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Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits

How do I market my nonprofits mission with heart not hype? Increase donations without increasing my marketing budget? Regularly attract and retain new donors? These are just some of the big questions that Nonprofit Marketing expert Cindy May from CindyMayMarketing.com answers on the enlightening Smart Marketing for Small Nonprofits podcast. Providing marketing tips, tools, resources and ideas that will help you generate greater awareness and fundraising support for your cause, each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important marketing strategies that will help you move your mission forward. Don’t have the time, money or marketing expertise to confidently market your mission? Want to learn how to use email marketing to retain donors? Interested in learning how to use Facebook ads to exceed your fundraising campaign goals? Discover why small nonprofits turn to Cindy May to implement the best nonprofit marketing strategies that really get results, help accelerate their growth and create the impact they most want in this world.

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2020 Social Media Marketing Motivation

Today, the podcast dives into 2020 social media trends - the stats and facts you need to know, where you might need to shift your emphasis and what things you can let go of in the coming year. Turn social media into one of the brightest, best and most versatile tools in your marketing toolkit for 2020! Plus we’ll talk about some recent changes in Facebook and Instagram that you should be aware of right now.


24 Nov 2019

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