedrahShot Shot, Voilà - Central Processing UnitPeak Detector - Central Processing UnitHere He Comes (Hypno’s Edit) - The Nommos

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31 Jul 2007

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