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@hatetheleaguepod Special Guest Day! @dimebagdustin joins @antxvx , @baltimorespatrickmartin and @metalcapsfan on this week’s pod! We kick it off with some #punkhardcore band yip-yap, then dive into the #hockey talk: thoughts from Dustin and Ant on the #Penguins, what we love/hate about outdoor games, Dustin expresses his admiration for Mike Babcock, top defensemen + more Penguins-related angst, John Carlson’s great start, quick hits on the #RedWings, #Sabres, #Oilers, #Flyers, #Blues, #Bruins, #Stars, #Capitals, #Coyotes, #Islanders, some love for the #LNAH “Slapshot”-style league in Quebec, a Sasha Pokuluk sighting, questions for our fave listener from Seattle and some of our own memories from the Queen City, Pat and Sparky give advice for merch people on tour, our most liked/hated goal horns and mascots + much more! Also avail on Spotify/Apple Podcasts! #NHL #hockey

2hr 1min

4 Nov 2019

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HTL Aftercast! @hatetheleaguepod conduct an impromptu general hockey discussion while watching the conclusion of the Avalanche vs Capitals game! @antxvx hangs in there as @baltimorespatrickmartin and @metalcapsfan finish off the #PinkWhitneys in the midst of talking about our preferred styles of hockey gameplay (violence vs skill), do teams that hit more actually have more success?, talk about how the rosters of some recent Cup winners were built, will we ever see a “Slapshot” style team again?, and some live reaction game commentary. 


23 Oct 2019

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HEY WERE ON SPOTIFY. TELL YOUR FRIEND! The @hatetheleaguepod crew get together to talk hockey on NHL Opening Day! @antxvx , @baltimorespatrickmartin , and @metalcapsfan get into Auston Matthew’s legal issues, Evander Kane/Sharks vs the Golden Knights, Hurricanes/Capitals rivalry, Penguins discussion, Oilers and general Edmonton discussion, more listener questions touching upon new bands/Leafs/Coyotes + more, season predictions incl. breakout player, 1st coach fired, possible playoff teams, 50 goal scorers, some talk about rule changes, Babcock vs Spezza, waxing poetic on the beginning of another NHL season, and we’re now on Spotify! WOOOOOO!!!! #NHL #hockey

1hr 34mins

3 Oct 2019

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In Part 2, we get into the 3rd Period where we discuss Don Cherry’s fave sandwich and other culinary delights, Fred and Pat break out some war stories from touring days, Fred gives us the 411 on his new band and his musical career, some talk about our ongoing musical endeavors, we ponder a series of hypothetical hockey questions, Ant and Fred debate the 2012 playoff brawls between the Pens and Flyers, what gift would we give to an NHL team/player?, ideal Conference Final series match-ups, do Byfuglien/Justin Williams come back this season?, Fred’s opinion of Bryzgalov while he was playing goalie in Philly, what if Shea Weber had ended up playing for the Flyers?, some fantasy yip-yap + more! Cheers!Please keep the questions coming! Also avail on Spotify/Apple Podcasts! #NHL #AHL #hockey #punkhardcore #punk #Metal . #sounddesign by @metalcapsfan


1 Jan 2020

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Greetings and salutations! In this episode, Ant, Sparky, and Pat discuss recent changes in the coaching landscape of the NHL including the hiring of Coach Q by the Florida Panthers. Then, we get into the match-ups for this season's Stanley Cup playoffs with thoughts on each series. In order, we discuss Lightning/Blue Jackets, Bruins/Maple Leafs, Capitals/Hurricanes, Islanders/Penguins, Flames/Avalanche, Sharks/Golden Knights, Predators/Stars, and Jets/Blues. We also look at possible repercussions for some of the coaches of the potential losing teams (lookin' at you Babcock!), as well as our picks for each round through the Stanley Cup Final. And, we talk about the upcoming draft lottery and who some of the first few picks may be. Lastly, we riff on NBC's coverage of the NHL. Cheers! ***Special tap of of the stick to Bob Cole who is retiring after calling hockey games for Canadian TV for 50 years. His call of the last few seconds of the Carolina Hurricanes' 2006 Stanley Cup winning Game 7 over the Edmonton Oilers is featured as the intermission to our podcast. 

