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Welcome to CONSCIOUS, a podcast that is all about nourishing body, mind & soul. My Name is Nadia Damaso and my intention is, that we can all live a more conscious life and first and foremost, be more conscious about who we truly are, what we want in life and what we put into our bodies. There will be a new episode each week with topics that can hopefully help you in one way or another to grow & expand as a human as well as a soul as well as interesting conversations with inspiring people from around the globe who share their knowledge & wisdom. And, there will be guided meditations to help you connect deeper to your heart, to your highest self and so be able to find trust & peace in the midst of conflict the world is in right now. And last but certainly not least, I will share plant-powered recipes & food-hacks to make your life more nourishing, healthier & more delicious as well as what we can all do to show greater respect & appreciation for mother nature and how to connect more with nature to strengthen the feeling of oneness of all that is.I hope we can create a CONSCIOUS community together, where we can all learn and grow alongside each other, where we can find trust to follow the voice of our hearts and where we support each other to live the life we deserve to live. With passion, with purpose, with joy and a whole lot of love.

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HOW TO LET GO of anything that holds you back

This episode is all about finding helpful tools on „HOW TO LET GO of anything that holds you back“. Maybe it’s negative thought patterns, maybe it’s the past or painful memories that you need to let go of, maybe it’s unhealthy habits or relationships or any other kind of attachments that keep you from growing into your strongest and best self. Whatever it might be, letting go always comes with change and can be a big stepping stone on the path to our spiritual awakening.In the beginning of the episode I’m going into why letting go in our current time and space is so important and how it’s tied together with the awakening process. After that I will talk about how to prepare yourself mentally & emotionally in order to let go and then, I will share a few tips of the things you can do in your everyday life to make the process of letting go easier.I hope you enjoy and find some helpful tips to implement into your life while listening. If you find the time, I would very much appreciate if you could rate & review this podcast, I’m always super happy to read your messages and get your feedback :)All my love, Nadia


9 Feb 2022

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HOW TO OVERCOME SELF-DOUBTS and stop self-destructive thought patterns

Self-Doubt and falling into Self-Destructive thought patterns - isn’t that something we all know? Something we all know but also something we want to free ourselves from?This episode is all about what can help to find a way out of self-doubt, how get out of negative thought patterns and how to build yourself up instead to find more compassion and love for yourself.Enjoy listening and if you feel like it, let me know what stuck out to you the most or share it online.Thank you so much and all my love, Nadia ----For the link to Chelsea’s Notebook click HERE.To watch/ listen to Eckhart Tolle's speech that I loved and that can help to live more in the now with more compassion click HERE.For the cookbook's I'm giftig to two of you, please send me an e-mail with the username you wrote the review & rating with to nadia@nadiadamaso.com 


15 Dec 2021

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„How to eat less sugar“ - isn’t that something we’re all struggling with a bit? Did you ever have the desire to eat less sugar? Then this episode might be exactly what you’re looking for! I not only share tips & tricks on how to be more mindful about the sugar intake and how to eat less sugar, but also about what sugar actually is, what it does once it enters our body and what effect it can have on our body & brain. P.S. If you listen until the end, I would love for you to join the challenge! We can do this together!

1hr 18mins

8 Nov 2021

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FULL MOON GUIDED MEDITATION - to spread more light & love to the world

Join a guided meditation to spread more light & love to this world to bring more healing to this planet. Thank you so much for your time & energy. <3


20 Oct 2021

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How to boost your immune system naturally - PART 2

