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Welcome to Light the Path podcast! I’m your host Queen Cole! Light The Path podcast will feature guest and I sharing stories about good times and bad, how we’ve overcome hardship and heartache and discovered the secrets to some of life’s greatest joys. Let’s Connect on all platforms https://linktr.ee/Lightthepathpodcast

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What’s a SMART goal. By setting goals for yourself, you are providing yourself with a target to aim for. Snippet about the upcoming 4 part series


14 Jan 2020

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Bidder Better Bid

Joining me on today’s show is TiWanna “TK” Kenney the Founder of Astounding Auctions and Fundraising Strategies. Along with her team they lead fundraising for nonprofits across the country. After courageously serving our country, she decided to swap her combat boots for heels and change lives in the community, one person at a time.  This multitalented mom does it all: bid calling, teaching future auctioneers, hosting fundraising master classes, speaking to fundraising organizations, All while championing diversity for the auction industry. Leveraging her passions for storytelling and helping others, TiWanna “TK” Kenney consults organizations to increase their fundraising results.  TK has been nominated for the Austin Under 40 Awards in the category of Innovation and Start Up.  Article  https://atxwoman.com/woman-to-watch-tiwanna-tk-kenney/?utm_content=120033601&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&hss_channel=fbp-327187980958744 FB page  https://www.facebook.com/astoundingauctions/ Website  astoundingauctions.com


7 Apr 2020

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COVID - 19: Impact On The Beauty Industry

I wanted to talk to someone in the Beauty Industry and find out the impact COVID 19 is having on business. Joining me on the show today is Anita Parker, Owner of La Chiq Salon & Design Studio  Info@allthingslachiq.com 🚨🚨🚨 FREE SHIPPING 🚨🚨🚨  Online purchase and shipping ONLY! Shop all merchandise including La Chiq LOCX www.allthingslachiq.com using Promo Code: FREESHIP All Fabric Choices have been uploaded for Pre-Order!  All masks are double layered with a pocket for easy insert and removal of included medical grade filter. Hand Washable & Reusable Visit www.allthingslachiq.com/mask to place your order! SHIPPING ONLY! Estimated ship date will begin April 8, 2020. Please allow 3-5 days for processing, thereafter; anticipate prolonged arrivals due to shipping delays.  As a gift of our gratitude, enjoy this special BUY 3 GET 1 FREE discount using PROMO CODE: MASK443 In addition to this offer, ALL FRONTLINE WORKERS (i.e. doctors, nurses, first responders, and law enforcement) will receive an exclusive BUY 1 GET 1 FREE discount. Please send a copy of your professional I.D. to apparel@allthingslachiq.com for your custom discount code.  As always, All Things La Chiq appreciates your support!


9 Apr 2020

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4 Part Series: Different Paths to Weight Loss Part 1: Narty By Nature

First up a couple Marty & Nate who went on the journey together and have lost a combined 144 lbs by using Weight Watchers Here’s the link to Narty By Nature https://www.facebook.com/NartyByNature/


4 Feb 2020

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4 Part Series: Different Paths to Weight Loss Part 4: Hustle & Grizzle Fitness

Demetrie Penson: Creator of Hustle & Grizzle Fitness experienced a major health scare that motivated him to improve his nutrition and exercise. He achieved his best level of fitness at age 32. Online Links/social mediaMerchandise Home Page: www.hustlengrizzle.comFACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/1335139707FB ACCOUNTABILITY: https://m.facebook.com/hustlegrizzlefitness/SNAPCHAT:  https://www.snapchat.com/add/bukezillaINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/hustlengrizzleDIGITAL WORKOUTS AND NUTRITION SUPPLEMENTS:  https://mysite.coach.teambeachbody.com?coachId=297365&locale=en_US


25 Feb 2020

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The Pursuit of a PhD

Dr. Maja James is a single mother of two daughters and has obtained a Doctorate in Business-Human Resources. According to the US Census, only 4.5% of the US population possess a doctoral degree and Dr. Maja James is one of them.   One of the most common questions she is asked is, “How in the world did you do it?”  In this episode she shares how to push towards your goals and keep seeking greatness within yourself!  “It Wasn’t Easy, However It Is Possible”   Dr. Maja is also a contributing writer for Bibs & Business, an online Christian magazine for working women. Check out an article Dr. Maja wrote.  http://bibsandbusiness.com/go-get-it-how-i-got-my-doctorate-as-a-single-mom/


31 Mar 2020

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Celebrate 366

Thoughts on celebrating Valentine’s Day & Black history month


21 Jan 2020

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Laptop Lifestyle: Entrepreneurship with LaToya of Frazier Business Solutions

This episode is sponsored by Frazier Business Solutions. Checkout the website:http://frazierbusinesssolutions.com/After working for corporate America for 17 years LaToya said, “Goodbye” and started her own business. She will share the perks and obstacles of being an Entrepreneur. Social Media:IG: https://www.instagram.com/latoyaonline/FB: https://www.facebook.com/latoyafrazieronline/LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/latoya-frazier/Twitter: https://twitter.com/latoyafrazier


3 Mar 2020

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Judge Amber Givens

Joining me on today’s show Judge Amber Givens. Presiding Judge of the 282nd Judicial District Court in Dallas County, Texas.  As a former Assistant District Attorney, She witnessed firsthand the issues plaguing our legal system. She has committed her entire career to public service and feels compelled to continue serving in a capacity that provides the needed leadership to ensure justice and equality for all.   


