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Environmental Investing is a podcast that features interviews with interesting guests from around the world to explore market solutions to environmental challenges. We hold a strong belief that the next financial revolution will be in the convergence of financial markets and the environment.

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Building a Wildlife Economy

How can markets for consumptive and non-consumptive wildlife use generate conservation and investment returns?On this episode we have economist Dr. Frank Vorhies joining us. Frank has more than three decades of international experience in sustainable development and sustainable business. This includes setting up the economics and business programs at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, working as the chief economist for the African Wildlife Foundation, and as the CEO of Earthwatch Institute. He is currently the executive director of Earthmind which focuses on the nexus between commerce and conservation, and also the director of the African Wildlife Economy Institute at Stellenbosch University.This episode's featured music is brought to you by Brooke Waggoner (www.brookewaggoner.com). Additionally the intro music was written and recorded by Son Lux (music.sonlux.com).www.environmentalinvesting.com


16 Nov 2018

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Artists And The Environment - Rebecca Miller

Artists and the environment; what role can artists take in helping to address environmental challenges?On this episode we have Rebecca Miller joining us over the phone from Los Angeles. Rebecca is a film director, screenwriter, and author, most known for her films Personal Velocity, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, Angela, and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, all of which she wrote and directed. She is also the daughter of the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Arthur Miller and the wife of actor Daniel Day-Lewis.This episode's featured music is brought to you by The Sound of Joy (facebook.com/thesoundofjoycarbondale). Additionally the intro music was written and recorded by Son Lux (music.sonlux.com).www.environmentalinvesting.com


26 Mar 2016

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Electrifying The Planet Through Energy Access

Electrifying the planet; how can bringing energy to the world's 1.3 billion unreached people help solve environmental problems and bolster the economy?On this episode we have Aneri Patel joining us over the phone from San Francisco. Aneri is a social entrepreneur and former UN Foundation employee focusing on energy access. Her work takes her all around the world, with extensive experience in East Africa and South Asia.Aneri has frequently spoken to audiences to discuss energy access in places such as: global UN conferences, TedX talks, Universities, embassies, international conferences, and in articles in the Huffington Post. Today we'll be focusing on one of Aneri's many projects, her organization that brings electricity to rural area's in Uganda.This episode's featured music is brought to you by The Hot Rocks (https://thehotrocks.bandcamp.com). Additionally the intro music was written and recorded by Son Lux (music.sonlux.com).www.environmentalinvesting.com


9 Jan 2016

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Renewable Energy in Frontier Markets

Renewable energy in frontier markets; what are some of the most promising technologies and often overlooked regions to invest in?On this episode we have Kyle Weber & Ayu Abdullah joining us over the phone from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They are co-founders of the organization Energy Action Partners, where they focus on developing community-based electrification systems in many emerging and frontier markets around the world.Prior to this work, they had extensive experience in the energy sector including: working as field engineers in the oil and gas industry in the U.A.E., working as project engineers to plan and repair renewable energy infrastructure in Northern Somalia, and working as research engineers with Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.This episode's featured music is brought to you by The Fundamental Elements (https://fundamentalelements.bandcamp.com/). Additionally the intro music was written and recorded by Son Lux (music.sonlux.com).www.environmentalinvesting.com


6 Dec 2015

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Divesting From Fossil Fuels

Can having coal, oil or natural gas companies in your portfolio expose you to increased risk?On this episode we have Brett Fleishman joining us. Brett is the senior analyst for 350.org. Through this role he focuses on the campaign to divest from fossil fuels.Prior to joining 350.org Brett has had an amalgam of rich experiences including: working in Washington D.C. for the economist Jeremy Rifkin at The Foundation on Economic Trends.; instructing experiential college-accredited courses on development economics in Boliva, Peru and Laos. And even organizing an epic road trip that started in Colorado and ended deep in the Patagonia mountains of Southern Chile.This episode's featured music is brought to you by Brian Lee & His Orchestra (www.brianleeandhisorchestra.com). Additionally the intro music was written and recorded by Son Lux (music.sonlux.com). www.environmentalinvesting.com


11 Oct 2015

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