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Churches of Christ in Decline: The Factors Involved and the Opportunities Ahead With Matt Dabbs

This podcast is by Matt Dabbs: editor of www.wineskins.org and writer at www.mattdabbs.com Many of us have experienced shrinking attendance and shrinking budgets in our congregations. Just how prevalent is this? How fast are we declining? What are the projections for the future? Most importantly, what can be done about it? This podcast is to make you aware of some very important information prior to having Stan Granberg on the podcast next week. We aren't all doom and gloom. We trust God has thinks worked out. It helps to be informed. It helps to encourage each other and equip each other looking ahead so that our best days are not behind us...the best days are still ahead! But it is going to take some adjustments to see that happen. Reference - Stan Granberg, "A Case Study of Growth and Decline: The Churches of Christ, 2006-2016," Great Commission Research Journal, Fall 2018, 88-111.


11 Dec 2019

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Theodrama: The Biblical Story in 5 Acts. Act 2 - Israel By John Mark Hicks

When God choose Abraham and made a covenant with him, God set into motion a family who he would work with to ultimately fulfill all His promises through Jesus. The story of Abraham and his descendants teach us many things about ourselves and God and the way God deals with people. If you prefer to watch the Theodrama on YouTube you can do that on the Theodrama playlist. If you haven't checked out the Wineskins YouTube channel, please do! It is growing every single day with new subscribers. John Mark Hicks is an author and scholar who has taught Bible and theology for several decades. His insight and humility are appreciated by Christians far and wide.


12 Feb 2020

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Practical Steps Toward Church Renewal (Part 2) With Neil Reynolds

Neil Reynolds finishes out his five components of church renewal. In this episode Neil deals with moving from an inward focus to an outward focus and on how the Sunday gathering can be changed to catalyze renewal in an existing church. It becomes very easy, over time, to attune to insiders and cater to them without thinking about how those decisions might make it more difficult for the lost to find Jesus. How does your church service help or hinder disciple making? What are some adjustments to your Sunday gathering that can help people find Jesus without compromising your message? This is an important conversation for leaders in your church to familiarize themselves with and consider what changes they can make to more effectively reach the lost and make disciples resulting in church renewal. Find out in Episode 3!


20 Nov 2019

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What Can Churches & Parents Do To Protect Against Child Predators? With Jimmy Hinton

Jimmy Hinton is a minister and church consultant specializing in helping churches protect against child predators. We are seeing more and more headlines about churches failing to protect their kids. Often things were known for years and never disclosed to the congregation. We can do better. That means we have to be prepared. How can we as parents, ministers, and church leaders keep our kids safe? What are the warning signs? How does a child predator think and how can that help you prevent kids from being in dangerous situations? Listen to the podcast to hear Jimmy's unusual story and how that has launched him onto a mission to protect kids from pedophiles and sex offenders. For more information, to get advice for your church from Jimmy, or to listen to his podcast "The Speaking Out On Sex Abuse Podcast" see his website - Jimmy's website & Podcast


4 Dec 2019

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Dreams Becoming Reality: Planting 60,000 Churches With David Young

How does a church go about planting 60,000 new churches, ahead of schedule? Lord willing, that will be the case for David Young and the North Boulevard Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, TN! In this podcast we review the state of our church planting efforts and talk about how God is working to birth new churches that birth new churches. The hope and prayer for this podcast is that hundreds, even thousands of other churches, can begin taking steps in this direction and watch God give the increase. There were a number of resources mentioned in this podcast including: Books Leading Change by John Kotter A Grand Illusion: How Progressive Christianity Undermines Biblical Faith By David Young New Day: Restoring the Revolutionary Mission of Christ's Church By David Young Kingdom Unleashed by Jerry Trousdale Ministries New Generations Ministries - Disciple Making Movements Final Command Ministries New Day Conference Passion for Planting Kairos Stadia Church Planting North Boulevard Church of Christ School of Discipleship Heritage 21


12 Mar 2020

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"Anchors for the Soul" A Conversation on Suffering With John Mark Hicks

We all have to deal with suffering in our lives. How do we deal with suffering in a way that is honest and faithful? Trusting and lamenting? John Mark Hicks walks us through the suffering he has faced and works us through the five anchors in scripture that enable us to trust God when the storms get rough. For more information on this subject you will want to consider purchasing his book and journal. If you are wanting more or want to present this material to a Bible class please consider purchasing the video series. Wineskins doesn't get anything from your purchase. We believe this material is helpful and want to make people aware of it. "Anchors for the Soul" (Book) Journal Video "Meeting God at the Shack" - the other book John Mark mentions in the podcast. To read more of John Mark's excellent work online check out his blog.


