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Department for Continuing Education Open Day 2014

The Department's 2014 Open Day was held on 4 November. This is an annual free event that welcomes hundreds of participants to attend short lectures, workshops, informational sessions and walking tours in Oxford. Participants also join us online from around the world, as each year we broadcast a number of the lectures live, and capture additional lectures for later viewing - a selection of which are below.

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Back to Downton Abbey? Is the rise in inequality sustainable?

Political Economy - Professor Jonathan Michie Piketty's book on Capital in the 21st Century warns that the growth of inequality in both wealth and incomes witnessed over the past 30 years is set to continue as a long-term trend, and that this is unsustainable economically, socially and politically. Is he right? And if so, what can be done to create a sustainable economy? Professor Jonathan Michie is Director of the Department for Continuing Education.


15 Apr 2015

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Party games: coalitions in British politics

History - Professor Angus Hawkins This session will look at the history of coalition government in British politics over the past 200 years and discuss some of the constitutional implications of the current Conservative/Liberal Democrat government under David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Professor Angus Hawkins is Director of Public and International Programmes.


15 Apr 2015

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Discoveries in Theology and Religion: Middle Eastern Christianity explored!

Theology and Religious Studies - Rev'd Canon Dr Robin Gibbons Middle Eastern Christianity, particularly in Iraq, is in the news for all the wrong reasons. But how many people really know who these Christians are? Rev'd Canon Dr Robin Gibbons , works researches and explores all aspects of Eastern Christianity. To help introduce us to their belief and culture he will share some of the visual aspects of their faith through art and architecture. The Rev'd Canon Dr Robin Gibbons is Director of Studies in Theology and Religious Studies.


15 Apr 2015

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Art, Design and World War

History of Art - Dr Claire O'Mahony Amidst the commemorations of 1914 and 1944, we will look at how artists and designers represented and participated in the First and Second World Wars. Art and graphic design served to inform, to persuade and to sustain the home front; camouflage deceived in the battle; housing was invented amidst ruins. Visual creativity and design practice played an important part in the experience of conflict and hopes for peacetime. Dr Claire O'Mahony is Course Director of the Master's in the History of Design.


15 Apr 2015

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