Part 2 of „How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally“ - with a predominant focus on the mental health and the connection to your heart & soul.To protect your immune system, to feel better and stronger physically, emotionally, mentally & in your connection with you inner voice, it comes down to take care of body, mind & soul as equally important factors - as one. That strength of oneness of all we are makes the job for our immune system easier to protect us from any threats to our health. And, if we take the necessary steps to take care of our mental & spiritual health, then that can also help us to face any challenges that come our way in a way where we don’t feel attacked, triggered, stressed or full of fear. I hope you'll be able to take something positive from this episode that you can incorporate into you life. The more you live from a place of inner strength, from the heart, from a place of love - while always making sure you protect your own energy - you will start to feel better and better. You will start to feel more like how you deserve to feel - in your full bloom, presence & light. As this episode is pretty long, you can either listen to it all from start to finish while you go on a walk, cook, clean or whatever you do; or you can find the different points I’m talking about in this episode with their beginning time right below and listen to what sparks your interest.   INTRO | 00:00 Practice being kind to yourself. | AFFIRMATIONS | 06:56Unplug & spend time in nature. | NATURE | 12:06Bring more peace & harmony into your life. | MEDITATION | 17:44Get in touch with your emotions & feelings. | JOURNALING | 23:36Set intentions before your actions. | INTENTIONS | 27:10Consume mindfully. | MINDFULNESS | 31:38Minimize stress. | DE-STRESS | 34:26Stand in your own truth. | TRUTH | 42:28Practice gratitude. | GRATITUDE | 48:12Check in on & protect your energy. | PROTECT | 51:26Little acts of kindness. | KINDNESS | 62:18Nurture relationships that lift you up. | RELATIONSHIPS | 66:00Set boundaries. | BOUNDARIES | 70:26Never loose hope & trust. | HOPE & TRUST | 74:14OUTRO | 76:08  Meditation Playlist as mentioned in the episode click HERE.

1hr 19mins

19 Oct 2021

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GUIDED MEDITATION - connect to your root chakra to feel more grounded & in your own power

Welcome to the first guided meditation of this podcast! Over the next 7 weeks I will share one Guided Meditation each week. Each one dedicated to a different chakra with this first guided meditation dedicated to the root chakra.Especially in turbulent times like now, it’s more important than ever to consciously ground our body, mind & soul and to take care of ourselves so that we can stand in our own power. Connecting with your root chakra is a great way to find more inner peace and strength. The more grounded we are, the better we can face the shifts and changes that happen on this planet as well as within ourselves. We will feel stronger, feel more trust and more connected to everything and everyone that surrounds us.Enjoy the meditation and I’m excited for you to experience yourself as your own beautiful version of a tree. Introduction to the meditations of this podcast & chakras: 00:00Why working on the root chakra can help you be more grounded: 4:18Start of the meditation: 8:46Outro: 31:58


10 Oct 2021

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How to boost your immune system naturally - PART 1

What exactly does our immune system do for us? What can we do to make sure our immune system can function properly to protect us and our health as good as possible? In this episode, part 1 (with a predominant focus on the physical health), I dive deeper into what helps me in my everyday life to feel strong, healthy & energized in the hope of course, that it can be helpful for you too! Especially with everything going on in the world and the upcoming colder months, when we are exposed to potential threats to our health even more, it's now more important than ever to do what we can to make our health the number 1 priority.Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon, where I will share more tips to boost your immune system naturally, with a predominant focus on the mental & spiritual health.

1hr 10mins

3 Oct 2021

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14 STEPS to start & grow your own business

Have you ever wanted to create your own business but then didn’t find the courage or belief in yourself to do so? Or you just didn't know how and where to start? In today's episode I will share 14 steps that helped me along my way and that I wish I knew when I started. I hope they can be helpful for you too! Not only to start, but also to grow your business on a good and strong foundation. Enjoy listening and don’t forget to rate and review this episode if you were able to take something positive from it on your path. If you find the time, share this episode on social media or with your friends and family so that I can motivate them too to start with their own thing, with the idea, the vision or dream they’ve always wanted to bring to life. Thank you so much for your support and let’s dive right in!

1hr 4mins

20 Sep 2021

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4 TIPS - to find more trust to do what feels right for you

In today’s episode - my very first episode - I talk about „How to find more trust to do what feels right for you.“ I think especially in times like now, with everything that is going on in the world, this is more important than ever! To stay true to yourself, to your heart, and actually follow what you feel is the right thing for you to do. But what does it mean to do what is right for you and what are some things you can do in your every day life to live up to that?I prepared 4 tips for you plus one extra tip - that is more of a necessity to even be able to follow tip 1 to 4 - that can hopefully make it easier to learn to trust what feels right for you and also follow that. Enjoy listening and don’t forget to rate & review this episode if it added value to your life and please share with anyone who you think could take something positive from this episode as well. Thank you so much for your support and let’s dive right in!


12 Sep 2021

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Welcome to CONSCIOUS

It’s finally here and I couldn’t be more excited! Welcome to my new podcast - CONSCIOUS - where we talk about everything that nourishes body, mind & soul. I’d love for you to come on this journey with me so that we can create a CONSCIOUS community where we can learn, grow and evolve alongside each other and so, bring light and a whole lot of love to this world.


12 Sep 2021

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