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If your Christian life is boring then you are doing it wrong! Join Drew as he sword fights giants and studies about flaming seraphim. Who says researching has to be a drag? Why not make it RADICAL, my dudes?!

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Mount Carmel and Hercules the Nephilim

TODAY, we examine the mysterious mountain of Carmel which was the setting for one of the RADDEST battles every taken place. The SHOWDOWN between Yahweh and Ba'al the storm-god. Can one prophet of Yahweh named Elijah take on 450 prophets of Ba'al? THEN, we examine a "hero of old" who is, by definition, a demi-god AND a NEPHILIM. We take a closer look at HERCULES and where he is mention in the Christian BIBLE! WOOWWW DUUUUUUDUEE!!!


15 Aug 2019

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Ep3 The Watchers Chronicles Pt1: Enoch, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, and the Apkallu

The people of the Old Testament AND the writers of the New Testament BOTH understood the importance of the contents of the BOOK OF ENOCH. It seems everyone except our generation understood the SUPERNATURAL context of Genesis 6 and how the divine sons of God mated with the daughters of men and created the gigantic NEPHILIM. BUT, can we find this story mirrored anywhere else throughout history? YOU BET YOUR FANCY HAT WE CAN! The mysterious APKALLU have a very "fishy" story that seems all to familiar to those who have read the book of 1 Enoch! So, grab your bibles and your copy of Reversing Hermon and LET'S GET RAD!!  Main Verses: Genesis 6:1-4 2 Peter 2:1-10 Jude 5-7 Matthew 22:23-33 1 Enoch 6-11   Feel free to donate if you feel led to! Donations allow me to acquire more research materials and more freedom which in turn allows me to produce more RADICAL content!  paypal.me/theradicalchristian  Any inquiries for Interior Book Formatting can also contact me @ radicalchristiandrew@gmail.com 


1 Aug 2019

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Ep4 The Watchers Chronicls Pt2 - Jesus vs The Watchers, the Signs in the Heavens, and the Secret Mission of Jesus on Earth

Did you know one of the main reasons Jesus came to earth was to specifically undo the work of His evil sons, the Watchers? There are clues everywhere! From signs in the skies where He left clues, to the four mysterious women linked with the Watchers in Jesus genealogy, there is a whole secret mission of the Most High that is almost forgotten...UNTIL NOW! Join Drew as he dives deep into the biblical tombs of knowledge and uncovers... the secret mission of Jesus vs the Watchers!

1hr 12mins

8 Aug 2019

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I am moving over to the DAILY RENEGADE platform. If you search "Daily Renegade" on all podcast or youtube apps, you will find my new home!


3 Oct 2019

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Beelzebub and the Throne of Satan

All throughout the Old Testament, a vicious storm-god named Baal plagued God's people. He would later be known as the dreaded BEELZEBUB! The Pharisees would even accuse Jesus of operating with this dark entity's power! Could this Lord of the Flies be connected to the Throne of Satan at Pergamum? And is this throne known by any other name...maybe the Altar of a certain storm-god??? I'VE SAID TOO MUCH..SEEYA!


26 Sep 2019

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Baptism - The Act of Spiritual Warfare

Does baptism play a role in our salvation? Is it just an old Christian ritual that we do to acknowledge our roots? Or is it possible that it is actually outright defiance of the enemies of Yahweh and an ACT OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE?!?!! Grab your swords and let's shred through this episode that will not only challenge but convict you as well to be the best Knight of Yahweh that you can be!! TALLY-HOOOOO!!!!!


19 Sep 2019

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The Secret Demons of Psalm 91 and the Hidden 151st Psalm

We all know Psalm 91 is the Psalm of protection, but did you know that there are FOUR different DEMONS mentioned by name in Psalm 91? What about the LOST 151st Psalm that David wrote?! Oh you didn't know?!?! WELL STRAP ON YOUR SKATEBOARD YA SLACKER AND LET'S GET RAD!!


12 Sep 2019

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The Angel of the LORD and the LAST of the GIANT SLAYERS

What is the identity of the mysterious Angel of the Lord who shows up during Israel's most intimidating battles? Does this being show up in the New Testament as well? Lastly, who are the Last of the Giant Slayers and what is their mission today?! FIND OUT ALL THIS AND MORE ON RRRRRRRRADICAL CHRISTIANNNNN!!!!!


5 Sep 2019

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MONSTER PROFILE | Azazel, Leader of the Watchers and King of the GOAT DEMONS!

We see some pretty crazy things in our bibles (Nephilim, floating axes, talking serpents) but not many are as crazy as the goat demons Israel began to worship after the Exodus! We look at the Day of Atonement ritual (Leviticus 16/17) and how it had to do with the mysterious AZAZEL from the book of Enoch! Let's GET RAD!!


29 Aug 2019

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The Book of GIANTS and the Animal/Human HYBRIDS

This episode we go over the ENTIRE Book of GIANTS! There we find the origin of ANIMAL/HUMAN HYBRIDS and a possible link to ancient nephilim technology???? After that we explore some classic trans-human literature to ease our troubled minds. It is a rad episode AS ALWAYS so lets strap on our sword belts, grab our skateboards, and get to shreddin!


22 Aug 2019

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