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The Personal Brandcast Show highlights the unique game changers and change makers of the world who have built an incredible Personal Brand for themselves that is meaningful and memorable in their respective industry. The one commonality that binds each guest together is their passion for what they do. Now passion shows up in people's lives in many different ways which is why each Season is dedicated to a different type of "Passion Player Personality". Discover your personality type FREE at: http://bit.ly/PassionPlayer

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EP11 - How to Shift From Insecurity to Vulnerability (& Why It's Great For Business) | Samantha Skelly

"Having a sense of humour and being able to laugh at yourself is extremely powerful." - Samantha SkellyCheck out the real takeaways, show notes & connect with the The Lovenoteworthy community at:www.reecesims.com/11


6 Oct 2014

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EP5 - How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Company With YouTube Videos | Leyla Naghizada

"Bring value to whatever it is you're putting out there & make sure it's something you're passionate about." - Leyla NaghizadaCheck out the real takeaways, show notes & connect with the The Lovenoteworthy community at:www.reecesims.com/5


4 Sep 2014

Rank #2

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EP1 - How to Build A Successful Online Fashion Empire As a Pocket Hustler | Elizabeth Kott

"My friends joke that I'm a little pocket hustler. I'm always out and about meeting & connecting people." - Elizabeth KottCheck out the real takeaways, show notes & connect with the The Lovenoteworthy community at:www.reecesims.com/1


3 Sep 2014

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EP9 - How to Live the LUCA Lifestyle | Leyla Naghizada

"I truly believe that if you have a heartbeat, you have a purpose" - Leyla NaghizadaCheck out the real takeaways, show notes & connect with the The Lovenoteworthy community at:www.reecesims.com/9


22 Sep 2014

Rank #4

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EP8 - How to Crack the LinkedIn Code for Your Business | Melonie Dodaro

"If you try to market to everybody, you market to nobody" – Melonie DodaroCheck out the real takeaways, show notes & connect with the The Lovenoteworthy community at:www.reecesims.com/8


18 Sep 2014

Rank #5

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EP6 - How to Be Business Partners with Your Husband | Megan Pangan

"I'm very much into that personal brand and transparency and being able to see the humans behind the business. That is what is going to carry our business through forever." - Megan PanganGet involved in the real action over at:www.reecesims.com/6


10 Sep 2014

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EP7 - How to Turn Your Passion Project into a Profitable Business | Tania Reuben

"When bootstrapping is the name of the game, social media is accessible for everyone and free." - Tania ReubenCheck out the real takeaways, show notes & connect at:www.reecesims.com/7


16 Sep 2014

Rank #7

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EP4 - How to Stay Driven Towards a Goal No Other Woman Has Ever Achieved | Collete Davis

"Know what you want, know what your vision of an end goal is, realize that it's going to be a lot of work and drive yourself to get there because it's worth it." - Collete DavisCheck out the takeaways, show notes & connect at:www.reecesims.com/4


4 Sep 2014

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EP27 - What Small Businesses Need to Know About Technology + Law in 2015 | Mandy Woodland

Get all of the additional information in the show notes over at http://www.reecesims.com/27


9 Feb 2015

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EP26 - How to Crush Records In Your Industry | Courtney Casburn-Brett

"Have no Plan B" - Courtney Casburn-BrettFor the full background on Courtney, check out the show notes at: http://www.reecesims.com/26


27 Jan 2015

Rank #10

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EP24 - How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection | Emily Swallow

Get all of the show notes and information at: http://www.reecesims.com/24


31 Dec 2014

Rank #11

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EP22 - How to Climb The Corporate Ladder Quickly | Armida Ascano

Get more information at http://www.reecesims.com/22


14 Dec 2014

Rank #12

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EP21 - Personal Branding for Beginners | Lindy Norris

"The last thing you want is to look and feel like everyone else in the market. Don't be the Walmart of Personal Brands - you can't be everything to everyone." - Lindy NorrisGet all the show notes at: http://www.reecesims.com/21


9 Dec 2014

Rank #13

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EP19 - How to Harness Your Power | Esmey Leon

"If your fitness level goes up, naturally other aspects of your life will improve. You'll start to feel more confident which will translate into your job and relationships" - Esmey LeonGet more show notes at: http://www.reecesims.com/19


24 Nov 2014

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EP14 - How to Define Your Personal Brand + Unleash Your Star-Power | Zsuzsa Novak

"One star doesn't take away from another star. We all need to shine our light and be brilliant to light up the night's sky. Someone's eyes will catch a particular star and they will look up to that one and say "That's the star I want to wish upon, that's the star I want to follow" and that's going to happen because you are unique."


22 Oct 2014

Rank #15