15 Jan 2020

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Coronavirus and a Gospel Bigger Than Dying and Going to Heaven

With the Coronavirus shutting so many parts of our lives down it brings the gospel back into focus. What is the gospel? Is it getting our sins forgiven so we can die and go to heaven? Is it something more than that? We will let the Bible define the gospel for us rather than the other way around. This video walks through uses of the word "Gospel" in the New Testament to see how the biblical writers themselves used this word and what it meant to them. What we find is that it has as much to do with here and now as it does eternity. The Gospel has so much to do with here and now. How we live. How we love. How the good news is lived out in our lives and through our teaching and reaching the lost. The Coronavirus gives us opportunity to not just say it will all get better in heaven some day but to live as Jesus would live now and address the hurting people around us - that is gospel as well.


19 Mar 2020

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Finding the Path Forward for Churches of Christ

With things in decline, on average in our churches (which, by the way is not unique to Churches of Christ) where do we go from here? How do we find the path? Is it finding the right program? Adopting a new leadership style? Is it equipping? What is the path to a better future? This podcast will explore how we move ahead and what it is going to take. It won't be easy but with God's help, all things are possible.


22 Jan 2020

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Moving Churches of Christ Into The 21st Century With Stan Granberg

We sit down with Stan Granberg of Kairos Church Planting to review his findings on the decline in Churches of Christ and what we can do looking ahead to move our churches into the 21st century in meaningful and vibrant ways. There are a number of resources and organizations mentioned in the podcast this week. You can find that information here: Kairos Church Planting The Decline in Churches of Christ Power Point Mission Resource Network Mission Alive Heritage 21 Let's Start Talking - They didn't make it into the podcast due to a recording glitch but were mentioned in the organizations working together for Healthy Churches. Emerging Leadership (Vol 1) Emerging Leadership (Vol 2)


18 Dec 2019

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Factors Affecting Minister's Health With Matt Dabbs

Did you know that 63% of ministers in Churches of Christ have considered leaving ministry entirely? Did you know that only 56% say they know their next employment will be congregational ministry? What factors affect the spiritual, physical, mental, familial, and vocational health of ministers? We ran a study of 118 ministers in Churches of Christ to assess what factors contributed positively and negatively to health outcomes. We also assessed minister longevity and attrition (how many ministers are considering leaving ministry and what factors affect that). At the end we point ministers to resources that can help them get healthier approaches to life and ministry. This talk was given at the 2017 Pepperdine Bible Lectures and has been edited for the podcast. The data was collected in the Spring of 2017. Resources: The Boone Center (Pepperdine) The Siburt Institute (ACU) Hope Network Ministries


8 Jan 2020

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Theodrama: The Biblical Story in 5 Acts. Act 1 - Creation By John Mark Hicks

The Theodrama is 5 Act story of the Bible. It starts with the creation of the universe (Act 1). Then the drama unfolds as God chooses Abraham and the story of Israel. Third comes the Messiah, Jesus the Christ (Act 3). Fourth in the story is the birth of the church (Act 4). Finally the Bible hints all the way along about new creation - that God will redeem all things and bring together a new heaven and a new earth (Act 5). This is the Theodrama! We will post all 5 acts on the podcast. If you prefer to watch them on YouTube you can do that on the Theodrama playlist. If you haven't checked out the Wineskins YouTube channel, please do! It is growing every single day with new subscribers. John Mark Hicks is an author and scholar who has taught Bible and theology for several decades. His insight and humility are appreciated by Christians far and wide.


6 Feb 2020

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Theodrama: The Biblical Story in 5 Acts. Act 3 - Jesus By John Mark Hicks

The Theodrama is a 5 Act series on the story of scripture. It is rich theology that helps us grasp the broader narrative of the Bible. You can watch each video individually or you can watch them by Act. Here is Act 3 - The story of Jesus from his birth to his resurrection! There is continuity between each Act - from Creation (Act 1) to New Creation (Act 5) with Jesus right in the middle (Act 3). We pray this is a blessing to your understanding, not just of the Bible, but also of God! Thank you for listening!

