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A podcast all about recovering from divorce or separation and getting the tools needed to live the life of you dreams.

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#36 - From Divorce to Destiny with Tiffany Harnsongkram

In this episode we talk to the founder of From Divorce to Destiny,  Tiffany Harnsongkram.This is a fascinating and crazy, in a good way, episode on Tiffanys life story to date on how she was faced with a lot of challenges and how she over came those and rose above it all to be where she is today. Tiffany's BioTiffany is Founder of From Divorce to Destiny. She also holds positions as Chief Human Officer at Human Unlimited, and as Co-Founder of Legacy Mentors, a mentorship firm tailored for the needs of the wealthiest families and business leaders on the planet. She serves as advisor for organisations including W/M Nexus, Ethical Markets, and Njovu Foundation. For years, she organised impactful conferences, luncheons and retreats worldwide.​Tiffany also has three nationalities and three continents that she calls home. Through this “small world” lense, her life mission is to bring people together for the creation of inner wealth. She also holds a Masters in Territorial Development and a certification as a Soma NeuroMuscular Integration Therapist.​She went through a high-conflict divorce that included high-conflict custody changes, international litigation and offshore holdings - the kind that made all the judges and attorneys heads start spinning. Because of this experience, she is well aware that it takes two to tango, but only one to set the house on fire. She is well aware that the family court systems are totally unprepared and uneducated in dealing with high conflict family matters. And she know that the real victories are not in the courtroom or to be measured in dollars, they are in our ability to claim our power, our sacred life's purpose. Working with TiffanyI am Divorce Educator and Ally to people all over the globe.  My clients are people who:want to take the "high road" with or without the other personhave a computer and know how to wield itare highly intelligent achieversare fully invested into their rebirth processare responsible and stable but in temporary need of supportwant to feel fully alive again!Is this you? Then we are ready to go! Tiffany's LinksWebsiteFacebookInstagramOur Courses WILDFIT CoachingRecovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoaching

1hr 31mins

17 Mar 2021

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#35 - Let's talk about Sugar with Michael Collins from SugarAddiction.com

In this episode we talk to Michael Collins who is the founder of SugarAddiction.com. We go into Mike's history and find out how he got into helping people with Sugar addiction and also discuss some fascinating statistics about the negative affect of refined sugar in modern society.Mikes BioMichael Collins has been completely sugar-free for over 30 years. He is Chairman of the Board of a Food Addiction Institute, a 501(c) non-profit, that helps raise awareness about processed food and sugar worldwide and is the founder of SugarAddiction.com, which has been helping thousands successfully quit sugar for over nine years.Michael and his wife raised two children sugar-free from the womb to six years of age. For over 30 years, Michael has worked closely with others to help them regain lives ravaged by various substance use disorders.“To say this is my passion, my life’s work, might be a touch of an understatement.”Mikes Links Website InstagramFaceBookTwitterLinkedInYouTubePinterestOur Courses WILDFIT CoachingRecovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoaching


1 Feb 2021

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#34 - The Journey to Self Enlightenment with Andrew Cuerden and Carmen Rendell from Soulhub

