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Episode 3: Caren Holtzman and Rusty Bresser, “Shifting to a Number Sense Approach”

This month’s podcast episode was recorded live at the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) conference and features educators Caren Holtzman and Rusty Bresser. Caren and Rusty are both recipients of the Barbara and Paul Saltman Distinguished Teaching Award, recognizing teaching excellence in University of California San Diego’s faculty. They have authored several publications, including Math Workshop Essentials: Developing Number Sense Through Routines, Focus Lessons, and Learning Stations.


23 Apr 2019

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Episode 6: Nicole Bridge and Le’Vada Gray, “You Belong Here”

This month’s podcast episode features Math Solutions teammates Nicole Bridge and Le’Vada Gray sharing their math stories and practical tips for making math classrooms spaces where each and every student belongs. Le’Vada and Nicole discuss how to notice each student through their unique perspectives on what it means to be a person learning mathematics. Check out Le’Vada’s blog, Black Girl Math for recent posts about culturally responsive mathematics teaching and tune in to hear how Nicole and Le’Vada bring their backgrounds and love of learning to teachers and students every day.


24 Jul 2019

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Episode 5: Anthony Colannino, “A Learning Mindset”

This month’s podcast episode features educator and champion of learning, Anthony Colannino. Anthony’s contagious passion for learning, growing, asking questions, and finding the most meaningful methods for offering feedback are key components of how he supports teachers and school leaders in operationalizing mindset research. Prior to joining HMH International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) as a Senior Fellow, Anthony taught fifth grade, served as an elementary school principal in the Boston area, and worked alongside Dr. Carol Dweck at Mindset Works Inc.Looking for more resources to support creating a learning mindset culture, check out "Faster Isn’t Smarter" and "Smarter than We Think" by Cathy Seeley.


18 Jun 2019

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Episode 7: Dr. Adrian Mims, Sr., “Relationships Matter”

This month’s podcast episode features The Calculus Project founder, Dr. Adrian Mims, Sr. He shares his personal math learning journey and how The Calculus Project is designed to increase the number of students of color and low-income students who complete AP Calculus in high school. Dr. Mims describes the critical role that relationships play in fostering collaborative learning communities and disrupting systemic inequities in education. Tune in to hear how relationships between students, teachers, leaders, and parents impact learning trajectories and make math achievement an attainable reality.


24 Sep 2019

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Episode 4: Tonya Clarke, Ph.D., "Mathematics and Social Justice"

This month’s podcast episode spotlights educator Dr. Tonya Clarke. As the coordinator of K-12 Mathematics for a large public school system in the greater Atlanta area, Dr. Clarke knows first-hand the challenge of keeping math relevant for the students she serves. In this episode she shares her incredible experience using current events to spark student interest. Join the discussion on how problem-based learning supports students in connecting mathematics, matters of social justice, and their everyday lives.


29 May 2019

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