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The Horizon - Inspiring stories from inspiring people

Want to know more about people and learn stuff without even trying? Tune in to our Horizon podcast for some interesting and enjoyable listening. Join and be entertained by Gaz and Sam, from Higher Horizons+ and Staffordshire University, as they meet and chat to some uniquely amazing people with interesting stories to tell from various spots around the globe. Covering topics from education to esports; nursing to ninjas; trips down memory lane to music – and that’s just the first few episodes! #HorizonPodcast

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Role Reversal


4 Jul 2022

Rank #1

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A Different Perspective

Join us for a slightly different podcast this month, to end season 1, where we delve into the minds of five 6th Form students, all in their first year, and discuss how they chose the path they are on, after 2years of Covid. No prom, no visits to college, no work experience days – 100% online, 100% of the time. Think you know what they were thinking? Think again! 


4 Jul 2022

Rank #2

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Trust Your Gut!

A ray of sunshine, Tash Khan, joins us to talk about living with true core values, being kind and realising the need for that work life balance. An in-depth look into the management and leadership styles of the NHS, covering Children’s hospitals, Coventry A&E and CAMHS. Such wisdom at 29, and so much knowledge to share. In a nutshell, trust your gut! 


6 Jun 2022

Rank #3

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From Fine Art to Tech with punk in between!

This month's guest is the adopted Stokie, Ben McManus. CEO of Wavemaker, Staffs Alum and self-proclaimed magpie. A 'yes' attitude and a grounded partner have meant that Ben's business has gone from strength to strength, identifying keyways to adapt and overcome. Learn more about his love of Stoke, how he plans to change the outcomes for young people and his unwavering love of flamboyant shirts and colourful crocs! 


2 May 2022

Rank #4

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Can I really say that?!

This month we are joined by Martin Poyntz-Roberts, Senior Producer at Fresh Air Productions and a podcast master... intimidated... us?! Join us as we delve into a 16year career within the BBC, the start of Podcasting and the power a pint of beer (or 2) can have! Another guaranteed great listen, as we dig deep into all thing's journalism, radio and even a sprinkle of True Crime. 


4 Apr 2022

Rank #5

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It’s nice to be kind

Creating a ripple effect of kindness throughout the city. Duane and Nikki Barrett are 2 of Stoke’s finest people, caring, helpful and working to raise aspirations. From an idea in 2017 to a fully-fledged charity helping thousands. This month’s episode touches on poverty, hardship, and the steps we can all take to try and make the world a better place. 


7 Mar 2022

Rank #6

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Time to check-in on yourself? Make time!

Ally, author, musician and vocalist with #ABBAtars on ABBA’s new Voyage concert – wow! Grace Barrett never stops and her creativity, passion and vitality ooze from her every pore. In an open, true, and honest reflection about mental health and her driving forces, Grace tells how we should all take time to check-in. On ourselves, our feelings, and to learn how to channel our pathways. Who knows where they may lead? And quickly, back to the ABBA tour – how amazing is that? Go on, listen up, then check-in on YOU, and Take A Chance! 


7 Feb 2022

Rank #7

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Know your character

The ever-candid Deb McAndrew joins us to start the year right. We guarantee that whatever you thought this episode would be – it isn’t. Deb’s passion for theatre and wealth of knowledge is a joy to listen to. Learn about the 3 A’s, what she believes talent to be and get ready to book your next trip to the theatre!


3 Jan 2022

Rank #8

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Mr Pantomime

For this special festive edition of the Horizon Podcast, we have the wonderful Jonny Wilkes (Oh no he isn’t!) joining us. Talking all things pantomime, the arts, and his fast-growing Wilkes Academy – training the future stars of stage and screen. Grab a festive tipple, listen and enjoy! 


20 Dec 2021

Rank #9

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Cops like us... no, really!

Becci Price, from the Navy to Police Officer and everything in between. The passion that Becci has for her role as a Police Officer is palpable throughout this month's podcast. We guarantee by the end of this 55 minutes, you will be wanting to join too! Rescuing dogs, saving kittens, a shoulder to cry on – she has done it all in her role. Enjoy this insight into Policing and realise she is just like the rest of us. Don’t believe us? Have a listen! 


6 Dec 2021

Rank #10