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Welcome to the Lifeonaire show, where we help people make more, work less, and create lives they love.Based off of the best-selling book Lifeonaire, we are on a mission to transform the lives of business leaders all around the world.After the show check out the Lifeonaire app for articles, stories and free resources. Just search "Lifeonaire" in your app store.Now, let’s get into it!

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The Key Principles for Making Your Business Work for You

So maybe you know what you want your life to look like, but you’re struggling to adjust your business so you can have that life. Or maybe you don’t know where to begin with creating a business that serves you and not the other way around. Jason Wojo and Polish Peter are here to help! This week, they cover 3 Key Business Principles that they cover at our 3-Day Business Builder events. The principles are: SEADing your business Ready, Fire, Aim Keeping it Simple If you’re not sure what these 3 principles are, then we have a treat for you! Stick around and get a 30-minute crash course on how to level up your business TODAY. Interested in diving in more? Join us at our upcoming Business Builder Workshop in Raleigh August 5-7! Go to lifeonaire.com/businessbuilderworkshop/ to claim your spot. As a loyal listener, use special promo code PODCAST at the checkout for a major discount :)


21 Jul 2021

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Getting Real Results as a Christian Business Owner with Dr. Ron Eccles

Many business owners are Christians, but they don’t know whether or not to—or how to—integrate their faith into their business. Author of The Unstoppable Christian Business: 7 Steps to Your 7 Figure Business Dr. Ron Eccles has answers! He’s going to cover how to overcome the struggles many business owners face, but that’s not all. Ron has something for everyone because in this episode, he provides tons of insights on how to get the results you want in life. Stick around to hear about: The eye-opening Bamboo Tree story The ITAR model for getting the results you want for everything in your life How building a better YOU builds a better BUSINESS Treating the cause, not the symptom to eliminate problems and then some Whether your business is faith-driven, or not, you won’t want to miss this one. Ron’s passion is truly infectious, and we know you’ll be transformed by the many analogies, acronyms, insights, and inspiration he provides! Check out Ron’s book The Unstoppable Christian Business: 7 Steps to Your 7 Figure Business


14 Jul 2021

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Pushing Your Comfort Zone to Achieve Excellence with Ultramarathoner Carin Zinter

If you’ve ever thought ‘there’s NO WAY I could do that,’ we’re about to blow your mind! Carin Zinter is an expert at pushing her comfort zone to achieve incredible feats, from daily swims in the icy waters of the Connecticut river to 60+ mile ultramarathons. She’s here to share how you too can master your mind to complete even your wildest goals! Stick around and learn: How to apply inspiration to your own life and not compare yourself to others The power of cultivating curiosity in your everyday life How small challenges evolve into completion of impressive feats How pushing your comfort zone not only helps you push your limits, but also gives you profound gratitude And how to break the negotiating your mind does when you’re suffering (like when running an ultra-marathon) Your goals probably look different than Carin’s, but it’s the principles you’ll learn in this episode that will help you push past the things in your mind that are holding you back. Get ready to start adding your craziest goals to your to-do list, because believe it or not, you’re capable of them!


6 Jul 2021

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Changing Your Beliefs to Master Your Mind

Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be? Most of the time, this happens when we have mindsets that are holding us back. Good news is, you can discover those mindsets and take the reins in your brain today! In this episode, Polish Peter and Jason Wojo cover a perspective-shifting element of mindset training: the power of changing your beliefs! Join us in this conversation which covers: Some common beliefs about ourselves that hold many of us back (you might experience some of these) The Belief-Behavior-Results Cycle Some commonalities all successful people have (and what they have to do with mindset) Does ‘fake it till you make it’ really work? and then some! Get ready to close the gaps of your remaining vision elements. Mastering your mind can help you be ready to take anything that comes your way and achieve your wildest dreams!


29 Jun 2021

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Is There a 5th Stage of Financial Prosperity with Steve Cook and Gabe Strom

You’ve probably heard of the Lifeonaire 4 Stages of Financial Prosperity, but what happens after you’ve reached and maintained Stage 4? On this special legacy episode, Steve Cook and Gabe Strom discuss the potential 5th stage! But that’s just one of MANY topics they cover on this free-flowing conversational episode where we flash back to the past! They cover: The thing entrepreneurs really crave (and it’s not more money) Some of Gabe’s major breakthroughs in the beginning of his journey, including how surrendering always leads to a breakthrough The importance of starting your business from a place of inspiration, not desperation The life-giving fulfillment of contribution and the discipline of giving What makes Lifeonaire events different than other personal and business development seminars and the power of surrounding yourself with people you want to be like. Trust us, you won’t leave this episode without an ah-ha! Steve and Gabe’s conversation is relatable, insightful, and zeroed in on what truly matters.

