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Die Hard With a Podcast is a 9-part series examining the best American action film of all time: Die Hard. This podcast may center around Die Hard, but it also explores more than just what happened inside Nakatomi Tower that fateful Christmas Eve. This is a podcast for anyone out there with interest in the film – or even just action films, films from the 1980s, the evolution of the American movie hero, film production… Die Hard is at once a product of its time, and the start of a new kind of moviegoing experience.

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Episode 06 - It's a Christmas movie. So why do we care?

If you're going to talk Die Hard, you cannot avoid the meme/debate over whether or not it's a Christmas movie. We discuss why it is (and okay, a few reasons why not), but more importantly, why we care about the question in the first place. What does Christmas mean to us, and how do pop culture traditions factor in? Let us know what you think! Drop us a line at diehardwithapodcast@gmail.com, or visit our site at www.diehardwithapodcast.com


25 Dec 2018

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