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How Uber, Twitch and Cameo grew marketplace businesses with Jessica Messinger

The common wisdom around creating a marketplace business is to start with supply. The logic is that without the supply side you can't capture the demand side, which is typically how a marketplace business monetizes. Jessica Messinger is the head of growth at Cameo, and previously grew the supply side of both Uber and Twitch. And in this episode we go into a ton of detail around how to grow the supply side of a marketplace. Jessica has a ton of insight and some fantastic stories, and I think you'll find this one super interesting. To learn more about how you can disrupt your own organization with technology, visit us at www.digitent.com. And if you enjoyed this episode, we'd love a review on iTunes, Spotify or whichever podcast platform you prefer.

1hr 2mins

20 May 2019

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