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We’re passionate about helping leaders discover who they are and how to lead with wisdom and intentionality. Because when leaders get better, churches get better.

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Helping All Generations Grow in Faith

What do you need to know to help people grow spiritually? Well, every life stage requires a slightly different approach. It's helpful to know what types of experiences are most meaningful for kids, teens, and adults. And that's exactly what John and Don talk about on this episode with special guest Ray Zaffke. 


3 May 2021

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4 Ways To Keep Your Character in Check

When tension strikes, a crisis arises, the going gets tough, your character will be the thing that either gets you through or derails you into the abyss. Character is the foundation from which you lead. John and Don talk through biblical principles for building character that helps you lead wisely through any situation.

4 Apr 2021

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Creating Engaging Weekends + Leading Creatives

Ever lead a team of creatives? Creating a healthy culture on a creative team requires encouragement, thoughtful feedback, empathy, and vision. Dave Holvig + Nate Nohling talk about leading creatives and how a great team culture helps create engaging weekend experiences at Eagle Brook.

2 Mar 2021

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7 Steps to Innovation When You’re Not the Boss

For your organization to be around for the long-run, innovation is crucial. But when you’re not the key decision-maker, there’s some skill involved in bringing your innovative ideas forward. John and Don talk through 7 steps to have your great ideas heard by your boss, no matter your position in a company.

2 Feb 2021

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How to Create Team Alignment

One of the keys to being effective organization is keeping your staff moving in the same direction. With different personalities and priorities, this can be a challenge. Listen in as John and Don talk with two key leaders at Eagle Brook Church about leading staff toward alignment and unity.

6 Jan 2021

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How to Be a Great Communicator

It's easy to assume when someone confidently stands on a stage and gives a talk, it's because of natural talent. What you don't see are hours of preparation and feedback leading up to that moment. Which must mean being a great communicator is an acquired skill. In this episode, Don and John break down the keys to giving engaging and inspiring talks to any size group.

1 Dec 2020

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Hold the Line

For the first time in history, the fastest-growing religious group in America is the “nones”—people who don’t identify with any religion. This presents a unique challenge for churches: How do you reach people that have little experience or familiarity with church? Senior Pastor Jason Strand joins Don and John to talk about Eagle Brook’s mission to reach people for Christ in the Twin Cities and beyond—and how to do it in an ever-changing world.

3 Nov 2020

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Church + Money

Money is a critical component of daily life. So why does the church have such a hard time talking about it? Whether you’re leading or attending a church, knowing the heart behind why you give is the key to the entire conversation. Special guest, Jim Johnson, joins Don and John to discuss why the best place to talk about money might be in church.

6 Oct 2020

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The 4 Phases of Leadership

Whether you’re working with a brand-new team member or someone who’s been on staff for years, it’s important to know where they are in their leadership journey. When you do, you can take someone who is eager but unsure about how they can contribute and give them the opportunity to become a key decision-maker and innovative leader.

1 Sep 2020

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Why "Brand" for a Church

Every organization (including churches) has a brand—it’s how someone perceives us and would describe us to their friends. And we can either let everyone else define our brand for us, or we can be the ones to shape it. Being intentional about branding our organization around our mission and values lets us have the impact we truly desire. Listen in as we talk branding and the creative process with TJ Therrien, Eagle Brook’s creative director.

4 Aug 2020

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