1hr 44mins

19 Feb 2020

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Theodrama: The Biblical Story in 5 Acts. Act 5 - Church By John Mark Hicks

New Creation! It is where the whole story is headed. The bookends of the Bible - Creation to New Creation. We can have hope because we know where and what God is pressing the cosmos toward! Act 5 closes out the Theodrama. We appreciate you listening and hope and pray it blesses many to embrace a richer and fuller biblical theology.


4 Mar 2020

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Theodrama: The Biblical Story in 5 Acts. Act 4 - Church By John Mark Hicks

The church is the full on renewal of Israel. We cannot fully understand the life and role of the church in the world without the first 3 acts of the story. The church is the fulfillment of Israel. The church fills Israel's role and intention in the world. We have to know who we are!


26 Feb 2020

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Church Health, Organization, and Leadership With Tod Vogt

Some of the most challenging issues in our churches have to do with our leadership model, governance and the equipping (or lack of equipping) of our leadership. Tod Vogt, Executive Director of Mission Alive gets to the heart of these issues and gives us some encouragement and instruction on how church leaders and elders can be equipped to be effective leaders. In the second half of the interview Tod talks about his work at Mission Alive and how churches can make disciples, which is also a needed move for so many churches. Here are some of the resources he mentions in this episode: Failure of Nerve by Edwin Friedman Mike Breen's work at 3DM Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards The Unnecessary Pastor: Rediscovering the Call by Marva Dawn


27 Nov 2019

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Worship Resources for Online Church with Melissa Lancaster

With so many churches moving to hosting church services online there is a great need to figure out how to integrate singing into those services. The Acappella Company started a new streaming service called Praise and Harmony TV to help churches navigate this without having to learn a lot about copyright and through streamlining the fee structures so that this is manageable and inexpensive for churches who are trying to meet the needs of the congregation while away from the building on Sunday.Church Streaming/ Video Hosting information - A How To Guidehttps://vimeo.com/409234107 ReGen Harmony Website https://www.regenharmony.com Praise and Harmony TVhttps://praiseandharmony.tv Hero of Israelhttps://www.facebook.com/PraiseAndHarmony/videos/557789068467425/


13 May 2020

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Theological Hunger Games & Dystopian Church By Matt Dabbs

We have an identity crisis that bleeds over into a purpose/mission crises and a vision crises. How did we get here and how do we get on the other side? The answer isn't to keep doing more of the same - using our own wisdom to figure out the answer. We must lean into Jesus' example in Matthew 4 of the way to and through the wilderness.


6 May 2020

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Continuing the Conversation: Ephesians 5:19, Singing & Worship in The New Testament With DJ Bulls

An open conversation about acappella and instrumental worship in Churches of Christ with minister, songwriter, composer, and conductor DJ Bulls. What does the New Testament say about singing and what does that mean for us today? Has our view on this, in Churches of Christ, been accurate and biblical? Or is it a matter of preference? The three previous videos referenced can be watched here: What Ephesians 5:19 is Really About What Colossians 3:16 is Really About Five Reasons in Favor of Acappella Congregational Singing Find more from DJ here: www.djbulls.com https://timelesspsalter.com/


29 Apr 2020

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Re-humanizing Ourselves: Fear and Formation During Pandemic With Shane Wood

How do we come out of this pandemic spiritually formed? We sat down, cleared our minds, and tackled this and several related topics that you may find beneficial during this difficult and challenging time. Shane wrote a book in 2019 that I hope you will pick up a copy of and read...after hearing Shane, I believe you will be motivated to read more of his thoughts. You can buy it at amazon - "Between Two Trees". You can also get more content from Shane at his website - www.shanejwood.com If you prefer to watch these interviews, they are available on the Wineskins YouTube channel the same day the post on the podcast! Wineskins on YouTube.


23 Apr 2020

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What Church on Mission Looks Like With Kerry Cox

I was deeply moved by a video I watched on Facebook of hundreds of Christians singing praise outside a hospital near St. Louis. Nurses came to the windows to wave. Christians gathered (while physical distancing, of course!) to praise God and encourage the community. Knowing the people involved, I wasn't surprised that they were doing this. Kerry Cox and the churches he ministers with are serious about mission. They are serious about mission because they love people...so much so that they find themselves in an unusual position of being mostly a church of the unchurched. They are making disciples who make disciples. It is a beautiful thing and I want you to hear his heart to be inspired and, hopefully, get more of our established churches figuring out how they can support efforts like these domestically. If you would like to reach Kerry with questions or if you would like to support his ministry, his email is kerrymcox@gmail.com and his cell is 636-497-5225.


15 Apr 2020

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