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The Note Show is a show about Psychology & The Arts.We look at both 'What People Make?' and 'Why Do They Make It?' Every week we bring you entertaining and engaging shows that feature interviews with creators and performers across the whole spectrum of the arts. Their background, life stories, thoughts and feelings about their work are all explored.

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The Note Show is a show about Psychology & The Arts.We look at both 'What People Make?' and 'Why Do They Make It?' Every week we bring you entertaining and engaging shows that feature interviews with creators and performers across the whole spectrum of the arts. Their background, life stories, thoughts and feelings about their work are all explored.

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The Note Show

Latest release on Jul 16, 2020

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The Note Show is a show about Psychology & The Arts.We look at both 'What People Make?' and 'Why Do They Make It?' Every week we bring you entertaining and engaging shows that feature interviews with creators and performers across the whole spectrum of the arts. Their background, life stories, thoughts and feelings about their work are all explored.

Ep. 19 Patch McDonough

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Jul 16 2020

1hr 5mins


Ep. 18 Roy Bright

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Topics in this episode: 

  • All about Roy’s band Exit State and their journey 
  • The Britishness of playing things down
  • The repetitive experience of shooting videos for Roy’s songs
  • The story behind Judas
  • How Roy ended up actually writing a book and what he Googled to help him start off
  • How it’s not fair on the reader to not put out your best work
  • The different effects of writing in different tenses
  • The importance of research when writing
  • How gaming has inspired Roy’s work 
  • Roy’s philosophy on faith & the supernatural
  • How Roy skipped a maths lesson to interview for the Navy
  • How the Navy shaped Roy 
  • What’s next for Roy?

Roy's website

Roy's Amazon 

Jul 03 2020

1hr 17mins


Ep. 17 Curtis Jobling

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  • What Curtis has been watching with his daughters during lockdown
  • How Game of Thrones soundtracks get Curtis in the mood for writing
  • Curtis’s fantastic memory of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Curtis’s experience on Wallace & Gromit
  • How hard work and hustle paid off
  • How Curtis came up with the idea for Wereworld on the moors
  • Being in the right place at the right time for Bob the Builder
  • The process of adapting a book for a TV series or film
  • The next stage for the Wereworld books
  • The difference between developing characters for illustration and for books 
  • Curtis’s amazing experience with his worldwide school visits
  • How to get more kids to read 
  • Curtis’s advice for young creatives
  • What’s next for Curtis

Curtis's website

Curtis's Twitter

Curtis's Instagram

Jun 26 2020

1hr 10mins


Ep. 16 Gareth Coker

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  • How Gareth’s music has been the background soundtrack to Joshua’s writing
  • Gareth’s philosophy behind his website
  • Gareth’s gaming preferences
  • What brought Gareth into games first rather than film
  • The process of working on a soundtrack
  • How game play has a particular tempo
  • How Gareth acted as proofreader on Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Recording at Abbey Road Studios and its great history
  • What’s going through Gareth’s head in the booth
  • The collaborative experience working with an orchestra
  • The process of working on Darksiders Genesis
  • How Gareth prefers working on multiple projects simultaneously
  • The golden age of gaming
  • How game music is currently the best it’s ever been
  • How some games have fantastic soundtracks but don’t have good implementation within the game
  • Gareth’s startling advice for people looking to get into his line of work

Gareth's website

Jun 18 2020

1hr 2mins


Ep. 15 Kathryn Evans

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Topics in this episode: 

  • Kathryn announces she has just won the Portsmouth Book Award
  • The beautiful cover of her book Beauty Sleep
  • The comparison between Kathryn’s books and the show Black Mirror
  • Kathryn’s fantastic editorial team
  • How Kathryn plays humour against dark stories
  • Kathryn’s voracious reading habit
  • The tough arguments to be had on the internet at the moment
  • All about Kathryn’s project Our Corona Diary
  • Why kids should write for fun
  • Kathryn’s fantastic advice about just being yourself
  • Kathryn’s writing process and how it has changed
  • All about the farm that Kathryn runs with her husband
  • Kathryn’s advice for new authors
  • Joshua’s writing advice from South Park
  • What’s next for Kathryn?