In this episode we talk to the founder of Soulhub Carmen Rendell and her partner Andrew Cuerden. We all have our stories and this forms an integral part of our journey to enlightenment. In this podcast Andrew and Carmen are open enough to share their stories of how they ended up where they are today.  Andrews Bio Gift: Andrew is a skilled movement and emotion therapist. By integrating dance with a variety of other physical and metaphysical disciplines, Andrew assists individuals to find their own unique state of physical and emotional grounding, balance and effortless rhythm.Biography: He spent his life learning to Latin and Ballroom dance from the community halls of South Africa, before coming to the UK when he was 20 years old. He was one of the professional dancers on ‘Strictly’ in 2005 and has since spent his life dedicated to teaching others his love of dance.His work is about facilitating nourishing social interactions and a sense of community through music and dance. He specialises in expertly crafting social dance experiences that not only entertain and educate but inspire holistic wellbeing through meaningful connections.Whether you’re looking for an online fun ‘Cha Cha Cha’ class, or you want to learn how to express yourself fully, Andrew uses dance as a mechanism to tap into the body and our emotional states. To unclear the blockages, work through presenting emotions, and build confidence in all areas of your life.So to book a group class, corporate team building, one-on-one lessons then Andrew uses his 30 years of dance experience to reach you at the level you’re at, and create the best environment for you to thrive in. His nature is soft, approachable, kind and soulful. He leads with strength and passion, and will take you on a dream journey through dance.Why we love Andrew: For his undeniable raw talent and passion for dance. His cheeky smile. His ability to translate movement and emotions, and use his intuition to work through what’s really going on for you, using dance, movement and language. His gentleness, humour, and presence.Carmen's BioThe SoulwalkerAs unique as we all are, we are also the same. Humans, as a species have a limited amount of emotions, but the complexity about how they are seeded in our bodies, how they are expressed, and how we deal or don’t deal with them depends on many variations. Our environment, our upbringing, even our past life existence, how we are perceived in the world, and how we perceive the world. Everything has a role to play in our evolution.That’s why I do what I do. I love to help others unravel their patterns and behaviours. To explore themselves with a curious eye to ultimately find freedom in their minds and bodies.I do this in many ways, but mostly by simply being with you, and enabling you to go through your unique process to self understanding. It can be painful, it can be joyful. But ultimately it’s a path worth taking more than any other in this world right now. It’s a gift to yourself.The exploration is supported through my education, but also life experience which has been influenced strongly by some of the best mentors in the world, and my own fascination with the human psyche.If possible, I love to walk in nature with you. To connect to something bigger than us. To allow the world to guide us. If walking isn’t an option, online can enable a space for new creation and freedom of expression too.As Founder of Soulhub, my vision is to help others understand themselves better, because from this place, the world will already be a better world.There are 3 key ways to work with me:1 – Deep Dive2 – Your regular walking therapy (Soulwalking Therapy) or3 – Leadership/team offsite exploration Firstly, a bit more about ME.I’v

2hr 10mins

28 Jan 2021

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33 - Finding Food Freedom with Eric Edmeades from WILDFIT

In this episode we talk to Eric Edmeades who is the founder of WILDFIT. We take a look back through Eric's life, which is fascinating, and weave our way through how he got fascinated with human psychology and behavioural change, the first time he met Tony Robbins and then the path to creating WILDFIT due to his own personal struggles with his health.Eric's Bio As well as being the founder of the fast-growing health coaching company, WildFit, I am an internationally recognized business speaker and serial entrepreneur.I enjoy helping people scale their businesses while also improving their overall quality of life. I do this through compelling keynotes, intensive training programs, blogging, and online training programs.I am a true serial entrepreneur having owned businesses in a variety of industries including mobile computing, medical simulation, augmented reality gaming, 3D camera engineering, and Hollywood special effects, where I had the privilege of working on Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar and movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and Iron Man franchises.Today, I am focused on business education. As the founder of BusinessFreedom.com and the developer of Inception Marketing™, I travel the world hosting business and marketing education programs, speaking at business conferences and providing executive coaching and business mentoring services.My talks are designed to get entrepreneurs on the road to real business freedom; owning businesses that give them both the financial freedom and flexibility to spend more time on what really matters; their families, their health, and their lives.I also run exclusive retreats and adventure programs including WildFest and the famous See You At The Top leadership program that involves summiting Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak. I live in the Carribean where I spend a great deal of time kitesurfing, walking on the beach and spending time with my young daughter.WILDFIT LinksWebsite Instagram FaceBookYouTubePinterstWILDFIT CoachingErics Links Website InstagramFaceBookTwitterLinkedInYouTubeOur Courses WILDFIT CoachingRecovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoaching

1hr 17mins

23 Jan 2021

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#32 - The Why Series with Lauren Verona from Zenko Yoga

