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We are 3 friends who fell in love with the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. The books - though now pretty much done - are the main topic. That includes characters, relationships, events, and all that jazz. But, we also avidly discuss the movie - hopefully to be movies - and all the little extra stuff Stephanie gives us. When we get them, we will answer questions and discuss answers we may get from our own questions and other things we may put up on our MySpace or Gaia. We try to make the atmosphere fun and free flowing. Look us up on MySpace, fanglesspodcasting, or on Gaia, fangless-atwilightpodcast, and enjoy the podcast.

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Episode 2 - Smokin' Vamps and Tricky Clues

In this episode, we are taking a break from Breaking Dawn since we flooded you with info last episode, and are discussing the quotes that were given to us each day from Stephanie for BD and the Vampires from the Movie. Music: Lark Wiskey - Mai Capella

1hr 9mins

15 Sep 2008

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