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Welcome to the Love This Podcast, the bi-weekly marketing and advertising podcast where we interview some of the world's most prolific marketing and creative leaders about all things creativity, culture, business and innovation. Hosted by Beth O'Brien & Joe Carter, powered by Colenso BBDO.

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Sarah Watson - Chairman, Global & NY CSO, BBH (E47)

We were delighted, and somewhat overwhelmed, to welcome the legendary Sarah Watson onto the Love This Podcast.From the snow-trodden offices of BBH New York, Sarah plunged into several topics that will pique the curiosity of marketers around the world. The role of planning in an agency today and why it’s still fundamental to making the work better. Marketing to mothers, our industry’s hiring decisions and defining customer archetypes. The important of a diverse team and why clients should push back on agency’s that don’t represent their customers. How and why we should use a combination of data and our instincts to evaluate the work. Tensions of every kind. There was even one point where we may have stepped out of the sound room, into the therapy room – see if you can spot it.Building her career and the careers of those around her at two of the most reputable agencies in the world (DDB and BBH), Sarah’s wisdom and 50,000ft viewpoint on the world is one that should 100% be heard, and then shared.


19 Jan 2020

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