21 Apr 2020

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Remembering Kobe Bryant: Mamba Mentality

King Hearns who is one of the biggest Kobe Bryant fans that I know. King shares how he felt when he received the news of Kobe Bryant’s death, what lessons he learned from The Legend, and how he will honor his legacy.


28 Jan 2020

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Bridging Black Love With Mesha and Dr. Jacqueline

The co-collaborators of Bridging Black Love, Mesha and Dr. Jaqueline share how the group started, the online platform, and other activities the group will have coming up.  Bridging Black Love seeks to bridge the gap between black men and women, by creating a space for meaningful conversations. The online group is dedicated to any and all topics that relate to relationships. Seek to listen, understand, and challenge ourselves to evaluate other perspectives.   Bridging Black Love FB  https://www.facebook.com/groups/700766613602112/?ref=share Bridging Black Love IG  https://instagram.com/bridgingblacklove?igshid=c1sv83op3iqp Bridging Black Love YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnuUobx558jBh3viKvmxGA


17 Mar 2020

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TIVR: Thoughts Ideas Visions Reality

Today’s guest is Thomas Brown the founder and CEO of TIVR Enterprises.  Thomas has dedicated himself to educating others on how to develop, operate, and manage the day to day operations of a business. www.mytivr.com Thomas also owns and operates a photo booth business called Refleck Foto a mirror booth. Available for any and all events including weddings, corporate events, baby showers, and more.   www.refleckfoto.com


24 Mar 2020

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COVID - 19: Impact On Teachers

I wanted to talk to an educator and find out the impact COVID 19 pandemic is having on teachers. Joining me on the show today is Jolene Walls Render is a Business/Marketing Education Teacher and she has been teaching for 30 years.She credits her successes to  God’s Grace and mercy and the unconditional love and support from her mother. Mrs. Render has been married to her high school sweetheart for 29 years and they have two beautiful children.


26 Mar 2020

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4 Part Series: Different Paths to Weight Loss Part 3: 4.0

Even as a child Leona was overweight with self esteem issues. At that time she buried herself in school, and graduated with honors. Leona made the decision to have weight loss surgery, VSG. She went from having self esteem issues to now being more confident. Leona has been married for 19 years old and has 3 beautiful boys. She’s proud to say, she is a full time college student, a stay at home mom, and a business owner. Follow her business page on FB https://m.facebook.com/Luce-Oscura-Soaps-108020813959975/


18 Feb 2020

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4 Part Series: Different Paths to Weight Loss Part 2: Bet On Yourself!

Shakey began her journey of clean eating on January 1st 2018. She lost 35 pounds in 8 months. After almost 2 years she’s still choosing the keto way of eating and has successfully maintained her goal weight and look.


11 Feb 2020

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$32 King Size Reese’s

Rudy Sanders shares how he had to learn how to better manage his financial life after hitting rock bottom. Now he has begun his journey to become debt free and share information with people that has helped him re-establish himself and his family. Speak Between The Lines Podcast FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SpeakBetweenTheLines/ Speak Between The Lines Podcast IG page: https://instagram.com/speakbetweenthelines?igshid=862eybmixn Speak Between The Lines Podcast YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAgZeAx6pIHHcVXJRHJ4cnw


10 Mar 2020

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COVID - 19: Impact On Healthcare Professionals

I wanted to talk to a healthcare professional and find out the impact COVID 19 is having on healthcare professionals Joining me on the show today is a Ronessa Lewis a professional nurse with 15 +years of experience in Management, Hospice, Long Term Care, Mental Health, Med- Surgical, and as a Community Liaison. She Possess incomparable knowledge of nursing processes, practices and professional standards. Devoted to provide the utmost level of care and ease for patients and their families.


2 Apr 2020

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Moore In Dallas #YouInDallas

Joining me on today’s show is Brandon Moore a Dallas influencer and digital creator. COSIGN magazine 2019 Rookie Of The Year recipient.You may know him better as @Mooreindallas his Instagram handle.He started his blog as a way to give people an easy way to get introduced to Dallas. In spring of 2019, Brandon and his platform Moore In Dallas launched a social community widely known as #YouInDallasThis nearly all-black, young professional group is still thriving to this day with its various channels and almost instantaneous link-ups for brunch, happy hour, and random kickbacks all throughout the DFW Metroplex. Instagram https://instagram.com/mooreindallas?igshid=1tzoajl8tgbahWebsite https://linktr.ee/mooreindallas


14 Apr 2020

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Living With Lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that occurs when the body's immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. Symptoms vary from person to person. The exact cause of lupus is still unknown. And since no two cases present exactly alike, I’ll be featuring 2 Lupus Warriors LaNelle and Ashley.  LaNelle contact info.  http://lrenfrofaulk.com/about-2 Ashley contact info. https://instagram.com/cure4lupus_godgotme?igshid=f6qr9ejiw52a


21 May 2020

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We Run This

Joining me on today’s show is Sherrie Dobbins Founder/Visionary of We Run This.  A running group in the DFW area.   Website  www.werunthisdfw.com Fb  https://www.facebook.com/groups/werunthisdfw/?ref=share IG  https://instagram.com/werunthisdfw?igshid=1ldsu9mx9d9ls


19 May 2020

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