Kathryn's website

Our Corona Diary

Jun 15 2020

1hr 3mins


Ep. 14 John Robertson

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Topics in this episode:

  • How being Australian is really exciting when John shows up at gigs in the UK
  • How John & Joshua are both big fans of Bill Bryson, but why his accent is confusing
  • John’s advice on how to get into Frank Zappa
  • Joshua’s experiences in an American dorm
  • How John came up with the concept for The Dark Room
  • How to make friends in Berlin
  • All about John’s Twitch channel
  • “Crap Movie Night”
  • John’s 7 day a week work schedule
  • How John got into stand up comedy
  • John’s writing process and how he improvises
  • John’s pre-show rituals
  • The Little Town of Marrowville
  • The sequel…
  • The origins of John’s interest in dark humour
  • What’s next for John?

John's website

John's Twitch

John's Amazon

Jun 10 2020

1hr 30mins


Ep. 13 David Howe

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Topics in this episode:

  • Joshua’s late introduction into Doctor Who fandom
  • David’s new series recommendation: Upload
  • How David escapes from reading and writing with Tomb Raider
  • What originally drew David to Doctor Who
  • The process of writing Doctor Who companion books
  • How even factual books need a plot line
  • The importance of first hand research
  • An insight into David’s role as Doctor Who consultant
  • David’s interactions with the fans
  • David’s opinion of the latest Doctor
  • How some episodes lack that Doctor Who-ish-ness
  • David’s advice for someone wanting to get into Doctor Who for the first time
  • How and why David set up Telos Publishing
  • David’s advice for writing show guides
  • All about the SciFiWeekender
  • What’s next for David

David's website


Jun 07 2020

1hr 7mins


Ep. 12 Samantha Lee Howe

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Topics in this episode:

  • Watching thrillers and sci-fi fantasy for research
  • Samantha’s writing rituals
  • The perks of writing in bed
  • The process of drafts and redrafts
  • Characters taking on a life of their own
  • Samantha’s start in reading horror as a child
  • The importance of reading as a writer
  • A little bit more about Samantha’s novel The Stranger in Our Bed
  • The process of book cover art
  • Samantha’s fascination with human psychology and their motivations
  • Giving characters both good and bad traits
  • Growing up fast in a large family
  • Samantha’s favourite things to cook
  • What it’s like having two authors in the house
  • Interpreting vivid dreams
  • Having weirder dreams since the start of lockdown
  • What’s next for Samantha?

May 28 2020



Ep. 11 Simon Kitchen, CEO of Bipolar UK

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Topics in this episode:

  • Simon lulling his 7 month old to sleep to the Vangelis Blade Runner sound track
  • Keeping fit with the Joe Wicks online work outs
  • What bipolar disorder actually is and how it’s characterised
  • The history of the Bipolar UK charity since 1983
  • Joshua’s latest blog topic for Bipolar UK
  • The complex relationship between episodes, depression and mania
  • Simon walking 80miles along Hadrian’s Wall to raise money
  • The survey on Bipolar UK that 1700 people have completed on the impact of Covid-19
  • The stats on the impact of Covid-19 on our mental health
  • Why should everyone learn about bipolar disorder?
  • The importance of not trivialising bipolar
  • Simon’s history in the environmental sector and charity work
  • Simon & Joshua’s film recommendations that include the topic of bipolar
  • Bipolar UK eCommunities and Support Groups

Bipolar UK website 

Bipolar UK Twitter page @BipolarUK

If you are looking for advice and information about bipolar, get in touch with Bipolar UK. They have fantastic resources and content on their website, along with a Peer Support Line, free Support Groups and an eCommunity. 

May 23 2020



Ep. 10 Liam 'Pais' Hill talks illustration, comics and creativity! :)

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Topics in this episode:

  • How Joshua & Liam have known each other since they were 7 years old
  • “Comfy watching” on Netflix
  • Liam’s distinctive illustration style
  • His perfect job
  • Liam’s approach to developing & drawing characters
  • "Done is better than perfect"
  • How lying in bed feeling sick inspired Slug Cafe
  • The difference between ghosts, ghouls and gargoyles
  • Finding the line between making people laugh and not offending people
  • How characters sometimes take on particular characteristics that you didn’t expect
  • The lucky charm that Joshua has kept since childhood
  • Knowing whether to drill into your own style or to keep experimenting with new things
  • Deciding how to use colour in comics
  • Liam’s thoughts on why and how people should read comics
  • The challenge of putting a storyline across in a comic
  • Working on The Old One and The Sea with Lex H. Jones
  • The uphill slope of continually wanting to improve on your work
  • Drawing practice while watching TV
  • Liam’s anonymous Facebook page
  • Trying to get some momentum and engagement on social media
  • Playing bass and singing for Modern Day Dukes and Silverjet
  • How being restricted sometimes helps with creativity
  • What’s next for Liam?