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22 Jun 2021

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The Entrepreneurial Journey and Business Phases with Mike Michalowicz

We have a very special episode this week because we have the author of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz on with us! You’ll get to hear directly from the expert that’s written several books on getting out of financial struggle and overwhelm in your business so you can have a better life. Listen in and discover: How when what you’re doing isn’t working, that’s the perfect time to try something that seems crazy How Mike found simple solutions for success (and how you don’t have to find them yourself because there are tons of resources already at your fingertips!) What the DAD model of marketing is How to stop trying to reach everyone and start with yourself as your target audience And so much more. It’s time to stop running in circles and burning out. Mike’s insight will leave you inspired and full of ideas on how to start changing your work-life for the better! Learn more about Mike and his books at https://mikemichalowicz.com/


15 Jun 2021

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Where Business and Lifestyle Design Meet with Gregory Jenkins

How would you like to be able to travel for weeks at a time? Or what about step away from your work email for a few days? Gregory Jenkins has the answers you need! After years of consulting others on automation and ultimately making it his business, Greg is an expert on how to trim down responsibilities through automating. If you’re entrepreneurial, you’ve probably considered automating more, but maybe you have some hesitations. Stick around and have your mind changed! By the end of this: You’ll no longer think that you’re not ready to automate You’ll be inspired on ways you can have both a business you’re actively a part of AND a thriving dream-life outside of work You’ll see your business as not just something you serve, but something that serves you And then some If this year you’ve had ANY tension between work and life, grab a notebook and listen in!


8 Jun 2021

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Living FORward with Steve Adams, author of Sacred Intersections

Have you ever encountered a life-changing new perspective, something that shined a new light on your life? Our guest Steve Adams’—author of Sacred Intersections—shares about Living Forward, a perspective that has the power to alter your life and fill it with purpose! Join in and learn about: How living as if you know God truly does love you can change your daily life (and how to see the world this way, even if you’re not religious) The power of letting go of categorizing and adopting curiosity The metaphor of fractals, and how your core relationship with the divine applies to this How to stop focusing on how you’re not measuring up. And this is just a fraction of all the gold Steve covers. If you’re not full of excitement every day of your life, this episode is for you. Get ready to have a new zest for life that’s rooted in the uniting power of divine love that ripples to all corners of our lives!


1 Jun 2021

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Walking in the Light with Christian Country Artist Rhonda Towns

We have a special guest on the show this week! Rhonda Towns is a Christian Country artist, and she’s here to share her inspiring journey with us. From a challenging divorce, to following her passion, she has incredible insight for all of us, including: How God can be both a map to your purpose AND a source of healing The power of ‘listening to the nudge’ to pursue your calling (even when the world pulls you away from your passion) The impact that having a strong support system around you can have (Rhonda shares some valuable wisdom she learned through the support of her parents and so much more If you’re going through struggles and are looking for something to help you hang on, or if you’re trying to find your purpose, stick around all the way to the end. Rhonda’s authentic encouragement to walk in the light is infectious, uplifting, and might be exactly what you need.


25 May 2021

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Guaranteed Profitability in Your Business with David Richter

Many business owners and self employed people bring a lot of money in, but once all the business expenses are paid, they don’t have hardly anything left for themselves. David Richter is here to share about the Profit First approach that allows business owners to bust out of this cycle and begin to thrive financially! He dives into: How if you’re hesitant to allocate to yourself a consistent paycheck, you need this the most! The Envelope System and the Golden Trio and how these drive you forward How Profit First provides a sense of peace and a better grasp on your business expenses and some valuable resources for incorporating this system and building new habits Whether you’ve never read Profit First or you could use a refresher, stick around. With all of David’s thought-provoking strategies he shares, we’re certain you’ll leave with fresh ideas for leveling-up your finances! Resources:  simplecfosolutions.com profitfirstrei.com Profit First for Real Estate Investors Facebook group


18 May 2021