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Clarissa K Explains It All is a weekly podcast that tells an interesting, moving astrology story about our journey through life, love, relationships, intimacy, people, society and wellness that connects with all.Every woman believes love, attraction and sex should be part of the relationship with their partner, where one’s needs in partnerships create challenge, intrigue, and romance. The knowledge discovered about love through relationship astrology can help exercise how to value the individual concept a person has about love, life and partnerships.

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31: The Metaphysics of 2020

Something about 2020 has made those internal questions come to the surface. We have been given the opportunity to listen to the voice in our heart while relying on intuition to expand on our emotional space. We are collectively accepting the things we cannot control while understanding our hearts purpose has a strength over us more than we knew. Let's delve


17 Nov 2020

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30: Where My Knowledge Comes From

Hi Lovelies, I wanted to get to the point of where my knowledge has come from and how gaining an insight into myself has inspired my life and my hearts desire. Thank you for listening, I appreciate you.


10 Nov 2020

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29: Feminine Awareness Part 2 - History of Skincare Introduction

Our relationship with beauty has always been emotional in nature. And nature has always been intricately linked to our sense of beauty.This week, I will be delving into our relationship with beauty, part of the Feminine Awareness Series. Firstly exploring our history with beauty.


3 Nov 2020

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28: Happy Birthday Scorpio - The Infinite One

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCORPIO! It is all about you! I wish you the very best birthday season. I know you can make it work in any environment.Scorpio, the mysterious ones, the beautifully complicated creatures. You are powerful, and it is felt by all. For this episode, I am going to keep it about Scorpios and just celebrate their energetic vibration, while revealing a few a things that may make sense to them. Let's delve in!


27 Oct 2020

Rank #4

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27: Facing Our Shadows - Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 2020

In this Libra season, we once again travel through the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, where there has been a collective sense of lingering feelings in actions that want to remain. Energies that like to lean on the last remanence of patience regarding our emotional relationship with life. Let's delve in.


20 Oct 2020

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26: Feminine Awareness Series - Part One

To say Her is present a window into the feminine. There is a link between the things we cannot see, the things we feel, when compared to the things we create.The Feminine Awareness series explore the connection to our divine feminine, our relationship with our emotional environment and how relative and paramount to the emotions we see in our collective environment. Let's delve in.


13 Oct 2020

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25: Our Voice That Can - Saturn Direct

With Saturn moving direct once again, we have to ask ourselves in the journey to move forward, is the voice of limitation ours or in the expectation of others? We all want to move into the future, let's show we can, let's delve in to see how.


6 Oct 2020

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24: Love And Intimacy Part 1

Every woman believes love, attraction and intimacy should be part of the relationship with their partner, where one’s needs in partnerships create challenge, intrigue and romance. Tastes that bond an understanding in their desire for connection, a perspective where love can create images for the mind, interest for the flesh, and content for the soul. Let's delve in.


29 Sep 2020

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23: The Transit - Libra Season 2020

Happy Birthday to Libras, this week lets discuss what Libra means in our lives and what experience we are going to be sharing during this Libra season.Just as we have seen pictures of scale that symbolise Libra, we can understand the scales symbolism represents the balance between two opposing sides or creating equilibrium. Libra represents the bridge between two polarities within nature. Let's delve in to see how this relates to us.


22 Sep 2020

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22: Revisiting Our Drive Within - Mars In Retrograde

With the Mars in Retrograde, it is a time to revisit what Mars symbolises in our life and how the Mars Retrograde will affects us. Mars for a woman, shows her conscious and unconscious version of love, drive and passion that is embodied in her masculine, and her pursuits, creating the will behind the actions she considers important. Let's delve in.


15 Sep 2020

Rank #10