In this episode we talk to Lauren Verona about her life story and how she navigated her way from running a successfull PR business in Melbourne to shifting to her true passion of running and owning a Yoga Studio. We then dive into your move to the Sunshine Coast, chat about the struggles and challenges of divorce and how she managed to rise out from her darkest day to now own 4 yoga studios on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Lauren's Bio Ever since I came to yoga everything in my life has changed. Yoga has awoken my soul and the spirit within me. Yoga to me is about finding the joy in life by being authentic and real to yourself.My dream is for every single person to try a yoga class, and to inspire people to seek change and transformation within. My goal is to imbue yoga with laughter and joy and to motivate people to push their boundaries and and try something new. I have guided hundreds of people to connect with their true sense of purpose through yoga, so that they can become the best version of themselves.Join me in the studio, practice LIVE classes with me online, join me on retreat or practice with me at an upcoming event. See the links below for more information.The Zenko Yoga StoryZenko yoga was founded by Lauren Verona. Lauren opened and operated 2 yoga studios in Melbourne in 2010 and in 2013 before moving her family to the coast for a lifestyle change. Zen means the 'contemplative state’ and Ko is the Japanese word for child. The aim of yoga, and Zenko is to bring the mind back to a child like state, free of anxiety and concern. The name Zenko, was created, as most of Lauren's ideas are,  through meditation. Her original studios were called 'Kozen' and the terms were reversed when opening up the 3rd and 4th studio in Queensland.Lauren doesn’t believe in looking outside the studio for teachers, suppliers or tradies, as anything she ever needs turns up at reception. This is how all of her teachers have been discovered. Zenko Yoga opened its doors with ten classes per week and have more than quadrupled with 4 studios across the Sunshine Coast (and perhaps more to come) offering over 20 classes each per week.Zenko Yoga is often referred to by it's members as a healing sanctuary and the minute you step foot in the door, you discover that for yourself.We support local businesses and schools, hold community events, exhibit at lifestyle expos, support charities, host workshops and invite guests to share our space. We offer a range of therapies in house for clients to complement their practise and growth as they enter the yoga journey. We hold retreats in house and internationally. What does Zenko mean?ZEN:     Contemplative still mind, pinnacle of achievement, inner peace.KO:       Child (Japanese) Lauren's Links Website Instagram FaceBookYouTubeZenko's Links Website InstagramFaceBookOur Courses Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoachingWILDFIT Coaching

1hr 52mins

1 Dec 2020

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#31 - What women are saying about dating with David Lea from Daring Deeply

In this episode we talk to David Lea from Daring Deeply and dive straight into an episode talking all about what women are saying around dating.  David's Bio David Lea is a leadership, life, and relationship coach leveraging his decades of expertise in relationships, wellness, and communication to serve and support high-achieving professional women and men in optimizing their purpose & passion in life and relationships.David is a native Mid-Westerner calling the Kansas City, Missouri area home. David is honoured to be the father of three amazing souls. David has passion for sports, fitness, the outdoors, travel, art, and music.David's LinksInstagram FaceBookWebsiteOur Courses Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoachingWildFit Coaching

1hr 47mins

21 Nov 2020

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#30 - The Why Series with Kristy Munroe

The Why Series with Kristy MunroeIn this episode we talk to Kristy Munroe about her life story and how she became the two time world surf life saving champion as well as captaining Australia at the World Championships.  Kristy then opens up about how she struggled as a young mother have a child that struggled to sleep and how she got into a "funk". We then talk all about Kristy's exciting plans for the future as well as get her insights on living the best life possible. Kristy's Bio Kristy Munroe AM was Inducted into The Sport Australia Hall of Fame on Thursday 13 October, 2016 as an Athlete Member for the sport of Surf Life Saving.One of Australia’s most decorated lifesavers, Kristy Munroe won state, national and world championship ironwoman crowns – all before her 21st birthday. In a professional career spanning 11 years, Munroe captained an Australian surf lifesaving team to a World Titles event, a dual world champion in the ironwoman, board and ski events, a nine-time national champion, and a member of 8 Australian representative teams, with two as captain.As an enthusiastic six year-old, Kristy Munroe followed in the footsteps of her lifesaver father Ray onto the beach at Alexandra Headland on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.The rise from nippers to state, national and world championship ironwoman crowns was just as swift as her ability to swim and paddle the board and ski craft that make up the ironwoman events. Prior to winning her first national ironwoman crown Munroe was selected as a junior to represent Australia in athletics and also competed at a national level in kayaking and triathlon.As a teenager, Munroe claimed five consecutive Coolangatta Gold junior titles and became the youngest person to ever compete in the national surf lifesaving series at just 15 years of age. Munroe held her spot in the series for the next 11 consecutive seasons.A national ironwoman champion at 19 and world ironwoman champion before her 21st birthday, such were her achievements Munroe was inducted in the Australian Surf Lifesaving Hall of Fame at just 27.In total Munroe won two consecutive world ironwoman titles and secured podium finishes on her other two attempts. Aside from her pet event the ironwoman Munroe was also a multiple world and national champion in the board and ski disciplines.Signing off on her career in 2008 and just 25, Munroe retired as one of Australia’s most decorated lifesavers.After 11 years on the national series stage, Munroe was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for her services to surf lifesaving. She is a member of both the Surf Life Saving Australia and International Lifesaving Federation Halls of Fame.Kristy's LinksInstagram Alex Heads Surf ClubUniversity of the Sunshine CoastOur Courses Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoachingWildFit Coaching