Liam’s website: https://hgdawn.tumblr.com/

Liam’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/highgreendawn/

Liam’s Twitter page: https://twitter.com/highgreendawn

May 21 2020



Ep.9 Horror and Crime Writer Lex H Jones talks books, life and his creative process

Podcast cover
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Topics in this episode:

  • Difficulties of keeping home and work separate during lockdown
  • Age bringing appreciation for structure
  • Subtle old-school horror
  • Why you should read horror
  • Atheism and spirituality
  • "The other side of the mirror"
  • Creeping feelings of claustrophobia
  • Thinking in images
  • Writing a murder mystery is like baking a cake
  • Immersive audio books
  • "The old one and the sea"
  • Imagining H P Lovecraft as a child
  • Children can understand more than they're given credit for
  • Illustrations and they're immeasurable addition to the words
  • Appealing to publishers with a complete package
  • The long road from written to published
  • Privilege and luck
  • World-building plans
  • The inconvenience of seeing ghosts
  • Giving back by helping edit
  • What's next for Lex?

Lex's Amazon
Lex's Profile
Lex's Facebook

May 17 2020

1hr 11mins


EP.8: Aaron Edwards talks audio directing, sound design, scoring video games and our top secret project! : )

Podcast cover
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Topics in this episode:

  • Using lockdown to improve your gaming skills
  • The many hats of an audio generalist
  • Remembering that the game isn't your baby
  • The difference between what you want to hear and what you need to hear
  • The psychology of music in games
  • Family life during lockdown in Australia
  • Intellectual stimulus: a piece of music can be worth a lifetime
  • Note's Notes
  • Detaching yourself from your creations  
  • Writer's block and anxiety
  • Euphoria: an exploration of electronic and cinematic music
  • Visualising music  
  • Collaborating with other artists adjusts your perceptions
  • Programming's relationship to music
  • Top secret video game project
  • Box Hill University and the freedom to explore music
  • Perceptions and how they work
  • Game music needs to make sense
  • Gems of War
  • What's next for Aaron?

Aaron's Website
Aaron's Twitter
Aaron's Facebook
Aaron's Soundcloud

May 13 2020

1hr 6mins


Crossover Episode: Scott Haskin talks Mental Sauna and The Haskin CAST

Podcast cover
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Welcome to our first ever cross-over episode with the brilliant Scott Haskin! We have the pleasure of talking to Scott about a whole range of subjects gathering his thoughts on music, interviewing technique, writing and much more... Also remember to check out the companion episode where Scott interviews Joshua on his long-running podcast: HaskinCast.

For the chance to be featured in a future episode, say hello on our social media or drop us an email at thenoteshow@gmail.com

Topics in this episode:

  • The art of introductions
  • Intellectualism and superheros
  • The complexity of text adventures and keeping sharp
  • Progressing through age brackets
  • Scott's interviewing expertise
  • 300 episodes and when to take a break
  • The balance of scheduling guests  
  • Why people should be listening to podcasts
  • Interview mastery and contrasting styles
  • Being a prolific project finisher
  • Done is better than perfect
  • Musical influences
  • Crossover within a crossover
  • Bridging the gap between rhythm and melody
  • Mental Sauna: discussing life-changing music
  • Dream-states and music
  • Writing for practical advice
  • Overheard in Vegas
  • Capturing and preserving the uniqueness of clouds

Episode Links 

My interview on HaskinCast

Scott's Instagram @MentalSauna
Scott's Soundcloud
Scott's CDBaby
Scott's Amazon Music
Scott's Amazon Books
Scott's Google Play

Becoming an Indie Film Composer

What Happened In Vegas

What Happened In Vegas: Part Deuce

May 09 2020

1hr 12mins


David Bateson talks 20 years as Hitman Agent 47

Podcast cover
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Topics in this episode:

  • Covid-19's impact on the voice artist industry
  • Time for home improvements
  • The beauty of being in the right place at the right time
  • Metamorphising into a role and syncing into a character
  • Juggling commiments
  • The development of soundtracks in games
  • How Agent 47 nearly met his end in 2012
  • The relationship with fans is a two way street
  • Unearthing lost inboxes
  • Comitting the perfect crime
  • Moving around and unplaceable accents
  • Reading people and the ability to be someone else
  • Christmas comical theatre
  • The one downside to living in Copenhagen
  • Lightmatter a new kind of game

David's Website
David's Twitter
David's Wikipedia
David's IMDb

May 05 2020



Howie Noel talks Tara Normal Comics, Paranormal Friendships, Kicktarters and Anxiety

Podcast cover
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Episode Notes Coming Soon!