1hr 54mins

9 Apr 2019

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@hatetheleaguepod “#HTL PREDICTS HYNES GETTING CANNED!!!” The #Devils coach is cast out!In Period 1, @antxvx, @baltimorespatrickmartin and @metalcapsfan get things going with some reader questions in which we address the gear used to create the #HTL podcast, some #Penguins talk, will players ever be required to wear full face shields? #Senators tough guy Borowiecki disrupts a robbery, Anthony dishes on his brother’s hockey career, #Islanders fans doing what #Isles fans do (check out the fan brawl vid online), and the ongoing woes with the #NJD as Pat correctly predicts #JohnHynes being fired by the #Devils and the impending trade of #TaylorHall to the #Predators ? or #Canadiens ?Period 2 sees us continuing our dialogue regarding various social issues which are being brought to light throughout the hockey world, and their connection to society at large.In the 3rd Period, we talk about the #HersheyBears #TeddyBearToss and minor league charity hockey jerseys, #WesternConference playoff chances for the #Oilers #Sharks #Coyotes #Canucks #Flames #Kings #Stars, a bit of #Flyers talk, speculation about the name and colors of the future #SeattleNHL hockey team, and Ant & Pat drop some news about their bands’ upcoming shows + more! Cheers!Please keep the questions coming! Also avail on Spotify/Apple Podcasts! #NHL #AHL #hockey #punkhardcore #punk #Metal . #SoundDesign by @metalcapsfan

1hr 25mins

5 Dec 2019

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so we tracked this last week just prior to the #Leafs canning #Babcock and the Caps' #Hathaway getting suspended, so gonna present the pod as is and follow up this week. In Period 1, @antxvx , @baltimorespatrickmartin and @metalcapsfan discuss some bands/shows, random team yip-yap: #Flames #Coyotes #Oilers #Ducks #Capitals , some love for #RHI (Roller Hockey International), why so many #hockeyfights after clean hits?, should the whistle get blown when a defender is injured while the other team is attacking?In Period 2, Sparky proselytizes about his current fave #surfband, then we get into what led (a day later) to the #MapleLeafs firing Mike Babcock. The 3rd Period sees us bringing’ back the hard-hitting social commentary you’ve come to know and love here @ #HTL with a further discussion of the demise of Don Cherry + other peripheral related societal issues, then some news on teams with injuries to top players, the #Kovalchuk situation with the #Kings, the #Tkachuk brothers + #Flames and #Senators , and much more! Another new episode coming this week! Please keep the questions coming! Also avail on Spotify/Apple Podcasts! #NHL#AHL #hockey #punkhardcore #punk #Metal

1hr 56mins

26 Nov 2019

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@hatetheleaguepod “Grapes” gets squashed! During the opening period of this week’s #HTL hockey podcast, @antxvx , @baltimorespatrickmartin and @metalcapsfan discuss the Don of Canadian Hockey receiving his walking papers, along with other semi-peripheral topics. The 2nd period sees us taking a listener question where we touch upon the #Devils woes so far this season, some random talk about the top teams League-wide at the quarter pole of the season, what’s wrong with the #Sharks ?, #TradeDeadline possibilities, has the Internet ruined the trade deadline and #FreeAgentFrenzy days?, will the #Capitals re-sign Holtby + mention of other UFAs coming up in summer 2020, more on #Babcock + the #Leafs season so far, and #CBJFoligno’s dirty hit on #Avalanche Bellemare. In the 3rd period, we have more on Grapes, play the roles of expansion GMs and draft our would-be starting line-ups, will the between the legs and lacrosse style goals continue?, and more! Please keep the questions coming!

1hr 31mins

14 Nov 2019

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On this episode of the @hatetheleaguepod we cut just prior to the beginning of NHL training camps, @antxvx , @baltimorespatrickmartin , and @metalcapsfan answer some fan mail (please keep sending us questions!), then we go around the League with discussion of random teams and their outlooks for the upcoming season, some more W.A.R. discussion, Minnesota Wild’s new GM Bill Guerin and what he’s up against in re-shaping their roster, the ever entertaining Senators/Melnyk/Dorion, we go division by division and make our (very early) picks for who gets into the playoffs, why no goalies as captains? (there actually IS a rule against it…oops), veteran UFAs who might get one last shot, more Mitch Marner and RFA talk, some love for the nearby minor league teams, and an unexpected sighting of a popular ’90s alternative band! Cheers!

1hr 43mins

11 Sep 2019

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Hello once again hockey fans! On this new episode of the @hatetheleaguepod, @antxvx , @baltimorespatrickmartin , and @metalcapsfan discuss the ongoing lack of resolution to the Marner/Maple Leafs contract situation and its impact on the other RFA (non)deals League-wide, Ant performs a dissertation on a new stat for hockey players that mimics the W.A.R. in baseball + we get his thoughts on the Penguins' summer roster moves. We also delve into the ongoing debacle that is the Minnesota Wild and their dysfunctional front office situation + there's lots of random yip-yap on other teams/players throughout the epi. We close w/ some new bands y'all should give a listen to. Cheers!

1hr 44mins

20 Aug 2019

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