2hr 14mins

31 Oct 2020

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#29 - PTSD and Invisible Injuries with Andy Fermo

In this episode we talk to Andy Fermo from Invisible Injuries about his journey to becoming a special forces soldier and then impact that had on him from a mental health perspective.Andy's Bio "When the dust settled" after 10 years military service and two active "Tours of duty" with Australian Special Forces, surviving the impact of an Improvised Explosive Device and near death scenarios Andy found himself in a dark hole, seeking purpose and carrying baggage that affected everyday life. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) in 2001 over the years he's sought to create purpose and meaning based on a work/lifestyle that is designed around being positive and mindful of his condition. This isn't always the case, it's easy to quickly derail and at Christmas 2018 a combination of unforeseen circumstances and events saw his mental health deteriorate. It was at this low point, whilst camping and close to being homeless the idea of Invisible Injuries was born. Early in his journey to recover Andy learned how to navigate and seek out support services. Now was the time to enact his self-care plan, accessing support systems and doing the work to get back on his feet. Now Andy shares his lived experience and those of his peers so he could better the mental-health and wellbeing of veterans, first responders and their immediate support experiencing PTSD. Through hosting the Invisible Injuries podcast, Holistic self-care ideas, connecting support services to the user and creating an "all-in-one" online resource. Andy has guested on many podcasts interviews and public speaking events, also being published in Stories of Hope and is an active member of the community volunteering his time with numerous ex-services organisations. Andy's LinksInstagram FacebookWebsiteLinkedInYouTubePodcastLinks Mentioned in this Episode Holosync Meditation  Our Courses Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your WhyCoaching

1hr 17mins

7 Oct 2020

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#28 - The Laws of Attraction and the Journey to Self Love with Heidi Latcham

In this episode we talk to Heidi Latcham all about her life story and the path that has lead her toward the journey of self-love.Heidi's Bio Heidi is a Sunshine Coast girl (Queensland, Australia), born and bred. You might think you know her from Channel 9’s Married at First Sight, but we bet you don’t know this stuff!Heidi went to Buderim Mountain Primary School and Maroochydore State High.She first began her radio career in 2003 and in 2005 she won MTV’s Search for a VJ which saw her hosting the music show Total Request Live. Heidi is also a qualified Beauty Therapist, Make up Artist and Holistic Health Coach (yes…she likes to keep herself busy!)She loves… Space – the planets and all that stuff, turf (it’s lush and green and smells like summer apparently), the beach,Avatar, salt – double extra salt on everything, Michael Bolton (umm…OK), humidity (might be a curly hair thing?) ,and love – Heidi loves love!Heidi's LinksInstagram Inclusive Kids91.9 Sea FMLinks Mentioned in this Episode Holosync Meditation  Our Courses Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your Why


21 Sep 2020

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#27 - The Why Series with Corky Carroll

In this episode we talk to Corky Carroll who has the prestigious honour of being the worlds first professional surfer.Corky's Bio Carroll started his career in 1959 at a very early age and by the time he retired in 1972, he was only 24 years old. From 1966-1970 he won the United States Surfing Championship and also won the International Surfing Championship three times. Altogether, Carroll won over 100 surfing competitions. After his surfing career, he became a musician and recorded nine albums along with writing several books on surfing. He subsequently opened a surfing school in California and designed surf boards. He frequently serves as the color commentator for world surfing events such as the annual competition in Huntington Beach, and pens a column in the Orange County Register. Television audiences can be familiar with him through a cameo on an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. He resides with his wife and family in Mexico in their beach-side home. He has a home in Zihuatanejo, Mexico where he offers surf adventure tripsCorky's LinksCorky's LinksInstagram WebsiteWikipedia PageFaceBook Blue Mango Surf - FacebookAlbums on SpotifyOur Courses Recovering from Ground Zero CourseEssential 8 Finding Your Why

1hr 2mins

26 Aug 2020

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