May 03 2020

1hr 16mins


Mike Beddoes talks new short film Sequins!

Podcast cover
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In todays's episode we dive into the coversation and gather Mike's thoughts on a range of topics, from his creative process to his thoughts on the film industry. Typical of the content he creates the conversation is full to the brim with warmth, humour and insights, not one to be missed!

  • Catching up on TV during lockdown
  • How the film industry is being affected by coronavirus
  • Freelancers falling through the cracks in government aid
  • The beauty of having time to think
  • Organised Chaos and keeping overheads low
  • The perfect day for creative thinking
  • Working with brands vs collaborating with other creatives
  • Is interactive film really film?
  • Sequins: adolescence can be such a drag
  • Secrets of Kickstarter  
  • The benefit of pulling in favours and working with brilliant actors
  • Difference between UK and USA drag
  • Balancing different roles as director, producer and writer
  • Turning a short into a feature


Mike Beddoes

Organised Chaos 


Joshua Note

Joshua Note's BIPOLAR UK Article ' My Journey with Mania' 

Apr 29 2020

1hr 10mins


Video Game Composer Winifred Phillips talks about her latest Apple Arcade Game 'Spyder' by Sumo Digital.

Podcast cover
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In today’s episode she takes us through her creative process, explores the relationship between music and emotion and reveals the crucial elements that go into creating engaging game music. If you haven’t already, go and check out the new game Sypder, the best way to stay entertained during lockdown!

For the chance to be featured in a future episode, say hello on our social media or drop us an email at thenoteshow@gmail.com

Topics in this episode:

  • How online is the new mode of business and lockdown may change the way we work forever
  • The brilliant new game Spyder
  • What it’s like collaborating with Sumo Digital over a decade developing music for games
  • How different game mechanics can change your perspective
  • The importance of research and blending inspiration from different time periods
  • The emergence of disco and its emotive qualities
  • The influence of Henry Mancini and using diverse musical tools to promote originality
  • Exploring jazz and appreciation of the genre’s development over the decades
  • The emotional palette of music in games
  • How to get inside the head of game characters to develop their sonic signature
  • The excitement of being contacted by an indie studio
  • Designing sound for VR projects and the opportunities and complexities it brings
  • The relationship between sound and memory when designing game transitions
  • How your creative process has to adapt depending on the team and projects
  • Playing Spyder to ease lockdown anxiety
  • Games to find in Apple Arcade
  • Joshua’s indie horror game is in development
  • Winifred’s renowned book and how the process of writing differs from composing
  • Long-term collaboration with Winnie Waldron
  • The relationship between music and memory
  • What it was like working on Assassin’s Creed with the game’s first female assassin
  • Dealing with pressure from fans
  • What’s next for Winifred?

Apr 22 2020

1hr 4mins


Bonus: "What's Up, Scott?" with Psychotherapist Scott Wallace, talking Covid 19/Coronavirus and mental health during the Lockdown.

Podcast cover
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Scott Wallace is a Psychotherapist and Dual Diagnosis Practitioner and is also a close friend whose advice I really take to heart. In this first bonus episode of, “What’s up, Scott?”, I want to introduce you to who Scott is, and also have him share what it was like for him going through infection of the COVID virus, and the effect it had on him and his family. He details what it was like for him to be ill, just how serious it was, and the support he received from his family and friends during that time. 

Scott also shares the work that he does as a Psychotherapist with individuals who have a substance misuse issue, and the importance of co-diagnosing and working around mental health issues and anxiety. He’s also currently working with The Scottish Project as a way to help people who are addicted primarily to heroin and heroin substitutes. At the end of the project, the goal is to take the data gathered to the Scottish government in order to show them the stats and how they helped people come off it. 

In addition to his professional work, Scott also talks about his favourite football club, The Hearts of Midlothian F. C. He shares some of the work and dedication they have to their community, and why it’s so important to him. He’s even starting a podcast of his own, The Boys in Maroon, dedicated to the club. 

To possibly be featured in a future episode or to ask Scott a question, be on the lookout in the Facebook group for posts called, “Whats up, Scott?” or email your questions to thenoteshow@gmail.com

Topics in this episode: 

  • The biopsychosocial treatment model
  • Why it’s so important to treat addiction with dual diagnosis, and the impact that has on relapse
  • Relapsing isn’t a failure. It’s a lesson learned.
  • His experience with his bout of the COVID virus and illness
  • How he was able to stay out of hospital 
  • The role of cognitive reframing, especially in such a traumatic time as this
  • We’re in charge of the mind. We can choose what we want to think about.
  • The importance of routine and a sense of purpose.
  • Some helpful things you can do in this time:
  • Talk it through
  • Start writing down some of your thoughts
  • Practice mindfulness 
  • Keeping fit 
  • Playing video games

Contact Information: 

Scott Wallace @JamboFanTV

Joshua Note @Notebloom (personal twitter)

The Note Show @thenoteshowpod (twitter Facebook instagram)


Apr 18 2020

1hr 10mins


Young Adult Author Bryony Pearce talks creative writing, book prizes and getting published.

Podcast cover
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01:58 – When she’s not watching all the Marvel movies in the correct order, Bryony’s using the lockdown to get her children conversant with Shakespeare. She talks about the difficulties of keeping an active boy content with runs in the garden and finding some peace and quiet for herself. 

04:23 – Bryony admits that the enforced time at home isn’t the boon to writers people imagine. It’s harder to focus with so much on our minds.

09:02 – Joshua asks about projects she’s currently working on and what rituals she might have in place to get her in the right mind space. 

11:25 – Writing can be energizing or exhausting. Bryony talks about how working on an idea makes her feel. 

12:58 – The wonders of a thorough literary education and the apparent terribleness of Bryony’s very first novel.

15:53 – Bryony talks about that moment when writers become convinced they can’t write, and how she got passed it.

17:54 – The strategic advantages of writing in YA versus other categories.

21:45 – Why Bryony finally decided to write outside the YA genre and the catharsis she found in it.

24:09 – Joshua looks at the themes of Bryony’s books and wonders what’s the hardest thing to write about.

27:06 – The trick to excellent writing is more than just drawing from your own experiences.

29:45 – How Bryony landed her agent, and what made this such an important step to getting published.

34:00 – Bryony’s first two books coincided with the birth of her two children. She tells us the surprising stories behind them.

39:05 – As a writer and an editor, Bryony has seen both sides of creating a book. Joshua and Bryony discuss the amazing instincts of editors that can often save a story.

47:23 – Bryony’s advice to new writers who find it hard to get past critiquing their own work.

52:52 – What’s next for Bryony Pearce? Hell hounds, zombies, and reviving dead characters for sequels.

Apr 16 2020



Singer Songwriter Chris O'Neill talks indie band Chasing Ghosts, audio design and remixing Snake Eater for Metal Gear Solid.

Podcast cover
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In this episode, Chris and I discuss how he got started in the audio design world, and what led him to what he is currently doing now, like composing for massive brands like Google, Canon and Uniqlo, and audio design for emerging technologies like VR, and so much more. 

Some other topics discussed in this episode:

  • What Chris is up to now amidst the COVID-19 social distancing lockdown.
  • How he has learned to keep audience engaged through sound design
  • Why having a clear goal of the beginning of an audio project has helped him with all of his successes
  • What it takes to run your own audio design business
  • Chris’s experience working on VR audio design and BBC’s first ever VR documentary, Easter Rising: Voice of Rebel
  • Being in audio you inevitably work with people at higher ranks
  • Chris’ creative processes working on his own creative pursuits versus working in a group like Chasing Ghosts
  • What makes Chris’ work so fulfilling for him.
  • More details about my favorite song Chris remixed, Snake Eater, which is for the latest Metal Gear Solid release.
  • Why pacing in all types of audio is so important

Timestamped Questions: 

03:07  What are  you playing, listening to or reading in the lockdown? 

06:08 What is your  approach to audio design? Tell us about your process? 

11:06 Is the idea of opposing forces (like the name, Frostfire) a theme that reflects in your work? 

12:51 Have you found that the emergence of Virtual Reality has changed the industry in any way? 

14:44 How has working from a global agency different from your previous work?

18:01 When working on your own creative pursuits, do you find that you follow a different creative process? 

.20:50   How do you work in the band, Chasing Ghosts compared to working on your solo stuff? 

21:30 What is it like working with a force of nature like Jimmy Kyle?

26:25 What made working on the song Snake-eater so fulfilling for you? 

29:50 What would you say is the key to your success in general? 

33:49  Have you always gone out to pursue multiple interests or were any one of them a particular surprise to you?

38:07 What's next for you? 


Instagram - @chrisoneillffa

Instagram - @chasingghosts

Listen to Chasing Ghosts

Listen to Snake Eater

Frostfire Website

Audio Force

Easter Rising: Voice of Rebel

Apr 15 2020